Waste of Money: NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Review & Benchmarks

The long-awaited NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti GPU is out!… of stock. But if you wanted to see what $1200 got a scalper, we’ve got our full review of this opportunistic gouge of a video card.
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When NVIDIA sent its RTX 3080 Ti for review, we didn't yet know the price of the card. Learning of the pricing in the live event really changed the course of the review: At $1200, NVIDIA is opportunistically gouging its customers in a predatory fashion. The RTX 3080 Ti vs. the RTX 3090 is a carefully set narrative, as is the RTX 3080 Ti vs. 2080 Ti or RX 6900 XT -- but versus the RTX 3080 and RX 6800 XT, we see a different story. In this review and benchmark of the NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition card, we'll test noise, thermals, memory temperatures, gaming performance, and power -- but we're cutting the review short because, simply, it's an aggressive push in price that doesn't match the performance hike.

Watch some positive news -- this technological advancement in CPUs is cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMcn-npviGA

You can also find our review of the original 3080 FE here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTeXh9x0sUc
And our review of the AMD RX 6800 XT here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLVGL7aAYgY

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00:00 - Don’t Buy the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti FE
03:48 - Taking Advantage & Gouging the Market
06:46 - Frequency Validation vs. 3080 FE
07:35 - Fan RPM
08:06 - Rainbow Six: Siege (4K, 1440p, & 1080p) RTX 3080 Ti Benchmarks
09:29 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider (4K, 1440p, & 1080p)
11:25 - Total War: Three Kingdoms (4K, 1440p, & 1080p)
12:40 - Red Dead Redemption (4K, 1440p, & 1080p)
13:50 - Noise Levels
14:23 - Power Testing
15:15 - Hot Memory, Overclocking, & Conclusion

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Host, Test Lead, Testing: Steve Burke
Additional Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman & Keegan Gallick

