Valentine's Day Challenge: Enter The TrendBlaster - Google Trends Show

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Morgan Wermuth
Morgan Wermuth:
I totally agree with Adams opinion that Jon was a GREAT host! This was one of the funniest google trend episodes I have watched!
Seeing Jon struggle to be organized is one of the most entertaining things you guys have come up with. Let him be host always!
Nathan Black
Nathan Black:
I said 🅱️oints
Naj K
Naj K:
Oh gosh. This is like the perfect combination of cast.

Jon just sweating and fumbling at the back.

James and Adam doing their bit and dissing the opponent.

And then we have Peake and Elyse just minding and supporting each other.
This was the funniest Google Trends in a long time. "What is that?" "That's your timer" had me dying.
"How do you spell that?"
"Uh, br-"
"Don't worry, I know how to spell it."
Burito Bun
Burito Bun:
The trend master has become alot more aggressive towards the contestants this time
Eugen Gicu
Eugen Gicu:
I wonder if this is the project Jon said on his instagram story's, that he hopes all goes great. If it is, then it's amazing! this is absolutely hilarious!
Jon's "Quit bitchin'" killed me
Please let him be Trendblaster again, so he can slay me again
Nexus Tenebrare
Nexus Tenebrare:
Elyse: I'm not a cat person.

Forgetting all about that time she hooked up with James's cat roommate behind his back.
Andrew Donaldson
Andrew Donaldson:
Jon just runs hot. Give him a break.
Kristin Bryant
Kristin Bryant:
I need Jon to host every google trends episode.
Turbid TG1
Turbid TG1:
This is the funniest episode of Google Trends so far, Jon is impeccable of keeping both the same vibe but also something fresh and new!
A Tesch
A Tesch:
I sometimes skip Trends, I'm really glad I didn't skip this one.

We got "Trend Blaster", Jon not being organized to comedic effect, Elyse + Peake vibes and James and Adam in peak form.
Smiff in the streets, Trend Blaster in the sheets.
Arthur Crawford
Arthur Crawford:
Jon, you have the most beautiful chaotic energy, any lady would be blessed to have your sweet sweaty love. Happy valentine day. Xo
Elyse: trying to corrupt Peak's innocent heart
Matt: Yes, and...
btw this is the best Trends episode yet
Weaboo Milk
Weaboo Milk:
Jon looking up "single forever" and saying "I've given up all hopes" hit me like a truck
Jon feels like Lawrence natural heir for Trendmaster.
Jon is hands down best Trendmaster so far, forgive me, Master LawDog ;(
Rohaan Menon
Rohaan Menon:
*The word is "Date"*
Adam: There's a song by Sublime...

