UFC São Paulo: Jan Błachowicz and Jacare Octagon Interview

Hear from Jan Błachowicz and Jacare after their bout in São Paulo.

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Congratulations on the victory of the Polish brother! 🇷🇺❤🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱👊👊👊💪💪💪
Gratuluję wygranej walki z Rosji ! 🇷🇺💪👏
Mr. Sandoval
Mr. Sandoval:
Glad Jacare didn’t get the nod by just pushing Jan against the cage and doing nothing with it. As for Jan, he’s further from a title shot now than before the fight. No real winners tonight.
Molly's Unborn Child
Molly's Unborn Child:
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to rewatch this fight to help condition his Patience
Frankie Cal
Frankie Cal:
Jan's foot was a balloon.
Elton Faustino
Elton Faustino:
Parabéns jacaré você deu o seu melhor
R Baz
R Baz:
The Brazilian crowd were in that arena til 1am lol imagine watching one of the worst cards of the year that late and now you have to travel home 😂
Workout every day
Workout every day:
Brawo dla Jana ogień idziesz po pas Mistrzu
Lipok Sungit
Lipok Sungit:
We thank you to Miocic for stepping down to 205 and giving a good performance against Souza..
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson:
I love the respect that Michael bisping showed for Jacare Souza
Piotr Mąkosa
Piotr Mąkosa:
Brawo Janek 👏👏👏👏👏🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Im proud for you JAN 🥇
Clockwork Man
Clockwork Man:
Jacare cant really complain when he didn't do anything to win the fight.
Damn, I don’t normally comment when fights aren’t that great but damn!! This was a shambles 🤣🤣
Best sleep I've ever had. Thanks UFC.
I remember that interview, it was the exact moment I woke up.
Kenpachi Zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki:
Fight of the year
Abid Ahmad
Abid Ahmad:
The way the Brazilian fans act they deserve this card
Andrzje S
Andrzje S:
Bravo blachowicz 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱👏👏👏👏👊❤️😁
It's good to see the Brazilian fans not boo Jan all the time in the loud way they usually do. Jan is a likeable guy.
Krzysztof Kiełczewski
Krzysztof Kiełczewski:
Brawo Janek 👏👏
Brawo Janek! Gratulacje
colin james
colin james:
Bruce did them dirty with that “Jaaaaaaaaa.........n Blachowiz”.
I don't usually comment but i have to for this fight! The greatest fight I've ever seen since Lawler Vs McDonald 2!!!
Huncho Mma
Huncho Mma:
For all my EU ufc fans
I feel for you
오늘은 뭐 먹지? Today's menu
오늘은 뭐 먹지? Today's menu:
He was more aggressive in hitting Blakovitz than Souza, who harvested long control time under a Clutch situation. 

Blakovich let down Souza, who had dreamed of a light heavyweight soft landing by winning a split decision by a point in total.
Marcin Zet
Marcin Zet:
Gratulacje Janek! Teraz dawaj Jonsa i pas leci do Polski!
José Augusto lira de Almeida Lira de Almeida
José Augusto lira de Almeida Lira de Almeida:
Os brasileiros tem que ser mais agressivos pra poder vencer, se ficar só nesse agarra agarra fica difícil, os juízes não dão Vitória pra eles
Rahul Roka
Rahul Roka:
Jan last two win is against the middleweight.. He is far from the title shot. I think he needs to have an impressive win against any elite LHW for the title shot. John won't be interested to fight him right now..he won't excite John after this performance. I'm sure of it
Kacper Plata
Kacper Plata:
Janek Brawo teraz o Pas UFC 🇵🇱💪✌️
Grzegorz Wisniewski
Grzegorz Wisniewski:
Janek gratulavje !!!!!! Dobra robota ;)
Joel Cool
Joel Cool:
Both of Rockholds worst nightmares in the same octagon 😍
John Smithy
John Smithy:
This fight was awesome
My best friend Lobster
My best friend Lobster:
I am surprised that he won a decision in Brazil
Bearded Badger
Bearded Badger:
This dude has the balls to call out Jones after that weak performance🤣🤣🤣
Gruby z fajtsport
Gruby z fajtsport:
Good job Jan 💪🏼
Give Jan a title shot!!!
I can't take Bisping serious when he interviews he is such a troll
Kevin The Hole Seeker Lee
Kevin The Hole Seeker Lee:
"I aint no glass chin gangster"

