Virgin Galactic's spaceplane prepares for historic takeoff

Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic spaceplane are ready for takeoff on Sunday, hoping to launch the start of the astro-tourism industry. Mark Strassmann has more.

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44 komentarze:

Grandpa Alien
Grandpa Alien:
"We're not there yet" is not something I would want to hear 24 hours before going into space.
Ad Astra
Ad Astra:
Pretty certain Branson is checking the tire pressure and oil levels at the moment
Larry Southern
Larry Southern:
GOODLUCK AND GODSPEED to the Galctic Crew!!!... Have a safe trip......
Vincent Nord
Vincent Nord:
Virgin Galactic - 2004-2021: Near 17 years in the making. That’s a heck of a perseverance. Congrats and good luck Mr Branson.
Robert M
Robert M:
Wow. Good move to have the safety guy's wife help sell the idea of all of this being safe.
DJ Digital
DJ Digital:
I love competition!
All systems go and God Speed!
New York 1 News
New York 1 News:
This is good 👍 and cool
- wish I could do it
Ramons Media Blog
Ramons Media Blog:
Wow! That’s amazing
Alejandro Alcantarilla
Alejandro Alcantarilla:
"Moment of truth"

Me: *sees the name of the town where the spaceport is located*

Me: lmao
Oppressed Speaker of truth
Oppressed Speaker of truth:
Interesting choice for the name of an airline 🤔
He kind of looks like my supervisor, but ofc, more than $100B richer 🤣👍
Adrian Castillo
Adrian Castillo:
0:00 crazy how the first space race was between the U.S. and Russia, two world powers, but now it's between individual companies.
Mayur Bhor
Mayur Bhor:
They should have taken a Flat Earther with them.
Pro Player
Pro Player:
Is this 0 emission? Last week it was 47degrees Celsius
I feel like it's a disrespect to call them astronaut vs the men and women who actually trained to be astronauts/cosmonauts. These guys are just space tourists.
Raging Monk
Raging Monk:
1:05 We have to have battery operated cars so rich people car joy ride while polluting more in an hour then my SUV does in a year.
If you guys want to see who's the bigger man, just go out in back and pull out a ruler.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams:
Book me for the space plane VSS Icarius
Be a part of space exploration get some $SPCE
Ealiel Zilpazuchil
Ealiel Zilpazuchil:
Well ,I don't believe that heaven waits for Only those who congregate
Brenda Visconti
Brenda Visconti:
Fly Far Fly True and Come Home to MaMa..😘
What a gargantuan price tag! For all the regular folks out there who want to experience zero-g, just take a ride on the vomit comet for 5 grand and ride the parabola 6 times. Way more fun for 40x less money
EJ Ali
EJ Ali:
David Ellis
David Ellis:
Like a James Bond film. " I think he's attempting reentry sir "
Yuy Yes
Yuy Yes:
Lol space X killing them
I just hope the husband and wife are getting along that day, if you know what I mean 😏 😆 🚀 💥 jk😜
OG Reggie B
OG Reggie B:
Hope the vessel does not shoot its load into space..
Bryan Max
Bryan Max:
I think he could seriously make it across the planet with that plane
Syed Abdullah
Syed Abdullah:
"A person who orbited the earth once can be termed astronaut". Just poking your head out of earth's upper atmosphere and then falling back is no small feat, but... kind of boring.
david eisenbud
david eisenbud:
Two eccentric billionaires if they don't come back safely it could wreck the economy.
Jean Hubley
Jean Hubley:
Why does it cost so much to go
triple g code
triple g code:
Why dont they do something that hasnt been done yet 50 years ago
It's all fun and games until the among us music starts playing...
Jon Tait
Jon Tait:
Waste of time starship is here
Bryan Leovy
Bryan Leovy:
Who cares.
Feed the people
relax the panda
relax the panda:
OK but i don't think anyone on that ship should be called astronauts.
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki:
Mister Yummy
Mister Yummy:
It looses too much,too much altitude once released by mother
No connection
No connection:
Hopefully not another Historic fire ball.
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick:
Who will die the fastest
analog albacore
analog albacore:
Who cares
John Walck
John Walck:
Those two billionaires couldn’t think of ANYTHING else to spend their money on ???
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
I feel like this flight will explode or crash. Mark this post