I hope I get this out in time to save you loads of money!!! Here are some of the amazing deals I've found for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Don't miss out!



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CURRENTBODY Neck & Dec Perfecter
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NUFACE Trinity
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PAT McGRATH LABS - Sublime Perfection Concealer (L4) - £26
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PAT MCGRATH LABS - Sublime Perfection Blurring Under Eye Powder - £25
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PAT MCGRATH Mini Flesh 5 Astral Trio
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PAT MCGRATH Sublime Skin Highlighter (Champagne Gold)
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USE CODE SPREE20 for orders over £20 to get 20% off
USE CODE SPREE25 for orders over £100 to get 25% off



REVOLUTION - You Are The Revolution Gift
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Best Gift Ideas for under £40
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Skincare Tip For Autumn & Winter
Best Affordable Cleansers
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How To Pick The Best Oil Cleanser For Your Skin
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How to use an oil cleanser correctly
Mum's Over 65 Daily Skincare Routine

How to find your skin undertone
How to choose the correct foundation shade
How to apply Foundation Flawlessly
How To Stop Concealer Creasing

* DISCLAIMER - I am a qualified Aesthetician but no longer practice in a clinic or a salon as my full-time job is now Youtube. I AM NOT A QUALIFIED MAKE-UP ARTIST. Although I have an in depth knowledge about the skin, and do extensive research before filming to check facts, the opinions expressed in this video are my own.

BUSINESS ENQUIRIES ONLY - [email protected]

