Wally Funk will fly to space on New Shepard’s first human flight

Fulfilling a lifelong mission to become an astronaut, Wally Funk will fly to space on New Shepard’s first human flight on July 20 as an honored guest. She will join Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, and the auction winner on the flight. 

Learn more: https://bit.ly/2Uk0SFp

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Matt O
Matt O:
OK, credit where it's due: You made a good coice there Jeff.
Nagarjun Kashyap
Nagarjun Kashyap:
Look at her joy! She truly deserves this!
Chirath Peiris
Chirath Peiris:
ok, usually not a fan of Bezos, but this was a nice considered choice.
Fantastic choice. At 82, she will become the oldest person in space ever!
Chris Trott
Chris Trott:
So happy to hear that Wally is finally getting her chance to fly to space. After so many tries and being so close at least 2 times, she definitely deserves it.
That’s some amazing PR. It’s also just an amazing thing to do.
This actually made me cry, I'm so happy for her, God speed Wally fly safe 🚀🚀🚀
Chris Bowers
Chris Bowers:
Ok, it's this month finally, less than three weeks. The wait is almost over!
Thanos Panda
Thanos Panda:
Ill give credit. Mr who did good on this choice.
Ivor Mektin Beef™
Ivor Mektin Beef™:
I'm going to smile all day because of her!
Feel Good
Feel Good:
That pretty bird deserves to fly in Space! Thank you, Jeff, for choosing her!!!
I'm one of her 3,000 students! Wally is by far the most amazing person I've ever had a chance to fly with!!!! Way to go Jeff!!!! Thanks for making my great friend so happy!!!!!
John Maun
John Maun:
Awesome, good for you Wally and good on Bezos for picking her.
Ryan Schwinghammer
Ryan Schwinghammer:
She’s so excited. I’m happy for her.
Leo Yambao
Leo Yambao:
She’s so happy

Good job jeff
I met Wally when I was in college flying for NIFA. She hasn’t changed.
Justin Schiavo
Justin Schiavo:
This is so awesome. The Mercury 13 were amazing, and so happy to see one of them going to space!
Emma Burgess
Emma Burgess:
That’s amazing, great choice. So happy for her!!
Freiherr von Braun
Freiherr von Braun :
Her enthusiasm is infectious!
she is really passionate.
Wally is amazing. I'm so happy she's going to get to go to space!
When Funk is not your middle name but your actual family name, you know you're the coolest cat out there.

Funk is going to space.
mb houtex
mb houtex:
The look on her face as she hears the news from Jeff... Perfect. Good job. She needs to go. Go Wally! Go BO!
I was just reading about Wally the other day.... what a fabulous choice.
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Roberts:
Great choice!
Flash Eddy
Flash Eddy:
Wally Funk is someone special, congratulations. - UK
An absolutely excellent choice! Can't think of anyone who deserves it more. Well done!
Fred Quijada
Fred Quijada:
Godspeed and God bless Wally! Can’t wait to see you fulfill that beautiful dream! We’ll all be in that cockpit with you!
Carl Philip
Carl Philip:
shees such a heartwarming person
Waker of Winds
Waker of Winds:
I was a bit annoyed when I heard someone had bid so much for this seat. However, I think this is one of the best people it could've gone to.

