Usain Bolt | ALL Olympic finals + Bonus round | Top Moments

Usain Bolt is by far the most decorated sprinter of all times. We bring you ALL the final races of the Jamaican - from the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016. As an extra bonus, you can enjoy his Olympic debut from 2004 in Athens.

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Jack Major
Jack Major:
Yohan Blake will forever be under-appreciated. Any other era, he would probably be the fastest man alive & sweep competitions. Instead, he places second to his training partner over & over. Mad respect to Yohan.
Whenever he passes 50m, he hits the turbo button. His acceleration is amazing. The longer the race, the farther the distance between him and other racers. He’s the goat of track and field, and probably one of the greatest Olympic athletes ever.
Nikhe Niama
Nikhe Niama:
Didn’t know that he was part of the race in 2004. Insane how between 2004 and 2008 he became the monster he is..
Thomas Jarvis
Thomas Jarvis:
ill never forget first time seeing him race in the qualifiers, he was literally jogging the last 40m haha
Imagine being Yohan Blake... literally the definition of always the bridesmaid and never the bride
Morleys fried pigeons
Morleys fried pigeons:
Having bolt and Blake on your relay team must be like having cheat codes.
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh:
Dude starts pulling away like he's just unlocking an extra gear the other guys don't have.
29_Arnav Kumar
29_Arnav Kumar:
I always admire the fact that he doesnt have any olympic medal other than gold. Definitely the GOAT of sprinting
Haru Krentz
Haru Krentz:

What a fitting name for the best male sprinter of all time.
Gamer 007
Gamer 007:
Ben L
Ben L:
when you train your whole life for an olympic gold and then someone tells you usain bolt is going to be competing
The fact that everyone's face as they were running expressed that they were struggling meanwhile Mr.Bolt was cheesing from ear to ear having a blast lol and I also noticed that EVERYONE was super happy to compete against Mr.Bolt. imagine the honor it must be to come 2nd to him. Sheeeesh
Viram Mehta
Viram Mehta:
Interviewer: Bolt, how can you run so fast?
Bolt: It's easy. My school ended at 4:55 PM and Naruto started at 5:00 PM
Laxmikant Dhruw
Laxmikant Dhruw:
Watching him competing with others seems like he is running effortlessly, enjoying and winning. Truly a legend. Missed him in Tokyo
Mukesh Kumar Pathak
Mukesh Kumar Pathak:
Watching olympic race without Bolt is like eating boiled eggs without salt.
Flamengo Conecta
Flamengo Conecta:
5:10 troll kkkkkkkk 🤣😅
Imran Akhunzada
Imran Akhunzada:
Crazy how he looks like he doesnt know how to run proprly in 04, to his gazelle like strides the next olympics in 08. Dude improved a lot those 4 years.
When Bolt used to race the other competitors were only aiming for silver or bronze. Usain is a true legend of the sport utterly dominant in his prime.
Colin Stedman
Colin Stedman:
9 Olympic golds is phenomenal, don’t think there has ever been anyone like him before, or that there will be anyone like him again........on a different level.
The GOAT sprinter. I'll be amazed if someone beats his records. They'd have to be the same physically
Bryan Wong
Bryan Wong:
His WR timing may be broken one day, but i'm pretty sure nobody will be able to achieve a similar dominance over a span of 3 consecutive olympics. When you see bolt lineup at the starting line, you already know he is going to win. You will never get that assurance from any other athlete.
Deep Work
Deep Work:
Fun Fact: The music is not added. It just starts playing automatically when Usain Bolt is running.
Brian Ortega
Brian Ortega:
No doubt the greatest sportsman ever, cleaned up at 3 straight Olympic’s.
I feel blessed to have lived through the Bolt era.
golden pie
golden pie:
Comedy is Bolt is still finishing the final line with his empty hand just for fun😂😂
Hardy Sierra
Hardy Sierra:
wow. Usain Bolt never lost for three consecutive Olympics in 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay. that is mind-boggling feat!
