Viggo Mortensen Speaking 7 Languages

Viggo Mortensen speaking English, Spanish, Danish, French, Italian, Catalan and Arabic

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Rifqi Main Gitar
Rifqi Main Gitar:
I don't know if you have watched one of the best trilogy ever made in human history or not, but this guy speaks elvish too, :D
Grudge Spite
Grudge Spite:
He is Aragorn, what else do you guys expect from him? He is a king.
Good Solonius
Good Solonius:
I was kind of expecting him to speak English, high elf, wood elf, dwarf, ancient numenorian, Mordor orc and Misty Mountain goblin
Luke DeBiase
Luke DeBiase:
He seems like the absolute most polite and kind person ever
Caleb Hammon
Caleb Hammon:
I study Spanish for 10 years, travel to Central America, become a Spanish teacher, and marry a Hispanic woman.

He speaks Spanish for 30 seconds and I realize that I’m not fluent enough to understand the hell he just said. I’m going home.
osama roum
osama roum:
1:30 he speaks arabic algerian dialect !! that's my language .
Every person in the comments: THAT'S MY LANGUAGE AND HE'S AMAZING AT IT
Real Nova
Real Nova:
Man that Italian is clean af, he don't sound like a foreigner at all
I speak 5 of these 7 languages and can attest that he's absolutely flawless in all of these! *motivation to practice*
Amazing. He even dresses in 7 languages.
He doesn't just speak the languages, he's using the correct inflections so well it appears native. That's very impressive.
Daniel Ricardo
Daniel Ricardo:
"He's loved in seven languages."
michael glover
michael glover:
Would you expect anything less from the Dunedain?

Seriously though, Tolkien would have loved him. His lifes work was the study of languages.
yeiko torres
yeiko torres:
I'm Catalan and he speaks catalan so good. And his spanish with argentinian accent is nice.
Patrizia Ferreira
Patrizia Ferreira:
People who unliked this video was jealous of him!
This guy would make such an intelligent & charming James Bond Villain
I can't judge his proficiency with the languages, other than English which is impeccable, but what impresses me the most is that he has the respect and humility to make the effort to speak to people in their own language when in their country. As a Brit my lack of language skills is my biggest regret and a major embarrassment. Saying that i'm also nowhere near smart enough to learn 6 other languages either so I couldn't emulate him if I tried.
Aedvart Fordihens
Aedvart Fordihens:
Reminds me of Christopher Lee. He could speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, three dialects of Urdu and also a little bit of some other languages. So damn impressive this people!
Darth Nox
Darth Nox:
The actual alpha, commands respect without intimidation. Sensitive, but not weak. Talented and knowledgeable. Ended up marrying an elven princess and became King of Gondor. Life goals ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ
Rigel Sinco
Rigel Sinco:
I imagined him sitting together with J.R.R Tolkien, laughing as they play a game of I'll say a phrase in one language, you finish it with another.
Kristin K
Kristin K:
I'm reporting this for sexual content
AV John
AV John:
When they reboot Lord of the Rings, Viggo will play himself
if Earth needs someone to represent it, i feel he's a good contender
Edgar Alastrué
Edgar Alastrué:
Even the Catalan accent is legit
Diane Cranson
Diane Cranson:
Now I'm feeling like Jamie Lee Curtis in A fish called Wanda
J. Cesar.
J. Cesar.:
Excellent English, excellent Spanish, excellent Danish, excellent french, excellent Italian, passable Arabic, good Catalan.
A true polyglot.
idk who
idk who:
Great actor, great person, great swordsman, great with languages, incredibly smart. (And also really handsome lol)
Sharon Fain
Sharon Fain:
I really love his acting an intelligent! He’s very talented with the language s .
le hongcong
le hongcong:
“How Nordic are you?”

blood drops from eye

“Come on in”
He's been in many great movies, but one that gets overlooked is A History of Violence. If you haven't seen it, you're in for a treat.
mr zed
mr zed:
Viggo is scary intelligent. What a renaissance man
Amélie de Turckheim
Amélie de Turckheim:
He speaks amazing in catalan! Love from Barcelona :) the others too
Angela Khalil
Angela Khalil:
He is the king of Gondor for something.
but seriously, one of the best actors of our generation
Some Guy
Some Guy:
His Danish seems unusually articulant, as a swede i found it kinda easy to understand for once. He would probably pick up Swedish in a couple of weeks as well.
Viggo is the only true king. And he definitely doesn't have to say "I am the king".
Edwin Aguilar
Edwin Aguilar:
Of course he speaks seven languages: "He is Aragorn son of Arathorn, the nine and thirtieth heir in the right line from Isildur, and yet more like Elendil than any before him."
Geraldine Ossandon
Geraldine Ossandon:
I'm gonna say that I am so proud that he is argentinian

