Verstappen Spins and Wins in Budapest | 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen had to pass Charles Leclerc twice on the track on his way to victory after spinning in Turn 13.

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Max started doing victory donuts and then remembered he had to finish the race first. What a drive
Best rivalries in last 10 years: Hamilton v. Vettel, Vettel v. Alonso, Hamilton v. Verstappen, Charles v. Ferrari strategist.
The overlooked/underrated part about this was Max downshifting with the opposite hand, steering wheel locked, and throttling all the way through to keep the rears spinning so his tires didn’t flat spot. Next level IQ + reflexes on full display right there.

Edit: this maneuver probably saved his race from not having to pit again
the amount car control max has is just insane u can hear him put on the throttle on the right moment doing a 360 and just go on like nothing happend
Swami N
Swami N:
The fact that he passed Charles again after the spin speaks levels about Ferrari’s competence
Flying Jew
Flying Jew:
Even Max’s mistakes take insane race craft to pull off , what a recovery we are watching one of the greatest drivers ever in terms of pure race raft love him or hate him u can’t deny it
Max has spun a number of times and he always recovers perfectly, he makes it look so easy. Also shout out to Checo for defending Max there, what a great teammate.
Just as he spun he deliberately floored the gas to make a deliberate 360, very smart move
From 10th to 1st and getting 8 win in 13 races. Pure class from Max!
Erik Karlsson
Erik Karlsson:
Having Perez there to block and hold the Merc away was worth every penny!
iMetz L
iMetz L:
Underrated: Sergio letting off throttle to not overtake Max to keep defending Lewis. This is the most next level duo weve had in F1 in recent memory. RB are completely unmatched as a team
Max Verstappen reminds me of Senna in his prime, mate. That driving today was mind boggling. Amazing race overall
Duncan Ik
Duncan Ik:
When you start 10th in Hungary, spin and then win the race... then you are a true legend.
Love him or hate him, Max's racecraft was flawless today, incredible stuff from him
Johannes Dahle
Johannes Dahle:
Love how he immediately knew he had to mash the throttle to end up the right way round. What a driver he is.
PAUL'S World of Wonder
PAUL'S World of Wonder:
Perfect execution. Max already knew at that time he would win the race, so he added a nice 360 to create some more excitement and serve the crowd, and be able to add a nice pass on LeClerc again, just for the fun of it. The works of a true champion. The next challenge he loves to execute will be to get a 20 place grid penalty for new engine parts, start from the back of the grid, and win the race.
Max is a true beast and a worthy 2 time world champion!
You gotta give it to him, at this point it's like he's just flexing on everyone everytime he has a spin. That guy's car control is incredible and my jaw drops everytime I see him pull those off like it's nothing.
you gotta love the competition this year between charles and ferrari’s strategists
I love how people are keeping the memories of Mazispin alive in the F1! This is the second time Max has done his signature move.
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Outstanding by max verstappen what a race
What a legend doing a 360 spin and win the race from 10 ,to establish pure dominance
joy joshi
joy joshi:
From drifting right before the finish line to doing a 360 and still winning the race. This is the Verstappen era! 🧡🧡
Oustanding performance by Max and his team, same counts for Lewis.
Outstanding drive by these two!
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan:
Outstanding strategy by the 🤡 at Ferrari to help Max win!
xperius castello
xperius castello:
And again, supreme skills, opportunity awareness, dexterity and most of all, absolute mastery on car control by the Champ ❤️ It’s such a tremendous joy watching Max doing what he does best. Nobody beats him in skills.
I actually love how Max always reacts when he spins and goes on the throttle to at least go the right way again. I think many other drivers would have spun only 180°.
Sarthak Mohanty
Sarthak Mohanty:
With the race pace he had today, imagine he qualified P1 or P2. He’d be 30s clear!
Max has been unstoppable this season.
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze:
At 1:00 - Max clearly controlled that spun after the first second it started to immediately continue after one 360 degree spin. A Master.
Max laughing at his own spin during the interview and in the cooldown room was funny to see
Scott Elder
Scott Elder:
Verstappen went off here and in Spain and won both, just unstoppable
Karen SitonMyFace
Karen SitonMyFace :
We have seen this time and time again from Verstappen. The greatest of all time at hooking the car back up out of a spin
Max is on another level.
He made every team mate he ever had look foolish
Martin Dzigi
Martin Dzigi:
That recovery from the spin was a class act! I've been watching f1 for 30 years and love him ot hate him, his car control is pure brilliance. Just look at all of his "work" in that split second... Masterclass
Rajan Bhateja
Rajan Bhateja:
Love how Checo protected Max's place by slowing down
Hugh Nique
Hugh Nique:
A perfect drive and a perfect strategy makes Max Verstappen unbeatable.
I was seriously impressed how clean that 360 was 🤯
Duje Matosic
Duje Matosic:
2 championships probably and he is only 25, watching a legend in the making
FARINA Sport Cars
FARINA Sport Cars:
Not a fan of his wheel to wheel racing but once in a while he shows he IS the best driver on the grid...

