UFC Debut: Conor McGregor vs Marcus Brimage | Free Fight

Nearly seven years ago, a two-division champion from Cage Warriors named Conor McGregor began his journey to becoming the first simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history.

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100+ komentarze:

The Great
The Great:
People paying money to watch the fight live

Me:Waiting almost 7 years to watch it free
Cristian Mancillas
Cristian Mancillas:
He was so happy about 60 grand. Who would've thought he'd be making Dana MILLIONS
Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers
Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers:
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.
Owen O'Connor
Owen O'Connor:
“He wants a belt at lightweight and featherweight as well” that aged well
Hoo Zee
Hoo Zee:
brimage gave connor a harder fight than aldo ...
Mcully Mcflappers
Mcully Mcflappers:
Glad to see Connor getting most of his tattoos removed and his obviously using moisturiser he looks about 7 years younger
Conor was on benefits here, now he's has $100+million.
J P:
Conor “you can’t get emotional”
Also Conor “I just go with my emotions.”
Probably the last time Conor was called "humble"
bodd boward
bodd boward:
Brimage looks like he hit 'random' on the character creation screen.
Fredrick 2kj
Fredrick 2kj:
This Connor guy is good, but he’s too cocky, he’ll never be champ.
5’4 and 71 inch reach? Lmao that’s almost unhuman ufc definitely need to measure fighters
Mathias Emanuel
Mathias Emanuel:
Finally I can watch this fight! I knew that it wasn’t worth it buying 7 years ago.. patience is key if u want to safe some 💰
M Black
M Black:
Announcer: Conner another brilliant performance 13 wins 12 knockouts

Conor Mcgregor:
Againan Again
Againan Again:
I hope that dude never gets a big crazy chest tattoo.
Clem Bot
Clem Bot:
"We're gunna find out if he's the real deal."
I have news for you...
Fizzy Water
Fizzy Water:
"was it all part of your plan?"
"no i dont have a plan"
"yeah but was it a part of your plan?"
W S:
Watch at .25 speed and you really get an appreciation for Conor's style. Whether you hate or love him he's a special fighter. Incredible distance control, great chin, and incredible power, add in his gift for gab and ability to promote and he's a once in a lifetime fighter. Hopefully we get to see him a few more times in the Octagon. I honestly wouldn't watch or care if he tried to box again though lol.
I never knew Conor made his debut in my hometown, wow.
Roosevelt Nguyen
Roosevelt Nguyen:
This version of Conor looks like the fighting Playstation character you still had to earn enough XP to buy the tattoos
Amp Music
Amp Music:
When Conor didn't let the fame and money go to his brain
Prince Sor Lo
Prince Sor Lo:
4:28 fight starts. (yummy ring girl)
5:45 fight ends.
6:50 “dun tooch ma fookin iri$H caape ya donkey”
G4LiNuX G1
G4LiNuX G1:
90% = nice tattoo removal
5% = he looks 7 years younger
5% = he is better in this fight more than most people today
Eddie Bravo
Eddie Bravo:
They did Marcus dirty & skipped his entrance lmfao damn
Vince Carter
Vince Carter:
Damn, that skinny guy is so lethal.
Ryan H.
Ryan H.:
8:33 "He's 3-0" ... realized he just made him 3-1 and quit talking haha.
D' sories
D' sories:
Even at debut hes got that aura called confident.. Tht why hes so successful
Lazy Clay
Lazy Clay:
I dress up like a dragon and my wife dresses up like a unicorn when we do it.
Tony Ferguson the kinda guy to test positive for Covid-19 just so he can fight something.
Bushido Baboon
Bushido Baboon:
“He’s an excellent grappler”
Khabib: that’s cute
Tyler Whitehurst
Tyler Whitehurst:
It might sound fanboyish but connors fighting style is the best I’ve ever watched. He just flows and dominates.
Mo Lester
Mo Lester:
Conor in 2013 : 60G's BABY !!! Conor in 2020: What the fok is that
“He wants a belt at featherweight and a belt at lightweight” damn what a ride it’s been
KFob talks
KFob talks:
Then: Conor McGregor begs for 60 g

