Watch Bezos' Blue Origin launch a crew with William Shatner to space — 10/13/2021

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is set to launch its New Shepard rocket for the fifth time this year on Wednesday, and Canadian actor William Shatner will join the second crewed spaceflight for the company.

Called NS-18, this New Shepard mission will carry a crew of four: Shatner, Blue Origin VP of mission and flight operations Audrey Powers, Planet Labs co-founder Chris Boshuizen and Medidata co-founder Glen de Vries. Credit: Feed provided by Blue Origin.

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Watch Bezos' Blue Origin launch a crew with William Shatner to space — 10/13/2021

100+ komentarze:

Shatner is still crushing life at 90 years old! Coolest grampy I've ever seen! 👨🏻‍🚀
William Shatner is the youngest 90 year old i've ever seen. The man is incredible.
Benjamin Kanarek
Benjamin Kanarek:
William Shatner's observations were illuminating and profound. He had an epiphany. Yet, Bezos seems bored and disinterested. Enough said about that.
Shatner starting quiet and emotional like... it's... it's not how you think it is... meanwhile Bezos: GET ME SOME CHAMPAIGN RIGHT HERE
I'm very excited for William. He's such a great human being. I'm really glad he made it up there.
Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy
Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy:
I hope Shatner now gets $1 for every time someone says to him "You've boldly gone where no man has gone before". He'll never have to worry about money ever again, lol. Glad to see him make it to space.
Eduardo Sturla Ferrer
Eduardo Sturla Ferrer:
William Shatner was the only human being on that desert today.
Neil Kovac
Neil Kovac:
I think it was a little rude of Bezos to turn his back on Shatner when he was describing his journey. I’m pleased for Bill … he really is our first captain in space, god bless him 😀
“That's one small step for Captain Kirk, one giant leap for William Shatner”
Laura Egler
Laura Egler:
Yikes... Bezos watching Shatner explain his experience, is so awkward. Shatner is trying to explain a human experience REVELATION and Bezos' presence removes the sensation from that experience being told. The camera person should have simply kept Shatner in the field-of-view only. Listen to Shatner's words; human-existence is fragile; the earth is fragile. Respect our planet. Make our planet the priority. Even the situation with spraying champagne during Shatner's revelation is a prime example of how humanity easily loses sight, confuses priorities, and supports greed.
Jon Neiss
Jon Neiss:
In his comments after the flight, Shatner was clearly, deeply moved...even close to tears. What he said was both beautiful and powerful...talking about the gentle fragility of life.
Was really quite moving.
Bezos and the gang seemed to be in champagne party mode, which was fine, but Shatner was in a calm, deep and reflective mood.
Was very inspiring. Entire launch was very inspiring. And I really did not think I would be a fan of all.
William Shatner, congratulations. Your words moved me. 😢🥳🎉🎊👏
Hard to tell if Bezos gets what Shatner is saying. He rudely cut him off and had to spray the champagne all over. You could tell Shatner could care less about drinking a swig of champagne. He had an emotional experience. Finally, Bezos let him speak.
What a time to be alive! 👨🏻‍🚀
Anish 318
Anish 318:
Amazing moment. Shatner's experience sounds so close to home even though I've never and probably never will be to space. But it's profound even watching this.
Wow, not suprising at all that good ol' Shatner talks deeply and reflective about that experience. His personality really shows its true colours very well and his words are truly inspirational.
Growing up watching all episodes of Star Trek and learned how to keep my inner child awake when I take a closer look on the world and the new technology being discovered.
God I wish Leonard Nimoy were alive to accompany him.
William is telling a nice story while those loud Karens yelling in the background 🤫🤐🤦‍♂️ shut them up
Tommes Pommes
Tommes Pommes:
Thank you for your wise words, Captain Kirk 🇩🇪❤🇺🇸
House of Light
House of Light:
A man is speaking about the most profound experience of his life & a billionaire interrupts it to get some champagne. The symbolism is perfect & sums things up.
Repair Update Repeat
Repair Update Repeat:
Shatner: has feeling and expresses feelings.

