Warrior Nun Netflix Series Review

Warrior Nun is the brand new series on Netflix and this is my SPOILER FREE REVIEW!! Be sure to comment your thoughts below, and let me know if Season 1 of Warrior Nun was worth it on Netflix!
Inspired by the Manga novels, Warrior Nun revolves around a 19 year-old woman who wakes up in a morgue with a new lease on life and a divine artifact embedded in her back. She discovers she is now part of an ancient order that has been tasked with fighting demons on Earth, and powerful forces representing both heaven and hell want to find and control her.
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100+ komentarze:

Austin Burke
Austin Burke:
Thanks for watching this SPOILER FREE Review!! Would you all like to see a Season 2?
Chychi Queen
Chychi Queen:
I came here to see if anyone else got pissed off by the main character and felt like she wasted our time😠
I did not like how they ended the season, it had no feeling of a season finale. It was just like, catch next episode! In whenever.
Viper nine one
Viper nine one:
I feel like the last 3 episodes were drastically different. In a good way. Worth the watch to get to that finale episode. Bad start, great finish. Beatrice is best girl.
Viliame Derederenalagi
Viliame Derederenalagi:
Loved the show but damn they wasted alot of time on Avas growth n shit.
maria marie
maria marie:
I'm halfway through and if they get another season they definitely need to get better writers.
Splatzer_j g
Splatzer_j g:
I actually liked it the start was annoying slow HOWEVER it picked up after a couple of eps and the fighting scenes was really good in my opinion
Rez Qrisp
Rez Qrisp:
Bruh the dialogues in this show are bad bad, tf?!
mayson lee
mayson lee:
Who else found Ava highly irritating
Michael C
Michael C:
Man I loved the lore and the overall story (when it eventually revealed itself) but...I disliked so much about this show. Ava was terrible. The voiceover narration was TERRIBLE. Her relationship with that guy was awful...I get that she wants to experience stuff after what she came from but...I kept being like...Dude you've known him for like, 12 hours...the narration about how hot he was reminded me of what I've heard about 50 shades and that's terrible...I wasn't upset when that character just vanished though lol And the season...didn't really have an ending. I get cliffhangers but this was WAY too cliffhangery...like, you can;t cliffhanger in the middle of your action scene wtf is that.
Jake Zimmer
Jake Zimmer:
The universe, backstory, and overall plot is super interesting but the way they presented it just didn't really work that well
Charles Stampley
Charles Stampley:
The last three episodes are much better than the earlier episodes. I liked it and hope there is a season 2.
Scarlet Phoenix
Scarlet Phoenix:
Wow, a lot of ppl don’t like Ava 🙄...

I don’t either. 🙂
Prince Caleb
Prince Caleb:
Ava girl just wanna have fun after being stuck in a bed for 16 years and y’all expect her to accept some messed up “this is your destiny” and not chose to have fun? Ava played her part so well! Yh she was annoying and that makes it realistic.
Jonathon Stubbs
Jonathon Stubbs:
I actually like how they spent more time on her transition into her new life. A lot of showsI've seen you'll have your main character get there super power and it'll take them 15 minutes to get over it and move on to mastering it. I felt like there was a more realistic struggle with her getting her new life and what to do with it. I figured the whole first season was going to see her trying to figure out her destiny. I do agree that in season 2 they should probably trim the fat a little bit and get more to the point of the show.
Enjoyed the show and really hope for a season 2. I enjoyed the Ava character outside of the coming of age story they handled very poorly. Alba Baptista did a great job playing the 5 different personalities the writers inconsistently wrote for her. I do hope the writers become more consistent when writing the Ava character because she was all over the map just to fill her role as a plot device.
Roderick Hare
Roderick Hare:
At first I wasn't really digging this show too much but once I got past the first 3 or 4 episodes I was hooked and that finale wow Holy Shit !! , I hope the show gets a Season 2
lestat soria
lestat soria:
The ending was the only good thing of the entire series. I like Sister Beatrice ^_^
MJ Gillespie
MJ Gillespie:
I'm on ep. 6. Best part of the whole show so far... when Ava was kicked off the ledge. LOL
DDR Bell
DDR Bell:
I like the show, but not its main protagonist; Ava. The reluctant hero trope teams with superfluous dialog to make getting through the first few episodes a bit torturous.

