UFC 264: Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor Highlights

See the highlights from UFC 264: Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor highlights video from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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analysis provided by Jake Hattan

photos provided by @louisgrassephotos

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Evolution in this sport is so fast and hard to maintain proper relevancy. Staying active is key, always thought conor is fun to watch, win,lose or leg break, whatever. If he truly wants to continue fighting. He has loads of reinventing himself to do
Bob Hattan
Bob Hattan:
Great recap. Conor is fun to watch. Agree he needs to consider dropping back down to his best weight. Interesting to see what is next for both fighters.
Blade Olsen
Blade Olsen:
Conor - “does noodle arm thing”

Conors leg - hey that looks fun
L Owen
L Owen:
From “ I can’t stand Dustin “

To “ I can’t stand , Dustin !”
If Conor does come back he need to work his way up the ranks just like everyone else!
Can you imagine paying for that and it ends with Connor stepping and breaking his leg 🤦‍♀️
I See U!
I See U!:
I always enjoyed Conor. In my opinion, he's was one of the best strikers in the sport. But just like most, he's fallen victim to his own success. It's almost impossible to get that hunger back when you're a successful millionaire.
I'm not saying that he's not hungry for a win, but it's not the same hunger for success.
Retire while you are still relevant in the game
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu:
Can you imagine paying for that and it ends with Connor stepping and breaking his leg 🤦‍♀️
The old conor doesn’t exist. This is who he’s always been 😂
Jorge Askren
Jorge Askren:
Conor wasnt landing solid leg kicks tho.. His inexperience showed as he threw calf kicks but connected with dustins knee everytime which lead to his leg inevitably breaking
Tj luther
Tj luther:
I can’t take Conor seriously anymore lol
Robin Visser
Robin Visser:
The shot on 2:26 is wonderful 😍
Lewis Charlton
Lewis Charlton:
Conors 22-6 not 22-2
involved bystander
involved bystander:
The Gent
The Gent:
If by excellent early you meant the first 45 seconds, you'd be correct. The other four minutes, fifteen seconds, were completely one sided.
Adam M.
Adam M.:
Conor is done. Just can’t see him coming back he has too much ego. He won’t be able to focus right. Look at Anderson. When this stuff starts to happen it really is hard to come back.
Chris D
Chris D:
Dustin really is made of diamonds. Conor kicked him and broke his leg in half hahahahahaha!
¡Flygerian Eagle! -Inio Ubom-
¡Flygerian Eagle! -Inio Ubom-:
Brazil AND England couldn't do it at home... Mcgregor just hang it up man!🐛
Body Facts - Sanish
Body Facts - Sanish:
That injury looks serious. These fighters are superhuman to handle such pain in easy way.🤔
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker:
Poirier checked a kick and broke his leg. Nuff said.
AF About
AF About:
Shout out to quality commentating.
Really impressive...your restraint in not over-talking things is superb. Thanks I'll be back.
Travis Sims
Travis Sims:
Great ending!
Dolan Am
Dolan Am:
Conor’s fans….. we r like fis ankle….we gave up :(
when weigh in , Conor's left foot kicked Porier, during the match Conor's left leg broke against Porier, karma is real
Sevese Tupou
Sevese Tupou:
Dude went from Conor McTapper to Ankle McSnapper
Vin Chung
Vin Chung:
No more rematches for these two. Three fights is enough.
Irfan email
Irfan email:
Conor cheated again and still loses.

Without feeling ashamed he's holding Dustin's gloves and Herb Dean like usual, doin nothing about it.
Dustin it too damn big for 155 and Conor is actually a 145er. He smoked Dustin, Max and others are 145, NOT 155. The magic was at 145, people tend to forget that
positive thoughts
positive thoughts:
Conor wins: Conor vs Oliviera for the belt
Conor loss: Conor vs Poirier for the belt
This is a straight-up copy of WWE
Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor:
I love how most are looking for excuses for Precious mcgregor? Dustin loves the underdog status and going under the radar? Lol he fuct him up twice in a row and still cant get a pat on the back? Wait till he beats Oliviera then Gaethje
Titan Segundera 2.0
Titan Segundera 2.0:
• Smash'em
• Stack'em
• Humble'em
Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid:
I wished i will See Khabib vs diaz and Ferguson, i know he would destroy both but after they both i Could say he is a god and not only a goat
Moses Eengu
Moses Eengu:
That leg will be reminding McGregor about Dustin porier
Broshtito Widjaya
Broshtito Widjaya:
Irfan email
Irfan email:
Media: Old Conor

Yoel Romero: am I a joke to you?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
Sione Koloa
Sione Koloa:
Yeah but the end of the day poirier beats his ass
K C's Vantastic Voyages
K C's Vantastic Voyages:
Pride always preceeds a fall
Premodern Prejudices
Premodern Prejudices:
McGregor was always overrated, more an entertainer than a real competitor. Khabib humiliated and smashed him (deservingly so), and Conor returned but only after being away too long and to face an opponent, Cowboy Cerrone, whose own competitive tenure had already expired. He then faces Porrier, not once but twice, after having beat Porrier years earlier, but loses to him in both meetings. If his game were still half as effective as his diarrhea mouth, he would have stood half a chance against Dustin, but that clearly was not the case.

