Utah Jazz great Mark Eaton dies at 64

Former Utah Jazz great Mark Eaton has died at the age of 64 following a bike incident Friday.

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hypochonderfrosc r6
hypochonderfrosc r6:
Rest in peace to one of the greatest defenders and shot blockers the nba has ever seen
white rabbit 1968
white rabbit 1968:
He was such a great man, not only on the court, but in the community as well.
My sincere condolences to his family, friends and Utah Jazz organization. 🏀😔💔
Lisa Dee
Lisa Dee:
He adopted Utah as his home! Rest in eternity Big Man Eaton. Thoughts, love & prayers to the entire Eaton family, friends & members of the basketball community. It's shocking to process the devastating loss. 😢💝 It's sad. Big Man was always up to something good. He will be missed.
Barb Madsen
Barb Madsen:
Sending prayers to his family and close friends. Such a tragedy for the entire community and organization. God speed!
Reesecup Expert
Reesecup Expert:
Rest in heaven gentle giant. We will miss you
Allen Carpenter
Allen Carpenter:
This hurt my heart my favorite team was Utah mark and stockton Malone team RIP gentle giant
Such a sad day. We love you Mark.
Alec Womack
Alec Womack:
One of my favorites growing up. Godspeed Sir.
Fransisco Guzman
Fransisco Guzman:
😭 descanse en pas este buen jugador y persona my condolences to his family.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
RIP, Mark! 🙏 I always loved watching him play ball
Karen Gillette
Karen Gillette:
😢😥So sorry to hear this.💔🙏
Tibon Richie Jr
Tibon Richie Jr:
My deepest condolences to Eaton's family 🙏🙏🙏🙏.
He's a Legend 🙏❤🙏.
Rip 🙏🙏🙏🙏.
Maddie Adams
Maddie Adams:
Sad, too young. R.I.P. Mark Eaton. 🙏💔
I hope when I die, I go out doing something active in beautiful nature like Mark.
Jeremy Lundevall
Jeremy Lundevall:
So sad. What a legend!
Darin Hansen
Darin Hansen:
I was on the 2nd row at the Salt Palace with my good buddy Jerry, kareem, or Dan Issell. Have to admit we both looked at each other and said, where in the world did the JaZZ find this guy?? He was indeed the Human Eclipse!! Never have seen a man with his stature ever. Mark was a giant of a man, but better than than that he had an even bigger when it comes to being a good person. What a great man. Needless to say, his performance for the Jazz was just incredible!! When the dream shake tells you he was his most feared opponent, that is saying something. RIP big man you will be missed!
Ted Sterrett
Ted Sterrett:
RIP Mark, prayers to your family... God Bless.
Creek Walker
Creek Walker:
Loved to watch him play.
I would have loved to see LeBron go up against Mark in the paint.
Matt N
Matt N:
RIP big Mark. Thanks for the memories
RIP Mark, Love from the Utah fanz!
Uk Reaction Guy
Uk Reaction Guy:
Rip mark eaton Rest In Peace we all will see you one day in heaven 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭
Martin Davis
Martin Davis:
Always the heart with a big dude.
Jim Skenadore
Jim Skenadore:
RIP MARK. To young to go.
Elly Double
Elly Double:
Phx Suns - Utah Jazz 1989 🙏
Neal Hadley
Neal Hadley:
He was truly a GREAT MAN. A hard player, and a gentle giant afterwards. I always wondered what would happened if he would have been in his prime and playing on the Jazz team that went to the finals twice. Would/could they have won a CHAMPIONSHIP???????? RIP big man.🙏🙏🙏🙏
Joey Bee
Joey Bee:
Good man, much love and support to the family. I grew up in Utah when Mark was on the team, he was always kind and giving of his time to the fans, especially the younger fans.
Jama Muktar
Jama Muktar:
I used to light up my bros with this guy on 2k.
Just heard about it, one of my fav defensive big man ever since i was a kid
R.I.P big man
Howard Curry
Howard Curry:
It’s sad because I just found out about it RIP
Rest in peace 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Phil Buell
Phil Buell:
Wow! So sad my condolences
pat g-money
pat g-money:
Pretty sad. I met Mark back in the '80's and he was such a nice dude. I've met other 7 footers, Kareem, Shaq, even Manute Bol but Mark Eaton was the largest human being I've ever seen.
Kevin Snead
Kevin Snead:
I have a picture standing by him awesome man and a better guy! Rip
Darkhorse Podcast forever
Darkhorse Podcast forever:
Rest in peace M.E.
Gurule Valdez
Gurule Valdez:
RIP You 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Dwayne Carey
Dwayne Carey:
Oh well just another NBA. Player Rest in peace
So shocked to hear of his passing. Mark was a guest motivational speaker at a business function I attended before the pandemic hit. I was honored to get a picture with him and an autographed copy of his book. When he learned I was from Huntington Beach, CA, he mentioned he went to Westminster HS and Cypress College. If he hadn’t said that, I would’ve never known he was from the O.C.! R.I.P. Mark.
c gonzales
c gonzales:
A pillar of 80s basketball - you couldn't watch Utah and miss seeing Mark block, defend, smack or foul anybody who entered the painted circle . for his size the man covered ground... watching him compete was a staple of that era ... all the best to his family & loved ones.
Gail Fitches
Gail Fitches:
Did he recently get the shot?
Dre Day
Dre Day:
This and shawn bradley was badly injured on his bike in utah. Whats going on.
Tom Delay Beats
Tom Delay Beats:
This is weird...how did this happen?
Fabio Fatigati
Fabio Fatigati:
Grande Mark,uno stupido incidente in bici...non posdo crederci la terra ti sia lieve👊❣🇭🇷
kan hulk
kan hulk:
🙏 rip
Dennis Atkinson
Dennis Atkinson:
Ted Cox TOX
Ted Cox TOX:
Nice guy. He came into our bank all the time.
Jumpin Jack
Jumpin Jack:
Mark was recruited by Wooden at a local car maintenance center. He noticed he could see the mechanic working on his vehicle extending out both sides of the car. 🤣 RIP Mark
Lanie Peterson
Lanie Peterson:
Too young
Ashton. 23 Todd23
Ashton. 23 Todd23:
Grew up watching him, was a fun era to be a kid. Sucks he went too soon.
how in the world do you die....on a bicycle? Probably a heart attack or stroke etc..hated having to play him and his Jazz in the 80's. Many great games vs my Mavericks back then
Disiam Theillusion
Disiam Theillusion:
Children everywhere breathe a sigh of relief as this giant will no longer covet their bones for his bread making side hustle
rod cody
rod cody:
He did like to do plenty of Eaton
Michael Magic
Michael Magic:
bicycles are childrens toys stay off
Gino in Encino
Gino in Encino:
Obviously 7 footers & bikes are a dangerous mix in the state of Utah. First Shawn Bradley & now Mark Eaton. So to the Felton Spencers & Greg Ostertags of the world: *Whenever the Jazz invite you to a reunion someday, get to SLC anyway you can. But if you feel an itch to bike it, just bite it.*
William Wonder
William Wonder:
Well what happened did you get hit by a car or what?
Negan KiIImoves
Negan KiIImoves:
This is an illuminati sacrifice so the Jazz can advance in this series.

Every year an NBA former great is killed so his former team can move up.
Eric Dreizen
Eric Dreizen:
Eaton liked to showboat by taking his hands off the handlebars! He never thought it would kill him, but he liked to clown around! But he didn't think it was so funny, heh heh heh, WHEN THAT FENDER SMASHED HIS SKULL!! UH, YESSSSSS!!!!