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Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus:
Watch some positive news -- this technological advancement in CPUs is cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMcn-npviGA
Grab a GN Modmat or Mouse Mat here: https://store.gamersnexus.net/
You can also find our review of the original 3080 FE here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTeXh9x0sUc
And our review of the AMD RX 6800 XT here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLVGL7aAYgY
The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs
The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs:
At this point Nvidia can just set the price to $2,000 just to see what would happen.
They will probably still be selling out.
Nvidia be like... "Look at me, I am the scalper now"
Aroop Roelofs
Aroop Roelofs:
"We apologize for wasting your time, and ours with this one..."
Oh no Steve, no need to apologize.
You see, I gotta do *something* while waiting for GPU prices to become reasonable again.
Steve deserves a Crown for his Honesty.
Thank God that there are still people like that out there.
William Tufts
William Tufts:
I've completely given up on th 30 series cards. By the time the prices come close to even "normal" the 40s will be out.
Would love to see the Nvidia email about "revising your editorial direction" when it arrives.
Aaryan Khanna
Aaryan Khanna:
The cost per 1% performance gain needs to be exported to every single video after this one, please, it's hilarious to hear Steve say it again and again...and again
well thank you very much for this, seems I'm still going to be waiting for a base 3080 to become available rather than look at a 3080ti. You just saved me from overpaying
Moe S
Moe S:
The $700 MSRP price tag for 3080 looks like chump change these days.
neil galas
neil galas:
I just found this channel yesterday. I’m super impressed with the production quality and effort that goes into each video!
Aeon Mazer
Aeon Mazer:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate that these brutally honest reviews are helping pc gamers make wiser and more informed decisions?
Red Racer
Red Racer:
"Middle man its own product." Now this is a well thought out burn.
Johnny McMenamin
Johnny McMenamin:
I love your bluntness. The world needs more honesty.
Git Sum Gaming
Git Sum Gaming:
Three years later and its still impossible to get an RTX card….
2018 me: “meh I’ll wait until 30 series”
2020 me: “I’m gonna be honest…I’m kind of an idiot”
Heath Delzer
Heath Delzer:
7 mos ago: MSI tries to discretely scalp cards through a subsidary. Present: Nvidia, "Hold my beer..."
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot:
I love how Steve most definitely would've preferred literally getting robbed blind rather than enduring the pain of a disappointing product.
My 3080 is looking better than ever lol. Thanks Nvidia! I guess staying up for a week straight during launch doing nothing but refreshing store pages was worth it!
Curtis Tessmer
Curtis Tessmer:
"Dont buy the 3080ti" um okay well when they aren't sold out I will pass
Shawn Tolle
Shawn Tolle:
I love how he keeps saying, "for $1200!!" Good luck finding this card anywhere for that price!
Henry Addy-Grigsby
Henry Addy-Grigsby:
Man I regret not getting a 3080 at launch when I had it in hand! I thought it was not worth it to upgrade my 2080s.
Anyone else miss the days where the flagship card was $500?
Matt B
Matt B:
Gently caressing this 1080Ti each night knowing we gonna be together for a long time
Swift Bow
Swift Bow:
Looks like I’m keeping my 2080 TI till next year or longer. Awesome review and vey consumer responsible. Thanks bro.
kieron fleming
kieron fleming:
Love this guy's reviews he's honest and thorough
Excelently said! perfect review in my book. Ive literally been looking at the gpu market at this time and came across the none sense that is self inflation on nvidias part and its looking like we are going to need to introduce a huge legislation movement on capping markup prices on electronics which would shake intel and nvidia up pretty well for their "listed" sales prices now.
Epic Joe Show
Epic Joe Show:
This is such an honest review. Thank you for this.
Lazy Turtle
Lazy Turtle:
Good to see someone still has their feet planted on Earth.