Ofentse Mwase Films
Ofentse Mwase Films:
I Miss the Olympics!
kabelo tshita
kabelo tshita:
You know what gets me is that as the years progressed I could tell it was getting harder and harder cause the pace advantage decreased each year, crazy how age, injuries hurts an athlete
Luca Baptista
Luca Baptista:
Greatest of all time. It's weird to watch the Olympics without giants like him, Phelps, and (almost all the time) Biles. And without public. But we'll always have the men's 4x100 hurdles.
nahshon chettiar
nahshon chettiar:
2008 was absolutely nuts. Smashed the World record in all three events.
Kashaiah Modem
Kashaiah Modem:
It looks like Bolt respects the seniors in his first race in 2004. And learnt from that race worked hard and created history.
Hats Off Mr.Bolt👏👏💪💪💪
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's:
is the best of all time and always will be
Gregory Giffin
Gregory Giffin:
Incredible! I get the chills watching his out-of-this- world talent. A natural human phenomenon
Edson Rodrigues
Edson Rodrigues:
The time when we watched the Olympics race just to check the second place, as the first one was already certain. Legend!
So_Cool_Boy School_Boy
So_Cool_Boy School_Boy:
You got to respect anyone that got a silver medal running with Bolt because he is the G.O.A.T.
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar:
If he runs in tokyo 2020, he will definetly win a medal. Thats not a prediction thats a spoiler
He is social distancing since 2008. Incredible
J .L
J .L:
After watching dudes struggle to crack 10s this year in Olympics it really speaks volume to how Great usainbbolt truly is. Bro was breaking records in his sleep lol didn’t happen over night for him of course but it shows what dedication + talent will get you. There will not be another usain anytime soon
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan:
Everytime BOLT arrives, the focus shifts to the battle for silver medals.
Maureen Gordon
Maureen Gordon:
I will never tire of watching my Jamaican peeps in a race. Thank you all for making Jamaicans so proud. You all have certainly done us proud! Pure love and respect for you guys!
Bongani Mazibuko
Bongani Mazibuko:
This guy ruined us. Never again will we see such a dominate sprinter. Glad me and my mom got to experience him doing magic
Sahil Matai
Sahil Matai:
Imagine how many world records he could’ve broken if he didn’t decide to start jogging half way through the race because he was so far ahead of everyone else.
oindri sinha
oindri sinha:
This is what 16 years of life of extreme dedication, perseverance and passion. Salute legend.
Peter Joy
Peter Joy:
This is one of the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life🥺
Retired while the crown is still with him.. what a true legend
Carlito Gio
Carlito Gio:
9 golds out of 9. What a hero for the Jamaicans. Amazing athlete 👏 untouchable
Sami Ullah Chohan
Sami Ullah Chohan:
Yohan blake was so unlucky that he had to run with Bolt everytime
Thank you for the bonus round, first time I have ever seen him lose a race EVER!
WeMob Gaming
WeMob Gaming:
Imagine besides having Bolt and Blake, someone had won.. mad respect!!
Denise Bell
Denise Bell:
I love watching Me Bolt run he makes it look so effortless ❤❤❤❤❤
Ankit Daksh
Ankit Daksh:
London Olympics : 100 gold and silver to Jamaica
200mtr gold and silver for Jamaica
Others be like : we have to wait for bolt retirement 😂😂
Just Random
Just Random:
Having bolt and blake on the run is like expecting for the bronze already
O melhor de todos os tempos! Sem mais.
Joe B Son OSRS
Joe B Son OSRS:
Thanks for these highlights Bolt was the best sprinter to ever run!
Samaha Hamid
Samaha Hamid:
Crazy how the photographers are capturing his every movement. Must appreciate their dedication to relay the news to the whole world!
when you become so good that people start aiming for silver
Juban Sunabi
Juban Sunabi:
He didn't look like he was running. More like how i do my high knees 🤣 Always a fan Bolt❤
Excelente vídeo, es un deleite ver a esta joya correr...
Trí Toàn Nguyễn
Trí Toàn Nguyễn:
He ran faster than the camera, unbelievable performance, he's a legend .Bravo and respect him👍👍
É inspirador!!
Rhaenyas Phoenix
Rhaenyas Phoenix:
When Bolt is running the competition is for the silver medal. When both Bolt and Blake are running it's only for the bronze.
