Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (PS4 PRO)

NEW Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes a Review, Intro and Campaign Mission 1 on PS4 Pro, Xbox One and PC. This Full Game Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Gameplay will include a Review, Story Missions, Cut Scenes, Characters, Marcus, Wrench, Sitara, Operations and the Full Story until the Ending of the Single Player Campaign. Thanks Ubisoft for Watch Dogs 2!


Watch Dogs 2 (stylized as WATCH_DOGS 2) is an upcoming open world action-adventure third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The sequel to 2014's Watch Dogs, it is set to be released worldwide on November 15, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Set within a fictionalized version of San Francisco, the game is played from a third-person perspective and its world is navigated on-foot or by vehicle. Players control Marcus Holloway, a hacker who works with the hacking group DedSec to take down the city's ctOS 2.0, an advanced surveillance system.

Following Chicago, San Francisco becomes the next city to install the ctOS surveillance system, (the Central Operating System), which connects everyone with everything. The game features a new protagonist named Marcus Holloway, who is a young, intelligent hacker from Oakland. He was wrongly framed for a crime he did not commit when he was still a child by the upgraded ctOS system, ctOS 2.0, which connects his personal information to the crime. Realizing the system brings harm to the innocent citizens of San Francisco, he decides to work with the hacking group DedSec to take down the city's ctOS 2.0, and Blume, the creator of the ctOS system.

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Love all of you
Mark Tylerson
Mark Tylerson:
Watch Dogs 2 is FREE on the Epic Games store till September 24th.
Megatron The third
Megatron The third:
Just wanna be first
Michael Harris
Michael Harris:
Hey Brad, I just started playing video games at age 61. I have had so much fun watching your vids. Started with Horizon Zero dawn, it was my first game. I really enjoy your game play, the commentary, editing, it's all good. Thank you!
R.I.P :( I hope the best for the dad
Yea Boiii
Yea Boiii:
21:30 you can hear someone go "ow my leg" after Marcus throws his phone in the water. Its the fish from spongebob
dio just dying laugh
dio just dying laugh:
Anyone Watching Watch Dogs 2 In 2019? And Play it in 2019?
Gabriel Giancipoli
Gabriel Giancipoli:
2020 anyone?

Edit: HOLY COW! Thanks for the likes
This guy is super nice, he's been my go for any gameplay/walkthrough for around 7-8 years.
"anime hardcore purple haired elf" hmm seems legit
Skvala Gaming
Skvala Gaming:
Who is here after the reveal of Watch Dogs Legion 👏
Harshies Place
Harshies Place:
someone watching it after it is free on epic games
Chris Vela
Chris Vela:
0:30 That's very humble and beautiful bro. 💙
Pranjal Altherius Lakra
Pranjal Altherius Lakra:
I came here after getting a free copy from epic games store.
Jeremy Rice
Jeremy Rice:
I like how he talks but dosent talk to much to the point where it's annoying
Lexi Daniel
Lexi Daniel:
Watched your Watch Dogs Legion reveal video and am too excited for you to play it in 2020!!
Cream Cant Place
Cream Cant Place:
Rest in peace to the family they have my prayers🙏
I'm watching this in 2018 still got watch dogs 2 but play GTA 5 a bit more
Dean Marius Feliciano
Dean Marius Feliciano:
I first discovered your channel recently when you were playing Detroit: Become Human, God, I love your video and I can totally relate with your playstyle haha... Can't afford this type of games though haha I don't even have a PS4 so I just go to your channel and feel like I'm playing it with You, Keep up the good work Man
Yo HYper
Yo HYper:
Who's here because this came out on ps now
Rest in peace to the wife and daughter. God bless their soul.
6:14 T-Bone deleted himself from CToS
Krishnav Mahanta
Krishnav Mahanta:
Anyone here when Watch Dogs 2 became free?
Geekly Goth
Geekly Goth:
I just started watching this and I'm like, in love with Wrench lmao
YDK valentino
YDK valentino:
2019 for the win
Slimeylizerd 123
Slimeylizerd 123:
Anyone else re watching this series cos of the new game
I got a horror movie ad and it's currently 1 am, so that was very welcomed
The empty Nothing
The empty Nothing:
30:31 wrench went full TheTerroriser voice

