Viggo Mortensen Once Got Vertigo At The Worst Time: While Filming A "Lord Of The Rings" Battle Scene

Viggo Mortensen, star and director of the new film "Falling," once suffered a bout of vertigo and had to hug a wall while filming an intense battle scene in "Lord Of The Rings." #Colbert #ALateShow #ViggoMortensen

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100+ komentarze:

Carl Stover
Carl Stover:
Viggo Mortensen saying "You bow to no one" is like Mark Hamill saying "May the Force be with you"
You can see Stephen just itching to talk about LOTR but restraining himself to do his job
The great Viggo Mortensen! He wasn't the first choice to play Aragorn, but damn if he wasn't the best choice!
I like how he says he's seen, "The Hobbits" as though in some undisclosed location all 4 of them are still roommates.
Brandon Wei
Brandon Wei:
I love how he just lumps Elijah, Sean, Dom, and Billy as "the Hobbits."
John Neveu
John Neveu:
Anyone else find it funny how the LOTR actors always seem so relaxed talking to Colbert? Like they have this attitude just like "Well, why shouldn't I talk to my biggest fan for 10mins?"
Meghan Halton
Meghan Halton:
Damn, I thought Stephen was semi joking with the 7 languages thing and then Vigo pulls out the fluent Spanish 😅😍
CBQ 2000
CBQ 2000:
I'm a simple man, I see a video of Stephen talking to one of the LotR cast members... ...I CLICK!
Aron Crillco
Aron Crillco:
He seems like a very down to earth guy, absolutely no ego at all.
I don't know her
I don't know her:
This man is excellent in every character he plays.
Ray Williams
Ray Williams:
"You, my friend bow to no one" nice one my lord lol
Ilka Lohmann
Ilka Lohmann:
So amazing. To be told by Viggo Mortensen: "You bow to no one!" Stephen Colber is now a knight of Gondor. Arise, Sir Stephen! King Ellessar has spoken.
Lars Strohmeier
Lars Strohmeier:
Here i sit with the warmest fuzziest of feelings for those two wonderful people after having just a short break to cry my eyes out because of their discussion of keeping the flame alive and the open wound being basically the same thing. Hit me like a truck out of nowhere. And instead of being utterly crushed by the thought i feel encouraged. Such a great conversation! Deep thanks to both of them =)
Sonia Librandi
Sonia Librandi:
It might be just me but Viggo Mortensen is getting hotter as he gets older
The Notorious N.O.E.
The Notorious N.O.E.:
He seems so soft-spoken that if you didn't know who he was you would never believe he is one of the greatest actors of our generation
Monroe Mom
Monroe Mom:
Viggo has the most adorable grin I’ve ever seen on a totally hot adult man! There is genuine kindness and intelligence behind his eyes. Just love him!
Tidus Whiteblade
Tidus Whiteblade:
"I would have followed you, my brother, my captain, my King." Viggo is an absolute joy and treasure to humanity.
Self Help Group
Self Help Group:
The moment at 07:37 when Stephen Colbert realises he can die a happy man: 'You, my friend, bow to no one.'
Jennifer Cole
Jennifer Cole:
He comes across as such a lovely person
damn after all this time he is still fine. Never forget the first crush XD
Blake A
Blake A:
“But when Aragorn arose all that beheld him gazed in silence, for it seemed to
them that he was revealed to them now for the first time. Tall as the sea-kings of old, he
stood above all that were near; ancient of days he seemed and yet in the flower of
manhood; and wisdom sat upon his brow, and strength and healing were in his hands,
and a light was about him. And then Faramir cried:
'Behold the King!'
Rolyat Neek
Rolyat Neek:
Dude writes poetry. He's a likable James Franco.
Christina Delimitrou
Christina Delimitrou:
Find you a man that looks at you the way Colbert looks at Viggo :D
El Borak
El Borak:
Mortensen comes across as a very calm, thoughtful and educated guy. I wish more celebrities were like him.
david hollyfield
david hollyfield:
So good to see Lance Hendrickson in a new major film. A sadly neglected talent and one of my personal faves. And so nice to see Viggo Mortenson. An artist, not a celeb. Great admiration for artists who stay humble despite their fame.
What an incredibly beautiful, soulful, intelligent, sensitive, perceptive and humble man.
Stephen Allocco
Stephen Allocco:
Viggo-I'm sorry to hear about your mom's passing- My dad and myself did some tile work for her in Clayton, many, many moons ago! She showed us some of your great photography( she was very proud of you)!
Kasia Luna
Kasia Luna:
I love Viggo. He was my first ever crush. After I saw him in Lord of the Rings, I just fell in complete love! haha
Cynthia Hood
Cynthia Hood:
I vote him one of the best actor ever. My favorite movie of his, is "Hidalgo".
Robert Koelle
Robert Koelle:
Viggo's comments about adapting his memories of his mother into a film are maybe the most open and vulnerable I've ever seen a celebrity be on a talk show. And Stephen got that immediately, and responded appropriately. Beautiful.
ABC 123
ABC 123:
I could listen to these two converse all day. So thoughtful. So intelligent. So funny. So wise. And both wounded by life - Stephen losing his father and two older brothers in a plane crash, especially - but being able to incorporate such loss into their lives and not only survive but thrive. No Hollywood bullshit. No politics. Just openness, and humility, and love.

