Urgent action to condemn the execution and imprisonment of Afkari brothers in Iran

Iran sentences 3 tortured brothers to death, 81 years in prison

The Iranian regime’s judiciary has sentenced a protester Navid Afkari in Shiraz, south-central Iran to two executions, prison, and lashing.

Navid’s brothers are also sentenced to overall 81 years of prison and lashing over 2018 protests in cities of Kazerun and Shiraz in August 2018.

The three brothers faced charges of insulting regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, encouraging locals to join anti-regime protests, organizing a group, and participating in protests, etc.

Navid, a respected wrestler with no criminal record, and his two brothers had participated in the 2018 protests.

In his letter, Navid Afkari, described the horrific physical and psychological tortures inflicted on him by the regime’s authorities.

“For around 50 days I had to endure the most horrendous physical and psychological tortures. They would beat me with sticks and batons…
They would place a plastic bag on my head and torture me until I suffocated to the very brink of death. They also poured alcohol into my nose.”

Bahie Namju, the mother of Navid Afkari, described the death sentences issued for her son as unjust and called for help from people across the globe to save her son’s life.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), condemned these heinous measures as the regime’s desperate initiative to prevent future protests.

“I urge the UN Security Council, UN Secretary General, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the EU to condemn the vicious tortures inflicted on Afkari brothers in Iran, and take urgent action to secure their immediate release.” Maryam Rajavi tweeted.

The Iranian regime executes political prisoners and protesters to intimidate would be protesters and prevent future protests.
On August 5, the Iranian regime hanged a political prisoner in central Iran. Mostafa Salehi was detained during protests in Isfahan two years ago.

Three other protesters in Tehran and five protesters in Isfahan have also been sentenced to death.

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