Verstappen & Hamilton Collide On Lap 1 | 2021 British Grand Prix

A thrilling opening lap ended abruptly for championship leader Max Verstappen as he collided with rival Lewis Hamilton, ending his race and earning Hamilton a 10-second penalty. Verstappen was able to walk away but has been taken to hospital for precautionary checks.

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Royalty Exotic Cars
Royalty Exotic Cars:
Next race is going to be very interesting
Brotato Chip
Brotato Chip:
“Turned in on me.”

Lewis, there was indeed a right hand turn there. Do you expect him to go straight?
Danilo Weise
Danilo Weise:
if this causes only a 10 seconds penalty, he should do it now every race
"You shouldn't really be able to finish ahead of him if you took him out of the race," - Lewis Hamilton 2018
Daniel Ashworth
Daniel Ashworth:
Imagine if anyone but Hamilton did that
Paraphrasing Alonso old team radio:
"10 seconds it's a yoke".
I am so glad that this wat not decisive for the championship in the end. The FIA really needs to reflect on all the inconsequent/unfair decisions made this season. This one was the worst. How can you give only 10 seconds for this action? If it's a slow corner I can understand that you cut him off but Max could've seriously been wounded. You just don't do that at 300km/h. Not to mention the 26 point advantage.
Matt A
Matt A:
Everytime people cry how the season ended I point to this
French GP 2018 - Vettel does to Bottas exactly what Hamilton did to Verstappen during 2021 British GP.
Hamilton's comments then:
"Ultimately, if you ruin someone's race because of a mistake, and you're able to come back to a place ahead of the other person, that penalty doesn't outweigh your mistake. You shouldn't be able to finish ahead of the other person if you take them out of the race. It's like you're violating the speed, but just let you go."