Benzos: feelings are irrelevant.
Docter Proctor
Docter Proctor:
Guys, if you listened to SHATNER, he did not say any line from his show. This was deeper of an experience and it wasn't a joke to him, it was life changing
“They should’ve sent a poet”

Well, we got pretty dang close. Wonderful words from William Shatner, to describe the experience.
Todd Yetman
Todd Yetman:
William Shatner is such an incredible person, I would love to meet him. He was so amazed and just grasped me with his words. Was a pleasure to watch
No Cultjam
No Cultjam:
Wow, awkward how the billionaires didn’t care at all about listening to William Shatner, they just wanted to hit the champagne. This is why we need artists, to express the inexpressible. 🖖
This moment touched him (Shatner)on a real genuine human level. You could feel it in his voice.
Adam Bruns
Adam Bruns:
"Out of the blue, and into the black." Neil Young, 1979
what is more expensive? the flight or getting hugged by Jeff?
Can we all just appreciate how William Shatner so thoughtfully, almost philosophically puts his thoughts on the experience into words?! THOSE are the people that should go to space, not the champagne spraying ones. Thank you Bill, I am so moved by how much it moved you... and my imagination is running wild now with the black & blue thing. Never thought of it as being a thing that could have such a profound effect, but now I'm just wow yeah that's pretty crazy to think about.
So heartwarming to hear Bill's words. I could feel his tears of emotion. God Bless you, Captain.
Josh S
Josh S:
William Shatner has given us so much great entertainment as James T. Kirk. I can't think of anybody more deserving.
Way to go, Captain! 🖖
Patrick Ventura
Patrick Ventura:
Moved by William Shatner's words. Wonderful.
Tums Festival
Tums Festival:
Damnit I wish we could’ve heard bill talk more about his experience instead of champagne lol. But Hel get around to it, he talks ALOT lol
Maria Fletcher
Maria Fletcher:
Trevor Adams
Trevor Adams:
Would love to see a version with Bazos edited out. Maybe they can paint him out or replace him with a plant. I was hanging off every word William was saying. What an amazing thing. Annoying with the lady screams and Champaign nonsense. Very happy for Mr Shatner. Nice for Bazos to be in the presents of actual greatness. imho
Tim Goffard
Tim Goffard:
He was so moved and acutely aware of his fragility at his age. It was sad that there were no loved ones to run up and hug him when he exited the capsule, unless they were just off to the side or something. I wish Bezos had been more respectful to him though. Shatter was a publicity stunt for them, but still a great honour for all involved. I understand Bezos was a trek fan growing up too.
Gary Itano
Gary Itano:
Re: Kirk to Space. Shatner's post flight remarks were nothing short of unique, despite that of all those gone before. Truly a blessing to have had him fly this mission!
Azrial Alaria
Azrial Alaria:
Damn...The journey just straight MOVED him to tears. Awesome Mr. Shatner!
Georg VonTrapp
Georg VonTrapp:
It’s ADMIRAL Kirk !!! Stop demoting him!
Escape The Matrix
Escape The Matrix:
Rude baldy, turns round and ignores kirky mid sentence... ha ha
Stan Chilly Cooks
Stan Chilly Cooks:
I don't think anybody could describe the experience like Shatner just DID! The way he compared it to sudden death. Blue to darkness. Wow!
Omega Thirteen
Omega Thirteen:
Shatner’s experience is what I would love to experience.
James Divers
James Divers:
"Amen, we are going to be the JETSONS & Not the Flintstones"
Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke:
They should've named the ship Enterprise just for the day.
Robert A. Lafrance
Robert A. Lafrance:
WOW, listening to Captain Kirk talk and describe what he felt....just so AWESOME. So happy that this man who brought the SciFi world to me actually had this experience....
R.F. Bennett
R.F. Bennett:
Worlds most expensive Pogo stick!
Ritzi Lore
Ritzi Lore:
Shatner was very emotional and trying to talk, but Bezos more interested in a champagne bottle. It was obviously a life changing sight for Bill, I hope he writes about it.