Silvia Rodríguez
Silvia Rodríguez:
Sin duda , una leyenda del atletismo.
It looks like he’s not even trying, effortless!
lenda, e ainda é humilde!
Romerito Ferreira
Romerito Ferreira:
O melhor de todos os tempos.
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson:
A true legend. He has done our little island nation proud. 🇯🇲
Seeing the guy make history live was just amazing. Dont think anyone will break those times anytime soon.
A M:
Spectacular how he keeps accelerating while the rest reached their top speed.
Sergio Barboza
Sergio Barboza:
A Jamaica deve tudo a esse atleta, pois ele elevou o nível da Jamaica quando fez tudo isso .
Adrián Viñuela García
Adrián Viñuela García:
2:14 Bua, como va gritandole motivando al compañero pro detrás, que auténtico animal para la historia
Hamish Murray
Hamish Murray:
Gonna be weird not having him race these Olympics. Might actually be a competition this time.
Armando Z
Armando Z:
Este hombre es espectacular
Arjun ks Ks
Arjun ks Ks:
"Listen, the work is behind the scenes.Competition is a easy part.❤️
__ Usain Bolt ❤️
Blue Seal
Blue Seal:
Watching this thousand years into apocalypse: 👽 “I am 💯% certain he would outrun E-54, our lazy nagging extraterrestrial neighbor.”
Alien friend: “you joking? This ‘thing’ outruns our entire race.” 💫
One of the most LEGENDARY athletes of all time.
Some guy with a Ferrari: Hey, need a ride?
Usain Bolt: Nah I’m in a hurry, sorry.
7:47 Actually insane how explosive he is
Edward Ramos
Edward Ramos:
perfect run in 2008, 2012 and 2016, 3 medal gold in all runs (100, 200 and 100x4)... He's a legend.
anup ray
anup ray:
So fitting finale for the all time great Usain Bolt.
Kishen Gunnuck
Kishen Gunnuck:
He slows down every time he reaches the finishing line.. It seems he doesn't want to break the WR lmao
Callista Regis
Callista Regis:
Let's talk about how sensational Blake was
Christian Juárez
Christian Juárez:
Cuánta evolución en sólo 4 años!! Bolt el mejor!!!
deeper than deep
deeper than deep:
The best to ever touch a track and field fr🔥
볼트는 일단 말할것도없이 최고고!!
요한블레이크 스피드+폼도 진짜 멋있다!!!
I wasn't sure if he would win the 2016 olympics but then he walked out with 3 golds lmao
Ashutosh 14
Ashutosh 14:
None of his race passed without changing and making a record 😂😍
É o melhor da história...
F F:
Pelé e Bolt... Únicos!
Pelé and Bolt... Uniques!!!
Pranjal Dutta
Pranjal Dutta:
The other players be like: until he is alive, we can't have gold😂😂
In the *200m* where we *Jamaicans* came *1st, 2nd* and *3rd* 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 *will always be history!*
Without a doubt THE greatest athlete of all time!
One of the most ELECTRIFYING athletes I’ve ever seen.
Кorotkoff official💥
Кorotkoff official💥:
Это превосходно 💣💯
Love how in the 2008 4x100m, usain actually finished 7th even though he was the third leg
Juegos y futbol
Juegos y futbol:
Campeón gracias fui campeón de intercolegiados en ecuador en 2007 inspirado por tu máquina bendiciones saludos desde medellin colombia
The CEO:
It's funny seeing Usain struggle to run fast in that last race. I wonder what changed for him? Better training? Body still developing? His form looked a bit off, running with his head held backwards. Looked a bit odd. He definitely improved since then.
Patrick Mnisi
Patrick Mnisi:
Bolt is a legend. I am sure if he prepared just a month for Tokyo Olympic, he would have come with a gold or silver.
UPaye Moony
UPaye Moony:
What is amazing in the 2008 100m is that you can see he slows down and still breaks the world record...
Jann Fiete Arp
Jann Fiete Arp:
4 years of training decided by a ~10 seconds run. That's life for you
William Townsend
William Townsend:
The first race where he broke the record is even crazier because he slightly slowed knowing he had win, imagine the time without him slowing a little