Watch Dogs Legion - 4K Gameplay and First Impressions!

Watch Dogs Legion gameplay Walkthrough. Let's play through the start of the game and explore London! Become a member - Thanks to UBISOFT for the early code. Leave a LIKE and a comment, cheers for watching.

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This game has a really strange look to it. Like it looks realistic and like a game from 2010 at the same time
Jordan Spratt
Jordan Spratt:
The British accents were better in AC Unity....which was set in Paris!!
No Name
No Name:
I honestly can not handle those voices 😂😂
A Commentor
A Commentor:
BRAAP! I definitely would have to restart the campaign just so I could choose a new first character.
The worst part about this game is definitely the voice acting of the random characters
Kieran Gaston
Kieran Gaston:
the voice acting is dead . did anyone from the uk work on this title
Jay Ammons
Jay Ammons:
Was really disappointed I didn’t hear a “He’s HACKIN!” At least once.
England’s Guard
England’s Guard:
Some random beatboxer exists:
Jackfrags: *Peace was never an option*
Hudson Shotts
Hudson Shotts:
Sabine’s voice is the same lady as Mary Read from Assassin’s Creed Blackflag!!
rick phillips
rick phillips:
lol she sounds like a man haha
Thats funny the reflection of the character was holding the MP5 when in the game you were unarmed.
DeadSec's mistake was becoming centralized. You cant cut off the head of a snake that doesn't have a head...
Giacomo Michelazzo
Giacomo Michelazzo:
Watching british people playing british games is a feeling that I can't explain how good it feels
Cyberpunk 2077 on low settings.
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams:
REST IN PEACE to the homie Dalton. 😭
Why does Judith sound like Dizzee Rascal?
Lucas -
Lucas -:
Voice acting is terrible unfortunately.

Edit: I'm still very excited for the gameplay though!
Northeast Lance
Northeast Lance:
Jack does this feel like the other watch dogs? Like movements amd driving feels?
bob dick
bob dick:
can you play as mute people?
Jeff Ignacio
Jeff Ignacio:
The voice, bothered me a lot lmao
Luke Sargeant
Luke Sargeant:
"I've gotta try not get in trouble with albio or the police"
*drives straight into public park*
1:22:40 "So rude" because he swears
1:22:45 Send a vespa to outer space
It's a get it when it's 20 quid sort of game, probably by Christmas by the looks of it.
Jonas Dietrich
Jonas Dietrich:
I have to admit, unlike the trailers, the actual gameplay doesn´t convince me too much.
Chris_ Robby
Chris_ Robby:
The graphics seem kinda off. I can’t put my finger on it. The character models as well don’t look very well
Giacomo Michelazzo
Giacomo Michelazzo:
53:35 Hadoken
Hi Champion
Hi Champion:
the park you called hyde park is green park
Jameson Ly
Jameson Ly:
the cahracter voice jack picked was so bothersome i jsut can't wait till he gets a new charcter
Ungodly Poor Dude
Ungodly Poor Dude:
2020, what a year, even games are about protesting this year haha
Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon:
Watch out for the roadmen 🔪🔪🔪
OctopusGooch Boys
OctopusGooch Boys:
Jack drives like he’s playing Crazy Taxi 😭😭
un tipico stormtrooper
un tipico stormtrooper:
28:03 That reference xD
this is just terrible.
16:25 "Possible by foreign meddlers pushing a false narrative through social media" and mass media I assume. Oh the irony, man! The irony
so this is like pre-programming us to what the future holds
corner liston
corner liston:
Really looking forward to the next gen of game improvements: Good smooth lifelike animations.
Love my mute button, when he starts to sing...
Rabbit with a sun tan
Rabbit with a sun tan:
Judith’s accent lmaooooooaooo
Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell:
24:24 Jack: Remember Democracy
Also Jack: I member 🤣
Mr Sin
Mr Sin:
Pov: your looking for the f-word count
Knight Slayer
Knight Slayer:
Everyone in this game runs as if they’ve shat themselves.
Raden Prasetyo
Raden Prasetyo:
Even half life has better voice acting
L Mazo
L Mazo:
Am im the only one find London daylight lighting effect look dim, flat and unpolished
they should reuse this map for proper remake of: The Getaway
Rando Stuff
Rando Stuff:
Those lies "iv never played it from the start" goes into menu where it says "continue game"...
Prema Chandran
Prema Chandran:
3:43 Where's Shadow by the way.
Mohamed Al Khalifa
Mohamed Al Khalifa:
"I don't want to get in trouble with Albion or the Police" *drives car towards pedestrians in Hyde Park*
Corey Jay
Corey Jay:
Its pretty but the open World looks kinda dead. Maybe it's just me but it doesn't feel alive.
Danny Colbert
Danny Colbert:
YouTube have finally allowed 2160p on iPad 😭😭 game looks gorgeous
I'd like to watch Jack play more of this, found it funny and entertaining.
Vignesh Kannan
Vignesh Kannan:
I get anxieties everytime you start driving.
Chris Hedlund
Chris Hedlund:
Literally just preorder 1 day before release and bought the ultimate edition cant wait to play and good video!!!
Emmanuel Moseley
Emmanuel Moseley:
This is not watch dogs that I know of.
these robo voices are so annoying...
Victor Alicaya
Victor Alicaya:
The way jack drive those vehicle looks like i'm watching GTA instead of watchdogs
Never again am I buying another watch dogs
Tremolo Truong
Tremolo Truong:
These graphics are a marvel of advancement and innovation, but IMMERSION and IDENTITY are huuuge aspects of a successful game, and Ubi did NOT nail either of them. This ain't it, chief.
Fingertip Phil
Fingertip Phil:
Jack - the 'F' word count in just the opening sequence up to 17:15 - WAS 11!!
Spectrum Streets
Spectrum Streets:
Let's ressist! Brraapp! 😂😂😂
The voices.. THE VOICES!! Soooo irritating. Gonna give it a miss and wait for Cyberpunk.
Amanda Kay
Amanda Kay:
jack come dack!!! mo dedox. you is everything :)
ニ ク ラ ス 乡,
ニ ク ラ ス 乡,:
I feel like the writing is no good in this game. :/
Brian Hutchison
Brian Hutchison:
The work that must of went into that world! The scale is off the charts and the detail is awesome!
spooky shaggy
spooky shaggy:
29:06 Yahtzee from zero punctuation made that line. At least thats what I think, I'm pretty sure he has more lines than that but he's written some of the funny dialogue lines
So what is your skill?