J Keating
J Keating:
To William , so proud of you for the courage you shown . I like many others understand and we salute you , Captain it's a wonderful day for you and I'm sure your great friend and Mr. Nimroy is happy for you also . Live long and prosper captain
For all the crap people say about Shatner, it was interesting to see him be so moved by his experience.
Phaswane Thoka Seloane
Phaswane Thoka Seloane:
Rest in Peace to the last remaining flat earthers. Unfortunately I can't attend the memorial as I'm covid-restricted here in South Africa. I still prefer Elon over Jeff.
I’m waiting for Democrats to introducing a bill That requires these companies to use batteries to launch their space crafts.
The best part of this 3 hour video is shatnars 10 minutes talking it was really intresting to hear him
Jarrett English
Jarrett English:
I really want to give the captain a hug. I wish the camera people would have taken him aside so he could say how he feels. Jeff should know better. Real fans need to make a place for him to speak.
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards:
I wish that Gene was still with us to see this.
Hell, he would've been on that flight !!!
God Bless you Bill. SO glad to share the planet with a man like you.
alan slusky
alan slusky:
It’s like someone once said, you need to send up artists and poets, in addition to scientists.
Christina Caruth
Christina Caruth:
It so amazing to see The Captain Kirk going into space. Reality sets in after 55 years into the making with Jeff Beso! Space the Finally frontier. Hopefully Beso can find a real Sar Trek ship being constructed in Space
Jimi Allison
Jimi Allison:
William Shatner is so lucid at 90 years old. That was wonderful to watch and hear him speak of his amazement.
Kevin G
Kevin G:
Shatners words when he came out of that rocket were incredibly profound. I hope everyone gets to hear them
Hugh Campbell
Hugh Campbell:
Fantastic comments by Shatner, it was a very emotional experience for him.
Anne Snelgrove
Anne Snelgrove:
Absolutely amazing. Brought tears to my eyes. The technology and the humanity.
Only thing that seemed off kilter we're Jackie Cortese's fingernails. She lost all credibility because of those.
Clarence Lupo
Clarence Lupo:
That must be weird being taken for a ride with no way to control it yourself. Klingons everywhere just went into a panic. "Kirk is in Space!"
allan churm
allan churm:
shatner just had something wonderful happen to him close to the end of his life... agree it was rude of bezos ...BUT... he did send him up into the edge of space for free and for that i am extremely grateful to see it happen. thank you jeff
Smitty McJob
Smitty McJob:
It's amazing how little Jeff Bezos cared about anything anyone had to say!! ;)
Someone should pull him aside and remind him that he's not really the richest person on the planet. He's just the riches among people whose assets are known to the public because it's in the form of public company shares.
I hope he gives us a live performance of rocket man when he’s in space
Travis Hunter
Travis Hunter:
Star trek probably inspired a lot of the engineers that made this possible
Way to go William! It truly must be an experience. Thank you so much for your comments after touchdown.
Christopher Emge
Christopher Emge:
It would be great if Bill would write a book about his experience and thoughts about it.
Terry Roggow
Terry Roggow:
Thank you Mr. Shatner for sharing your experience with us.
There should be a Bezos champagne meme. One guy trying to explain something profound and Bezos screaming like a nut and spraying champagne all over.
If anyone deserves to enter space, it's William Shatner. God bless this legend❤
Larry Carmody
Larry Carmody:
Well Captian Kirk finally got his space wings, after buzzing all over the Universe
Hedley Pepper
Hedley Pepper:
Awsome William..... so amazing to see your wonder at what you have made us all wonder about throughout your career... thank you captain 💙 🙏
Ted Timothy