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez:
I like how Nvidia keeps pumping out new models of cards no one can buy.
Ernest Williams
Ernest Williams:
thank you for putting in the time and effort. you save us all a lot of time and money! much love
J. W.
J. W.:
I love when Steve gets mean. Everyone loves mean Steve time.
Sorey Aboat That Babe
Sorey Aboat That Babe:
Brutally honest review. Appreciate the honesty.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A:
With the current prices (which have been inflated for over a year now) i have a feeling im going to keep using my 1070 ti for quite a while
Brian Buckley
Brian Buckley:
Thanks for this review. I was actually hoping beyond hope that I might get my paws on a 3080ti this time round. But obviously not. Having watched your review, I am happy to settle with the 1080ti that I already have for now at least. Many thanks again.
Started out dark and stayed dark, happy with my 3080.
nathan white
nathan white:
"70% more money for 10% more performance" so a repeat of last gen? Makes sense.
Zee Dee
Zee Dee:
Thanks for giving us the information straight and from the consumers point of you. It's so important to have Realistic Truthful reviewers now, especially with the bigger YouTubers falling inline with the Tech Giants. Cough Linus cough cough. Some people even going to great lengths to justify a bad review with another video supporting themselves with the same poor perspective. Cough The Wan Show cough cough. Keep it Real GN! Good Job guys.
Dave Henderson
Dave Henderson:
I love the TI cards, have a 980ti and it still going strong.
Thanks for continuing to approach things from the perspective of a regular consumer instead of a rich company
0:29 My thoughts exactly too.
If you're going to spend that amount of money, you'd might as well be getting the 3090.
Jensen: "Look at me, I'm the scalper now!"
Shim Bro
Shim Bro:
Man the stars aligned for me over the weekend and I managed to get one at MSRP to boot. I was out of town on a little vacation and I remembered there was a PC component supply store in the city I was in so I popped in first thing when they opened and it just so happened that someone had returned one the night prior. Been searching for a 3080 for over a year now so I'm pretty happy.
Peanut - INTP
Peanut - INTP:
So, Linus ends up with >10% dislikes, GN ~1%. That makes GN 10 times more legitimate (using Thermaltake math logic).
These benchmarks remind me of 11th Gen Intel chips; the “new and improved” version is on average a bit worse than the previous product (RTX 3080 and 10th Gen Intel).
the money printing prop has already made it worth to keep watching the review, even after steve told me i didn't need to.
Remember when top-tier gpu's were 600 or 700 bucks max?
The Rusted Pixel
The Rusted Pixel:
As a 3D artist who bought into the 1080Ti cards, the 3080Ti was a really nice upgrade path. Boy did I waste my time trying to get my hands on one. They went out of stock on UK and French sites a whole 20 minutes before the official sale time. Thanks bots! I'll continue to render work out super slow.
Thank you Steve for telling me this is a straight up highway robbery by NVIDIA. I almost pulled the trigger for a $200 above retail for 3080 Ti. Now, I’ll just enjoy the summer outside and will wait to buy later on this year!!
Quegyboe's World
Quegyboe's World:
I suspect Nvidia isn't selling as many 3090's as they thought they would so they are repackaging the cards as 3080 Ti's and lowering the price a bit to move them.
That's was insane, crazy price since 2080 ti.
I trust Steve more than Linus when it comes to gaming hardware
Alhaji Daniel
Alhaji Daniel:
Loved that he took the time to create a dramatic opening... short & sweet..
this guy with long hair is growing on me.
I'm speccing out a workstation and was wondering if the 3080ti could be a viable alternative to the 3090, so it means a lot to hear you say, explicitly, that it is not.
Good vid. "Can't get one anyway" is an old song at this point but I'm glad you guys addressed this nonsense.
Gregory Pierce
Gregory Pierce:
"It's so insane that someone should check on Nvidia and make sure everyone is okay there. That there's not some noxious gas leak in the building that's making them think that this price point makes ANY sense whatsoever"

