'Very rare': Aviation expert John Nance describes engine failure on Boeing 777-200 near Denver

Shocking video shows an engine of a Boeing 777-200 in flames while in the air. United Airlines Flight 328 was on its way from Denver to Honolulu on Saturday when an engine failed shortly after takeoff.

The plane was able to land safely back in Denver and no one on board or on the ground was injured. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating. https://www.king5.com/article/tech/science/aerospace/very-rare-aviation-expert-john-nance-describes-engine-failure-on-boeing-777-200-near-denver/281-dae9a0c4-e4a2-423c-b0c1-e1c6911ce5c9

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Jay Yang
Jay Yang:
“Annnnnnnd if you look out the starboard side windows and you can see that our engine is falling apart and Is on fire, hope you will enjoy this flight.”
David Fields
David Fields:
“This is the Captain, please consume as much alcohol as you can while we try to land this thing”
Rick Nolte
Rick Nolte:
The 777 is probably one of the safest planes out there with few, if any, incidents recorded. Boeing doesn't make the engines, but they make one hell of an airplane! Good job by the crew, especially rhe cabin crew keeping everyone calm.
Alexander Locke
Alexander Locke:
Omg. Imagine looking out the window and seeing that. Whoever took control of the cabin to stop a panic should be praised because I would be saying my prayers for death
“Attention, this is your captain speaking. I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is we’ll be landing immediately. Bad news is we’re crash landing.” Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
G W:
Those parts falling could have killed people , glad the plane landed safely !
Triumphant Ape
Triumphant Ape:
"This could enhance Boeing's safety record" I wonder how much Boeing paid for that comment.
Moomin Papa
Moomin Papa:
Plane dropping debris on residential areas
Experts: this shows how reliable the plane is
1:50 hes voice sound´s like D. Trump.
Grim reaper was like: Hello Boeing? Please notify United Airlines I’m calling in sick today
I keep seeing this "very rare" phenomena on 777s...
The fact the engine stayed intact and remained on the wing is amazing. Glad no one was hurt
The engine fans are hollow and show cracking. The FAA stepping up inspections is inadequate.
Sean Snowden
Sean Snowden:
Usually with a burning engine the fire can spread to the wing and compromise the integrity of flight control, and could have been worse. The cheers of the occupants are just a small token of what could have happened. Hug or say hello to the person next to you daily. be grateful.
Mutant The Great
Mutant The Great:
Standing outside wearing a mask.
Nils Ottomanz
Nils Ottomanz:
Travel safe with us "You always come down"
Fly by Teif (Theearthisflat).
senthil kumar
senthil kumar:
Passenger on Landing - Can you get me a Photo of the Pilot, want to place it next to Jesus frame😁😄
Roy Hobbs
Roy Hobbs:
Was there a possibility the engine could break off and damage the wing?
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow:
August Tha II
August Tha II:
pilots are trained for these kinds of scenarios
Humble Muzik
Humble Muzik:
Can you imagine the applause when that landed.?😩🙏🏾
Its much more exciting than Roller Coaster !!! Thank you Boeing for the experience.....
How a failure is designed to be remedied. Well done to all involved and happy to see no injuries.
Pen Productions
Pen Productions:
Imagine wanting to take a vacation to Hawaii then the engine goes in flames
Vermicious Knid
Vermicious Knid:
Passenger : "The engine is on fire!"
Star Wars fan : "Now THIS is pod racing!"
Joe Olive
Joe Olive:
United CEO: ok, more layoffs
Vile Bastage
Vile Bastage:
Did anyone see the killer clown on the wing?
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh:
was william shatner on the passenger list
adesh harry
adesh harry:
I must say, Boeing did a great job designing their pylons and anchoring structures considering the massive amount of vibrations it supported during this engine failure
Wang Jinwen
Wang Jinwen:
Whats happening this is the 2nd time. The last time the exact same thing happen in united airlines 1175
If we lose one engine, how far can we go on the other engine ? All the way to the scene of the crash ! - Ron White, Comedian
Les Jones
Les Jones:
Now I'm just thinking Donnie Darko.
Hey, that's an old video...
Tim Ly
Tim Ly:
Boeing 747
Boeing 747:
Wait, One of my sons engines failed?
"Incredibly rare" Not any more!
Yue Jin
Yue Jin:
this is why i won't ride plane
im just gonna create my own raft
Nikki Williams
Nikki Williams:
Good thing it failed over Denver instead of over the ocean to Honolulu
captain to co pilot.. can you take the controls for a minute..i've got to change my underwear
a t
a t:
2 engine failures of US jets in 1 day. Maastricht and Denver!
Long Fellow
Long Fellow:
If that engine broke free from the wing it would be over
Cardi Solaris
Cardi Solaris:
Remember Sally landing on the Hudson River well that’s nothing compare to
This pilot flying a plane with an engine on fire and everyone made out safe . Jesus lord . He’s a real héroe
robin ross
robin ross:
Amazing how often Boeing manages to have "very rare" disasters
My dad flew in that same day...
Philip Benz
Philip Benz:
I will be flying on Boeing 777s. They're really tough planes.
Andrew Gemus
Andrew Gemus:
Unless it happens over ocean hours from land
Amit Singh
Amit Singh:
GE or Rolls or PW?
Gremlins did it.
This time its not really fair to put it on Boeing...its more on the engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
Made in USA 😂
victor zayas
victor zayas:
Wearing a mask outside and away from anyone else.
adesh harry
adesh harry:
Due to the initial damage noticed on the low compressor blades,its highly likely the turbine sucked something up from the runway.
Larry Small
Larry Small:
They keep talking very rare United had the same thing happen on a flight from san Francisco to Hawaii 3 years
o m
o m:
These engines are failing every year and nothing being done about it
Tanny Bogus
Tanny Bogus:
Engine failures like this have thrown pieces through the cabin and killed passengers. I would not stay near it.
Mock App
Mock App:
These planes can still fly with one engine for a while. That’s the beauty of these planes
Creighton Demarest
Creighton Demarest:
Gold Star to the Pilot 🌟. This makes me think of all the Army Air Corp pilots bringing their bombers back to England bases. With shot up wings, shot and killed crew, pieces of tail missing.... This took bravery and a very cool head. Wonder if this pilot came from military service. A cool pilot like Scully over the Hudson. 👍♥️🇺🇲
hello AHMED
hello AHMED:
Minimum wage in algeria 105 $ per month
owen freed
owen freed:
What if this happened over the ocean ? I like how there acting like this was all 🍑 ey. They were on there way to Hawaii, what would happen then ? “ The pilots Made a crash landing 500 miles outside of Hawaii, they followed protocol, this was a success “
senthil kumar
senthil kumar:
The moment one starts to believe in Prayers n God
dave roberts
dave roberts:
they still make the here?
Allan Greene
Allan Greene:
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer ..
Mark Lou
Mark Lou:
That's Amazing this plane landed safety....
joe B
joe B:
It’s not rare they have had problems with these before
Victor L
Victor L:
Soon it’s gonna be obligatory to take life insurance before fly in a Boeing
W S:
777is it a Dreamliner sh*t
Scott Carey
Scott Carey:
The reporter is at a Seattle airport hoping to witness a similar incident. He was disappointed.
Les pilotes ont assuré !
By Grace Alone
By Grace Alone:
Wigner Effect??
📌 If i remember this right, in my opinion this reminds me of Air France's A380 emergency landing to Goose Bay airport in Canada with their one engine failed and parts fall off [maybe try to compare it to be honest, it looks like similar but different depends on their location]
Dean Snipah
Dean Snipah:
People need to realize how *HUGE* the 777 engines are. The video doesnt do it justice and it looks fairly small, when in fact, someone who is 6'1 can easily do jumping jacks in the inlet
Rul Dali
Rul Dali:
Очень повезло пассажирам, т.к. кусок двигателя мог оторваться и пробить фюзеляж самолета, разрушить часть крыла, вызвать неконтролируемый пожар. Убийственных сценарием было много, но повезло.
Arthur Hill
Arthur Hill:
I hope boeing 777 blown engine see how plane lands
David Wooderson
David Wooderson:
When you for from building your planes like mercedes and start building them like chevys. Woring about share prices vs safety. Hiring cheap labor go figure that's the american way now. Airbus has it's issues too but they are definitely better built. Bombardier is probably the best the new cs300 aka airbus 220 is a awesome plane.
Doug Schnufski
Doug Schnufski:
777'nin çok güzel motor sesi vardır normalde son derece güvenli bir uçak ama pilot tek motor ile de inebilir.İrtifasının yüksek olması bu konuda avantajdır.Aynı durum stall olayında da avantajdır.Umarız böyle durumlar hiç olmaz.
Glad it wasn't over the Pacific.
Tedla Pascal
Tedla Pascal:
Reporter: This incident could enhance Boeing's safety records.
Boeing: Come on, man. Don't make things worse than they already are.
Tyrone Williams
Tyrone Williams:
Republicans deregulations!
Mike Koss
Mike Koss:
Yes, airliners are designed with redundant systems to make them safer. That part worked. But this is NOT a demonstration of how safely this plane is manufactured and maintained. It is potentially pointing to a very serious lapse in manufacturing quality or inspection procedures (or both). Investigation should tell us more (despite the claims of the aviation expert that there's "nothing to see here")!
Fly Airbus 😉
Viktor Barkovski
Viktor Barkovski:
Of course it's United
CyDra Ahmed
CyDra Ahmed:
Hope everyone is safe
Jennifer S
Jennifer S:
Good thing it did happen an hour or two out over the pacific
Google User
Google User:
Well, isn't this the same flight company which beat the crap out of a customer to transport their own employee 2 years ago?
Endang Maulana
Endang Maulana:
But seriously, the pilots and cabin crew did an AMAZING job. No passengers were injured, and the plane was landed safely. Don’t forget, if an engine does fail, as this one did, the plane should land safely. Boeing did a good job on this aircraft design.
And honestly, I figured Boeing stock would go down some. NOPE! That stock is still going up.
Tejash Shankar
Tejash Shankar:
Not rare, definitely odd
Skip Corrao
Skip Corrao:
resilient = spin
Toro Draw
Toro Draw:
This is not rare. This is a new type of engine. It's rare when calculated over all modern jet engines, but not when calculated over the life of this new engine.
Fighting Tyranny
Fighting Tyranny:
You can actually see how rare it is when you use the search bar and type engine fires on boing 777 flights.
They were lucky it did not happen half way to Hawaii. The engine was still on fire all the way through landing.
39 people dislike this video because they believe that this video is proof that planes are dangerous despite there being zero logic or reasoning behind that assumption (compared to almost all if not all other forms of travel).
They didn't even mention that the engines are not made by Boeing.
It is a marvel that nobody described a shear to the right. Stable aircraft.
Ian Duncan
Ian Duncan:
The turbine is still spinning in its bearings. Makes me thing this could have been a bird strike.
There are pelicans up at 10,000 ft. I seen then while that high in my hangglider. A pelican is a bloody big thing to hit at 600klms/hr
House And Lot Finder ph
House And Lot Finder ph:
Praise God!
Matthew Pogue
Matthew Pogue:
definetly wont effect boeings safety record. the PW4000 has a failure rate of about 1 in 1,000,000 flight hours. These things happen.