Favorites still are Alonso, Hamilton and Checo though.
General Pinochet
General Pinochet:
Who thought max will be on the top step today, What a phenomenal drive.
The presence of mind to floor the throttle mid spin to force the car into a 360 spin and saving time by doing so is amazing.
max verstappen is easily the best driver on this grid hands down. this man started at p10 and finished the race even after spinning out, incredible racecraft from him today
Aryo Taheri
Aryo Taheri:
Max unironically did a 360 no scope and won anyway. Epic gamer move
Young Panik
Young Panik:
He’s the type of guy that start from P10, does a 360 in the middle of the race, win it, and take a 80 points lead in the championship
P10 —> P1 by almost 10 seconds with multiple VSCs, a spin AND clutch issues. What a drive!
Everyone thinks he spun. Max was just warming up his tyres in style. Just showing off a little bit. 🤙
Just wanted to say a huge congrats to Max for winning his 2nd drivers championship 👏
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran:
that steward reaction @1:10 is priceless 😄😄
Max is the one guy on the grid who makes me believe it's not just about who has the fastest car.
Danie Du Plooy
Danie Du Plooy:
The amount of car control this man has to know to keep on throttle to rotate that car all the way is pretty impesive💪🏻
Very nice to see that since today, for the first time this season, Lewis and Max were shaking hands again, even embracing each other, talking to each other in the cooldown area, giving high fives, and standing side by side on the podium, arms around each other. Really liked that. Nice.
Just a Dummy
Just a Dummy:
Charles vs Ferrari has been such an entertaining rivalry this year, can’t wait for the season finale!
Max's spin skill is incredible. It has been shown many times. Pure raw skill.
Lewis and Max. Hats off! 👏🏻
Effect Phoenix
Effect Phoenix:
Im so proud of how Max improved in the last few years, he keeps his cool, remain collected
Random Gamer
Random Gamer:
Max doing victory donuts mid race is such a giga chad move
by EAS
by EAS:
Max is absolutely talent 😍❤💙
tremendous handling and car control by Max, the way he spun the rears to make the 90 into a 360 was epic.
Thukten Losel
Thukten Losel:
Outstanding performance by the Ferrari team. Well done! Going on hard tires despite knowing it wasn't working out. Gg
Jaden Lee
Jaden Lee:
The moment he lost his rear and immediately go on throttle to do a 360 is unbelievable
He did a 360° AGAIN. Just impressive. He does it everytime so perfectly when he spins.
Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me:
Love him or hate him, Max's racecraft was flawless today, incredible stuff from him
Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me:
Love him or hate him, Max's racecraft was flawless today, incredible stuff from him
Chelsea Comps
Chelsea Comps:
Max and Lewis proving that they are streets ahead of the rest of the grid once again
I think Checo deserves a mention, he could have easily passed Max out of the final corner and onto the straight but instead me made sure it was hard as possible for Hamilton to get a run on Max into turn 1
He started from 10th,He has spawn around , he was attacked

Still won the race

As a guy who is only 25 years old

Max verstappen is really killing it out there .
Anshuman Kakralia
Anshuman Kakralia:
Verstappen is the type of guy to spin and win a grand prix...
Barnabás Bodó
Barnabás Bodó:
Most epic race from Max on Hungary: hard race, 360 spin, and amazing win
Oracle Red Bull Racing for ever
Oracle Red Bull Racing for ever:
Fantastic drive, Max. Congratulations 💪🏻
J D:
Give him the WDC already, man's on another level 🚀
elliott PEREZ
elliott PEREZ:
What a drive from Verstappen 😍
luiz guilherme moreira sales
luiz guilherme moreira sales:
Nossa Que Interessante Verstapem Está Em Uma Fase Tão Boa Que Até Rodando o Carro Ele Ganha a Corrida 🏎️🏁😄👍 kkkkk
A "perfect spin" as most spins go, great recovery.
Greatest driver in history, undisputed goat
Harvest Robinson
Harvest Robinson:
One of Max’s most dominant races if you ask me
He is unbelievable almost unstoppable
Papi's Home
Papi's Home:
definitely one of the best performances from max so far, especially when you include the moment where he oversteered n still be able to be 10secs ahead of hamilton
What an unbelievable race from the Champion of the world Max Verstappen !!! Very well done, and very impressive 👍
Clint's Garage
Clint's Garage:
safety workers reaction at 1:11 was priceless.
Hashan Wickramasinghe
Hashan Wickramasinghe:
Max is just playing around with 360s on track! 😍
Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me:
Max started doing victory donuts and then remembered he had to finish the race first. What a drive
al - Masih
al - Masih:
Somehow he hit the throttle so hard it didnt flat spot 😆 well done max
Alexander Andersson
Alexander Andersson:
The fact he pushed the throttle to make sure he did a 360 and not flat spot the Tyres
Nimma City
Nimma City:
1:08 the reaction of that person in the back 🤯
Max has mastered the art of 360 recoveries
Most memorables rivalries in the last years
2016 lewis vs rosberg
2021 lewis vs max
2022 leclerc vs ferrari
Barnabás Molnár
Barnabás Molnár:
He just needed some rear temperature. 😂 Totally calculated move. Jokes aside he was outstanding today. As well as Hamilton. I am a Max fan but I always give credit when it's due.
Ferrari is the master of shooting themself in the foot.
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews:
Crazy how easily his car has spun around, I agree with Martin Brundle that something might have been on the track. He barely got on the throttle and the car just spun. 😳
From p10 to p1! What a race! 🔥
Nadir Ağa
Nadir Ağa:
Even in a spin driver quality plays a role.
Max came out of than spin with minimal loss of time, position, tyre, car.
Quick thinking, perfect 360
Yeswanth Sai Tanneru
Yeswanth Sai Tanneru:
He spins, he wins ✌️
That's Max, warming his tyres! 😎
Wrex Chicane
Wrex Chicane:
It looks like, and sounds like, when Max went into the spin, he realized very quickly it was not going to be a drift recovery; he hit the throttle to light up the rear and make sure he could do a 360 and continue on. Amazing car control!
Easily the best driver on the grid. Insane pace today, even this spin couldn't stop him.
Max is like performing an early victory spin out!!!
Awsome drive from Max
P10 to Win
Arihant Choubey
Arihant Choubey:
Absolute masterclass from him today
Cody Goode
Cody Goode:
The fact that Max started from 10th, spun around, and still won the grand prix is amazing!