P K:
Damn, he even has the mannerisms.
Paul T.
Paul T.:
Vigo no habla "español", habla "argentino rioplatense"
Austin Miller
Austin Miller:
No matter what language you speak, “ummm” always sounds the same
chris olsen
chris olsen:
This doesn’t even include the Russian or the elvish he knows....
Anna Rossi
Anna Rossi:
When he talked in italian my heart skipped a beat
Vlado Holic
Vlado Holic:
His danish is spot on! Amazing!
Fréddy Chopin
Fréddy Chopin:
I love it how his expression changes with the languages.. how enticing lol
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor:
I already love this man and his career, leave me be! So awesome.
Angelo Cadena
Angelo Cadena:
I know it's impressive, but a king needs to have this skill.
haroune mahrez
haroune mahrez:
1:30 OMG he speaks the algerian dialect. bravo
Gabriel Vallejo
Gabriel Vallejo:
Imagine him as Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds, it would be really awesome too!
Der Meister
Der Meister:
I totally love how his danish has a slight accent from Jutland. That's so charming.
Wow, that is amazing. He is so cool.
Sergio Bayona
Sergio Bayona:
his Spanish is perfect. With an Argentinian accent. Impressive guy.
Gigia Snow
Gigia Snow:
i'm italian and can confirm that he speaks really well.
Wedad Osman
Wedad Osman:
The arabic made zero sense to me and im fluent, besides “Al Salamu Alaikum” ofc.
0:35 Nuestro querido español... tiene un acento medio argentino xD!!!
Alex Triana
Alex Triana:
His spanish is perfect, with Argentinian accent
He's cheating at Italian. Everyone knows that wearing a fancy suit gives an inherent bonus to +2 for Italian. The haircut adds another +1 right there, smh
AniCaro 1
AniCaro 1:
I'm from Brazil, but I live in Argentina and when he speaks Spanish he sounds like a native from here, so perfect! Well He lived here, that's why he sounds like an Agentinian.😍😍😍
William Boivin-Villeneuve
William Boivin-Villeneuve:
maaan hes legit really good!
Brilliant man. Viggo even has the Argentine accent down to a T. Impressive!
i'm waiting him to speak elvish but then i remember it's a fiction one. Lol
Rui Alexandre
Rui Alexandre:
This is what you can do when you have 3 average human lifetimes to live.
Ami L
Ami L:
Oh my gosh! Love him even more. :) He's awesome.
Bri Terry
Bri Terry:
You lost me after English but hot damn that's impressive! I've been trying to learn Spanish for 10 years lmao how does his brain hold all those languages..
Roger Moreno
Roger Moreno:
Wow I had no idea. Very impressive. I’ve always had a lot of respect and reverence for multilingual people it’s a pretty amazing skill to have!
Steven Leslie
Steven Leslie:
Nerd: does Elvish count?
Me: huh, no
Laurel Flower
Laurel Flower:
His Russian in "Eastern Promises" was near flawless. Even though he isn't fluent, his ear must be incredibly sensitive. Also, I don't know any elves personally, but I'm sure they would say the same of his elvish.
1:29 holly shit he even spoke arabic there (algerian dialect) it's my native language and i could understand him wow
Sir Puzzle
Sir Puzzle:
Plot twist: He is an international spy!
1:30 he speaks Algerian I guess he said " I come to Algeria to prepare my self to make a new movie to discover other cultures " My father is American and my mother is Algerian assalamu alikum 🌹
so what is his mother language? they all could be smh
Jellyfish 0
Jellyfish 0:
I love his Argentine accent when he speaks Spanish.
Richard T
Richard T:
I guess when you’re 80 years old you tend to master one or seven languages. Jokes aside, it is simply amazing!
Armando Cardona
Armando Cardona:
Elvish too--and I hear hear he can actually speak the dark language of Mordor but prefers not to.
8 languages! You forgot about Elvish, lol ;-)
dis pater
dis pater:
Man's fluent in 7 languages while im out here barely speaking 3 and my spanish is really basic 😅
Cristina Príncipe
Cristina Príncipe:
His Spanish is absolutely perfect. I thought he was Argentinian the first time I heard him.
I like how he has the exact same tone and rhythm in every language
formybuds formybuds
formybuds formybuds:
aside from being a good actor, he is also extremely intelligent
thank you for compiling this video and showing this
Amazing. So fluid in all languages.
mark darnell
mark darnell:
Bubba: "Hell! - He must be the AntiChrist!"
Kerry Cutler
Kerry Cutler:
Not only does he nail the languages, he nails the accents too.
Aurora Trejos
Aurora Trejos:
I died and went to heaven when I heard him speak Spanish. Oh my heart.
A V:
Wow! He sounds like he's from Argentina when he speaks Spanish-- perfect intonation!
Audrone Bielskyte
Audrone Bielskyte:
I will always love Vigo for the lord of the rings trilogy
Katarina Gratton
Katarina Gratton:
Wow, that's amazing!
Jack McFarlane
Jack McFarlane:
Viggo is pretty high on the list of most interesting people in the world.
Such as amazing man. How could he speaks 7 languange + 1elfish
THE most impressive aspect to Viggo Mortensen speaking these various languages is that the folks that are commenting saying how they are so very impressed by him speaking their language so well. Well done Mr. Mortensen!
Ganpignanus .Gianni
Ganpignanus .Gianni:
very accomplished linguist aragorn. i'm learning my third language... i also know how to ride a horse and i own one. so that is also important. best wishes from middle earth.
Harry Hughes
Harry Hughes:
One of my favorite actors.
He speaks 7 languages and looks 15-20 years younger, than he actually is ( 61 ) ...
Jennifer Matoske
Jennifer Matoske:
I know enough of several of these to know he speaks them beautifully! I'm in love!!!
Megan Fedor
Megan Fedor:
I thought I loved this man because he loves! He's gotta be a genius! IQ is *SUCH* a turn-on!
Giuseppe papaleo
Giuseppe papaleo:
When he was speaking italian, he was grateful for being in a city and a country that love cinema so much
Carl Heese
Carl Heese:
I was a fan but never knew this! Just like knowing only recently about Audrey Hepburn can speak 7 languages as well. I'm in awe of these ⭐
Wow his Spanish has absolutely not one hint of
English accent. He could sound 100% local in argentina
La cuina al cor
La cuina al cor:
His catalan is so nice! His wife is catalan actually! Respect for this man.
Walter and Sebastian
Walter and Sebastian:
🤩😍love Vigo ! Such a talented man
Love this guy- Great actor- In 'Green Book' It took me a while to recognize him as Viggo-
He also speaks Nuyorican in Carlito's Way: "Look at me! I can't walk, I can't hum. So keel me you cawk-sawker!"