Ted Timothy:
This is so cool. Captain Kirk goes into space For Real. It was like when Ronald Reagan as a retiring two term President told the audience to go out and "win one for The Gipper" A movie role and a TV role merged into real life in a way that is so interesting .I found Mr. Shatner to be inspiring and who knows what the people he inspired will accomplish.
Cindy Camalieri
Cindy Camalieri:
Captain Kirk well deserved trip! Your energy and stamina for being 90 is amazing! Happy for you, Loved you on Star Track
Gen Eric
Gen Eric:
Bezos' PHONY laugh at 2:50:53. Rude the way Bezos ignored Shatner for champagne. What an AHOLE.
Sebastian Santilli
Sebastian Santilli:
Welcome back to earth Captain Kirk !!!!!
Robert Slate
Robert Slate:
Boy they really build it up! So thrilling it's on the same level as being a minimum wage employee at Amazon! WOWWEE!
Wow, some actors really do take their work seriously haha 😆
Good for william though!
Meteor Shower
Meteor Shower:
Shatner later said it was that green alien woman he met up there that made it all worthwhile.
He’s a living legend!
Those cheap pins he honored them with, came from his Amazon basics collection.
C C:
NASA needs to change the job title of current astronauts if these people now have that title.
Can we talk to the guy up in "outer space" who filmed the rocket up there?
My grandma just told me a few minutes ago “Captain Kirk went to Space today” AND BRUH I THOUGHT SHE WAS INSINUATING WILLIAM SHATNER DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN and I was like “w- what🥺”
Diamond painting king
Diamond painting king:
Remember shatter got away with killing his wife nobody ever brings that up
Theo Fennel
Theo Fennel:
You'd think Amazon would of shown this live on their smart speakers. Didn't even know it happened till now.
I'm glad he lived long enough to see things go full circle. He pretended to be in space and in so doing inspired many people who then made it possible to actually send him into space.
Moo Goo
Moo Goo:
There's no way that 90 year olds Batman survive the g-force and that Landing. I called bulshit
Ken Pugh
Ken Pugh:
This flight versus the inspiration 4 flight shows the difference in capabilities between space x and blue origin i think it's ridiculous for Jeff Bezos to try to slow down what spacecraft has accomplished on its mission to Mars
Shatner looks absolutely AMAZING for being 90 years old!!
Dorothea Mills
Dorothea Mills:
What is being expressed is the amazingness of God’s creation.
Perry Ronquillo
Perry Ronquillo:
How I wish Spock was still alive had joined Captain Kirk for one final trip. That would have been a great picture.
Glen Cruciani
Glen Cruciani:
Super moving to hear William Shatner speak!
I've Loved William Shatner Aka ( Captain Jim T Kirk ) All My Life & I'm So Happy He Got To Touch What Made Him Famous Space What A Brilliant Full Circle Spock,Bones,Uhura,Scotty & The Cligons - Would Have Loved It Too - Steve Wortley Well Done Bezos
William Shatner: *tries to tell Jeff Bezos what it was like*
Jeff Bezos: Gimme some champagne!!!!!

What a loser.
Douglas Lee
Douglas Lee:
Seriously what William was talking about seems to be a subject that other Astronauts have professed and come back with a deeper appreciation of the Earth and how fragile our Planet is.
Stefano Arduino
Stefano Arduino:
What I gather from this is that finally an artist, Shatner, has gone to space and finally we have someone who can tell us what it is like. No Armstrong or Gagarin could give us that. Only artists can.
Jim Goddard
Jim Goddard:
Makes me wonder (actor that I am) if Bill wishes he had this experience BEFORE he took on Captain Kirk...what a profound impact on his character this experience would have been.
Smitty McJob
Smitty McJob:
I could never understand how captain Picard look and character was created. I now understand that Jeff Bezos made (will make?) a time machine and went back to 1990 and bought his likeness into the series.
J Flow
J Flow:
Blue Origin: first to successfully return and land a 1st stage booster from space to earth.