United Boeing 777 suffers engine failure after takeoff from Denver to Honolulu: Metal falls from sky

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It’s raining metal in Broomfield, Colorado! Passengers CHEER as the failed engine makes a safe landing. If you want to stay up to date on viral stories like these, please hit that subscribe button below. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You done? Thank you!

United Airlines Boeing 777 operating as flight 328 flying from Denver to Honolulu suffered a serious engine failure on takeoff. It made an emergency landing and everyone is ok. Check out these pieces of the engine falling from the sky...

A passenger on United 328 took this video of flames shooting out from the engine. Some people told me they said prayers and held their loved ones' hands as they looked out the window.

This is the moment United flight 328 landed in DIA, and you can hear the passengers cheering.

There were 231 passengers and 10 crew members on board United Flight 328. United said in a statement, “There are no reported injuries onboard, and we will share more information as it becomes available.”What do you think of United Boeing 777 suffering an engine failure after takeoff from Denver? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe by hitting my face on the right hand side.

United Boeing 777 suffers engine failure after takeoff from Denver, please read http://www.joseph-morris.com/united-boeing-777-suffers-engine-failure-takeoff-from-denver-to-honolulu-hawaii-2021

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Scott Cornelius
Scott Cornelius:
My wife called while on this flight. She said they probably wouldn’t make it. When she got home, there was a new Corvette in the driveway.
Frank Parker
Frank Parker:
The pilots did a great job! They train for situations like this. These planes are designed to run on one engine if needed to. Thank God it was a 777 as they have one of the most powerful turbofan engines in the world!
Kyle Sirico
Kyle Sirico:
Great job, pilots. Minimised damage but the airlines definitely gotta give everyone with that flight path some reward points or something.
R T:
Better it happened there than in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Hassan Makki
Hassan Makki:
The Pilot is a Hero
I assume no one on the ground was hurt. So close to houses though. And I guess everyone can be grateful this didn't happen over the ocean. How scary.
Catastrophic, uncontained, engine failures like this are very rare. Kudos to the crew. I hope none of the passengers COVID tests expired during the delay, preventing them from going to Hawaii.
Mister Awesome
Mister Awesome:
Severe engine failure. Aircraft made a perfectly safe emergency landing. Showed integrity of the aircraft in an engine loss and great integrity of crew not panicking and bringing her down safe. Bravo
I’m sure it’s Trump’s fault somehow.
Mike West
Mike West:
Maintenance guy: "So that's where that wrench went."
Aries by sun virgo by moonlight Libra rise
Aries by sun virgo by moonlight Libra rise:
if i was on that plane i would've passed out, thank goodness everyone were able to go home that night,,,hopefully !! , at least it wasn't a crash
Light of the World
Light of the World:
Awkward when that cute girl next to you, says "I'm scared, hold me tight" only to shrunk out of your grip and act like nothing happened when you safely land.
747Heavy Boeing
747Heavy Boeing:
One just went to the boneyard yesterday.
They are phasing them out as was planned due to Covid and more efficient airliners.
Reliable airplane overall.
Delta has retired all 777s .
Troy Carney
Troy Carney:
imagine if this happened over the pacific to Honolulu, I just bought my girlfriend a United ticket to Hawaii. I'm a bit worried now.
Jonathan Ruiz
Jonathan Ruiz:
Good thing it was after take off, I don’t want to imagine this happening way up in the air 😱😱😢😢😢 makes me scared of airplanes now
HyperKing 204
HyperKing 204:
Thank god!!!! I was in a situation where the engine turned off for a few minutes. Then turned back on. Everyone was panicking.
Janaki LakshmiNarayanan
Janaki LakshmiNarayanan:
Imagine seeing this from your window and literally waiting for your death😢😢
Farah Jaffar
Farah Jaffar:
Dude This is so terrifying!!!
Just imagine you are outside and metals start falling from the sky
More than that you are inside the plane and engine is burning
Tom Board
Tom Board:
Something that hasn't been mentioned yet is how over weight the 777 was in order to make a landing. I don't know if they could or would do a fuel dump being so low over a populated area and with an uncontrolled engine fire. They're extremely lucky the landing gear didn't fail on landing and being able to stop the aircraft with only one thrust reverser. I'm sure it's a very long runway at
