Viggo Mortensen on Oscar Nomination & Green Book

Viggo reveals that he's nervous, talks about his Best Actor Oscar nomination for Green Book, taking on a Brooklyn accent for the role, eating a meal with Tony Lip's family, and Jimmy gives him a good luck gift for the Oscars.

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Viggo Mortenson on Oscar Nomination & Green Book

100+ komentarze:

Andhika Sarasono
Andhika Sarasono:
Best swordsman in Middle Earth
ZHamRoller z
ZHamRoller z:
The King of Gondor still lives. All hail King Aragorn!!!!
Viggo should audition for Leto in Dune.
Jess T.
Jess T.:
He's such a unique personality. Shows no arrogance or narcissism. Just a genuinely nice and intelligent guy. Superb!
Alex Dallas
Alex Dallas:
This man is so humble.. I truly respect him..
Daniel Larsson
Daniel Larsson:
His voice is so calming
This Guy need oscar of humble
Darth Knight
Darth Knight:
Acura Addicted
Acura Addicted:
Being humble is a very underpreciated quality in this society. It is especially surprising and pleasing to see it in a Hollywood celebrity!
Jorge Eduardo Ochoa Mojica
Jorge Eduardo Ochoa Mojica:
What my I eyes see: Viggo Mortensen
What my heart see: Aragorn, Heir to the throne of Gondor
Brandy Rose
Brandy Rose:
Oh Viggo, you are so lovely and humble 😊
Sally Hu
Sally Hu:
Handsome as ever. And aging beautifully.
Stephen H. Koontz
Stephen H. Koontz:
He should have won for “Captain Fantastic”, hope he wins for “Green Book”
Jennifer Baldini
Jennifer Baldini:
Jimmy: "do you go write a new speech..." Viggo: "no, I've got one already written, and it goes like this: 'Sons of Gondor, of brothers...I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship...but it is NOT this day!! An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of men comes crashing down BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!!! This day we fight, for all that we hold dear, I bid you, STAND, Men of the west!!' Jimmy: "Wow, what a speech!! You should win an oscar for that!!!" Viggo: *pfftt* "your telling me!". Viggo was robbed --> LOTR
Abraham C
Abraham C:
This brilliant guy speaks seven languages fluently

1. English
2. Spanish (with an Argentinian accent)
3. Danish
4. French (with an Algerian accent)
5. Italian
6. Norwegian
7. Catalan
Eduardo Armenta
Eduardo Armenta:
Casting him it's never a gamble..... He gives his best for every role.
Modesty Blaise
Modesty Blaise:
Viggo is still gorgeous.
George Dywili
George Dywili:
I would love to watch a movie staring Viggo Mortensen and Mads Mikkelsen. I love both these guys
James F
James F:
Denzel, Daniel Dey Lewis, Viggo Mortensen, Christian Bale and Gary Oldman .. the best living actors
Danny Allen
Danny Allen:
I used to regularly make his drinks at a small coffee house in Upstate NY. Had a few nice conversations with him. Very quiet in public, but really was a nice guy.
Vincent Mattis
Vincent Mattis:
he doesnt need an oscar. Hes too good for that
WarTech Gaming
WarTech Gaming:
There's a few people in Hollywood like Viggo who you never hear anything bad about, just praise and respect.
Leo FT
Leo FT:
Viggo have been my star since LOTR. Still can't forget his play of Aragorn.
Judith Schenck
Judith Schenck:
Such a brilliant and humble gentleman, multilingual actor, author, poet (new book just released), painter, photographer, activist, musician, composer, producer and now screenwriter and director (to start filming “Falling” end of Feb.). And of course still SMOKIN’ HOT.....just sayin’❤️
Harsh Srivastava
Harsh Srivastava:
All those dislikes are from Grima, Denethor, Saruman, Sauron and orcs.
Sandra Lin
Sandra Lin:
The way Tony eats pizza in Green book.🤣🤣🤣
Mojo Pin
Mojo Pin:
I love Viggo's laugh
It may sound both evil and adorable at the same time
One simply does not enter Oscar nominations
Ali Reza Mohseni Nasab
Ali Reza Mohseni Nasab:
Eastern Promises👏👏
okmal dini
okmal dini:
Finally you invite him jimmy. He deserve to win this year... Hope so!
give this man an oscar already
Jayne Taylor
Jayne Taylor:
Viggo should win. Long overdue.
I want Viggo to be my dad
Mahesh watson
Mahesh watson:
anybody who have watched 'eastern promises' knew how great an actor this guy is.... green book is great too....give viggo an oscar already
Gabriel McLeod-Kerr
Gabriel McLeod-Kerr:
His Bronx accent is still apparent. I love it.