2019, 2020, and now 2021. This has become a classic. It shall be written as the "Hamilton rear hook" in F1 textbook.
Pretty interesting when you watch the replay. At first it seems like Verstappen was expecting Hamilton to go on the outside (or behind him) and take the inner line for himself but Hamilton quickly makes the change on the inside which Max notices and give Hamilton enough space despite being on the outside just about to pass Hamilton. Hamilton doesn't like what he sees and instead of getting closer to the apex he decided to stay closer to Max, resulting in the crash captured in the video.
User name cannot be blank
User name cannot be blank:
"No lewis, no. This is so not right" 😄😂😅🤣😀
Arnav Aggarwal
Arnav Aggarwal:
I don’t see Hamilton fans crying about this. All they seem to care about is why the Safety Car wasn’t allowed to drive around for 100 laps in Abu Dhabi.
That first half lap of genuine racing between these two was electric to watch. That's why I watch motor racing. Let us all hope the 2022 cars work as they are apparently suppose to, and we can have racing like that up and down the entire field, all race every race.
Jackson Long
Jackson Long:
Max: gives a large amount of space Lewis: misses apex my a km “he turned in on me”
Not a Max fan, but how on earth could you celebrate a win like that after such a horrible crash?
the fact that Lewis went the route he did with the celebration and the non apologetic post race attitude, demonstarates that he officially put Max in the Rosberg category of, lets skip the pleasentries, it's war. Normally because he's so superior that everybody else he always compliments his "rivals", knowing they can't beat him so he just plays with them.
Alessandro Fagiani
Alessandro Fagiani:
Watching this after Max won the championship is SO SATISFYING! Absolutely satisfying.
Christian Navarro
Christian Navarro:
Max has mastered the art of the outside dive. It’s purposely a slower line that wouldn’t he used if you were leading. It’s brilliant late brake that technically gets you ahead and forces people to yield.
Absolutely lunatic move by HAM. Never room to pass there.
Half Seamus Racing
Half Seamus Racing:
Having carefully reviewed the footage, it is clear to me that it was Grosjean's fault.
Tomasz Paluch
Tomasz Paluch:
Hitting opponents rear wheel with front wheel should be called "Hamilton's Move"
Menno Fennema
Menno Fennema:
redemption has been granted to Max. Well done OUR CHAMPION. REVENGE ! ! ! !
Jontie Desario
Jontie Desario:
No one is talking about how amazing it was to see the championship contenders racing wheel to wheel before the crash. It reminded me of why I love the sport. Long may it continue. I cannot wait for more.
Paco Dawg
Paco Dawg:
Was so happy to see Max hoist the championship trophy 🏆 especially after watching this again…. Congrats!!
The atmosphere at the track after this was insane
If they give Hamilton just a 10 second penalty for that, might as well let Hamilton crash every other driver out of the race and take the win that way, ridiculous 😑
Scripture Examined
Scripture Examined:
0:27 The more I watch Hamilton's perspective, the more it reminds me of using RR3 opponents as late-brake barriers...
Max is the best!
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
Just watching Netflix series, Lewis had done this to Albon twice.
S Sifr
S Sifr:
“This guy is such a sore loser” - Albon.
Samuel Kuo
Samuel Kuo:
After the final round of 2021 f1 who else comes back to see this video ??? Yeahhhh max! Honda redbull !
There’s so many gees coming off that rear end and so much down force the tire broke off even before a crash that’s crazy
Kuba Szymczuk
Kuba Szymczuk:
Justice has been served
Karma is a beautiful thing!
Simon Rodriguez
Simon Rodriguez:
Una vergüenza, ese choque es claramente intencional y muy mala leche, 10 segundo es un castigo insignificante
David Antunes
David Antunes:
Everyone talking about Dubai, no one talking about Silverstone. I get the feeling that most of the ones talking about Dubai have no clue of what happened in the rest of the season. And don't come with Monza because Monza compared against Silverstone is nothing.
Drugs in cheeto bags
Drugs in cheeto bags:
I want to share my interpretation.
Max made the defensive move on straight trying to force Hamilton to chose the outside line. Lewis then tried to throw Max of his scent showing himself in his left mirror then going to the inside, which was a great move until he understeered from the apex.
Of course Max could have left more space but what he did was enough for Lewis to get through the corner.
They were both racing hard and neither of them should really expect the other to back of. But it probably was the last chance for Lewis to overtake considering the track layout and general redbull race pace. Therefore he was determined to get ahead and took more risk. Keept to much speed going on the tighter line catched the understeerand and touched Max's rear.
He was the one who could do more in this situation and took more risk. In this circumstances he was the one to be more agressive appart from what he says in his defense speach.
However it's hardly believable he did it intentionally as some people say. Mark Webber said:
''I don’t think he will be proud of that move, he won’t be happy with it. He would have liked to have had that opportunity and that moment again to pull out of that move [...]''.
I bet his intention was to hit the apex and battle Max alongside through the maggotts but in the end he made a small misjudgement which led to an enormous crash and luckly for him little to no consequences in the end results. On the other hand Redbull has a bit of a hadache with totally destroyed car and components (which may lead to further grid penalties) and budget cap.
It is a classic PIT maneuver done by law enforcement to spin a target vehicle. Well executed and minimal damage to LH's car
Glad max is okay. That was a huge impact to the barrier.
Lewis had soo much room on the inside to take the corner tighter and avoid the collision. Lewis has gotten complacent with all the championship wins and with Max taking soo many P1's this season, it was obviously getting to Lewis mentally. This crash could have been avoided by Lewis and really just makes him look petty. He should have been penalized much harder for what looks like a careless racing line that took out the GP raining rival. Shame on you Lewis.
Colleen O
Colleen O:
Gosh, this breaks my heart. Max has been having such an amazing season, and I can’t believe this happened. A 10 second penalty for Lewis? Really? Max could’ve DIED…I love Max and I love Lewis, I really do, but this is unacceptable. F1 isn’t bumper cars or drag racing.
The greatest British dive-bomb since the Bismarck.
Alex Silsa
Alex Silsa:
Hamilton não teve culpa,nem o Max tbm...ele tentou usar uma estratégia que não deu certo ele achou que Hamilton ia reduzir mas o mesmo manteve a postura do carro virando a direção pra direita porque a curva estava pedindo...mas si o Max passa ele não iria conseguir freiar o carro pra fazer a curva ele iria passar direto.
JJ Roesner
JJ Roesner:
Yuki crosses pitlane exit twice: 10 second penalty
Hamilton pits when pit entry is closed: 10 second STOP GO penalty
Hamilton crashes out biggest championship rival at 150 MPH: 10 second penalty, not a stop go
"Just turned in on me" says the man who was about to go wide on the apex and has more than a cars width gap.
There is so much room on the inside for Hamilton. He isn't even trying to go for the apex. Calculated 100% imo.
Arrrrgh yes, these things happen when you are at the pinnacle of your sport. Mega speeds, racing on the absolute limit, corners, really close competition, money, and fame to be had - what could possibly go wrong?
Willem Finke
Willem Finke:
Hamilton Parading with a flag, jumping off fences, celebrating like never before… Meanwhile listen to Max’s radio after the crash, so sad.
Russell Coight
Russell Coight:
Look at where Hamilton arrives at on the run off kerb, well before the rubber. Went wayyy too deep and missed the apex entirely.
B McG:
Hamilton got all he deserved in Dubai after this. Didn’t turn in on the corner leaving Max nowhere to go. 51Gs into that wall and then celebrated by running around the track with the Union Jack. Clown
Stanley Lau
Stanley Lau:
Since this incident in Silverstone, Max Verstappen struggling while Lewis Hamilton is back to his best. Thrilling battle between these two when F1 resume in Belgium.
this just makes me upset. watching this is so upsetting, he knew that was the fastest corner and that he didnt have to push and yet he does, causing an incident costing Max points, and worse yet jeopardizing his life.
Dang! I’m reading these comments and they’re great. Hamilton vs Verstappen is an all time great rivalry.
Ingo Cernohorsky
Ingo Cernohorsky:
After the collision between Vettel and Bottas in France in 2020 Hamilton said: When someone destroys your race they should not be able to finish and much less in first place. But of course, Sebastian Vettel arrives in France as leader of the championship, he destroyed Valtteries race and only gave him a patz in the back?, they shouldn't let him go back and finish.
The problem of a 10 second punishment is it might be a joke for one but not for another. Maybe a drive-through or points taken away is a better solution. And how about this: 1994 Eddie Irvine got a race ban (later stretched to 3) for more or less the same action (in which another Verstappen was involved)
Lewis Gordon
Lewis Gordon:
Looks to me the fault is Hamilton’s. He ran a bit too deep, running’s tad wide & wasn’t going to be able to hit his apex. If Lewis had it doesn’t look like Max would have touched him.
Tips that will help u win championship
1. Take out ur biggest rival
2. Repair car while red flags
3. Tell ur teammate to let u pass
Ricardo F
Ricardo F:
Hamilton was criminal
Clearly Lewis, he’s about to overtake Max while they get closer to this turn ! And he celebrated this ! Woah
Hamilton used Sebulba's racing strategies: Destroying other vehicles to achieve victory.

