Vincent Bueno - Amen - LIVE - Austria 🇦🇹 - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2021

Vincent Bueno represented Austria in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Amen
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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest:
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Anahit and Borya
Anahit and Borya:
Defiantly deserves final. He was the best vocally❤🔥
Ekaterina Amarina
Ekaterina Amarina:
This is the most underrated performance of the 2nd semi-final 🥲🥲🥲 Sending love from Russia.
Naila Nasirova
Naila Nasirova:
I loved the performance... I voted for Austria. I will always listen to this song. It is an amazing song that touches your heart... Lots of love Vincent :)
Minerva Blackrose
Minerva Blackrose:
I voted for him, I’m so sad he didn’t qualify 😫 Dear Austria, you can be so proud of your eurovision song, it’s very beautiful and touching ❤️ Sincere greetings from Poland 🇵🇱❤️🇦🇹❤️
Riccardo Rota
Riccardo Rota:
This song is so personal and emotional. I think that’s so underrated and it’s so sad because I’m in love with the lyric. Austria deserved a better treatment from the public of Eurovision. Good job Austria, love from your neighbour.<3<3
Natasha K.
Natasha K.:
How is this not in the final?? He has incredible vocals and a beautiful song! ROBBED
it's absolutely unfair. such a powerful song, powerful voice, i listen on repeat. he definitely deserved at least the final. no words
Josh Willis
Josh Willis:
Sad to see people’s talent not getting recognised anymore, people rather watch ass shaking and would do anything for it smh, the Eurovision is about talent. Austria truthfully deserved to be in the finals.
Anastasia D
Anastasia D:
I don't understand how Moldova got to the final and not this, like no offense but I just don't get It.
Luca M
Luca M:
I‘m sad that he doesn‘t made it to the Final.
What a Voice, what a Performance!

I Voted for him
panda bee
panda bee:
я так расстроилась! такая трогательная песня и посвящение! это просто...у меня нет слов, я так надеялась, что он пройдет в финал.
Kiara Ronquillo
Kiara Ronquillo:
real talk,..vincent deserved to be in the final. He served us vocals like no other performer tonight. i wish he was in the finals :(
Kamola M
Kamola M:
I feel so sorry that we will not here him in Grand Finals. The most emotional song of tonight! Simply thanks!
Carrie Houston
Carrie Houston:
For me this is tied with Gjon for best performance of the night and I can't believe it didn't even qualify. Livid.
I can't believe you didn't make it to the final. Europe is officially deaf!
Great performance and he definitely should have qualified... Vocally he was one of the strongest performers tonight
mimi bg
mimi bg:
Austria be proud! He was the best vocalist, i really thought he was gonna be in the top 3
Amazing performance and amazing meaning behind the song ♥️♥️♥️
octopus friendly
octopus friendly:
I can’t hold back my tears😭😭😭 It's very disappointing that this song is not in the final😥 I'm very disappointed because it was very touching and beautiful😍With love from Russia❤️🇷🇺
Liran L
Liran L:
What a powerful voice.
He deserved a place in the Grand Final.
Julia Red
Julia Red:
How is this not in the final?? He has incredible vocals and a beautiful song! ROBBED
Oh Damn Vincent you can be so proud of yourself! This totally deserved to qualify. What a shame. This kind of artists is why Eurovision should hold a second chance, that we can pick a NQ to qualify into the finals.
Jáchym Černý
Jáchym Černý:
I really wished Vincent to qualify. His voice and stage performance is something I'll never forget. Sending lots of love from your Czech brothers.
❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💙🤍🤍🤍
🤍🤍🤍🤍 💙💙❤️❤️
❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💙❤️❤️❤️
Anton Kern
Anton Kern:
Austria was robbed - Vincent delivered - and was outstanding - it was such a high classy performance - Vincent we love you
Adəm Heybətli
Adəm Heybətli:
Очень жаль что он не вышел в финал. Песня очень трогательная, вокал отличный, без ошибок. Очень жаль
Kamola M
Kamola M:
Still can't accept that he didn't make it through to the finals. The performance was great, so emotional and touching and together with strong vocals... I can't understand what else the audience needed. For me he is the winner of this night!
The problem is that Austria doesn't have a real safe-haven of points in Europe. We have no connections (unlike Balkans, Scandinavians etc.) although we're in the middle of Europe. Austria has never been popular (maybe because of our history). So if no real extra outstanding performance (like Conchita) it is really tough for Austria - even to qualify!
Jon West
Jon West:
Such a great song and it's a tragedy that he didn't make the final
Divaa Slayyy
Divaa Slayyy:
That was real emotions, and very high quality performance
Love from Lithuania🇱🇹🇱🇹
Gil Loureiro
Gil Loureiro:
From Portugal: one of my favs. Really sad it's not in the final. Highly robbed!!!!Anyway, great song for my playlist!
Impressive vocals! Impressive staging! Impressive total package!
Jay Lee
Jay Lee:
His vocal is so great. He really sings his heart out. It gives me goosebumps.