His standing game was always good; not phenomenal but good. His ground game, however, has been and continues to be absolutely atrocious. Dropping weight and going down a division isn’t going to be his fix, then, either. All this considered, then, I think it’s time for him to call it quits or to go to, well, Bellator. Preferably, I’d love to see him retire and go to barber college; he’s never been much more than a street punk with a comedic streak, who never should’ve been in this sport.
Conor broke his own leg with his low kicks.
Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy:
Are the leg breaks from the weight cutting they perform?
Josey Wales
Josey Wales:
It’s over man. Conor is really looking dumb now.
From champ to chump. Used to love Connor but his ego is worse than his recent record
UFC 270 McGregor vs O’Malley
May the man with the best ankles win.
Mitch Zurbrigg
Mitch Zurbrigg:
Conors rep is gone. He's back at the bottom
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh:
Lol look at the like dislike ratio😂
no rematch,now we all know that conor is just average ufc fighter and far below dustin level
Nathan Cooper
Nathan Cooper:
My foot was a baloon and my leg was the needle' conor mcgregor.
Kid Thump
Kid Thump:
Win or lose Poirier is my hero
slick Nick
slick Nick:
that man was going to lose anyways 🤣
Jeff Hargrove
Jeff Hargrove:
And max Holloway and just gaethje as well probably the more impressive people he's beaten weren't mentioned 😂
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
No more rematches for these two. Three fights is enough.
Conor too little for Dustin
Think for yourself.
Think for yourself.:
That's why it's called mma.
Arthuro Pelayo
Arthuro Pelayo:
What happened in UFC 264 only adds up to Conor’s legacy. It does not demote its status as the UFC’s top Supertar, as a matter of fact it boost Conor’s fame and portrayal of him being “The Notorious”
M Morgz
M Morgz:
Conner got beat.... This makes me happy... Just to cocky for my liking.
All I know is I paid A LOT of cash for (1) round !!!!
Cheval Uk
Cheval Uk:
Bye bye Connor ! It’s finished ! Go and chill, drink a glass of whiskey and enjoy the family time 👍
at the end, when he says "to smash that..." and showing the chick; perfect timing
Kusukacolay Lowlee
Kusukacolay Lowlee:
Too much whiskey not enough milk!
Conor leg: what?
Conor fans need to watch the breakdown of this trilogy instead of the highlights. That will then make them get upset on how much Dustin dominated conor in the mid of the 1st round.
Titan Segundera 2.0
Titan Segundera 2.0:
Acknowledge him.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
Media: Old Conor Yoel Romero: am I a joke to you?
You know what's funny to me? The UFC's top 3 biggest PPV fights ever are:

Mcgregor vs. Khabib
Mcgregor vs. Poirier 3
Mcgregor vs. Diaz

And Conor has lost in all of them.
All that trashtalk for nothing.🤣
McGregor can talk the talk....
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
Media: Old Conor Yoel Romero: am I a joke to you?
What is your definition of highlights?
David Ballard
David Ballard:
If ya notice.... Since boxing Mayweather, Connor spends much more time in the pocket.. he used to be a counter puncher angles and precision. Not so much anymore, believing the power hype. But now he's not set it up, he's straight boxing in the pocket.... Losing the opposing forces power
Shane Semones
Shane Semones:
Skip to about the 1:40 mark to see no actual highlights.
Louie Thao
Louie Thao:
McGregor is on a 2 losing streak, Hooker is on a 2 losing streak, Ferguson is on a 3 losing streak
khabibs the ufc goat, conor is the sales guy
Siddhant Chauhan
Siddhant Chauhan:
Connor in drake's voice " started from bottom and now we back to bottom"
Ged Rooney
Ged Rooney:
Bollocks to Conor….Dustin vs Oliveira is what the fans want to see.
Y Frost
Y Frost:
McLeprechaun should just retire, he's an embarrassment to the sport.
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez:
Mac Gregor is over rated
The narration is awful and you left out the footage of the break. Do better.
Conor didn't want to get knocked or tapped again so he broke his own leg.
Karma is a b*tch!
HeHeHeHe! Break a leg, Connor!
Donnie Balky
Donnie Balky:
Conor’s broken leg will probably make more money that Dustins entire career.
Logan paul might have his chance against cornor lol
Ben Law
Ben Law:
The little leprechaun fortunate he broke his ankle.....Dustin had a lot more punishment for big mouth....💪👊
Kobe Bird
Kobe Bird:
Shout out , Connor MCSTRETCHER
P 1
P 1:
Dude can’t beat real fighters anymore he’s starting sh*t with the likes of MGK …
A town down
A town down:
If Jake Paul fights him now he might stand a chance
That was the worst highlight video i have ever seen
Hayley M
Hayley M:
it's so sad seeing an intuitive feel the backfire from having TOO GREAT TOO STRONG personality....
Mystic Mac is a genius psychologically compared to the intellectually stunted human cattle Dustin is....
and yet still Dustin wins because Mystic Mac's force was SO GREAT it BACKFIRED on his ass....
sad story for intuitives with huge personalities......
Mystic Mac shows us too many times.....the greater man won't always win.....the greater man might lose because his force is so great it BACKFIRES
twisted world calisthenics
twisted world calisthenics:
Makes me so happy *conor* are *whining*
pace beresi
pace beresi:
conor leg is broken by his own words, and next dustin will knock out his teeth and cut off his tongue and breath, conor will be crushed by his arrogance
conor was over, rip conor
Mystic mcstretcher
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns:
Great highlights bellend
Ed Tom
Ed Tom:
Hehehe I guess Dana white’s favorite boy it’s gone for good
Azaz Ahmad
Azaz Ahmad:
Khabib is the real champion
jer badz
jer badz:
rematch😂? conor s already dead
lmfao laughing at the people who said mcgregor over dustin lmfaooo
MMA Talk
MMA Talk:
1. Diamond dominanted mctapper
2. Nate is next
3. The leprechaun retires, the end.
Mk movies
Mk movies:
Conor can't win again a matche because he so much ego n proud n un respect
Micael Gonchar
Micael Gonchar:
Conor go to retirement!
1st Name Basis
1st Name Basis:
Herb Dean to Rescue
Conor looks like jacob seed from far cry 5