Watch Dogs: Legion - Official Recruitment Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

UbiSoft reveals how its recruitment system will work when Watch Dogs: Legion debuts on October 29, 2020.


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Jerrick Jerrels
Jerrick Jerrels:
"Can you beat Watch Dogs: Legion as an old lady?" videos incoming.
Cho Koon
Cho Koon:
Watchdog 80: **releases**
GTA 6: **teaser trailer**
Recruiting people is going to be like:
"Yeah I'll join your cause. But first, can you go drive across the city and pick up a random item for me?"
Con Man
Con Man:
"...or go with weirdos and grannies".

Yup, you had me right there.
Victor Lindvall
Victor Lindvall:
"Oi you got a loiscense for that paintball gan?"
I hope the old lady from the reveal trailer is a legendary recruit.
Ocealot P
Ocealot P:
i hope there's some kind of suspicion mechanic that makes characters like grandma blend in and be less suspicious, maybe instead of shoot on sight the aI will attempt to escort you out the building or something.
"Play as other people"!
*Laughs in Aiden Pearce*
“Or go with weirdos and grannies”
I’ll take eight please!
"Not bad eh" shows the spray painter doing the superman punch. Between this voice narration and some of the gameplay, I am starting to get a Saints Row vibe.
Everyone wanting old ladies in their Dedsec meanwhile the true hard mode is recruiting that die randomly
Joshua Bennett
Joshua Bennett:
Despite the fact that the whole game is about recruiting people, I’m most excited to main one character and solo the whole game
British man: You can recruit the whole bloody city if you like, doesn't mean you should.

Me: I have felt challenged and I accept.
William Owen-Holt
William Owen-Holt:
How many "watch dogs legion: official trailer" are there? Lmao
Fiyin Aregbe
Fiyin Aregbe:
Game Developer: So who is the protagonist?
Ubisoft: Yes!
This just in : London's Banking security network infrastructure hacked by a bunch of... old people? The representative has made an statement : 'We are not going to shoot a grandma, I mean look at her, she gave us cookies, too bad they had spiderbots on them'.
Sky air
Sky air:
Imagine having a character for nearly the whole game just for em to die.
Arturo Guzman
Arturo Guzman:
An army of Gereatric Hackers, that's the way I want to play it. Abilitys: Watching Road Workers and too old to go to prison.
I really like how much more melee combat there is
Abhin Nadh
Abhin Nadh:
Missed opportunity to use “London calling” by the clash.
Samuel .C
Samuel .C:
I don’t care what your supposed to do in this game I’m starting a football firm and there’s nothing you can do about it
Noname Noname
Noname Noname:
“Or go with weirdos and grannies” Why not both?
Häkan Gökhan
Häkan Gökhan:
I swear they’ve released four trailers that are exactly like this.
Loot The Corpse
Loot The Corpse:
3:24 James MFin Bon- oh wait.. Brad Goldsmith????????😕
vangogh valath
vangogh valath:
Wonderful trailer. I really love the idea about creating our own characters as we like. Great work.
EvoByte Gaming
EvoByte Gaming:
I can already see YouTubers and Content creators creating theme based teams, like an all paramedic team screaming " I'm here to save you" as they send out a spiderbot to electrocute an enemies face.
Scrimmy Boingus
Scrimmy Boingus:
the anarchists description is
"illegally downloads video games"
too op
J Will
J Will:
“Or go with weirdos and grannies”
Me: I think I’ll take you up on that offer
The more I see of this game, the better it looks.
EDIT: In gameplay terms I mean.
xXFvll StxrmXx
xXFvll StxrmXx:
Aaarrrghhh I'm so hyped I've been waiting so long I can't wait
I can fail because of Hiccups?! I'm guessing there is also a character with bad stats
3:53 "no one's here to judge"

i like that
trizzy vids2017
trizzy vids2017:
The word "PEAK" was not used in the right context 😂🤣😂
Wayne Wang
Wayne Wang:
3:11 W A S T E D
Ryan Allerton
Ryan Allerton:
It’d be so cool if there was a character who’s a beer drinking, foul mouthed, bald, unhealthy man named Dave, John or Paul who’s covered in patriotic tattoos who loves football.

That’d make me love this game more because it’d be even more accurate.
Kurt Dirmaier
Kurt Dirmaier:
If I shoot my bees at someone the guards better be screaming "The bees!, No not the bees! Ah my eyes!"
You had me at *"London".* I'm in.
Serious X
Serious X:
Henry is flashy with his kills. Flipping dudes over then dabbing on em as he executes.
Wayne Reibsome
Wayne Reibsome:
I actually look forward to this game , the first one was decent but this one looks amazing
Gnomeo O
Gnomeo O:
2.10 nawww they added the word "peak" they going full london lmaoo
You Dont Have To Know Sssh
You Dont Have To Know Sssh:
"The most legendary recruits"
show Beebender
Carlson Chan
Carlson Chan:
I can imagine a Nuzlocke with this recruiting thing: if they fail a mission, they are considered fired and unusable
Vlad Gabriel Matei
Vlad Gabriel Matei:
im going full 'murican in this game
no mercy to the criminals
Every Watch Dog’s tone gets lighter by the game.
oh no
oh no:
"Or go with weirdos and grannies"

brb getting my epileptic character
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming:
A Man Has Fallen Into the River in Lego City

I know this voice
"London is calling"
London is a capital of Great Britain.
The Goldenburger
The Goldenburger:
Honestly Im really looking forward to this game.
the running man
the running man:
The clash reference at the end was amazing I can’t wait to play this game
Play as anyone.