Ps,talking about a youtuber
I literally got a ps4 pro and this game free from a buddy yesterday n started playin it... i loved the 1st one and im enjoyin this one so far... hey better late then never lol
愛Lil Vatoツ aka yato
愛Lil Vatoツ aka yato:
my brother showed me your channel when he had stage 4 cancer he would always talk about how entertaining you were
The beginning of the game and I already started crying😭🕊
shray pandey
shray pandey:
Hiiii Brad I'm a fan of your channel bro, I'm seeing this video 4 years after upload. But man I saw your first video of cad modern warfare 2 (my first game that I played) I saw your hornet's nest mission gameplay and since then in your fan. You rock bro and someday I hope to meet u.
He’s just such a grateful amazing guy
Isacc Peña
Isacc Peña:
Damn I came back here cause legions got announced and I wanted to see gameplay of watch dogs 2 then I get hit with that sad story at the beginning. May her soul rest. I hope the dad is okay too. The story made me remember to appreciate life.
Eyon X
Eyon X:
I Love how Marcus and Horatio immediately have a Connection the second they meet 😂😂😂
Alyx 9sm
Alyx 9sm:
26:02 crystal castles omg
Sophisticated Dinosaur
Sophisticated Dinosaur:
The first guard he scans: "Diagnosed with acrophobia" well damn, pretty balls of him to be standing on the edge of the rooftop sipping coffee then.
ubisoft forward anyone?
Aryan Ramouthar
Aryan Ramouthar:
5:15 when u accidently kill a pokemon with a ball

A pokè ball
KyloRen Kardashian
KyloRen Kardashian:
Jan. 2019 this is my first time playing any of the watchdogs, any tips?
derric tiow
derric tiow:
Why his voice was different in 5years ago
Jeremy Baez
Jeremy Baez:
Man LOVE this game it’s amazing keep up the fantastic work rad much love
doggo 3302
doggo 3302:
Still to this day I watch this video series and I love how in the first 50 seconds it's a massive vibe check (tbh r.i.p to the person who's name is not disclosed at the point in time when the video came out)
Got several parts of this uploading now. Thank you all so much for the love.
27:06 this is the gaybrohood and you are not welcome here!!!!
CrazyCam 2004
CrazyCam 2004:
“It is the Arnie of printers”🤣
Christian Visscher
Christian Visscher:
I want too give my love and hope too the family that had lost a lovede one.
Zay Hunt
Zay Hunt:
From the start love you videos then watching them sent you ever started keep up the good work
lol i love that reference to mission impossible at the beginning
HeyeVe Plays
HeyeVe Plays:
This is and will be forever my favorite watch dogs unless they make another and continue the story of Marcus
Damn I wish I watched and played the game when it came out
Charles thekinglov
Charles thekinglov:
anyone watch this after watching the news about how true this game was to real life
Hello random people scrolling through the comments! Good day! I Love You
Retro chaos
Retro chaos:
Anyone else playing through 1 and 2 again while waiting for legions?
ILikeGamesToo - King of Discord
ILikeGamesToo - King of Discord:
I went back and watched your Murdered Soul Suspect. Saw the game on a diff channel 4 yrs ago and saw it on yours, love ya dude.
blueblaze 98
blueblaze 98:
21:31 Haha my leg!
Ryan Ihsanushofa
Ryan Ihsanushofa:
I just realized, there is an easter egg at the first, a mission impossible easter egg, i think?
Nick Ferdinande
Nick Ferdinande:
Radbrad for you too mention a fan who lost their life from a drunk driver is really cool and you have earned a lifetime subscriber.
I think I first saw your video when I was looking for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
Shazrin Izzad
Shazrin Izzad:
"anime hardcore purple elf"
i see
dante sparda
dante sparda:
I must say this game is pretty good(+_+) just finished it! (I'm way too late I know) I'm from 2019!! (March)
in reality after breaking into ctOS Marcus would be quickly apprehended because he left his fingerprints all over the crime scene.
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister:
Sup man? Sure could use a PS4 lol. Fr tho, I rememberon a former account watching your WD1 gameplays, never even heard of the game beforehand...dope as Hell, bro, keep em comin!!!
Tacticalstrike Gaming
Tacticalstrike Gaming:
I don’t need the ps4 cuz I have one but this is my first ever vid so ya I’ll edit my end vid sub or not