Andromeda 1349
Andromeda 1349:
If i was there, my soul would just escape right out of my ass, like just give up and die
The Beast
The Beast:
Engine was designed for this amazing it worked.
Boeing will never regain people’s trust if it continue to let the Wall Street to dictate its business. Fire all those board members, let the engineers manage the company — before it’s too late.
Josh Gibbs
Josh Gibbs:
Aircrafts been sitting down for too long due to lockdown. They need to run proper checks on these aircraft when everything reopen.
Heather Bourkovski
Heather Bourkovski:
I’m gonna be on this flight in April, wish me luck.
jeremie destouches
jeremie destouches:
Pinguins Airlines!!!🤣🤣
Liga DQ
Liga DQ:
Legend says the airplane lost an engine, no lives were lost but passengers had to change their underwear after getting off the aircraft.
God Bless these Americans going on vacation and stimulating the economy with that tax money I mean Stimulus money.
neville mason
neville mason:
It's hard to claim a Pratt & Whitney engine 'runs like a Rolls Royce'. Similar failure a few days earlier on a smaller version of this engine on a cargo 747 in Holland. Some people on the ground got injured that time. It's pure luck this time the aircraft wasn't seriously damaged or worse.
Melvin Geloneck
Melvin Geloneck:
Why just keep standing there and taping the metal falling instead of getting in a car and getting out of the way?
I was watching tv in the morning and I heard a plane and it was super loud and it shaked my house lol.
n h
n h:
seems like them cloud just hid it huh
Jake Heke
Jake Heke:
Always that one screaming karen
At 3000 RPM each of those big blades is pulling on the hub with the weight of a double-Decker bus. Multiply that by 21 blades and you can tell the amount of force the main shaft has to hold. That cowling on the ground was made to sacrifice itself in case of a blade off event which absorbs all that energy which otherwise would slice through the plane like butter. That brown barrel looking sleeve on the engine is made from Kevlar and carbon fibre and is tested to take all the energy from the exploding engine.
Big Major thank you to our pilots who did a wonderful job safely landing that plane
Rik Banter
Rik Banter:
do these engines have built in fire suppression
2nd airplane from Boeing that missed some pieces. In the Netherlands a plain lost also some pieces
Becky Rodriguez
Becky Rodriguez:
Good thing the pilots weren’t working remotely
John W
John W:
I suspect this is a result of changing the fuel from Kero to HVO bio fuel - as a transport engineer I investigated the use of HVO for HGVs and found that whilst the fuel exhibits all the performance and low emissions features it has an Achilles heel weakness in that the fuel is incompatible with the fossil lubrication system and can find it's way into it which the causes quick deterioration in the fluid this then results in seizure of bearings especially when stressed under high load. Welcome to the new normal.
It's Donnie Darko all over again.
Ohana Finder
Ohana Finder:
I wonder how many passengers decided to continue to HNL or stay on the ground???
D Whit
D Whit:
Big props up to the pilot
Billy Lats
Billy Lats:
This is the scariest shit ive ever seen
Jamie Powell
Jamie Powell:
Big deal it's really metal so what why would you you promote a YouTube channel based on a little bit of metal falling out of the sky?
Jose Medrano
Jose Medrano:
Thanks GOD all this pp are safe.
constance gomez
constance gomez:
pexxa johannes
pexxa johannes:
United we fly, disunited we fall...
Thank You Sweet Baby Jesus For a Safe Landing!! 😇💕👍My Sister and her husband who happens to be a Pilot himself “were on that plane” ✈️ heading to Hawaii today!!!! She said that there was a loud explosion and everyone started screaming then everyone went silent and people were praying 🙏for their lives and holding each other!! The Flight Pilot had a “MayDay 328 Heavy” and they were in serious distress and were about 10,000 feet up in the air!! Engine debris was flying off and falling to the ground way below!! Once they landed my Sister said they stayed on the plane for over an hour as 8 firetrucks and fire fighters feverishly worked to cover the plane in flame retardant to keep it from bursting into flames🔥!!!! Everyone got off safely!! Kudos to United Airlines and the knowledge of the Crew and with the divine help of God’s Mighty Hand upon all of the Crew and the Passengers and Plane in getting them safely to the ground!!!! ✝️😇🙏👍💕🌺⭐️
Andy Hale
Andy Hale:
I just want to know if Josie is okay...
I thought Hawaii was all locked up. I guess not.