“Full auto SMG”
What a fun game to watch, keep it up Jack.
26:16 Pewds and Jack talking in their eastern European accents
epicGermanBoy epic
epicGermanBoy epic:
I don’t know what i think about this Game, but it’s kinda cool
T34 Calliope
T34 Calliope:
i can't wait for the game, i'm like john wick in the watch dogs games
JM Ayala
JM Ayala:
What PC components and settings are you using for this at 4K? Seems like you're getting a smooth framerate.
Thank God I got this for free with the RTX 3080 FE, I'll give it a go when it goes live seems fun to play to kill some time every now and then. for a free title ,, seems solid!
C Wood
C Wood:
I want to buy this today but I’m going to wait until I get my series X to see the true potential.
That Dutch Guy
That Dutch Guy:
Is it me or did Jack no exactly where to go, what to focus on and what to ignore up front?
Dom Krall
Dom Krall:
40:35 Ah yes, tower bridge
30:20 wtf is this voice 😂😂😂
I can't tell if these games are a joke or not
Max Imus
Max Imus:
Looks great but what is it with that - game lag/stutter while driving?
So when and at what times does he stream?
The Mysterious Tin Can
The Mysterious Tin Can:
Really enjoyed the first watchdogs, never liked or cared about anything in the series since then.
The character you've chosen looks very similar to Brumhilda from GTA5 when you played with the lads from Neebsgaming!
Texas Viking
Texas Viking:
The car you were driving is a clone of a civic type r
Kafi Arkadwaya
Kafi Arkadwaya:
Grandma with a LMG!! Nice :)
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson:
Feel like jack a tour guide and am just along for the ride.
Test dayz on the new xbox ! You owe it to dayz. The people wanna know how it runs.
glen herron
glen herron:
it would be good to see when you step or stand on a puddle you stay there so we can see ray tracing at work.
Default Dan
Default Dan:
Am I the only one that thinks the graphics don't look that good?
19 justin yam
19 justin yam:
Feel like raging when jack got a new sports car and be “ohh need a stupid taxi for driving”
Jacob Tucker
Jacob Tucker:
This just in...JackFrags is now the CooterShooter(43:22)
12:12 another fkn game where bullets come out of the crosshair and not the weapon, can nobody get this right for third person games? jesus christ
Mladen Milicevic
Mladen Milicevic:
Looks amazing!
desmond Wong
desmond Wong:
aight why erveryone back into the hq all the sudden? i thought the girl is the last deadsec member?
Are you play with ray tracing on? Which graphics card do you use to play this game RTX 3080?
Dave Kerryvane
Dave Kerryvane:
Best part of this vod was your impromptu beatboxing dude!!!
T Nation
T Nation:
19 hours left for me in New Zealand
Zachary Langeveld
Zachary Langeveld:
I wish they made the voices more believable... Great game otherwise
Damn Jack, it seeme like you have an Anti-Semite problem in your live chat.

Don't know if it's a problem to you though. Sounds like you're quite spiff about it.
1:45:32 my last brain cell during math exam.
I need to get my hands on it lol then ill see how good it is
the playing mantis
the playing mantis:
Love your vids btw can you do a video on the Stuka (dive bomber variant) in bf5 plzzzzz