Viggo is the man.
I saw Green book yesterday. Highly recommended
I’ve never seen him in an interview before he’s such a humble man and his voice is so soothing
Yul Baharani
Yul Baharani:
A great actor, a great artist, a wonderful human being
Peter ofsf
Peter ofsf:
First time I saw Viggo was in the Witness (1985). He played an Amish young man mostly in the background - he was probably on screen a total of about 2 mins in the entire film, but he stood out to me. Just something special about the guy.
Gilbert Quintereau de la Chancle Comte d'Issoire
Gilbert Quintereau de la Chancle Comte d'Issoire:
Aragorn son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur, King of the Gondor, Elassar the Elstone Dunadan lord of the Reunited Kingdom of the Westman and Middle-Earth !
Skoal Pouches
Skoal Pouches:
When he was in eastern promises I was blown away. One of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen
Dabid Arriola
Dabid Arriola:
Great actor. Better person. Political and environmental activist. He is actually quite similar to his character in Captain Fantastic, and I love it.
Ana Paola Mariscal
Ana Paola Mariscal:
Such an underrated actor!! Love Green Book and ALL of his movies!!
Samuel A
Samuel A:
He really did play amazing in this movie
Lazy Owly
Lazy Owly:
He's Truly A KING!!!
Tirigon 1980
Tirigon 1980:
Viggo is one of the greatest Actors in the World and a fine person...and a little bit haywire
U r my hero! thank you for everything!
Ericson Tan
Ericson Tan:
185 dislikes from

13 Russian Bratva
153 Orcs
6 Goblins
3 Warg Riders
3 Ringwraiths

Jack ( Father in Law )
Lord Elrod ( Another Father in Law)
Denethor II, son of Ecthelion
a Balrog
a Cave troll
and Sauron
Al Q
Al Q:
Viggo is such an amazing actor and person, I would love to meet him.
Aragorn > Jon Snow
Joey S
Joey S:
He's so humble and calm, you would never guess he's an incredible actor. I mean this man can do no wrong, he hasn't done a bad movie.
Mateusz M.
Mateusz M.:
So, this how Aragorn has been looking like when he was 150 yo 😂 damn, it's incredible how good Mortensen is looking at his age.
Melissa Krimsky
Melissa Krimsky:
I’ve always been a fan of Viggo and his humble attitude, we need more silver foxs’ like him, humble, handsome, talented. He’s so underrated and very much overlooked and that’s sad because if he were more “in the circle” his odds this year would go way up.

You’re a winner in my eyes Viggo!
virdewinder singh
virdewinder singh:
Man he is amazing. Finest actor. ❤👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Anita Chang
Anita Chang:
He is such a good actor. Physically and emotionally transformed himself completely into each role he plays. Tony lip character is a far stretch from himself but he became the character.... amazing. I love green book.
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard:
There needs to be a movie starring Viggo Mortensen, Mads Mikkelsen & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau! Could be the cast for Mel Gibson's viking movie or something ;)
Gabriela Rocha
Gabriela Rocha:
I still can’t cope with the fact he didn’t win for capitain fantastic
Billy Rock
Billy Rock:
A humble man. Refreshing.
Aidan Hall
Aidan Hall:
One of the most underrated, talented and humble figures in Hollywood, and that's saying a lot
Marcio Couto
Marcio Couto:
He's so underrated.
Aragorn fils d'Arathorn
Aragorn fils d'Arathorn:
« I’m Aragorn, son of Arathorn »