I enjoyed the other characters so much more than Ava. I'd like to see a second season. Maybe there's more to her than we've seen so far. The sense of ambiguity many have about the show's central character isn't the best sign for its direction.
CABLE 715:
Love this show, couldn't stop binging it, never read the comics, didn't even know it was, it's not perfect, but better than most shows out there.
Paul P
Paul P:
The big demon thingy looked more like a transformer than a demon.
DiLLy DiLLy:
I went through episode 6. This show blows. It’s a teenage girl show. The main character is unlikable. I will not finish this show. Who knows maybe the show will get better in the 7th . Oh well
Every episode Is dragged on to where I loss interest.
Robin Mager
Robin Mager:
I like the show but it didn't really feel action packed, there by I mean I felt like too little happend in a episode. It took like 6 episodes for Ava to figure out if she wanted to become a warrior nun.
Loved it. Need more of these Nunja’s
Arce Percival
Arce Percival:
I love Beatrice.. she's the best...and also like mother superion...
There change the name of the show/comic to runaway NUN. IT SUCKS.
Nuvi S
Nuvi S:
"In this life or the next" hmm.. I'm sure I could wait until the next after watching this show
Terence Petersen-Ajbro
Terence Petersen-Ajbro:
Just watched episode 7 where things really start to take off. As you said, it is a slow burn at first, but I feel the acting and script are above average and certainly better than, say Stargirl. I love the location of the South of Spain, so many shows are USA-centric, so this is sticks out. 7 out of 10 for me.
Munyaradzi Linos Mudukuti
Munyaradzi Linos Mudukuti:
I generally enjoyed the show and liked the characters except for Ava. I really wish they just based the show off the original series and let Shannon be the main character.
If Ava was a mosquito she would be chicken poo.
Desmond Akkari
Desmond Akkari:
The writing on the first episode was enough for me....20 different storylines thrown against the law to see WTF stuck!???
Sumit Sarkar
Sumit Sarkar:
One of those shows, that it is so bad you actually watch it. 😂😂😂
Korn Flakes
Korn Flakes:
It sucked for me big time. Episodes 1 to 4 can be done in two episodes. So far at episode 5 and we haven't gotten to any big part of the story yet. 😔
Essence Q
Essence Q:
I’m only on the second episode and there has already been more than one cringe worthy dialogue. All Ava’s though. I like all the other characters but I really dislike the main protagonist. I fast forwarded some of her scenes and I found myself empathizing with the shady nun who disliked her. I don’t know weather it’s mostly bad acting or writing but I think it’s a mixture of the two.
Stefan Karlsson
Stefan Karlsson:
i like it. so many borings shows out there tbh
I just finished this and while there were some glimpses of some cool stuff, all I want is my time back lol Its weird I actually think the concepts kinda cool and the characters are decent (except the main for most of it) but yeah this show drags sooo much. The amount of dramatic pauses was painful to watch. I agree though if this show trims some unnecessary dialogue and has some kind of flow next season it could be kind of decent. and for me the last 2 episodes legitimately pissed me off lol to sit through all those episodes for that...i just wanted to annihilate my tv 😂
I thought this was an excellent Netflix series & don't think people are giving it enough credit.
It is definately one of the best Netflix shows.
Reading comments sites just how much times have changed. People expect so much from a show now.
I dud feel that it is falling into the netflix issue of what seems to be a standard 10 episode deal.
I feel it needed at least another 2 episodes in the middle between where she
(spoilers ahead )

decides to help & where she starts training to go through the thick wall.
I wanted a bit more training & learning to fight. It feels just like star wars where peeked trained to be a jedi forever & Ray just knows instantly how to do amazing things.
I wanted some more training and some smaller missions. Even a montage might have helped ir in addition to.
You can't go from a paraplegic with no muscle memory to knowing how to kick ass in that little of a time. Just wanted to see a bit more. They went straight from finding book, training to go through solid object to mission. With only some combat training near start. Although in fairness she supposed to save her energy in tunnels but she still did a lot of fighting in the show without much training.
Plus I would have liked to see them somehow bring the boyfriend back in at some point whether they a random encounter or whatever. They developed those 2. He see's a demon then that's it. Felt abrupt or I can see how that would be just feel it would have tied it together a bit better. Maybe second season.
They definately let this for a second season & if they don't make one I will be pi$$ed because I hate don't a show like that if they are unsure or don't tell us we are going to get one. It's almost painful to want to know more. So if we don't get a new season it instantly loses 1/2 to a full point for me.