Great way of making the joke without MAKING the joke
Zachary White
Zachary White:
Jame's and Elyse's wedding vows (both): 😍 don't touch anyone else, ever. EVER. 😍
Zachary Parrella
Zachary Parrella:
Jon needs to host this show from now on. Hes the perfect blend of chaos and humor
Idiot Investor
Idiot Investor:
Finally. The perfect Trend Master.
I hope everyone in the office gets to be Trend Master at some point. It's incredible how much the show changes with the host.
Shark Punch
Shark Punch:
I had to google “Brandi Love” then immediately recognised her
David Trott
David Trott:
Jon has so much chaotic energy. He makes such a good trend master.
I had lost interest in this show, but Jon is killing it tbh. In a good way
Jesús Morales
Jesús Morales:
See, as long as he's impartial Jon is great, once he's part of a team I feel like he will self sabotage it. Great job so far, too bad there wasn't a thing, like when Lawrence passed the hat to Alanah.
Carlous Cruz
Carlous Cruz:
Guys, I like Alanah, but I feel that Jon killed it even more because it had me laughing all the way hahaha
This episode is like an abridged version of the actual show when Jon is hosting
saw Matt on this episode and thought someone was leaving funhaus again...
miles roman
miles roman:
i cant explain how much i love google trends and the ever evolving antics of the trend master !! 🎩⚡📈
Poor Jon. every time Jons in the recording room, he sweats to death
Kyle Dare
Kyle Dare:
Adam about Jon: “he’s dressed as the Penguin!” And I can’t see him as anything else, right now.
Chad Ross
Chad Ross:
My favourite thing is seeing James laugh. He can be a hard laugh so that's why I love watching him lose it, and Jon really did it for him this time.
Emmanuel Alejandro
Emmanuel Alejandro:
Jon Smiff looking dapper like an oil baron!
"There's a Sublime song..." and that's when things got out of control.
Alex Brook
Alex Brook:
If Jon ever leaves this show I'll send a stern letter to your employer.
محمد حسين مهدي-A-
محمد حسين مهدي-A-:
When I heard Funny Valentine my JOJO heart went Overdrive.
Permit Hurple
Permit Hurple:
7:15 My heart and actions are utterly unclouded.
Scott Logan
Scott Logan:
Gotta love how Mr. W is Adam's fantasized version of James. Office bromance ftw
jake b
jake b:
Setting aside safety concerns for John, this was amazing, 12:23 was amazing
User Unknown
User Unknown:
How did James refusing to use Kobe slip completely under the radar? I was genuinely surprised at that, the first offensive joke even he shot down out of respect, damn.
Marian Facalet
Marian Facalet:
Damn, Lawrence changed quite a bit
James: I refuse to use the word kobe
Adam: What if one of the words is beef?
James: -questions existence-
Best master yet this one knows how to input both answers at the same time
Thomas Boonty
Thomas Boonty:
Man, Elyse is a great artist! I loved her Conan O’Brien drawing
Elyse, its February and that means its basically summer in cali
Paige Martin
Paige Martin:
"Well we're coastal elitists and these answers sound like they're searched in the Midwest" out of all the quotes, this one made me spit out my food
The Punisher
The Punisher:
Jon is filling the Bruce shaped hole in my heart (sorry Lawrence) Hopefully he’ll continue to show up more often in more videos.
Funhaus isn’t what it used to be, but this video made me laugh so so much
When Jon has too much freedom and needs to quickly improvise, he is often stalling and the joke is getting lost in his head. But give him a task, he has to perform, a responsibility, like here, when he needs to lead and control the act and he SHINES, like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. His funny personality and chaos he creates works in favor. Whenever he asks for timer to start, and then he remembers he should start it is effin PURE GOLD! The best Jon video so far I think. Even better than rapping with Elise
Coleman Davis
Coleman Davis:
I'm not even joking, this is the best Google Trends yet. Jon is an amazing Trend Master!
hunter hermanson
hunter hermanson:
No offense to any other hosts, especially the late and great Laurence “the original trendmaster” Sontag, but Jon is the only acceptable host for trends from here on out.
Ian Canaday
Ian Canaday:
Best google trends episode to date.
le stabby
le stabby:
the 5 most lovable person in funhaus
Ash Becker
Ash Becker:
I totally agree with everyone here. Jon is an amazing host for the show, had a great laugh. Thanks so much. Now, can we get a timer?... Thank you.
Dilldo Shwaggins
Dilldo Shwaggins:
Hate making stupid predictions but man it really seems like we are barely ever seeing Alanah lately. Can't help but feel a Bruce/Lawrence type of situation coming soon.
I love the friendly rivalry James and Jon have.
Sam Parr
Sam Parr:
Video evidence that Jon needs to have his ADHD meds increased.
FullMetalKaliber X
FullMetalKaliber X:
I like how Elyse mentioned she couldn’t catch up with 30 points but they wouldn’t be able to catch up with the 100 points either.
Jeff Wiesneski
Jeff Wiesneski:
"I've given up all hopes" - based on his age, probably right around the time I did.
its criminal that Jon hasnt been the trendmaster again
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez:
Jon, will you be my trendblaster? <3s
Chad Kirkham
Chad Kirkham:
This was my favorite Google trends in a long time, Jon just gave the crazy Zest that I have been missing since Lawrence stopped
i laughted so hard man, jon is a natural, briliant perfomance. i kinda needing a fan fic for adam and this MR W lol. great job guys keep it up
One of my favorite things is when someone says something and the other replies so committed and ends the statement with DAWG!
“Brandi Love? How do you spell that? Don’t worry, I know how to spell it” lmao
this had me dying in the morning while i was getting ready for work. one of the best google trends show!!
Elyse saying “don’t touch him!” Killed me 😂😂
16:03 how does James magically have a goatee when he looks down 🕵🏻‍♂️
Remy Cross
Remy Cross:
Just pointing out James’ honourable remark of not using “Kobe” as their search term. Well done sir
Mr. Rootbeer
Mr. Rootbeer:
“There’s a sublime song..”