The world needs more of this.
is incredible how his voice changed from english to spanish!
"I am most nourished - not consumed."

Same way I feel, Stephen. Same. 😁
Darren Ng
Darren Ng:
I thought I detected a smallest crack in Viggo's voice when he spoke about his mother's dementia and death, and also about how he tried to keep the flame alive. Sure glad he's had many years of acting experience to help suppress his grief.
Lasse Helgenberger
Lasse Helgenberger:
There should be a whole show with Stephen talking about LOTR.
Aziza W
Aziza W:
I think Viggo's role in the Ĺord of the Rings was awesome and I think he's a sexy man!
Marina Azores
Marina Azores:
So where in Spain is Viggo? Asking for a friend.
Scaper Viking
Scaper Viking:
Viggo never disappoints in anything. Wish he was in even more projects.
Sylvia Tamie Anan
Sylvia Tamie Anan:
Imagine Viggo saying to YOU, "You bow to no one" ❤❤❤
S Hogan
S Hogan:
I had no idea when I woke up today, I would connect with these two great people through our shared ordeal with having vertigo.
And that I would need that connection.
Take care everyone
Julia Connell
Julia Connell:
"Flame alive and the wound open" - "the pain is also part of you" -5:00 what beautiful words and sentiment - my dad passed 22 Jan 1998 - 8 years after he was formally diagnosed with dementia - I was 19 (in hindsight, in grieving him in late 1998 - I realised I had known since I was 16) - it is painful - esp watching him become a shadow of himself - mentally & physically - over those 8 years - having those 8 years made me appreciate him even more - every moment with him
Where's the other 3 hours of this interview? I want them! :)
Gearoid Collins
Gearoid Collins:
Stephen freaked out internally when Viggo said "you bow to no one"
Oya Oya Oya
Oya Oya Oya:
i wish i had half of Viggo's fine talents. this man is amazing
Mandy Blom
Mandy Blom:
Where was Gondor when the westfold fell?
Martin C
Martin C:
I'm sure Stephen had to hold himself back when Viggo referred to the Uruk-Hais as Orcs.
OMG Aragorn told Stephen "you my friend bow to no one!" 🥰 So wholesome.
This might be the only Late Show interview where you know that the Dude doing the Interview is more interested in the actor then the actor.
Fabled Creature
Fabled Creature:
Something about that guy just kept me mesmerized the whole time he was talking.
Bill Heuber
Bill Heuber:
Viggo is one of my favorite actors!! I love that you adopted the horse from Hidalgo! 💗👍🏼💖👍🏼