The Great Viggo Mortensen.
Stephen H. Koontz
Stephen H. Koontz:
Legend. Seems like such a humble man. His understanding of people helps make him one if the best actors out there.
I hope he wins!
Brandads E.
Brandads E.:
If you all haven’t seen captain fantastic, check it out, great story and he’s great in it too. Love ya Viggo!
Jay Dee
Jay Dee:
The way he played the Italian guy ..... he was incredible
Pang Xiong
Pang Xiong:
Viggo was AMAZING in Green Book. I can’t believe this guy speaks 7 languages. Truly talented.
A Bear
A Bear:
"The blouse man is on the premises" handsome.
Robert Erlandson
Robert Erlandson:
If they make a movie about Vladimir Putin Viggo would be perfect for it
Sorry Rami, I hope Viggo gets it ! He deserves it more and since so long !
Barb Flagel
Barb Flagel:
The movie was amazing. Best I've seen in years. I hope he and Mahershala win.
A J:
If Viggo is in a movie, I'm watching.
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch:
He is the best in the category and he deserves to win.
Jen Lambie
Jen Lambie:
Super smart, brilliant actor, humble with self deprecating humour all wrapped up in THAT packaging 😍👍❗
Max Payne
Max Payne:
One of the best actors ever
Jay Moose
Jay Moose:
Not many actors like this. Him and Daniel day Lewis are my fav
Darkwing Nighteller
Darkwing Nighteller:
Man I hope Viggo gets an Oscar one of these days, but I’m positive Malek is taking Best Actor this time I’m afraid.
Sharon Y
Sharon Y:
Viggo is such an under rated and humble actor with the ability to change his physical apperance for any role he takes on. Finally saw the movie and loved him in it.
Amalia Setiamihardja
Amalia Setiamihardja:
I could watch Green Book many times!! ❤❤❤
Louis Sørensen
Louis Sørensen:
I'm so proud he is an Danish American, i really hope he attains it one day. Nominated 3 times, Aragon deserves it ✔
Greetings from the kingdom of Denmark.
Tywin Alexander Cesare Danaë de Borgía
Tywin Alexander Cesare Danaë de Borgía:
My imaginary hat off for Viggo.
I give u my Respect for being an Actor & wonderful human on screen though u don't need it.
E.T /l
E.T /l:
He’s a brilliant actor
Holy hell, every time I hear this guy he has a different accent xD
I just watched Green Book, great movie, I really enjoyed it a lot. Best movie I have seen in a long time.
Imam Hadiwijaya
Imam Hadiwijaya:
he deserve got best actor for hidalgo & green book 🤔
Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon:
Nothing impressed me the whole last year in movies as much as Viggo in The Green Book. Wow just wow. Lovehim
He need Oscar award 🥇
I like rami
But I think his performance more humanity
Such a sugar daddy
facundo hernandez
facundo hernandez:
what a great guy . Argentino hasta la medula !
Anders Eriksson
Anders Eriksson:
"He loves it, he loves it"
"What's the matter you don't like it?" lmao!
James Hughes
James Hughes:
He's a fantastic story teller
Ophelia Rising
Ophelia Rising:
I’ve seen Green Book three times and got my whole family to watch it too. Made me cry every time I watched it. 💕
Alfred Vinciguerra
Alfred Vinciguerra:
You should have won yesterday, his performance was outstanding
Antoni Koch
Antoni Koch:
The only thing I can think about when I hear his voice is "Ayo doc!"
Georgina Mena
Georgina Mena:
I love him!! He is talent and humble 👏
Superb interview. Thank you for giving Viggo time to speak! So refreshing to hear from this wonderful man. Thank you, Jimmy!!!
103 years still looks so young
R s
R s:
He is so humble, friendly and shy..I hope he wins this time
obi was here
obi was here:
He still has pieces of his Bronx accent from the film. Also I feel the movie could’ve focused more on don Shirley and less on tony lip. Don Shirley is just a more interesting man
Christian HDot
Christian HDot:
He did such a great job in The Lord of the Rings
Spiritual Humanist
Spiritual Humanist:
Beautiful soul and great actor.
Extra Chrispy
Extra Chrispy:
I can’t imagine him without a sword