Valentino Rossi's iconic moments 💛

Up there with the greatest #MotoGP stories ever told! 👏
Valentino Rossi, a hero, a legend, an icon! ❤️

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100+ komentarze:

Lingga Kusuma
Lingga Kusuma:
I grew up watching Rossi’s journey, and no one is as entertaining as he is. Grazie VR46 🙌
GG Virus
GG Virus:
Someone has to make a movie with all his celebrations.
One movie with all his overtakes.
One movie with all his comebacks.
What a Legend. What emotions he gave us.
Robert Jurković
Robert Jurković:
This is the day when adult men can cry too...watching him since 1997, being at Mugello and Misano least10 times to be close to him, going to Tavulia, moto ranch, eating the best carbonara in VR46 pizzeria, driving my 16 old daughter 900 km to see him race in Misano, it's just...he was a part of my life on some special way, and no matter what anyone does in the future, he will remain GOAT for me! VR 46 Forever!
What made Rossi great were his rivals:
Stoner, Biaggi, Capirossi, Gibernau, Lorenzo
All great riders that pushed the limits of this sport. And Rossi outran them all.
J. S.P
J. S.P:
He's still the face of MotoGP after all these years. The sport will never be the same again. It was inevitable though. No one can beat time & aging.
What will MotoGP be without VR46 on the grid?