You're truly a good person!!
Burt Isaac
Burt Isaac:
We humans are so fragile. We need to take a break before we go up into the hills. That’s poetry. Thanks for sharing your journey and thoughts 💭. I thank everyone that made this so awesome 😎. Thanks for your soulful thoughts 💭. To Stephen Colbert and Viggo Mortensen and crews.
Kellie Green
Kellie Green:
I would follow you anywhere, my king, my kin.
Paola Rivera Tirado
Paola Rivera Tirado:
My God, his Spanish is incredible! And I should know... damn his sweet talking mouth!
Lynette Perkins
Lynette Perkins:
I could watch these guys talk forever. Just awesome.
Christina Delimitrou
Christina Delimitrou:
How refreshing to hear him :) He's excellent in all he does.
Exotic Car Facts Official Channel
Exotic Car Facts Official Channel:
A great actor and a great person overall, great interview with Viggo Mortensen 😎👏
Maggie Irene
Maggie Irene:
I would absolutely love to just hear him talk for hours...
Stephen Millar
Stephen Millar:
Great chemistry and synergy with these two. Charming and sincere exchange.
Tim Beaton
Tim Beaton:
Doing three movies like that, back to back. Peter Jackson must be the best Jigsaw Puzzle expert in the world. Whilst juggling at the same time.
stephanie lariviere
stephanie lariviere:
Hugs dementia is so difficult for the family.
Also adore that you had a visit with the Hobbits
Nofar Cohen
Nofar Cohen:
Just yesterday I finished my LOTR extended cut yearly rewatch... 💜
“The Hobbits” 😂😂😂 This is their identity.
Xandra R
Xandra R:
Jesus christ, he IS a goddamned poet. I didn't even realize. Thanks Stephen, thanks VIggo. <3
One of the only "celebrities" I have consistently been in love with my whole adult life, heh. Viggo is a different level.
Elad Asad
Elad Asad:
You know things are gonna be okay when Aragorn shows up eventually.
Capt'Wes Starwind
Capt'Wes Starwind:
The LOTR cast Zoom meeting is the greatest zoom meeting of all time. Plus, Sean Bean survived it.
John Davies
John Davies:
Flame alive is the same as wound open. A profound, bitter sweet truth.
Be still my beating heart, It's Viggo!! 😍 Thank you Stephen! 😊
Mer T
Mer T:
Viggo has lived in Madrid for years but he has not lost that wonderful Argentine accent when he speaks Spanish.
Jacqui Barnes
Jacqui Barnes:
I fell in love with Viggo in G.I.Jane and he will always be Master Chief Urgayle to me
Per Ivar Moen
Per Ivar Moen:
Soon the intro to Quarantinewhile will be longer than Quarantinewhile
Alex Rydin
Alex Rydin:
I would die to see video of orcs comforting aragorn during a vertigo attack.
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle:
His performance in eastern promises is truly unbelievable.
He's in Madrid; my son went to the same primary school as his wife's son. Wiggo was there all the time.
He said "Hello, how are you? How are we tonight?" when he spoke in Spanish 😄
Erica Stein
Erica Stein:
Viggo is a true Renaissance man. Watch any commentary or making of videos for any of his movies and all anyone can express is how dedicated he is and creative. Incredibly inspiring
I’ve always been in Love with Viggo! Love watching his movies.
Sriram Chillara
Sriram Chillara:
Time for stephen to go being star struck as a fan and revisiting his major man crush
Que hombre tan varonil y súper talentoso. Que guapura!! 💕
Joanne Ellis
Joanne Ellis:
My heart goes out to Viggo Mortensen. My dad and my spouse's dad both died of Alzheimer's; my spouse's mother has it and my spouse is in an advanced stage. I've written a book to help caregivers help their dementia-suffering loved ones AND keep their own hopes and dreams alive. I admire his multi-lingual skills; they may be part of what pushes him clear of this.
Such a beautiful human, Viggo is.
Monica Felstead
Monica Felstead:
Holy cow, I'm not the only one who has to randomly grab at something while the world spins around me....
Delcia Garcia
Delcia Garcia:
Virgo is such a class act. Love to listen to his Argentinian accent when he communicates in perfect Spanish. And who else gets to just hang out with the Hobbits? Best to him on his new project. 👏👏👏👏
A true renaissance man!☀️I also experienced my mother having dementia in her final years. It was one of the toughest things I have ever experienced.
When you fall in love with a character in a novel it’s always a disappointment to see them portrayed on the screen. Except, Viggo IS Aragorn. He was perfect. He’s always perfect in everything he does.
M Hallows
M Hallows:
Viggo is such a class act. What an awesome person.
Lisa gimblett
Lisa gimblett:
I have been in awe of his talents for a long time. A wonderful actor and humble human being.
Justine Harper
Justine Harper:
He called them the Hobbits. That makes my heart so happy 💖
Remembering the first time these two met back on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. :)
Javier Manriquez
Javier Manriquez:
just the depth of this conversation. the warmth, the calmly respect. you don't get to watch this kind of vibe on any other late night show. kudos to stephen, the crew, and of course, the great viggo mortensen.
teresa tall
teresa tall:
He kept his horse after becoming attached to it during filming. He also collects tumors and pizza boxes, fair dinkum.
Herman Falck How
Herman Falck How:
Brb. Viggo said the line and I now gotta go rewatch 12 hours worth of movies.
Skeptik 864464
Skeptik 864464:
Everytime I here viggo it reminds me of the scary bad guy from ghost busters 2 lol
Maria A
Maria A:
I have never heard him down Spanish. It's perfect.
I want to have his voice in my ears always. What a man
Megat Ismail
Megat Ismail:
"Do you speak the language of the country you're in?"
"Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?"
Iwein Joos
Iwein Joos:
Ofcourse people confuse Stephen and Viggo... One played Aragorn and the other played his much more handsome, much more skilled twin brother Darrylgorn an a much more popular movie!
Ay B
Ay B:
This needed to be two shows. Charles Blow and Viggo Mortensen are too interesting to be on the same night.
Dennis Ellis
Dennis Ellis:
So glad to see Vigo hire Lance Henrickson for something other than a sci fi type movie. He's an underrated actor
Viggo's kindness shines through his being. He is beautiful in every way.