At the end, you will always lose using that strategy. Congrats Max you are a true world champion! 🇳🇱😁
Natural Dreams
Natural Dreams:
Hoodie Pen
Hoodie Pen:
And in just a single day, Lewis Hamilton became the Netherlands’ Public Enemy No. 1 with that crash against Max
Storm season
Storm season:
I love how Lewis said there’s plenty of room to get around safely when he was the one overtaking and took max out. The onus is on the overtaking driver to do it safely. Such a shallow win. Not to mention the team orders and a broken Ferrari he had to pass. Yeah I’m sure it was a tough race. Really gave it your all.
Jason Oshima
Jason Oshima:
This should have been more than a 10 second penalty...bush league move by Hamilton
Enas Blakas
Enas Blakas:
Hamilton is heavily addicted to red bull's rear tires 🤣🤣
Michline Al
Michline Al:
This prove that formula 1 have been truly successful on safety rules. Glad that Max walked out unharmed. If this was 1980's.. no driver can survive that speed
First name Last name
First name Last name:
Lewis after crash: Iwas ahead
A few seconds later: I was alongside
Reality: he was behind
Violently Sappy
Violently Sappy:
yeah lewis, checo is a dangerous driver, huh?
Gloves off, first lap racing incidents only give a 10 sec penalty and your main rival is out of the race, take every risk.
Maria Sole Sampaoli
Maria Sole Sampaoli:
this is the moment we all realized the championship was gonna get serious
Seth Isaac
Seth Isaac:
Lol, he 'turned in on me" 😂 like bro, everyone can see you moving towards his car instead of away
Julian Sauber
Julian Sauber:
I find it crazy that the fans were cheering when the crash happened. Above all, it surprised me how much Lewis enjoyed and how proud he was of this win.
Hamilton got Karma for this
Júlio Mendes
Júlio Mendes:
3 consecutive years, 3 collisions, always in a Red Bull car, always colliding in the same spot… but no, he is right, of course he is…
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez:
This crash is a testament to both drivers. Lewis didn’t “take the racing line” but he did turn into the corner. Max wanted to “take the racing line” but he had a large margin for error on his left. You can’t pin this crash on either driver. They both chose that decision.
Larger wheels will dig up the ground much more giving more control to the operator during situations like this.
Adrien Veidt
Adrien Veidt:
Now I think everybody understand why Nico is the way he is.
Congrats Max .. this things not affect you for getting the championship
Muhammad Mu'az Al-Khair
Muhammad Mu'az Al-Khair:
i think lewis made a very aggressive corner attack there and max did not forfeit enough for him to be in the safe. lewis probably thinks that max will forfeit the lead in exchange of getting out of the corner safely. all in the split seconds, couldnt blame them both.
Kuchum 1138
Kuchum 1138:
remember how ham whined when vettel returned to the track in canada, given a +5 for an unsafe return, but still, vettel left more than enough space to prevent contact and escaped. and here in the impudent one, missing the apex, not shifting to the right enough, although he had a lot of space, just kept his foot on the gas. He knew perfectly well that the car was going to understeer, straight to max. + 10 seconds for this? is really funny
So glad Hamilton lost. Karma came for him.
Benoo Perkasa
Benoo Perkasa:
Funny thing is, during the same corner with Charles, he suddenly knows how to keep to his side of the track, with a more worn set of tires than the ones he started his race with
He gave enough space and slowed down also still Lewis not paased him.
I just tried watching the commentators in different languages during this incident.
In every language except the English one it's varying degrees of "How much will Hamilton be punished?" and "Hamilton's driving was dangerous!"
..but in the English one, which is shown here, they're apologetic on behalf of Hamilton and "Maybe they could both have given more space?".
Shayne Rousseau Desmarais
Shayne Rousseau Desmarais:
I was so happy when i found out he was ok
cesar ramos
cesar ramos:
Max Verstappen Champion of the World 2021
Toto in an interview after the Austrian GP: "I think we are going to go into Silverstone and destroy everyone"