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Adria Rahtz
Adria Rahtz:
I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into finding all of these deals! Thanks Gemma! I just had to let you know that I think your makeup today is really stunning! You look ready for a night on the town or a party. So beautiful!
Betty Browning
Betty Browning:
Love your eyes today more than ever! You are so pretty. Thanks for all you do for us!😁
linda dee
linda dee:
Thanks Gemma :-)) Can you believe Debenhams going to be going. I love that place oxoxo
Pat Mear
Pat Mear:
Look at you looking all super glam again and rocking that red lip!! XXOO❤
Magda Parise
Magda Parise:
Oh my... I just lost my credit card in CT sale ....😂 ....they also put up the mistery bags with 50|% off this morning. Just bummed that I could not grab the lipstick coffer :(... On the brighter side, Feelunique delivers to my country 😍
Edwina McManus
Edwina McManus:
I suspect you are wearing the Glam palette, I have it and I just adore it. I have nearly all the Charlotte Tilbury palettes but if I didn't the debit card would be flexed on that sale. I have my eye on a few things I absolutely don't need but definitely want.
Mar Tina
Mar Tina:
Wendy Marsh
Wendy Marsh:
Im 4339 in the queue on cult beauty-could be a while! 🤣🤣
Thank you so much.
I need to know what you're wearing on your lips, you look fabulous!
Yvonne Cumming
Yvonne Cumming:
Hi Gemma love your channel so informative and your mum to .Thanks for money off voucher for the current body £385 a great saving ordered a week ago and still not here so I e mailed them and told the neck and dec out of stock🤔 but they still took my money and no delivery 😡and on there website it shows as available. Hope it turns up looking forward to looking younger after you and your mums review 💓
Not sure if you'll see this in time, but just found out that Bobbi Brown has a sitewide 30% off for Black Friday. I'm using it to get that great eye cream your mom uses for the skin around her eyes (which I've started using since you recommended, and it's great!)!
Fiona Frazer
Fiona Frazer:
Good deals - today my inbox was full - 115 Black Friday deals - overwhelming! Not buying anything!
Sue Anderson
Sue Anderson:
Thank you for all your hard work on this. I’ll be looking into some of these deals. What palette are you wearing on your eyes today - stunning!
Dominique The easy minimalist
Dominique The easy minimalist:
You look so glamorous Gemma, I love the red lipstick on you! Extra tip, download the Rakuten app. There is a 6% cash back reward for Charlotte Tilburry, 7% Sephora, and tonssss of other cash back rewards on other websites (ex: Levi’s 12%). I’ve been using this app for almost two years now, and every 3 months I receive a little check 😊. The specific country rewards may differ, I’m reporting from Canada.
I bought Current Body (neck & chest) about a month ago because of your previous video with mom. It works, really really works, so If Current Body is listening, this woman is amazing. Why? Because she tells the truth. As for today’s video, OMG! Shopping today! You make everything so much easier!❤️
Abby Lewis
Abby Lewis:
I bought the UFO 2 directly from Foreo and straight up panicked thinking I possibly missed out on better deals but they're either the same or don't have it on sale at all 😌 The Natasha Denona liquid eyeshadow I want isn't in stock on Cult Beauty 😭
Claredy J
Claredy J:
Great work digging the bargains out for us Gem! Love your eye look!!!
I like your makeup look today :) Just gorgeous... Gemma has arrived, the party begins ♥
Amalija Batak
Amalija Batak:
Looooooooooooove this your look! The best one, gorgeously gorgeous you 😍😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👑 👑
Lisa L
Lisa L:
Thank you ever so much for your hard work in locating these discount codes. I was eyeing up the Current body mask and weighing up the option of getting that one or the pro Deesse mask - but at £1650+ it was a bit too rich for my budget! Your discount code was the straw which broke the camels back...otherwise k own as my willpower.... and i snapped up the CurrentBody mask today!
Debbie Otoole
Debbie Otoole:
I've just ordered through your link for feel unique, i always like to use the links if i need something because its like am giving back because your channel and other Youtubers help me so much ❤
Farida B
Farida B:
No Gemma this video did not help at all. There is a £250.00 hole in my bank account now!!! Ah Ah Was about to buy the Neck and Dec perfector at the sale price of £270.00 so saved another £20.00. 😊☺
Yasmin Malik
Yasmin Malik:
Wow - thank you for your hard work. 😍
Terri Simonsson
Terri Simonsson:
Awesomely Helpful Video 🤗
Thank you
Vicki Lachmann
Vicki Lachmann:
Thank you!!
Katrina Ryan
Katrina Ryan:
Good evening glamour puss Gemma you look stunning tonight. Thank you for all your hard work finding these amazing deals for us. Very much appreciated 🥰💜
The shipping issue with Pat McGrath is very individual for what country you ship too, I live in Norway and has always recevied my orders within a week (they ship all by Dhl Express here) in fact my last two orders now in November has arived in 4 days! So I am really impressed with their shipping actually. An whats even better is that they are VOEC registered, meaning that all taxes and customs are baked into the shipping price, so there is nothing to pay upon arrival, and much less hassle both for customs and receive. I love it!
Zoe Watson
Zoe Watson:
Knockout makeup Gemma. It's so flattering on you 💜
Great tips today, Gemma! I'm really interested to know *if your mom has upper lip lines* if the Currentt Body improves that area. I'm 57 and have a lot of sun damage which is really starting to show up rapidly! The upper lip lines are tragic (not really but...). Thanks! xx
Jodi Kasper
Jodi Kasper:
RATS! I ordered the Current Body combo 2 weeks ago! UGH!
Ricki Pearks
Ricki Pearks:
Thank you so much Gemma. I have just been the Charlotte Tilbury website and purchased the Starry Eyes to Hypnotise pallette duo. One for me ,one for a girlfriend. I also got the Chameleon Eye Trio. Love her pencils. They are the best, just like you.😘
Emma Mulholland
Emma Mulholland:
Great video Gemma 💖
Sandy B
Sandy B:
Thank you for the discount. code Gemma, I've wanted the current body mask for ages but couldn't afford it. Thanks to you I've now ordered it! 😍 Happy weekend! ❤️
Karen Thomas
Karen Thomas:
Your eye makeup is absolutely stunning. What products did you use? great video..thank you
LIVINA 1917:
Love the colour of your lip. So sexy😍😍😍
Monica Bunnalim
Monica Bunnalim:
Thanks for putting up the work. Been looking for good deal on CB face mask, but for some reason the discount code doesnt work on US website 😔, tried on uk website it worked but the shipping takes too long