Edit haha this was made in 2016 😂 😂 😂 😂
Mr Kyanite
Mr Kyanite:
I was trying to find a good watch dogs 2 walk through and found this amazing video
Bruh i put naruto storm 4 for sale in Facebook and someone offered a new watch dogs cd for it, guess im lucky
I actually thought that the internet part in the video was an ad lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I found your channel in 2011 when I seen watch dogs the first one it was amazing
Alyx 9sm
Alyx 9sm:
26:02 crystal castles!!!!
clash of clans live and inoment interknowledge
clash of clans live and inoment interknowledge:
What is the name of background music or it is the in game music?
Can i just say radbrad is our savior. If he did not exist it would be hard to fine good gameplay
TheMasked Gamer
TheMasked Gamer:
I think that Watch_Dogs 2 is an amazing game
Chickenwim YT
Chickenwim YT:
I liked the animation in the first Watchdogs when fast traveling, it’s much more pleasing than a regular loading screen
Rhett Yates
Rhett Yates:
I've been watching since I was 4 and now he has a kid
Blitz _z
Blitz _z:
2020 and his content is still epic
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds:
Don’t skip around in the videos, assuming people have watched the other videos.
Litty Queen2000
Litty Queen2000:
I was yes finally my favorite gamer is playing this I almost screamed to the top of my lungs ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂
Bobby Kalman
Bobby Kalman:
How many people are still playing this game in 2019!!!!?? Lol I am 🖐
The Manager
The Manager:
It's 2020 I'm I'm back watching these classic games
Watching in 2019 and still trying to get you those 100k likes :D
Kristopher Brown
Kristopher Brown:
I found your channel when I was searching up call of duty World War Two
Jaiena T-M
Jaiena T-M:
I found ur channel when I did prototype 2
44:51 damn that was loud
im bored
im bored:
I just discovered this channel and it's pretty cool 👌 I'm subbing cause you make cool videos keep it up man
VoiD Sentinel
VoiD Sentinel:
*comes to complete stop*

*slams into wall at full speed*
"''Tis but a scratch"
*gets back on bike*
*does exact same thing*
joao vieira
joao vieira:
I just found your channel now
Michael Fuller
Michael Fuller:
Hey Brad! This is my first time leaving a comment I think, but I've been watching/using your gameplay walkthroughs for quite a long time now and I just wanted to say I appreciate you doing them. I can't remember for sure what the first one I watched was, but I'm thinking it was one of the early Uncharted games. Ever since then, you've been my go-to person for walkthroughs. I just finished Call of Duty - WWII last night, and now I'm starting this. I know, I'm way behind, but I play games sporadically lol. Anyway, thanks again. I'm a fan, and I'll continue to use your walkthroughs as long as you do them.
I liked you subscribed in year 2013 and subscribed u at 2013 at first sight . I'm a poor gamer and I really need ps4 . BeBlessed
Super gaming Sam
Super gaming Sam:
I found your channel on the first episode of dying light
Scotty.Center Games
Scotty.Center Games:
I found your channel when I first got division and watched your gameplay
39:47 gta5 nightclub music
wesley brilhante
wesley brilhante:
I’m having trouble getting the car, funny cause the other two parts of the mission are the most difficult,I just got the game tough I’m waiting for Ubisoft to give us a release date on the watch dogs legion
Biggie Shoes
Biggie Shoes:
99% of the comments are "2019 ANYONE!?!??!?!"
Borderline Personality Disorder 1978
Borderline Personality Disorder 1978:
After 3 long years of playing watch dogs 2 on ps4 off & on finally completed the main storyline early this morning
I'm impressed with the disc it's
such a long exhausting challenging game I got frustrated with it at certain times but if I can do it, maybe U can 2 all it takes is practice & patience :)))))
Dakota Mcnure
Dakota Mcnure:
I have watched you since deadrising 2
warren montgomery
warren montgomery:
i know this is late, but i can always rely on theradbrad whenever i get the urge to watch great gameplays. thanks for you work amigo
Exploding Penguin
Exploding Penguin:
I think that I've been with you since Dead Space 2. Damn, man. It's been a while.
i found your channel when i was stuck on a level of arkham city so i watched a walkthrough of yours and i loved it so i subscribed
2020 COVID 19 breakout Pandemic month. This is first time me playing watch dogs 2. Excited
Whip Johnson
Whip Johnson:
You skipped how you got the key.