Nice one Joseph! Swansea, UK.
Mansour Alblooshi
Mansour Alblooshi:
Thanks god it wasn't a 737MAX this time.
Breaking Bad.
Zul Vadly
Zul Vadly:
Alkhamdulilah Alkhamdulilah Alkhamdulilah allah masih memberikan keselamatan kepada seluruh penunmpang di dalamnya.
mylife 23
mylife 23:
OMG! 😱
2020 joke 2021 lol
Finally found out where that 10mm socket is that I lost.
HeHe HaHa
HeHe HaHa:
Boeing need to give those pilots some bonus money because the pilots save Boeing shares price from dropping!!!!
Jack Carter Getz
Jack Carter Getz:
It was probably a fire out..
Things are falling off an airplane! Run dummy!
CyDra Ahmed
CyDra Ahmed:
Hope everyone is safe
NAZ NewsDesk
NAZ NewsDesk:
Boeing is quickly becoming the General Motors of Aviation.
Will someone please take care or Josey?
Frank Huber
Frank Huber:
Passengers will be charged extra for the excitement. As always, good luck finding your luggage.
Both BBC UK & CBC Canada had like "an engine caught fire". The pilot they had on CBC Radio chuckled & pointed out that jet engines are ALWAYS ON FIRE inside when they are operating. That's EXACTLY HOW THEY WORK, heating air massively by powerful burning fuel gas jets. The major issue has nothing to do with any fire and is that debris might have damaged the aircraft or injured/killed persons below. The minor issue is that fewer engines are available for manouvreing & landing. None of it has anything to do with an engine "on fire". It's if a fuel supply line or, heaven forbid, a fuel tank gets on fire that there's a fire disaster brewing. Typical social/history/politics/ journalism types BBC & CBC. Their brains haven't the foggiest clue about science or engineering, even the most glaringly obvious like that, duh, there's always lots of fire in an operating jet engine.
Well at least it's not hot lead...
Tony B
Tony B:
The footage of a passenger getting beaten up is missing.
Kiron Manuel
Kiron Manuel:
Too many bad people out there. Start to care for people now suffering. 1:49
Bradley Stocks
Bradley Stocks:
Donnie darko!!!😳
Mad World
FAA: This is okay.
also FAA: Drones and flying cars are not okay.
Yea engines sometimes chuck a fan blade but there is a wide kevlar strap in the cowling that is meant to contain it and is tested during certification by severing a stage one fan blade with an explosive charge. But man to take off the whole cowling back through the combuster section is just unreal. Clearly great airmanship as that had to be way more drag than a normal failed engine. With that vibration I'm surprised the fuse pins didn't break. I'm sure over design of the rudder helped in this incident! Can't imagine the designer / engineers at Boeing considered this scenario but well, maybe they did.
Donna Mauer
Donna Mauer:
I lived near O'Hare airport as a kid. A cargo door opened & luggage fell all over the neighborhood.
serdar oktay
serdar oktay:
All the B777 engines should be rechecked
Good job.
boeingboy 22
boeingboy 22:
Hey, things like this happen and there’s nothing we can do about it even with the best aircraft mechanics
Boeing again…
Wow 😳
It’s Boeing. No more questions.
Airbus planes seems to be more reliable.
Gregory Ross
Gregory Ross:
Raining metal🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Rezza Risky
Rezza Risky:
Boeing again?
Gareth McKeown
Gareth McKeown:
Sack that I'd be running ? Stood filming anything for a like I suppose
Сергей 7
Сергей 7:
Boeing 777 - coffin.
I am a A P mechanic my educated guess is a catastrophic failure of either the high pressure turbine disc or high pressure compressor the fan looked to be intact still will take a complete investigation to determine
Black Sun
Black Sun:
So it wasn't a Malaysia flight?
Natalia Villalvazo
Natalia Villalvazo:
Antifa commandos sabotaged the plane.
Like a Turkish washing machine
Eugene Phifer
Eugene Phifer:
Wtf aren't they suppose to check everything. Before take off
Spee Langs
Spee Langs:
Boeing again grounded. Seems like flying in a Boeing is quite dangerous because company greed.
San Bruno
San Bruno:
Vlad Limon
Vlad Limon:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pnx4nIwrq0 - original
John Sanders
John Sanders:
someone is really bored and had to repost nothing more than what the news reported ...
Donnie Darko Has Entered The Chat
Andre Barracuda
Andre Barracuda:
0:26 famous last words
Lm Mp
Lm Mp:
Boeing is done....
Monty Gill
Monty Gill:
Its raining Plane
crema de la soda
crema de la soda:
Why are boeing still allowed to fly ban boeing
Boeing can't get anything right nowadays
Frank Z
Frank Z:
This is why I hate flying. You literally leave your fate in the hands of the pilot.
аарон пол
аарон пол:
Typical Boeing
AWESOME vid. Boeing is total GARBAGE.