Now: conor gives 1 million to help irish hospitals during the Corona Virus
George Taylor
George Taylor:
It’s ok Marcus. You lost to one of the greats
8:44 This is where *Mojahed Fudailat* got his most used word. 😂
Jesus Urbina
Jesus Urbina:
“You only knock out midgets”
-Nate “The prophet” Díaz
Hmmm interesting
Hmmm interesting:
The accuracy of those final blows
Maaaan, love him or hate him, Conor's rise to the top was so entertaining.
Holly Kane
Holly Kane:
Artem looks sooo young here.
He seemed like a genuine person here....now he just acts like a total D bag.
8:06 i feelike awwe for me asossuddlkddbdhakskfbfbfk
Zvonko Mudrovčić
Zvonko Mudrovčić:
Bravo Irče, greetings from Croatia,👍💪💪💪👍
Jan D
Jan D:
We are so early as conor doesn't hv a chest tattoo 😆
"He wants that FW belt and also that LW belt"
And he did💪
kingpin 26
kingpin 26:
This made me miss MikeGoldi in the UFC.
Mr Genius
Mr Genius:
It's amazing how far confidence and hard work get you in life. It's 30% of training and 70% confidence.
kyle sandford
kyle sandford:
Connor goat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
the notorious one
the notorious one:
The rest is history...
3:43 Anyone knows why there is a 65.8kg weight over there? Wished they would put that for recent UFC fights.
Teach D.Berainman
Teach D.Berainman:
Brimage was pushing in way too hard without thinking never Rush for the finish against a fighter who has a better stand than yours
Now every prospect that gets any attention thinks they’re going to be Conor.
OFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xX:
Back In The Days People Were Getting Main Events In The Prelims 🤦🏽
Luis Lizarraga
Luis Lizarraga:
"One belt in one shoulder, one in the other shoulder, and they will need a fooking army to take them belts off me " - Weili Zhang
ive been addicted to ufc in quarantine
Michael Alvarez
Michael Alvarez:
4:53 that accuracy, i mean it seems he knows already the distance between them, he just ignored it like he wont get hit.
Koi no yokan 99
Koi no yokan 99:
"You have all figured out when you're fighting against midgets" Nate Diaz. 5'4 opponents.
Joealim Alqaeda
Joealim Alqaeda:
His accuracy is dangerous
Conor McGregor 🔥
sujata patil
sujata patil:
Think if he lost his first fight🤔
Ahmad Jamaludin
Ahmad Jamaludin:
6:41 where is Khabib Nurmagomedov?! I promised him I would never drink whiskey again, because it was an illicit drink.

Minggu legi, 14 Juni 2020.
Nadim Sleiman
Nadim Sleiman:
A legends beginning
Stephen Tavarez
Stephen Tavarez:
"Dana, 60 Mil baby!"

- Conor in 2020
MakeYouSweat XD
MakeYouSweat XD:
He looks pretty fast and strong in here .

He could probably *_throw a dolly_*
When did he start doing the “ I found the four leaf clover first “walk huh??
G rod
G rod:
5:00 for the fight ending combo
mikeyb byekim
mikeyb byekim:
Imo this was actually a really good rest for Conor bc Brimage was actually doing pretty good with putting the pressure on Conor and CMac did good keeping his shit together and on point. At exactly 5:42 that's a pretty normal posturing outcome with many of his fights.
Hayden Donadio
Hayden Donadio:
Marcus brimage just had the worst luck he had to fight conor and Cody garbarant in their debuts
Ramin Raufie
Ramin Raufie:
4:52 looked just like the McGregor vs Aldo ko
Conor mcgregor : run
Alexander Elkorek
Alexander Elkorek:
What a goddamn beast. Those uppercuts. Amazing hand eye coordination.
8:53 GOAT Artem had hair back then
toughest S.O.B.
toughest S.O.B.:
I see a bright future for this kid
Brady Daw
Brady Daw:
Theres something absolutely hilarious about Conor McGregor cheering about 60 Grand hahahahahaha
Matthew Fofi
Matthew Fofi:
Looking at mcgregor like he wanted to eat him then got his ass knocked out
Anand Shankar
Anand Shankar:
That squeaky voice though... 😂
Gabriel Campbell
Gabriel Campbell:
Mcgregor security on our left looks like dr.phil😭
Mighty Marouane Fellaini
Mighty Marouane Fellaini:
5 4 with a 6 1 reach is insane
Sour Raddish
Sour Raddish:
“Excellent grappler, working on his wrestling a lot! He is getting really good.” That wrestling comment didn’t age well lol.
Fantastic Films
Fantastic Films:
One of my favorite fights
T. Mabotha
T. Mabotha:
A kid from Dublin with more than a dream, he knew one day he'd be the King of the UFC . 🎵
this conor guy looks like he should start a whiskey company
Blessed Wolf
Blessed Wolf:
6:53 why is conor Running 😶😶
Rajeev K R
Rajeev K R:
Conor was not here to take part, he's here to take over the brimage
Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels:
First fight: he’s an excellent grappler
After he’s super famous: his ground game sucks
Eklavya Gupta
Eklavya Gupta:
God speed 🤘🏻
This UFC Debut would be a great idea to continue on with. Be cool to see how some of the GOATS started.

Stay safe out here y'all.

Edit: jfc, why is dude going nuts in the thread. Cop on to yourself and try be civil. 👌
garrett toney
garrett toney:
I love it when Kenny Florian starts yelling
I could have made a killing 3 months ago on this bet!!!
Mr Slave2thegrind
Mr Slave2thegrind:
Glad to see CM showing his support for the BLM.... 😂
This dude doesn't know how to fight
Adrian Cervantes
Adrian Cervantes:
Brimage’s parents really put all his stat points on reach
0:48 that scream🤣🤣🤣
lol Brimage is pretty much no where to be seen at the start of this video, it's all conor.
Derek Sendrak
Derek Sendrak:
Loves this intro! Please please don’t retire! U out on a show against Cowboy! Atleast one more McGregor show
Budhi Kid Basic Learn
Budhi Kid Basic Learn:
A fighter and an entertainer.. 👍
Ciccio Pasticcino
Ciccio Pasticcino:
Really cool but we want some Tony fights now.
c b
c b:
that classic ufc background music brings back so much memories of watching ufc with my uncles before they passed we would always hum the music and laugh and now when i hear it, it gives me chills lol
B B:
Constant fast pace match much respect for both of these warriors for putting on a strong show💪🏻