Thanks for the awesome races and enjoy your retirement VR46!
Arifin Lar
Arifin Lar:
Rossi told; "It’s a difficult decision but you have to understand that in the end, in all the sports, the results make the difference. We have half a season left, and I think this will be more difficult when we arrive at the last race. For now, I just to tell everybody my decision. It’s okay, I can’t complain about my career." 😭
Epic career. The fact that he survived 25 years of nosebleed racing without no serious injury and at close to peak performance through all of them is unfathomable.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty:
Never a character like him again. Original. I was blessed to watch his whole career.
Fabio Marcel
Fabio Marcel:
O maior e o melhor piloto de todos os tempos da história da Moto GP.
Valentino Rossi 👊🏻😎🇧🇷🏁🇮🇹🏍️
Joseph Reisinger
Joseph Reisinger:
The man started back on two strokes and just keep on winning. A man who knows his limits. One of the best road racers of all motorcycle history.
Mohammed Bilal
Mohammed Bilal:
I ll definitely miss him so bad from next year! Salute the master! Love you ROSSI
Christian Ferraro
Christian Ferraro:
A man, an Icon, a Legend. This Is Valentino Rossi...the only and the original💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Sa yan
Sa yan:
I grew up with watching this man on tv and in internet. My love for motorsport racing began with Rossi and Loeb. I respect them very much for what they are and i strongly believe that Valentino Rossi made MotoGP so much famous.
Irwan Zirwanda
Irwan Zirwanda:
An Icon, no one can replace him, absolute legend !
kelvin ho
kelvin ho:
He was as pure a rider as you can find. From the 125’s, to the 2 strokes, and the current era of bikes. He enthralled us with his skill and off the track antics and celebrations. He continued to bring MotoGP up to the next level in terms of popularity and standard of riding. Really enjoyed watching him race. And I hope he will continue his passion for the sport in other ways.
What really make VR46 a legend is that he survived 30+ years of racing, most of it at the highest level in MotoGP.
Steve Fox
Steve Fox:
I was at his first motogp win, Donnington - really doesn't seem that long ago!! Sad to see him retire, don't blame him for carrying on doing something he loves for as long as possible, but pleased to see him retire without serious injury. Dunno about being the GOAT as I don't think you can compare different era's, but certainly can be spoken about in the same breath as Agostini, Hailwood, Doohan... 🏁👏🏻
Hisham Hilal
Hisham Hilal:
All great things must come to an end, to say his career was legendary would be an understatement. The man transcended MotoGP and touched the heart of all the motorsports world. Thank you Vale!
Jim B
Jim B:
Thank you Valentino for all the memories and for all the fun. It was an incredible experience to follow your entire career. What a ride it has truly been! All things come to an end eventually. But your charisma, flamboyancy, and the impact you had on MotoGP will be very hard to match. Can't wait to see your new MotoGP team in 2022. All the best for the future champ. You're a legend.
Sujith Kumar G
Sujith Kumar G:
OMG...I can't even imagine Motogp without this Legend...
Mario Davyxavier
Mario Davyxavier:
"Salute the Master, Salute The Doctor, Salute Valentino Rossi"
Braun Van Varden
Braun Van Varden:
We need a longer video, his iconic moments can’t be captured in just 3 minutes
Never a character like him again. Original. I was blessed to watch his whole career.
Mochammad Sofian Nur
Mochammad Sofian Nur:
Thank you Valentino Rossi, you'll always in our hearts. Happy retire and enjoy the rest of your life 😘😘😘
I wish I can see Rossi on podium once more this season. 👍❤️❤️
The Nasiudk
The Nasiudk:
The living Legend, Valentino Rossi
Pedro Silva
Pedro Silva:
Obrigado valentino Rossi ❤🏍 vc fez parte da minha infância,adolescência e agora o começo da minha vida adulta. Obrigado pelas boas lembranças
Mark Hodges
Mark Hodges:
Those Ducati highlights were fleeting hahaha. What a legend, what a career, without him there is no MotoGP. :(
Syed Mehmood Ul Hassan
Syed Mehmood Ul Hassan:
He made MotoGP an international phenomenon 😍💐
Jeff S
Jeff S:
I knew this was coming but thought he might go one more year. What a legend. I loved his personality and character and especially his wheelies throwing the leg to the side. I stocked up on models of his bikes and helmets. Thank you for all the years of watching Motogp!
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar:
Long live Legend!!! Thank you for some wonderful moments. MotoGP will never be the same again.
Cameron Unsworth
Cameron Unsworth:
Grazie Vale ❤️ I will treasure these last few remaining races regardless of the results
Mike James
Mike James:
Absolutely legend. I don't know what else to say.
william lopez
william lopez:
the man who made our childhood memories colorful, the man who made a history, the man who made world know's motogp, the man who has the most unique celebration, the who changed the face of this sport, nobody cares if his win or not cause everyone loves to see him on the track, the man who motivated new generation to be a rider, he's not just a rider, he's a legend that will never die in our heart... this is the moment that i never accept to appear, the most emotional moment i ever felt for this sport, an end of an era, end of gold era, end of brutal era... thank u vale, gracias vale, thank u for all this memories that you gived to us.. everyone loves you ❤️😭😭😭