Spit coffee all over screen from laughter...
Ryan Dix
Ryan Dix:
"We apologize for wasting your time, and ours with this one..."

You killed me haha! Thank you for your content sir.
Preach on Steve!!!
Love Your review Steve!You are so right about nvidia!Good Job!
Phatt Johnson
Phatt Johnson:
I watched the intro without sound. Already laughing! Classic
NDyaArthur Martha
NDyaArthur Martha:
"Review Embargo lifts today" Sounds like something from the ol' soviet times!
Do you remember when a selling point of the 30 series was how much less it cost than the previous series? I'm thinking about that a lot lately.
Colin McKenna
Colin McKenna:
It’s interesting how different Linus’ and Nexuses standpoints are on these cards; Linus seemed extremely happy about it.

Edit: what a warzone this has turned into! If you hate the 3090 I don’t think you should hate the 3080ti any more than the 3090; half the memory, lower price
Pete Nielsen
Pete Nielsen:
If you were a Whovian, Steve, you would be chanting "thanks be to Ti, thanks be to Ti, thanks be to Ti" and expecting a god to bring back your power supply....
Chris Block
Chris Block:
I can remember a time, where you where able to buy a mid to high range full PC for 1200 Bucks... Am i getting old, or are they getting insane?
Carwyn Van-de-Vyver
Carwyn Van-de-Vyver:
God damn it Steve, having to awkwardly explain to my colleagues why almost spat out my tea laughing watching this video on my lunch break 🤣
I don't know Steve, Nvidia showed a lot of restraint by not calling this an RTX 3090 12G and charging $1489.99
I loved the goofy skit at the beginning. Please keep making great vids!
Original Jesus : launches money into the air with a table flip
Gaming Jesus : launches money into the air with a money gun
HAHAHA, that intro was funny AF! Nailed it
Operator 801
Operator 801:
Good to know. I wasn't going to buy it, since no card with RTX is "worth it" imo, but still very good to know.
Togesaur Plays
Togesaur Plays:
Nvidia, “Gimmie all you’re money” Me: IM TRYING
This intro was Perfect on Point. Leather Jackets getting Criminal once again.
This roast kept me warm on a cold winter morning haha - the big green monster strikes again !
Kevin Herrlin
Kevin Herrlin:
"The opposite of true"...... Lol... Pretty much sums it up. Thanks guys.
A pc or laptop with the Intel Iris Xe graphics is all I need. Thanks Nvidia!
Jeffrey Machado
Jeffrey Machado:
I love how steve is honest about this opinion when it comes to products. Thank you good sir.
The 'Ti' here stands for 'Tiny Improvement'.
Boras Raven
Boras Raven:
As someone in Australia with a 2070, I tried for one of these, with all the demand for the 3080 it meant the 3080 ti was ranging from slightly more expensive down to significantly cheaper than the 3080... still have a 2070 they all sold out...
Richard Dale
Richard Dale:
There’s quite a lot of stock now in the UK but crazy prices
HonestGamer Isaac
HonestGamer Isaac:
the funny thing is that the GPU prices are going to stay at what they are now until the 4000 series come out and the chips shortage has being dealt. So far if in my country people want the Ti version they cost the same price as a 3080. So yeah it's still insane!chipshortage
Was not expecting this level of a quality intro with this limited amount of time, you guys surprise us as always
WOW... Thank You Manno (Steve). Pure Honesty right from the Facts... I feel good now I got the Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT, while all this Ray Tracing stuff is figured out. Until then I'm going Sapphire Nitro+ RX 6800 XT 16gb
To be fair, the 3080ti performs around the same as the 3090 in most games so I guess being $300 less than the 3090 isn’t too horrible. Either way, $1200 appears like chump change compared to what scalpers are gonna start charging for these.
S J:
You *don't* recommend the 6900 XT? Well, I've already bought one... great to hear that now!
1.2k MSRP for a "gaming" GPU... what a time to be alive.
musashi ro
musashi ro:
Dramatic intro ✅
Classy title ✅

This gonna be good
fat basement dweller
fat basement dweller:
With prices like this, then selling out and being doubled on other retailers sites, I will be using my ancient 5 year old rig for another 5 years I guess.
Just Subscribed - Thanks for the review!! (still running my GTX1070 SC with a Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core. Not the best, but good enough for now!)
Got my 3070FE at launch and feel like it is pretty fairly priced. I still can't believe how expensive some of these cards are.
Marek Mucha
Marek Mucha:
Scalpers: we can sell it double the price, Nvidia: we can sell it at the same price.
Scalpers: we can double the double, Nvidia well double the double it is.
Well scalpers are gonna be the best marketing move in the future :D
Raging Raven
Raging Raven:
Steve: "This card isn't worth it."
Nvidia crying while dabbing their eyes with hundred dollar bills.
The handheld money printer had me howling 🤣
Yeah well, the shuffle graced me with a 3080 TI, and I'm not going go through another year of lotteries
The Dark Box
The Dark Box:
Gas leak 🤣
Steve you are my spirit animal right now. ❤️
Nvidia is making me cry these days with their egregious behavior. I greatly fear what kind of generational price uplift we're going to see going into the 40 series cards given what the last year has done.
smh i was really looking forward to buying a 3080 ti, guess not now...
8:11 A 1080 Ti beat a 3060 XC on max fps, didn't see that one coming.
Joshua Nuez
Joshua Nuez:
Seems like 3080TI can go toe to toe with 3090 from the benchmarks. Can we get a direct comparison between the two? Considering that they’re positioned closely as well in terms of pricing
Bruno Benetti
Bruno Benetti:
Considering stores take long to update product prices when it actively changes over time, the rtx 3080 ti got to stores cheaper than the rtx 3080 in my country, actually offering some value. A bunch of hairy dudes with cash to spare that haven't had to buy their own pcs in the last 8 years wouldn't understand that this card made a positive difference in markets all over the world.
The partner cards are already going for ~€2400 here. Same as the non-Ti cards actually.