-Jacare about Rockhold and Weidman moving up to 205
Damn looks like I don’t miss anything crazy 😂🤣
Madi Karl Ov
Madi Karl Ov:
As UFC puts winner on Octagon interview preview,I literally thought that Souza won.
So the fight before was a draw but not this? I mean I get it's a business move to have Blachowicz win but c'mon. For those that haven't watched the fight, it was kind of underwhelming imo
Sebo Bota
Sebo Bota:
Brawo Janek 👍😎
julian solis
julian solis:
How tf did I miss this !!!
Ancestral Rocha
Ancestral Rocha:
Tradutores brasileiros kkkkk inventam, cortam o que cara fala, fazem um resumo criativo, acho que no final do cara falar já esqueceram metade do que ele disse
syg. strikes 70-20 for jan and souza gets 3-2 lmao, i didn`t know pushin some1 into the fence without doing damage is betta than clean strikes
Boxing & Gaming Pro
Boxing & Gaming Pro:
Looking at the thumbnail i was like souza probably knocked him out hearing jan won i was like you tricked me
flo flex
flo flex:
Imagine Michael Bisping make an Octagon Interview with Yoel Romero ..
The great thing about not watching UFC live sometimes is that you can fast-forward through shit cards like these.
50 Kent
50 Kent:
*Jans foot was a fookin balloon!💯*
rocket queen
rocket queen:
Pieknie Janek ,Gratulacje !
Dany Calero
Dany Calero:
Jan talvez se lo disculpa por el pie lesionado en su pelea, pero Kacare en su país decepción total yo esperaba mas de él, igual la pelea aburrida desde el inicio sin duda estuvo mejor la del Joker o la de los 2 debutantes Arroyo y Muniz Arroyo pudo salie de 2 sumisiones expectaculares , Jan con ese nivel esta muy muy muy..... lejos para pelear contra Jon Jones lo destruiría saludos desde Ecuador.
I feel like it'd almost be better to get knocked out than to suffer a decision like that...
F M:
Jac "90 days ago, I had a bad hangnail and almost had to pull out of the fight, but I still showed up".
Paweł JH * . *
Paweł JH * . *:
Jan Błachowicz champ👑🏆
Chris Khater
Chris Khater:
Jan “my foot always looks like a ballewn” Blachowicz
Zain Sheikh
Zain Sheikh:
What was the judges doing? Every single fight on the card was judged badly.
Not every card is great but these guys tried to fight the best they could. Respect👊🤙
Mr WalletFat
Mr WalletFat:
Jan Blachowicz: My foot was not a Ballewn
Jan "Get back to Middleweight" Błachowicz
sidnei l
sidnei l:
Valeu mesmo jacaré
balalaika 123
balalaika 123:
This fight could've been much more interesting if Jacare adjusted his game. Failed to take down Jan every single time and no changes at all? C'mon..
El Anti-Friendzone
El Anti-Friendzone:
People were so upset about Jacare's performance they even cheered Jan a little bit hahahah
Steven Beer
Steven Beer:
Still hats off to Jacare, he made Jan Blachowicz go the distance, instead of getting knocked out like the other middleweights that went up. No offence.
Sosaman OTF
Sosaman OTF:
God dammit! I wanted to see Jacare vs Jones. TF judges!?
Jan Błachowicz:

“My foot was a balloon.”
Don’t worry, it’s normal and it’s now or never?
helmi fadli
helmi fadli:
Watching this fight is like watching paint dry
When you tought someone was going to sleep but the only one going to sleep was you
Profile One
Profile One:
Reading the comments I’m glad I didn’t stick around for these fights
Jan " Welcome to Light Heavyweight" Blachowicz.
These two don't look like they got out of a 5 round fight lol
Joelson Moreira
Joelson Moreira:
Jacaré lutou com medo de trocar socos melhor ele ficar no sofá de casa vendo pela TV
Joe Harm
Joe Harm:
I'm glad Jan won, but also knew Jacare would try holding Him the whole time hence I'm glad I went to bed early.
Arm The Creative
Arm The Creative:
Dont forget the awesome Oliviera fight though! Well worth it.
Sgt Jibbz
Sgt Jibbz:
Considered staying up till three AM to watch this looks like I dodged a bullet.
Ra DE:
Bisping the best reporter ever!!!
Алаш Орда
Алаш Орда:
Жакаре и Ян оба 💪
Jan "No my feet always look like this" Blachowicz
Jayden Griffin
Jayden Griffin:
I streamed the card for free and still want my money back...
steve donahue
steve donahue:
give jan his title!
Hipnotyczna Egosymulacja
Hipnotyczna Egosymulacja:
Brawo POLAND 🇵🇱🇵🇱 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
jojo kolo
jojo kolo:
Janek gratulacje!!!!!!!
Ben Hof
Ben Hof:
When the arena went crickets for their boy Jakare at the end. Sad stuff.
no comment
no comment:
Wake me when it's over
BW 13
BW 13:
Janek 👏🇵🇱
Polska górą!
Sam G
Sam G:
It takes 2 to tango, Jacare didn’t wanna stand up he wanted to wrestle and grapple, Jan would have been happy to stand and bang but having to worry about take downs doesn’t help
the more i see these light heavyweights get tested, the more I think they aren't ready for jon jones
•••The ••• Point•••
•••The ••• Point•••:
Brawo Janek
Marcio Adriano Silva
Marcio Adriano Silva:
Sempre roubando o jacaré
That was the most painful fight to watch ever. Absolutely no action. I watched the entire fight hoping something was going to happen. But it always just a big disappointment. Not very entertaining.
Milan Adhikari
Milan Adhikari:
Jacare really slowed down in the last rounds. Congrats Jan for the win. Dana should make Jan vs Jones or Jan vs Reyes for the title shot!
Kame Senin
Kame Senin:
Seems that Reyes is still the most deserving for Jones' next challenger at this moment.
Léo Bitencourt
Léo Bitencourt:
Jacaré começou a descida....
Did anybody see in the background at 2:22 the guy asked the other guy to take our picture and he just says no 😂
Master League
Master League:
Jan Błachowicz win that fight 5 rounds to 0
AK Random
AK Random:
Went to make a drink and smoke after the 2nd round. Time well spent.
EZ Aquatics
EZ Aquatics:
There was an event tonight? Looks like I didn't miss anything
How is that split decision what did Jacare do in this fight 20 unsuccessful takedown attempts that made the fight dull.