Vital Heynen | #MySuper7

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18 komentarze:

European Volleyball
European Volleyball:
This video was filmed over a year ago, do you think Heynen's team would be the same now?
Some of you guys, really didn't catch what it is all about. This isn't "the best 7 in the world by Vital", but "the best vital's 7", which means those are the players Vital endorse, likes and respects the most. Those who he rembebered throught his time as a coach for different teams.
Adolf Kitller
Adolf Kitller:
Poland loves this madman - he describes himself as such <3 :D
Adam Wu
Adam Wu:
We can see how important for Vital is mental side of players. Of course he mentioned ony those who he worked with but we can see what is his perspective in coaching.
any player is lucky to have Vital as their coach❤️ he is a good person and an excellent coach😊
top coach!
Iza Xxx
Iza Xxx:
Vital. Poland we love you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
clips rp
clips rp:
LOL at people criticizing his choices. This is his Super 7, not yours. Plus, in anything.. whether a team in an office or in sports, it's not just skills, it's about personality as well, that's why he considered all those in his choices.
Bojan Kordic
Bojan Kordic:
so this is a team of best 7 coaches :D good luck winning with this team :D
דניאל גולוב
דניאל גולוב:
What the name of the song?
Lonida 460
Lonida 460:
Léon no ?
Wilfredo mejia
Wilfredo mejia:
Jajaja ninguno de Cuba Brasil ni Rusia
Leonardo Estevao
Leonardo Estevao:
And Brazil , nobody
Leonardo Estevao
Leonardo Estevao:
Erwan Le Moal
Erwan Le Moal:
Vital is a clever guy. He's talking about the players that learned him the most just to put Kubiak's name in the end. It's just a way to legitimate his captain while he's seen as the weak link of Poland's team...
Gê Siqueira
Gê Siqueira:
This super 7 is a fxxking joke lmao (only good thing is that Drzyzga is not in his list)
And his insistence on Kubiak makes me feel sick