I recently watched some shows I used to like & they are slow with bad acting, terribke music, bad scripts, corny jokes etc.
Saying this is slow or whatever people really now are years to a very high standard of show made by a streaming company.
I mean this kills most of old shows made by networks with the biggest budgets back then.
Is just so interesting to see how far we have come. It's interesting to think about if progress attention spans are bad compared to show speed or a combination. I mean it's a hard thing to juggle getting you invested in characters while developing them but getting you into the story before you get bored while not nagging things feel formulaic. I don't think people appreciate what a science/art that is.
You need to care about the character or the viewer will never be invested. Most of the time wikl not know or understand why.
At the same time audiences these days seemingly have too be hooked or into the meat of the story within a few episodes. I think that is a really difficult thing to do.
Anyway enough of that. I thought it was brilliantly done.
Evan Tomiko
Evan Tomiko:
After 5 episodes I got tired of watching Ava running away and being a selfish ashole the whole time. I don't like the protagonist. I preffer the nuns.
DiLLy DiLLy:
This YouTube summed this show up perfectly in 2 words : CW show
With a unlikable main character
Jeremy Schep
Jeremy Schep:
It's way better than Cursed. Good enough for me to be interested in a season 2.
The Super Ninja Show
The Super Ninja Show:
I really don't understand why they slowly put out the plot in the beginning and Have filler episodes. Why not just shorten how many episodes there are in the season. They would save money and Save our time.
Christian Dee Usares
Christian Dee Usares:
I loved this series!!!! Like so much!! FIGHT SCENES ARE BOOOOMB!!!
Kevin Fox
Kevin Fox:
Yeah - ten minutes in I kinda turned it off and looked up a review. Think I'll steer clear.
William Niesh
William Niesh:
I'm gonna predict a future series or movie since Hollywood is so predictable and unoriginal now a days. How about "Vampire Pope"?
Jef Nyssen
Jef Nyssen:
Yes, finally another 60%
Colton Wood
Colton Wood:
I give netflix points for creativity
Ava got tho plus I can’t wait for season 2
A Man Of Culture
A Man Of Culture:
Honestly my brain was unintentionally shut off during this series, so I think that’s why I enjoyed it more than I should’ve, cause I did not see that betrayal coming even if it was kinda obvious, but not really? If you know what I mean.
Alex Rivers
Alex Rivers:
You are so evil for that intro
Sand Man
Sand Man:
Ava's narration sounds like Cady's narration in Mean Girls
Mr. PolarBear
Mr. PolarBear:
This show is actually one of the worst shows i've seen in a while. The pacing is HORRIBLE, the only good characters in the entire show are Mary and Beatrice, the twist at the end was really stupid, multiple characters had their arcs dropped because they weren't needed in the story anymore, (JC cough cough) the demons are underutilized, and it's left on a stupid cliffhanger for no reason other than the writers KNOW they messed shit up and need a way to get people back for a season 2. This show gets a 3/10 for me, the only thing it has going for it is cute nuns fighting cool looking demons. You're much better off watching Umbrella Academy for the 15th time than you are watching this.
Gracie ofGod
Gracie ofGod:
As a fan of the comics, I think they've done a nice job of adapting the source material. As a show, I don’t think it's quite found its footing, but there’s a lot here to enjoy.
Ariana Stacey
Ariana Stacey:
Anyone who is interested in watching this show, it starts off a bit slow but it gets better during episode 5 😊
Josh Amyx
Josh Amyx:
You doing well, my friend?
Saravanan Mani
Saravanan Mani:
Very impressive show, my partner quit on episode 1 & I'm not that bright - Quit at episode 6. Point noted, never trust Netflix top 10- Miss Missy/Warrior Nun
I'm already in the 5th episode and it's starting to look like a wild goose chase with no direction.. is there any chance that things will get better along the way or am I just wasting my time?
Anthrage StormRider
Anthrage StormRider:
I was surprised to find I enjoyed the show as much as I did, and there were some really good moments as well. I would liken it to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which was clunky in the beginning, and I wonder if it could improve over time as much as that show did, to become something exceptional.
micheal stephanie
micheal stephanie:
Made it through episode one but couldn't go any further
Mei Mei
Mei Mei:
I love the series love the main girl too
The pacing in this completely ruined it for me, imagine being stuck on a moving plane that never takes off!
Troy B
Troy B:
Watched the first 2 episodes and then skipped to the last. Hollywood needs to focus on better writers and experts or something that can basically help edit the stupid stuff out of these shows.
Evan Almond
Evan Almond:
I loved this series I binged watch it and it was really good 8/10
Emrys Lurker
Emrys Lurker:
Yep. I hate that angsty teen schtick they got going. Why must it always be YA-styled plot? Blegh 🤢🤮🤮
ShadowKnight 288
ShadowKnight 288:
I loved it so much I need a season2
Justin Parale
Justin Parale:
This series is a bomb!
Cheryl Jaycox
Cheryl Jaycox:
I love it and want more!!!
veronica lopez
veronica lopez:
It was great, can't wait for season 2
Ayon Shyok Angan
Ayon Shyok Angan:
meh, the show is good, no need to snobby about it
Sand Man
Sand Man:
Also, the cast is great. I love the fact that the actor who played Sister Camila is the same actor who played Bambi in the Spanish tv show Vis A Vis (Locked Up).
olaoluwa akomolafe
olaoluwa akomolafe:
Yooo I love this new show it's awesome
Giorgos Stefanidis
Giorgos Stefanidis:
I have some news ! Into the night is renewed for season 2 , It chapter 3 is announced and sadly conjuring 3 is delayed
Kenneth Wiley
Kenneth Wiley:
Writers padded this seasons so much it was hard to get to the last 3 episodes which were pretty good. Twist was not so twist and I bit to predictable but am looking forward to season 2 with hopes that it is done MUCH better
Ansaf k
Ansaf k:
Mike flanagan is going to direct another stephen king adaptation after Doctor sleep, this time it's " Revival "
paul Joseph
paul Joseph:
How many hours left for the next video Austin 😊
Damn you're fast
Jojo Garcia
Jojo Garcia:
I was aware of the comics existence in the 90's but i never read them.
David Anderson
David Anderson:
Yeah, WAY too much time spent on CW-tier character development for Ava (necessary stuff...but multiple episodes worth - that I admit I occasionally skipped? Nope.). Beyond that terrible scripting decision, I actually quite liked it. The series seemed to find its groove about halfway through and I expect a good second season.
Great Concept! I like it for the most part. Love the sisters etc etc, but the forced humour. Please 😬😬 stop. The main character was cringy for the most part. Everything else was interesting but her if I am being honeat
paul Joseph
paul Joseph:
Never I have ever is going to have season 2 Austin .what are your thoughts
thanks for the review sounds like a show that I will pass on .
I personally enjoyed the season. It kept me entertained. Looking forward to season 2
Lola Diaz
Lola Diaz:
Yes please do a spoiler review. I had my doubts thinking it was going to be another teen show like the outer banks but I did enjoy the show. Also I thought father Vincent was John Michael Higgins !!!!!
Ryan Arnold
Ryan Arnold:
What part of the cgi was bad? It all looked good to me. Its a tv show idk what you expect
Hated it. Will not watch a second season. 3 out of 10
Jojo Garcia
Jojo Garcia:
Iam so glad you brought up the dialogue!! I was afraid my ears were broken and didn't know if it was just me. But now I realize that there was pointless exposition. For instance, when Beatrice, I think, is fighting and then the camera stops mid fight to cut to the main character saying how bad-a she is... So the writing was weak, not the delivery really. I would have preferred a lose of words rather than a character telling us what to think about another character, especially when it is something we already know. I give it 4 popsicles out of 99 red balloons for execution.
Watch Gangs of London it’s create
by Garath Evans the raid series
Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restos
Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restos:
Definitely a worthy show but I do believe season 2 will be awesome.
At times to I thought the lead looked like Alicia Vikander's long lost sister & even sounded a bit like her. Some similarities there.
Jess K
Jess K:
The main character pov in the first episode made me hate the show and how the stuff were explained and explored was so damn tiring and boring
NoChill Penguin
NoChill Penguin:
Thoughts on the old guard trailer? Or the show in general?
Abel Mathew
Abel Mathew:
Kumbalangi Nights on Amazon Prime! Please! 🙏
Andrew Rowland
Andrew Rowland:
The first half of the season is a real DRAG but the second half actually gets good BUT, Ava, the main protagonist, does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this season. Hopefully she’ll get to be the badass in Season 2
Lost me after 2 episodes, I don't have patience for these shows that drag out bits of story into a whole season.
John Milton
John Milton:
This was not expected. I thought ehh, I'll watch it. WOWSERS!!!
Every aspect of this series was spectacular. It was brilliant and surprising. Didn't expect the end. Hurry with the second Season PLEASE 😁😁😁😊❤️❤️
Jumi Poppins
Jumi Poppins:
I feel like like more than half of the show became a coming of age more than it was an action-fantasy movie. It couldve been 2 eps shorter or couldve explored the story differently bcos honestly i find that the premise was so good and interesting; instead of just spending like half of the series following ava around and the sisters convincing her that she’s the warrior nun.

I dont like to jc-ava stuff too; and for some reason Ava’s character is very unlikeable to me. I find beatrice and mary’s characters more compelling.

And the ending! Though yes it was def a cliffhanger, it was so cringey and awkward!!!

Buuuuttt, yeah, im still down to watch the next season (if there will be) because i find the story interesting and i want to see more of beatrice and mary
i watched the first couple episodes, and kinda enjoyed it but did find the dialogue and character interactions sometimes hard to swallow. but you have given me hope that it gets better and has engaging law to get into. So i think im gonna keep watching, thanks for your review
T L:
the trailer hypes up the expectation...
Branson Grant
Branson Grant:
Great review
The cliffhanger pissed me off