edit: she's not the person who won the bid - but I'm still super happy she's flying on this. Now we just need to get her on Dragon!
Amazing woman, amazing gift!
Awesome Wally. From one Wally to another, you go girl.
Tim Franta
Tim Franta:
I could not be happier for Wally! I used a powerful clip of her saying "We could have done it, if they just let us," for the Nichelle Nichols' documentary about the recruitment of the first women and minority astronauts. She appears about 44 seconds into the clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ir8YhnEjab4 That recruitment would not have been necessary if they had let her fly. Thanks to Jeff Bezos for correcting this error in history.
Candy Gleason
Candy Gleason:
As an Alum of Stephens College I am thrilled that Wally finally gets to live her dream! And at 82!!! Fabulous!
Arnaud MEURET:
This is the greatest PR stunt that the space race has ever created ! 🥰
Melinda Nicole
Melinda Nicole:
I have goosebumps watching this! That is so exciting and amazing, she definitely deserves it!
I'm so excited for you Wally! This is so amazing. Sending prayers for a safe trip and we will see y'all when you get back home! #LoveHealsAll #Respect #Family #NASA
Hugo Ramon Mayorga Barria
Hugo Ramon Mayorga Barria:
0:43 respect to the editor!
This put tears in my eyes! How incredible to see this woman finally realize her dream and at that age. She should be an inspiration for all of us.
Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd:
Glad to see her flying!
Antonio Bryon
Antonio Bryon:
I hope Ed Dwight jr, has the fifth seat in new Shepard
Feel happy for her, she was so excited and full of energy. Such an inspiration
Murph the Martian Mustelid
Murph the Martian Mustelid:
Wally has been such an inspiration to me the past couple years or so that I've discovered my love for space <3
Megtooth Sith Sabers
Megtooth Sith Sabers:
This is an awesome pick! Go Wally! Im excited for 7/20.
I'm glad to hear that their trip to space was indeed a resounding success.
Kudos, Blue Origin.
Mario Ernst
Mario Ernst:
This makes me so happy! Thank you Mr. Bezos!
Chris Mehling
Chris Mehling:
Fantastic choice. She deserves this. 
Now I'll watch.
Louise P
Louise P:
What a wonderful gesture Jeff very well done 👌so excited to see you both in space - good luck and I hope the landing in smooth.
DarthVader Toda
DarthVader Toda:
She’s so happy , lots of love to all astronauts ♥️
Joaco Gonzalez
Joaco Gonzalez:
For this time, you have my respect Jeff
Justin Brown
Justin Brown:
Oh I would love Wally to go to the iss on the spacex. She's a legend, makes me so cross that she was denied her shot when she was in her prime.
Arthur Ribas
Arthur Ribas:
she is an absolute legend, it was a good choice
drbob s82
drbob s82:
Woo woo woo woo! Awesome! Wally absolutely deserves this opportunity and there couldn’t have been a better choice. Watching this made me cry. So happy for her- long time coming!
Great choice. Love the calendar on her wall.
Мой Устимов Entertainment
Мой Устимов Entertainment:
You are great fellows for giving the opportunity to fulfill the dream of someone who wanted 60 years. I adore you ❤
Amber L. Brewer
Amber L. Brewer:
So excited for you! That spirit is what gives hope to others! Three days left! God Bless!!....from Gillette, Wyoming!
Jérémie Faucher-Goulet
Jérémie Faucher-Goulet:
Great choice!
This woman is amazing.
82 and this much energy! Bless her heart.
Code Name
Code Name:
Wally us waited 61 years for those four minutes to become a reality. It’s about time! Hell yeah Wally!
Ansar Nevrekar
Ansar Nevrekar:
The joy on her face makes me feel happy
Aurovrata Venet
Aurovrata Venet:
God's speed Sally! Great choice Jeff!
Dwight K. Schrute III
Dwight K. Schrute III:
Ah man I love organically scripted videos!
Al A.
Al A.:
I am so glad that Mr Bezos invited her to fly. She appears to be such a special person who has touched so many lives in her life time. What great energy she has!
I'm counting the days! Go Blue Origin! Go!
Lord Headcheez
Lord Headcheez:
I have a lot of problems with Bezos, but god damn, I'm so excited for her! Credit where it's due, Bezos did a great thing here!
Cryptic Undertones
Cryptic Undertones:
Jeff you absolutely nailed this one.
That was really nice of Jeff to do.
Wojtek Sykurski
Wojtek Sykurski:
Damn, it is hard to not like Wally :D
Good choice Jeff!
Gustavo Figueiredo
Gustavo Figueiredo:
This Is Gold! ❤️
Congratulations Wally, You made it at last! I am Trailblazer named by you in 2006. Love from Tokyo.
john silver
john silver:
Well deserved for Wally, happy for her.
About Creativity
About Creativity:
Very good, sometimes it does take a lifetime to meet with a dream. Keep dreaming!
Barbara Davis
Barbara Davis:
Wally is such a sweetheart & such an accomplished pilot. She deserves this! Have a wonderful time, "girl"!
Azrae l
Azrae l:
What a nice woman, im really happy for her. Greetings from Turkey
I'm less than half her age, and it seems she's got 200x my energy. She's worked her passion, while I'm moving Outlook emails from A to B. I need to change my life :)
Zimkhitha Mdekazi
Zimkhitha Mdekazi:
Don’t listen to the doubters Blue you are a great company
And I like the new Shepherd is designed
Getting ability to know how to build launch land refurbish and also getting
Human spaceflight knowledge is amazing
Blessy Chirra
Blessy Chirra:
He is proving what success is.He worked so hard for Amazon and now for blue origin it explains that we can reach many goals through hard work.
Andy Wise
Andy Wise:
So happy for her! Safe travels!!!
Angela L.
Angela L.:
Wally I love you & I’m so freaking happy for you!! 😄❤️❤️‼️‼️🙏🏽🙏🏽 #dreamcometrue!! #mercury13!! #YOUDESERVEIT!!
Gyo Lopez
Gyo Lopez:
I don't mind working my whole life and saving as much money as I can until it comes to this, then I will die very happy knowing that my eyes witnessed the birth of a new alien human species. 😍😍😍 thanks Bezos.
This lady is awesome.
I hope you put on altitude in meters this time, so we actually know if you passed the 100km line. It's not that hard to convert. One of your software guys could add it in 5 minutes.
God bless you all and your families in Jesus name amen.
Multicellular Organism
Multicellular Organism:
you know jeff looked significantly more human in this one
franck jacques
franck jacques:
That is gonna be her best ride ever !
Claudio T. Crameri
Claudio T. Crameri:
WOW great choice Mr. Bezos !!! Godspeed New Shepherd !!!
Onalenna Sehume
Onalenna Sehume:
That was really heartwarming ❤️ Blue Origin for the win!
Rick Baran
Rick Baran:
Great Choice Jeff! 😊👍
Smita prajna prusty
Smita prajna prusty:
Crazy energy and positivity ....zero fear .
M Meiselph
M Meiselph:
Literally the only interesting thing about this flight at this point. Well done with this choice, she deserves it.
lal lel
lal lel:
What a wonderfull woman. True inspiration
This is a good one. I am sure she can handle the Gs than me.
Good choice, she deserves this flight, good luck👍
Well deserved <3
She's an astronaut now 💜
About Creativity
About Creativity:
Very good, "Fulfilling a lifelong mission to become an astronaut, Wally Funk will fly to space on New Shepard’s first human flight on July 20 as an honored guest. She will join Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, and the auction winner on the flight. "
Bryan Rosinski
Bryan Rosinski:
July 20th is going to be a very special day!!!
Good Luck with the Flight!
Arthur J
Arthur J:
Bezos: invites Wally Funk
Wallstreet: sell all Amazon put options! We want this ship to land savely!