I couldn't vote for Austria but if I could, i would have voted for him! Vincent, you were absolutely brilliant. Your vocals, your heart ❤ my family and I really felt the emotions. It was breathtaking!!
You deserved the final so much ❤

I'm so sad :(
Lema Sander
Lema Sander:
So sad that he didn’t make it to the final. It was a very powerful and emotional performance (even more than I expected) with flawless vocals. It was a pleasure to hear and watch this 💕 greetings from your neighbors from Germany 🌸
Joe Mama
Joe Mama:
Man, I really love Vincent's vocals so much, and I personally am SO happy that he sings for us at CIG every now and then, such an incredible performance!
I love the song and performance so much. This is just heart breaking 😭
Hugs from Israel
Nala Mie
Nala Mie:
This was really good ❤️ if I could vote, I would vote for this song
P. S.
P. S.:
I was surprised how well he performed this song live. I didn't expect Austria to be in the finals with this song, but only for the quality of this singer, I would have voted for him. Big loss. He is definitely one of the best voices this year
Jor 768
Jor 768:
Why is this song not in the final? 😔Love from The Netherlands🇳🇱
VINCENT, you can be soooo proud of yourself after this incredible performance!! Who needs the final when they have such a beautiful heart anyways ❣ I was rooting for you from 🇨🇭 and I will be supporting you in the future as well, all the best on your splendid journey 👑
Vielen vielen Dank für diese wundervolle Botschaft und tausend Blumen für unsere liebsten Nachbarn im Osten ✌🏻💐
Juli Reim
Juli Reim:
Sehr geile Performance Vincent! Schade, dass es nicht gereicht hat. Ohne dich brauch ich mir das Finale gar nicht mehr anschauen.
Schöne Grüße aus Oberösterreich.
Anita Breczko
Anita Breczko:
This man sang his whole soul out! It was an increadible performance! And this didn't qualified but Moldova did? It's hilarious people......😢 I'm honestly angry...But you can be peoud of yourself Vincent and Autria too! I loved every second!❤️ Greetings from Hungary💕🇭🇺
Markéta Melounová
Markéta Melounová:
Soo sad Austria did not make it to the final... That was definitely love on first hearing <3 So pure, emotional.... Love from the Czech Republic <3
rob de Jong
rob de Jong:
how did this not qualify?
this song is so underrated!
Katharina T
Katharina T:
Juries, where you at? This was by far one of the best vocal performance and the most emotional! How did others get through and not this one?
Mihkel Ansper
Mihkel Ansper:
This song was one of the top 3 songs from this semi-final no matter which angle you look at it. Someone should start a new worlds biggest song contest where they would actually value the songs. That means lyrics, meaning, catchiness, vocal skills, choreography, dancing skills. :)
Out of all the ones that didn't make it from the 2nd, I'm really surprised this didn't make it. I found his voice pretty smooth and flawless. He had a great performance and shouldn't be ashamed of that.
Alex Pang
Alex Pang:
i hope the meaning of this song is appreciated by the viewers at home
Nicole Streiner
Nicole Streiner:
Total unverdient ausgeschieden. Du hättest es echt verdient gehabt. Für mich der beste Sänger und auch der, der am meisten den Spaß am Singen und die Emotionen des Songs verkörpert hat. 💚

Danke, dass du für uns Österreicher angetreten bist und deinen Song mit uns allen geteilt hast!
G G:
Amazing! 😇🤩
The only song in the whole competition that make me emotional...
Whyyyyy whyyyyy
I'm crying, I wanted to see him on Saturday 😭
Andreas Eklöf
Andreas Eklöf:
So sad this didn't go to final. Daring chords for a Eurovision-song, beautiful melody. I loved it!
Hoseok Is My Hope
Hoseok Is My Hope:
Very touching performance. I wish him the best for his future! Don't be sad, your song touched our hearts. 💖💖
This song made me full on cry on the couch. I felt every words he said.
jonathan v
jonathan v:
It sucked that most of west Europe couldn't vote for this masterpiece. East Europe always votes for each other
Nanami Chiaki
Nanami Chiaki:
Es ist unglaublich,dass dieses schöne Lied es nicht ins Finale geschafft hat!Ich fand dein Lied das emotionalste des Abends.Du hast deine Gefühle gezeigt und du solltest darauf stolz sein.Du erfüllst mich mit stolz,Österreicherin zu sein.
Vincent, that performance was incredible! Now you deserve to qualify *even more* - such a stunner 🤩
Fingers crossed to my neighbours from 🇨🇭
leader kappa
leader kappa:
This song is plain beautiful and calm. It's a shame it didn't qualify for the finals. Greetings from 🇬🇷
mirela rogulj
mirela rogulj:
Bravo Vincent! The best song ever in Eurosong. I will vote for you. You have amazing voice.
Regards from Croatia
Timo Herrmann
Timo Herrmann:
Pure, elegant and flawless
M. B.
M. B.:
I can't believe this did not pass to the finals. My absolutely no. 1! 😕 👋🏻 from 🇷🇸
Gabrijel Agovic
Gabrijel Agovic:
He deserve to be in final totally
This was so beautiful, I'm very sad he didn't qualify... Guess you'll need a woman with a tight sparkling dress and a bad song next time, neighbours.