Never thought it would be this literal.
Christophe PASCAL CAÑAS:
"Revenge is a dish best served cold" can't be better explained ^___^'
Shooting sports Transparency
Shooting sports Transparency:
Attack perpetrated by Hamilton, causing Verstappen to crash with 52G. after which Hamilton went to party without worrying about Verstappen in the hospital.
The Hobby Shop
The Hobby Shop:
Just revisiting this after Max Verstappen has claimed the 2021 title over crybaby Hamilton. Karma is indeed a beautiful thing.
Zee Z Music
Zee Z Music:
Racing gods remembered this one
Jake P.
Jake P.:
It's amazing how Hamilton never takes responsibility
Hunter with Ash Blossom
Hunter with Ash Blossom:
Verstappen and Hamilton fans: *killing each other*
Versappen and Hamilton enjoyers: Next race will be interesting
At what point in the manoeuvre was Hamilton fully alongside Verstappen on this accident ? Just asking ...
Jonas Corpes
Jonas Corpes:
From what I see, Silverstone is always the most eventful place during an F1 season
FMTF - Finance & Investing
FMTF - Finance & Investing:
Lewis celebrating his win like nothing ever happened was a turning point. Things will be different from here on.
EpicGamer10 !
EpicGamer10 !:
I'm 50/50 about this because they both had space to make the turn safely. :/

But yeah mostly it's more on favor for Verstappen because the same thing happened with Leclerc and Lewis was pinned to the wall and had to back off a little. I think Leclerc messed up because he was probably scared the same thing was gonna happen to him.