Khajiit Hadwares
Khajiit Hadwares:
16:22 Drawing skills: The Chad Willems, The Casual Kovic, The Virgin Peake.
Andres Trujillo
Andres Trujillo:
At 7:16 I totally helped increase that number of searches for Funny Valentine because I was reading part 7 of JoJo
Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson:
I'm ashamed the only person who seemed to get the Jojo reference was James
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot:
I will absolutely stand by what I said in previous funhaus vids: Jon Smiff is one of the best members and producers they have ever had.
I can't tell if the "Funny Valentine" search is more for the Frank Sinatra song, or the Jojo character.
robert purcell
robert purcell:
Bob barker can go live under a rock somewhere Jon Smith deserves every host job goodbye Nick Canon
Jon's chaotic energy has translated perfectly to game show host
Michael Hamby
Michael Hamby:
I love that you can still hear James yelling his Neanderthal bit while Matt and Elyse quietly console each other.
18:20 When it cuts back out and Elyse is just dying, god damn that's some funny shit
siphe sibiya
siphe sibiya:
Jon should do more ad reads, they're actually interesting to listen to and I just might get honey
The only game show that I'd actually want to be a contestant on
Andrew Helmer
Andrew Helmer:
Can you imagine how CRAZY James would have gone if Elyse used Bret Hart when the WORD was HEART oh never mind James used Kevin Heart.
Eggfibsh Deluxe
Eggfibsh Deluxe:
I like Jon as host more than Allanah. He brings such a light mood to it. Also his sweat is neat.
I feel Jon with his last line, I have also given up all hopes
Jon my guy killing it at host. I see you.
Carbon Knights Gaming
Carbon Knights Gaming:
"What is that?"
"That's your timer"
that exchange perfectly sums up this video.
Not to take anything away from the other episodes in the series, but this one is my new favourite, by a good amount
This is by far my favorite episode of Google Trends Ever XDDDD

Trend Blaster is the best host of any game show ever...but Elyse's Conan should've won though
When James ran out the room cause jon yelled at him, that got me
Zachary White
Zachary White:
Ever since shaving and working out (?), John looks like he's following the sexy transition that Clint from LGR did. Keep it up, you're already hilarious, why not just make it unfair on em?
Just started watching and a change of host is a good sign. I've been wanting some sort of change to the wierd trivia formats and what not that feel odd ever since they lost their set

Okay I can confirm this was the best episode in fucking forever lmao 😂
Jon was on fire this episode! Had me dying from laughter! 😂
Greg O14
Greg O14:
This was incredible! More of this, please
I have never related to anything more than when Jon said "I have given up all hope".
Behold, there is a new Trendmaster.
The one who was foretold.
Tiz Jon!
Yo Dawgz Gaming
Yo Dawgz Gaming:
Jon was literally sweating himself to death for our amusement and I loved every minute of it
Lots of belly laughs in this one, holy cow.
BruceWayne IsHot
BruceWayne IsHot:
This makes me love Jon more and more. NEVER CHANGE JOOOON! You're awesome. XD