Aiden Pearce releases.

Play as Aiden.
My favourite line he said
"Ah, London"
Skyler Crescent
Skyler Crescent:
So, If we are capable of recruiting everyone, wtf is stopping optional multiplayer?
I wanna see someone recruiting the whole city
Drinker_Of_ Milk
Drinker_Of_ Milk:
So... her paintball gun “takes out enemies”?

Have these guys ever used a paintball gun before?
Little Misty-eyed
Little Misty-eyed:
Just realised we’re gonna have to deal with their interpretation of “London lingo”
Oh boy this should be interesting...
Sonya Shedlock
Sonya Shedlock:
I’ll have a hard time playing this game.
Elize Ingram
Elize Ingram:
I actually can't wait for this game
R B-H:
2:11 I don’t think “peak” was used correctly
I want the queen her ability should be Her being invincible
Sir Ubaidfarman7
Sir Ubaidfarman7:
This looks promising but I still remember the watch dog one trailer and it's gameplay.
Is this is the same narrator who does 'Come Dine with Me'? Serious question.
Lil leith 1
Lil leith 1:
I swear we've seen this like a gazillion times
Ey this looks pretty solid graphically just gimme that 60+ FPS on the series X
Snake Byte
Snake Byte:
Watch dogs + state of decay =

Watch dogs legion
I wonder when we start playing the game in the beginning who will we start with playing..
Devendra Pisda
Devendra Pisda:
Now make someone with a ability to control sand. "Gaara"
Believe it or not, a group of 4 70+ year olds once stole millions of dollars from a high security bank in London. Look up grandad gang of you don’t believe me.
"Another highly anticipated watchdogs" and other jokes you can tell yourself.
HF 0101
HF 0101:
Will there be like roadmen and gangs in this game that I can recruit
I wonder if the base for the map is just AC: Syndicate's and they just built more off of that
Mohamed Ehab
Mohamed Ehab:
The thing that attracted me to watch the trailer was the guy that was talking all the time
Nana Addae
Nana Addae:
This game is going to be amazing.
Ashil Manoj
Ashil Manoj:
I love the concept of the game. Just one thing that bothers me is the one on one talks between people. If it isn't as bad as the motion capture in ac odessey, itl be fine. But I don't think that'll be the case here, so really hoping the motion capture would be something they put a bit more effort into.
Waiting for that price drop once they bundle eventual DLC with it.
User Bots
User Bots:
Gamers : how many character we can recruit?

Ubisoft : yes
Me just playing this game normaly
Yters: CaN yOu beat wd legion with recruiting every character
Honestly I’m just interested in the jhon wick character...
Blarry 2215
Blarry 2215:
I’m just going to get this game to see if I can find my house.
doomy bonko
doomy bonko:
All my life I never thought Id want to control bees and hurt enemies with em... now I do
Take a shot every time they say hack.
Watch dogs 2 was one of my favorite games this looks hella fun as well
Des A
Des A:
Who gonna get the John wick type character lol
Imagine your looking for a recruit and freaking aiden pirce appears
Rezky Donny Putranto
Rezky Donny Putranto:
I hope we could organize the character like put them on a team (and named it) which include 5-7 recruit (Just like the dedsec team in wd2), assign the team leader sort of thing. It would be hell a lot easier to see, and not confusing.
Dank Tempsey
Dank Tempsey:
Kid : we need an agent 47
Mom: we have an agent 47 at home
Agent 47 at home: 3:12
Kevin Mathew
Kevin Mathew:
Missed opportunity. They should have ended it with " it's London baby".
Donkey Donk
Donkey Donk:
Ubisoft seems to be actually trying this time with the two year break in between games.
Vinnie Langdon
Vinnie Langdon:
I cannot wait to play this whole new experience where you can be whoever You wanna be!!
Dheeraj Gupta
Dheeraj Gupta:
2:13 Ohh So John Wick Visits London On Vacation 😂😂
Zar O
Zar O:
Oh my BEAUTIFUL London! My wallet is ready.
I hope the physics and gameplay is refined to feel great to keep up with the awesome concepts
ConnorG 999
ConnorG 999:
Finally another free roaming game in London 🙌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
"or assemble a team of weirdos and grannies"
Royce Perez
Royce Perez:
I wish the Special Items apply to all characters.
Snake Emperor
Snake Emperor:
To everyone insulting graphics, animations, etc.

It's a beta version of the game plus why should we care about graphics, most of the best games in history are pixelated.
David Neo
David Neo:
NGL all the faces look really lifeless and uninspired. A definitive step backwards to what they have already achieved in past games.

The game itself looks solid enough, though.
Still waiting for that co op gameplay
Jordan Cadogan
Jordan Cadogan:
Never thought I’d hear some one say it’s peak in a video game Ubisoft out ere bussing the mandem
The Clash reference at the end was pretty sweet.