Haf Rowlands
Haf Rowlands:
Loving your makeup today fab bargains xx
sarah kristo
sarah kristo:
Got a great deal on Medik8 this morning got a free B5 serum with my vitamin C 😁
Margaret O' Shea
Margaret O' Shea:
Thanks for putting all this information together in one place
Wendy L
Wendy L:
Hi...your code for Current Body is not working when I got to check out. After I enter your code this pops up: Enter a valid discount code or gift card.
Gemma, thanks for all the tips! I'm having a problem with Current Body and the code PW250 for Neck and Dec red light. Anyone else?? Is the code wrong?? Thank you!!
Gloria Dorlich
Gloria Dorlich:
🤩 Thank You Sweet's 💄
Sixties Beauty Fun!
Sixties Beauty Fun!:
What a mission sourcing and comparing all those bargains for us - thanks Gemma!!
Stacie Phillips
Stacie Phillips:
My credit cards are very busy especially after viewing this!!! Yes I'll be sure to view the Instagram page for more goodies. I'm an elf, Cerave, NYX brow pencil lover & will be stocking up on items for myself without any guilt. And yes just maybe grab an Hourglass item I've wanted for sometime now. That will be my guilty pleasure for me! I would LOVE the led light set for me to keep my skin youthful as I gracefully age, but I may need to still wait on that. Er! Still there are again some beautiful items & brands for bundling & gifting! I think my girlies are going to love what they get. My list is almost done writing & should be after today, this weekend. Not being well, it's excellent I can get everything online & either sent to me or direct to the receiver. My! I just need to be better so I can enjoy using products I get for me! Gemma, I LOVE your makeup here today! You look absolutely stunning as always! I mean absolutely flawless looking You! You are a lovely person on the inside & that radiates outward to shine on us all with your passion for what you do & your caring for us all. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your knowledge, but most of all for just you being a glowing light of friendship & love. xx I 🥰🎄🎁🎄🙏💗🙏✌🙋‍♀️☃️☃️
Michele Oakley
Michele Oakley:
I just ordered some Pat McGrath goodies, nice little discount and free postage to Australia. Can’t wait to try them
Royally Rhonda
Royally Rhonda:
This is super helpful!!👑👍👑
Shannon Stark
Shannon Stark:
Your lip colour today....*chef's kiss*
Scott noble
Scott noble:
Another great video here Gemma you're looking fabulous as always 😇🤩🤗
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth:
Yey. Watching now!
Sabsa 70
Sabsa 70:
Wow!! That's a list 🙃!!! You surely had a lot of research and effort, but this is really helpful. So THANK you, Gemma!!!
I've written down my "needs" and wishes in advance this year, to concentrate on that and not to purchase everything spontaneous. It worked and I'm very proud of myself 💪💃.
You look absolutely stunning!!!
Love, hugs and kisses, Sabine 😘
"for once" what do you mean for once??? you've been a lot of help for a long time and continues to be for all of us that follow you. I completely changed my beauty routine thanks to you with great results... and these videos are truly helpful. So big THANK YOU!
Shannon Rolfes
Shannon Rolfes:
25% off Chantecaille website until 11/30!
Ordered the nuFace mini today from LF, and by adding their discount codes I managed to get it to 81£. I think this is a fantastic deal 🥰. The Charlotte Tilbury sale is really appealing too❤️.
fabulousat50 - Fitness in Your 50s
fabulousat50 - Fitness in Your 50s:
Oooooo love a bargain 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Catherine Riordan
Catherine Riordan:
Thanks very much Gemma xxx
The LB Body Co
The LB Body Co:
Oh great Black Friday beauty 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Patti 1962
Patti 1962:
I was trying to be good and focus on gifts.... but some of these sales are just TOO GOOD. So I will be stocking up on my favorite skincare products, especially from Elf!!❤ Thanks, Gemma, for researching all of these for us!!❤❤❤
Janet McDonald
Janet McDonald:
Thank you Gemma, just ordered the LED bundle as a gift to myself for Christmas, used your discount code, thank you , thank you, thank you 🙏 🙏 so excited 😆
Lucinda S
Lucinda S:
I got the starry eyes to hypnotize duo with a friend so we both got once each for half price 😁 the observation about Pat Mcgrath shipping made me laugh when you said a week... my mega mothership palette took almost 2 months 😐
CT has really upset me. I feel really duped. I bought the trio of pallets the other day for 30% off, then a few days later it's reduced to 40% off. Support won't do anything to help me. I know I still got a deal, but the text of the 30% off deal was "hurry while stocks last from 19th Nov to 30th November" so I didn't expect any price change, so technically I have been done out of £12 :(
I did it, I ordered the CurrentBody complete set - face, and neck & dec, and I can't wait to try them out! Your Mom convinced me, she and I are the same age. I live in the USA, so in order to use your very generous discount code, I ordered from the CurrentBody UK site (free shipping anyhow, just will take a bit longer), your discount saved me a bundle! I haven't gotten botox or fillers in a year, and I was debating whether to continue with them or try an LED mask for more permanence. I've spent so much on botox/fillers in the past and just don't want to do it anymore, the effect only lasts a couple months and it has become too expensive for me. I will update you as to my LED results in a few months! Thanks Gemma and mom!
Sabina Cee
Sabina Cee:
I tried using your Current Body code, but it didn't work.
Kim Mailloux
Kim Mailloux:
Hi Gemma, I really want to purchase a good eyeshadow palette for every day. I did purchase ND Glam palette which I love but would like something which is maybe 3 colors and I would know where to put them without worrying if it is right and something easy to blend work with. I really appreciate your advice and recommendations because it is always spot on and I love the products. How is your mom doing?🥰
Chrissy Moss
Chrissy Moss:
Yikes! I fell asleep 🙈

At last, we seem to be emulating the American black Friday sales!

Does anyone remember when the sales were only on Boxing Day, which was useless for Christmas presents? Seeing products you'd bought the week before, at full price, on sale at half price was a real sickener.
Usually followed by saying "I wish I'd waited", I'm showing my age again, 😂😂

So useful to have a sale pre-Christmas.
I hope everyone gets everything they wanted and more! 💞🌟💞🌟💞
Bernadette Hynes - Cafferkey
Bernadette Hynes - Cafferkey:
I Don't shop online, so people that want, to shop in there local pharmacies, and local towns, loose out, 😕😕😕