Manusia bumi
Manusia bumi:
Very sad to know that this season is the last match of The Doctor. Finally the retired Rossi is coming :') thank you so much Valeee for all amazing race you give to us. You are the reason why i like to watch MotoGP!! All the best for you💛💛 we love you Vale💛💛
KOKO 400 GT:
When Vale made his debut, my grandfather was 56 years old. He gave me the passion for MotoGP. Now he is 82 years old. ❤💛
#VR46 🇮🇹
Muhammad Alif Rizqi Ramadhan
Muhammad Alif Rizqi Ramadhan:
Every motorracing has it's king, When Michael Schumacher retired, young Valentino Rossi are already scored his 5th premier class championship title. Now himself are joining the legends as one of the Greatest Of All Time. Grazie Ragazzi #Vale46
davine Jonathan
davine Jonathan:
The last GP of this season, will gonna be one of the most emotional moment of Motogp as well Motorcycle Racing history. 😭 #Arrivedercii Rossi..
One of the true greats of motorsport!! I love how much he loves the sport, even though his level have dropped and no longer competing for top prizes he still kept racing for the love of the game.
David Nieuwenhoven
David Nieuwenhoven:
Watched him from day 1. Best moto GP rider of all time with Mick Doohan being second for total dominance
Okha Sach Putra
Okha Sach Putra:
Stoner,Pedrosa,Lorenzo,Valentino Rossi, a hero, A LEGEND !
Pury Adrian
Pury Adrian:
Goodbye legend, you will always be my idol. Thank you for providing entertainment in the racing world that is so impressive, honestly I am sad after hearing your decision to retire. But I hope your choice will be the best, As your fan I always support you 💪 Greetings from Indonesia✌
Brainiac 1209
Brainiac 1209:
He's the reason why i love motogp so much
Daniel Albert Alexander
Daniel Albert Alexander:
Pure Legend he was my father's idol so am i
Thank You Legend
After retired, maybe Rossi Will be a coach and mentor for his student like Morbidelli, Bagnaia, Marini, Foggia, Bezzechi, and another.
He's the Legend of MotoGP all of time like Doohan, Agostini, Biaggi, Stoner, Lorenzo , Pedrosa, etc.
Plus, before retired, I want to see Rossi get win and podium in this year for the last time 😭
For once again, Thank you so much The Doctor a.k.a VR46 !!! 💛
Apshar Dethan
Apshar Dethan:
The legend allways in my heart😭😭
Kadek Chandra
Kadek Chandra:
The greatest of them all, Valentino Rossi. I remember screaming through the TV while watching '08 Laguna Seca I still got the chills even now. Rossi is a living legend. Grazie mille VR46 💛💙
Muhammad Hans
Muhammad Hans:
thank you Rossi you are a true winner, you are an irreplaceable legend racer. MotoGP without Rossi is less interesting
Dale Johnston
Dale Johnston:
No one has ever ridden the ducati as good as him, he was fantastic on the ducati 😊
Denonia Afa
Denonia Afa:
He is more than iconic of motoGP!! always living in our heart ❤
Andri Yusuf
Andri Yusuf:
Thank you the master, thank you the champion, thank you the doctor, thank you the icon, thank you the champion, thank you VALENTINO ROSSI…!! Will never be the same without you 😢
Sharp Talks
Sharp Talks:
As A 90s Kid I Officially declare that my childhood is over💔😔🔥. Thank You For The Memories Rossi .. No One Can Ever Come Close To You. These new gen kids don't know who were you🔥
During my school and college he was my role model
Specially the way he roll on corners woaahh
No matter what happen he will in my heart
Rossi the Legend 🙏❤️
Polar Bear
Polar Bear:
I remember Sepang 2009 full of yellow smoke, all hands for the one and only Valentino Rossi!!
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
Legenda ♥️🇮🇹☀️
No matter what Vale do after this, I'm still supporting him ❤️🥺 Ciao Vale!
Jorge Vazquez Louzada
Jorge Vazquez Louzada:
O maior pilõto do planeta.Elevou o motociclismo à níveis inesperados.
Obrigado DOCTOR.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
He's been there forever, fought every new "GOAT", what an incredible guy.
Thank you Vale for making this sport so spectacular. MotoGP world and fans will never forgets you!!
Trisno Budhi SaintFire6
Trisno Budhi SaintFire6:
The doctor,the master 👏👏👏👏
Kent Walker
Kent Walker:
Thank you for all the memories Valentino.
It has been a pleasure to watch you all these years.
Enjoy your retirement.
Javier Giardina
Javier Giardina:
Como olvidar esa carrera de Alemánia en julio de 2001, fue la primera vez que ví a Rossi y me enamore... Gracias a él empece a seguir moto GP y ame las motos y el motociclismo de velocidad, no puedo creer que te retiras y nunca fui a Termas a verte 😢 va a ser mi deuda de por vida. Gracias por todo Vale, sos único e irrepetible!
Christian Fischer
Christian Fischer:
Followed his whole Career because i´m the same age as him. I really love him for these unforgettable moments on Sundays. There never was auch an entertaining and nice rider like him. I will really miss him. Moto Gp will not be the same without this Legend.
Salute The Doctor, Salute The Master, Salute Valentino Rossi🙏🏻
Karen Olarve
Karen Olarve:
2 decades. 9 world titles (7 from MotoGP). 1 man. 1 icon. 1 legend.