From Germany 🇩🇪
The best amen this year by far!
Ruben Emblem
Ruben Emblem:
You deserved to go the final, Vincent <3
Ro Wo
Ro Wo:
Vocals and emotions on point, deserves the final!
so robbed ... but i have to mention that he was on point and i am very proud of his performance at all!! he really deserved to be in the final!
johny n
johny n:
maybe he doesn't go to the finals but for sure is one of my big favorites !!
sweethobby_makeup Tatiana
sweethobby_makeup Tatiana:
How could this song be out? This is one of the best
kpop 24/7
kpop 24/7:
Conor Geraghty
Conor Geraghty:
This is not a Eurovision song this is a song for the world make it number 1 in the charts
He was great. I'm so sad that he won't be in the grand final
Daniel K.
Daniel K.:
Thanks to all who vote for us! Love from STYRIA 💚🇦🇹
Sad he didn't qualify. I really liked the performance.
Måneskin with Sis
Måneskin with Sis:
3:02 his emotions are seen 😍😍😭
clo clo
clo clo:
Best vocals and song, cannot believe he did not qualify (Vincent has lost a child and an aunt recently)
The best song of the 2 semi finale (with Switzerland). Be proud Austria, you objectively deserved to be in finale, I find it very unfair quality wise. What a great song, what a magnetic performer and performance. EXCELLENT. I immediately bought the track and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I really regret that you weren’t chosen.
Lhen Ocampo
Lhen Ocampo:
It makes me cry 😥he deserved to 1 in the grand finalist watching from greece❤❤❤
Matty Moore
Matty Moore:
That’s once powerful performance!! 😍
Danke Österreich 🇬🇧💙🇦🇹
I'm so sorry, Austria. Beautiful song. But at least, Austria already won Eurovision. Better years will come! All the love from Portugal 🇵🇹♥️
Григорий Пашедко
Григорий Пашедко:
Непроход в финал Австрии ещё раз доказывает что Европе гораздо интереснее смотреть на женщин виляющими задницей и порно-костюмы,чем на красивые песни с хорошим вокалом.Австрия в финале,ничего не знаю
Beautiful song, he deserved the final more than some other songs.
Elsie Norr
Elsie Norr:
Robbed of a place in the final! (Maybe he should have ours, there’s no chance for us!) Love UK 🇬🇧🇦🇹
Emanuele Fabbri
Emanuele Fabbri:
He give all in this stage and it was very cool. This performance is what I would have done if I was capable of singing😅😅 Vincent you did an amazing job
Катерина Рученко
Катерина Рученко:
I haven’t listened deeply to the text. But I feel the love of this song! Very strong one!!!!
nick dixon
nick dixon:
Clearly the best song and performance.
Ignace games
Ignace games:
this is the best song there is why is this not going to the final this song has real talent why is this not going to the final this is the best song i have ever heard in eurovision song contest
Elena Karoumpi
Elena Karoumpi:
Best song of the semifinal !! Emotional performance, real talent, amazing voice!! He has to be in the final !!! Love from Greece 💜
Indrani Das
Indrani Das:
Moldova went and this didn't shows whats wrong with the majority of people nowadays.
Vincent made me proud as an Asian🤘
I hope he comes back with a dance number next time cause he can dance better than anyone and well people only care about dancing in a fucking Song Contest.
Rejzele Alice
Rejzele Alice:
What an amazing performance! So deep, so professional.... It is a HUGE mistake that we will not be able to see this song in the final.... Bravo and love from Ukraine!!!
Mary Samantha Vlog
Mary Samantha Vlog:
🙏🙏🙏🙏He deserve to be in finals!
Robin Te Beek
Robin Te Beek:
Fresh Mo
Fresh Mo:
I'm so so devastated, sad and incredibly sorry that he didn't reach the final! :(( What a shame! Vincent was robbed!
Lieber Vincent, du hast mich tief berührt und einen wahnsinnig guten Aufritt hingelegt, bitte sei stolz auf dich und nict allzu traurig! Grüße aus Deutschland! <3
I don't need therapy, I just need to go to Japan!
I don't need therapy, I just need to go to Japan!:
This had me crying a few lines in. Close to perfect performance. Truly deserved to be in the final 💔
This was top quality! The vocals – WOW! I’m still so shocked that this didn’t qualify.
Janna Thomson جنا طومسون
Janna Thomson جنا طومسون:
Your song and your vocals touched our hearts all over the world, you should be proud and should all or Austria, I am a singer and I loved it
You definitely deserved to go on! You got the best voice in this competition!!!!!!
Χρηστος Κουτσος
Χρηστος Κουτσος:
He deserved a spot in the final ❤️
Viral Recreation
Viral Recreation:
I voted for you, Vincent. Greetings from Bulgaria!
Neil Batchelor
Neil Batchelor:
Best tune of the lot. Robbed.