Viggo Mortensen Shares On-Set Stories From 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Green Book' | 10 Questions

Viggo Mortensen competes on ‘10 Questions With Kyle Brandt.’ The actor discusses his roles in ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Green Book,’ and shares his favorite sports stories like seeing the Miracle on Ice in person during the 1980 Winter Olympics.

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Nicole 1021
Nicole 1021:
Him: Invites the guy who plays Aragorn
Also him: wears Boromir shirt
Alexander Gonzalez
Alexander Gonzalez:
Why there isn’t a LOTR Rewatchables is beyond me.
My brother. My captain. My king.
What a scoop. Viggo doesnt give too many interviews.
Ona Ebodaghe
Ona Ebodaghe:
Viggo is a legend 🐐 I grew up watching him in LOTR
47:48 haha Aragorn accidentally revealing his real identity and quickly remembering he's acting as Viggo Mortensen. Nice try, Strider lol
Chinaski Miura R.I.P.
Chinaski Miura R.I.P.:
Viggo is and always Will be our King.
Aguante San Lorenzo!
Christina Delimitrou
Christina Delimitrou:
One of the most candid interviews of Viggo I've seen. He seems to be in a great place in his life, well-deserved.
Edmond Honda
Edmond Honda:
Now I have to watch LOTR or I'm going to be off the rest of the day.
Matthew Pyne
Matthew Pyne:
Viggo is great in Captain Fantastic as well
Wendy Clinch
Wendy Clinch:
This is the 1st time I've watched your Podcast, because it's Viggo Mortensen. You Kyle do a really wonderful job, an ease and pleasant to watch/listen to. It's been wonderful to learn so much about Mr. Mortensen. It would have been wonderful to be me way back when he was growing up in Watertown, NY, and be able to call him friend. It's been a real pleasure to watch him over the last 20 years, LOTR Fan, so are my children - loved Green Book, and am looking forward to watching Falling.
Rush Chax
Rush Chax:
Such a beautiful soul. Its impossible to not like Viggo.
Jade McGuinness
Jade McGuinness:
Great interview. Viggo is so giving of his experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this😊😊
Gearoid Collins
Gearoid Collins:
LotR is the greatest movie of all time
Angela Sevin
Angela Sevin:
As someone who has a father in the final stages of dementia and went through similar struggles to find compassionate care for him, I deeply appreciate the nuances of this story.
Robert Castner
Robert Castner:
I mean, this is my favorite interview Kyle has done so far because the stories Viggo has told here are so expansive across all mediums and walks of life and he seems to be enjoying stuff so much. I like how competitive he was and how he handled himself throughout...this was a tour de force for sure
Lisa Trumble
Lisa Trumble:
Loved this!!! What a great show. Viggo should write a book, with so many memorable experiences he's had. Kyle, as always, engaging and respectful!
Marilyn Martins (Mare)
Marilyn Martins (Mare):
I love Viggo!! Stitch an extraordinary actor!! All his work is stunning! Hats off to you Viggo! Thank you for all you've given us!🥰
Sebas Sanchez C-137
Sebas Sanchez C-137:
The ultimate Strider 😎👌
bronxbombers 2211
bronxbombers 2211:
This mans a legend. Period
Nail Kalac
Nail Kalac:
Brian Lorenzen
Brian Lorenzen:
Just a unique, humble, weird, awesome guy.
Rodriguez Kuba
Rodriguez Kuba:
My favorite actor along with Daniel day-lewis 🙌🏼
Alyce Munroe
Alyce Munroe:
How come you never mentioned “The Road?” Such a magnificent interpretation of a Cormack McCarthy novel...which is never easy to do!?
Viggo was at the lake placid Olympics & saw the miracle on ice game? woooow
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia:
true legend. and really humble guy. most approachable star you'd ever meet.
Kyle came a long way from The Real 🌎
I have to say I'm impressed with Kyle Brandt, totally comfortable with his show, jokes, and all... Viggo is a complete thrill. Bravo
Tim Corwin
Tim Corwin:
After watching the Tiger Woods HBO special, if you include Church parking lots, I think Viggo has it right.
Mark Mayer
Mark Mayer:
Hilarious how little he responds to pop culture questions. Answered pretty well, but a struggle.
Tim Corwin
Tim Corwin:
I love that he talked about going to Rich Stadium, especially after all the Kyle Brandt "Bills Mafia" stuff that made January so much fun as a Bills fan.
Aidan Fitzgerald
Aidan Fitzgerald:
man 8 was like a watch people die inside moment
E B:
Great episode
Otto Didakt
Otto Didakt:
I nailed centipede under lsd during my local arcade championship ! damn those colours where wild
Lukas johansson
Lukas johansson:
Älskar intervjun! Den har verkligen allt, nice job🙌. Im gonna save this one in a playlist😘. Viggo Mortensen inspires me to become a better person, he has the charisma and the uniqe wisdome! I love that he is so down to earth.
Debbie Willoughby
Debbie Willoughby:
Hello Viggo from Wellington New Zealand!!! I was at the premiere of RotK
WNY Caveman
WNY Caveman:
what a fantastic contestant Mr Mortensen is, whoa.
CK Gaming Channel
CK Gaming Channel:
Viggo didn't know about Duck Hunt. Sad.
Mike Albanese
Mike Albanese:
No GI Jane questions?
Александр Гудаев
Александр Гудаев:
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Carol T
Carol T:
On Q 6 how could you not even mention the bus sex scene from A Walk on the Moon?
Greg Egg
Greg Egg:
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Colette Guggenheim
Colette Guggenheim:
Edmond Honda
Edmond Honda:
Viggo is not for that shallow world.
Konnect HD
Konnect HD:
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Hi. Please turn on auto subtitles.
Viggo is one person I always think looks significantly better as his character, with the darker hair, beard. Aragorn sort of ruined him that way.
Ben Tao
Ben Tao:
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