What a journey it has been for Valentino Rossi... Thank you for everything, Vale. All the best for him in the future. 🥺❤🙏🏻
The Legend,The Master,Salute the Doctor,Salute Valentino Rossi❤️🌞🌛
The end of an era and the legend begins💛💙
Alvaro Gallardo
Alvaro Gallardo:
Por Valentino rossi me enamoré de las motos, es el más grande del motociclismo. Legend 46
Raido Konksi
Raido Konksi:
for me he is the GOAT together with senna on all motorsport.
Ari DP - 49
Ari DP - 49:
amazing , i got goosebumps watching this snippet, vale always legend❤❤❤
I grew up watching Rossi from his beginnings in 125cc. As Italian I also remember his fights against fellow Italians like Capirossi and Biaggi, when italian drivers where all at top. I remember the wins in 250cc, in 500cc, and in MotoGP. But what I think is one of his best wins is the 2004, Welcom 2004. The first victory he took with Yamaha. It was not the Yamaha we know today. So many emotions in these 25 years. Wish you good luck for whatever will come next and thank you Rossifumi.
richo sykes
richo sykes:
thank you vale, you are a living legend 💛
Without a doubt Rossi is the greatest of all time

What a remarkable career the doctor has had winning 9 world titles, 115 Grand Prix wins 89 of them in MotoGP alone, 235 podiums, he has raced for 4 different manufactures and has won races and titles with 3 of them and he has won all 9 of his world titles with 5 different engine types 125cc, 250cc, 500cc, 800cc and 990cc

And it wasn't like it was ever easy for Vale considering the fact he raced against the likes of Casey Stoner, Max Biaggi, Jorge Lorenzo, Loris Capirossi, Sete Gibernau, Nicky Hayden and Marc Marquez

There was always a new challenge waiting around the corner for the doctor but he still managed to conquer all before him

We wish you all the best in your new life with your lovely wife MotoGP will never be the same without you

Farewell to the Doctor you had a great ride 🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹💚🤍❤️💚🤍❤️💚🤍❤️🟢⚪️🔴🟢⚪️🔴🟢⚪️🔴
Traveling while working
Traveling while working:
Thank you! Thank you so much Vale for all the great performances, for all the great races and for all the great memories. You are the true greatest legend. We will always miss you Vale 4️⃣6️⃣
Jorge Lourenço
Jorge Lourenço:
Some are the best riders ever, and some are just legends. Thank you Vale
Noemi Angeles
Noemi Angeles:
¡Me parece bien, que Valentino, tenga sus victorias, como todo buen motociclista que es y que tenga su públi
co que lo apoya en todo momento. Sigue así Valentino y nunca te des por vencido, y lucha por tus sueños!
Andrew O
Andrew O:
What a legend. Enjoy retirement. Best wishes from Australia 🇦🇺
Asia Kozlowska
Asia Kozlowska:
Valentino Rossi, thanks you legend!
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews:
Legend, he is leaving us with a lot of extraordinary memories, those of us who had the opportunity to watch him from start to finish are very fortunate bunch.

Enjoy the retirement Valentino!!! Thank you for years of fun, laughter and excitement.

❤ From 🇨🇦
Thank you Rossi !!! the rider that made me love motoGP
deep's own factory
deep's own factory:
The man.. The myth.. The legend...
Salute to the master.. Salute to the doctor..
Yusran Felix
Yusran Felix:
Without Rossi MotoGP is never be the same. Living Legend!!!
Giri Dharan
Giri Dharan:
We saw Vale as A boy, A Man, A Legend and now the GOAT. Can't wait to hear Vale, Vale, Vale once again
Danny Ramdhan
Danny Ramdhan:
Legend never die🔥
Francisco De La Asuncion
Francisco De La Asuncion:
Increiblee.. numero 1 de todos los tiempos
Man_United_ Fan
Man_United_ Fan:
You must love him. Vale is a legend. Forza Vale
Maggus S
Maggus S:
Great summary of this legend and my favourite moto-man!
Theodor Dinu
Theodor Dinu:
That 2009 Catalunya last laps battle with Lorenzo will remain etched in my memory, along with his whole career. I was fortunate enough to see his evolution from 250cc till today, and what a ride it has been! Grazie Vale!!! Siempre Il Dottore!
Motorsoul ss
Motorsoul ss:
MotoGP will never do for Rossi what Rossi did for MotoGP. Thank you for the amazing moments you gifted us.
Krishna Parshi
Krishna Parshi:
The iconic of the world motorsports.
Forza vale.
Thanks for those 25 year's 💖🥀
Raymond Clark
Raymond Clark:
Absolute legend! Respect.
The living legend VR46 !!
hope i can still see him in paddock after his retired
Diego Bellotto
Diego Bellotto:
Muhammad Gusandi
Muhammad Gusandi:
A Living Legend💛💛💛
Basket Case
Basket Case:
The man, the myth, the legend
Nining Riskianti
Nining Riskianti:
Such a icon, the great, the one and only i love to watch. Simply GOAT 🐐
k richards
k richards:
The man the legend THE DOCTOR!forever will be the reason I fell in love with moto gp
Reno Railfanning
Reno Railfanning:
Why is he the GOAT in my opinion ? He won on 250's, 125's, 500's, 990's, 800's etc... that's my reason. My sentimental fave was #69 because I watched him in Superbikes but Rossi's skill and personality made me love MotoGP. My favorite Rossi moment was Donington 2004-- He crossed the finish line while bowing to the crowd. My favorite Rossi race was Mugello 2005.
Gaz C
Gaz C:
Legend! So many happy memories. The best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be. Go Vale!!!!! #46