Watch: Prince Harry Crashes Meghan Markle’s Birthday Video

The Duchess of Sussex is celebrating her 40th birthday with help from Melissa McCarthy and kicking off a women’s mentoring campaign. In this extended cut of the video, Prince Harry shows off his juggling skills, and the duchess is asked about a “Suits” reunion.

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100+ komentarze:

G Chang
G Chang:
There’s no way Melissa could see Harry from her screen.
Some times when I feel bad about my life I come in here and watch a second or two of this and then I remember I am not Meghan and I can get through ANYTHING.
40 minutes of your time? oh us peasants will remain extremely grateful, thank you for your immense kindness. Oh look at me, I am weeping with joy!
donna jarvis
donna jarvis:
It’s sad and embarrassing. What has happened to you Prince Harry?
Dr Mann
Dr Mann:
Omg! For real?! Will out of touch celebs actually be coaching regular folk on how to find an underpaid job, so they can move out from under the bridge? And for the whole 40 minutes?! You, millionairs are just too generous! Sign me up.! I was expecting some Gal Gadot "Imagine" vibes from this, but I got so much more out of it
Renee Bloggs
Renee Bloggs:
Embarrassingly rehearsed, unnecessary and just overall awful.
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović:
The amount of improvisation that went into this is stunning,all on the fly.
Kay Dvo
Kay Dvo:
I am honestly confused with this "initiative". What jobless women(or men) need are jobs, simple as that. If Meghan asked 40 of her influential friends to give 40 women(or men) jobs in their businesses, corporations, etc., that would be a much more concrete and tangible help to someone who badly needs an income. "Mentoring"-what does that even entail? Like, how would Melissa, for example mentor an out of job receptionist or dental assistant or whatever to get back to the workforce? Is it like giving someone a pep talk? How would that help if there is literally no job to be had due to businesses closing down or establishments trimming down their workforce due to Covid? Sadly, this is just another publicity stunt. It's really getting old, Megs. I think you need serious mentoring(from the Queen, perhaps?) on how to do public service correctly.
Another idea: how about 40 of Meghan's rich friends grant loans to 40 small businesses/ family run businesses on the brink of closing down due to Covid?
purva ahuja
purva ahuja:
I could sleep for 40 minutes 40 times in 1 day.
Joyful J
Joyful J:
Harry looks like her personal court jester. From prince to court jester.
Abe Maria
Abe Maria:
At the end of the day all the credits will be given to her. Sounds like there’s a conflict of interest here. Her video only makes me wonder if she really wants to help. It’s better to celebrate her birthday in private since she really wanted privacy in the first place. If she wanted to help she should emphasise the main topic and go deeper with it. I cannot sense her dedication and empathy.
Sabrina Velt
Sabrina Velt:
Also both of them sitting there in their big homes, musing over how to throw some crumbs to the poor people. Vulgar and insulting.
English Rose
English Rose:
Oh dear..... the level of cringe is through the roof !.... Not sure how I will ever be able to uncurl my toes ! 😂
The amount of thumbs down though!!! 🤣🤣🤣 people see right through her.
For someone who was an actress this is kinda awful
It isn't even an original idea. She stole that from Nelson Mandela who invited people to spend 67 minutes of their time to do something good (the amount of years he fought for human rights).
Anna Santa
Anna Santa:
Meghan wants to help woman???? Then why does she goes about TV to complain about other female royal member who made her cry in the interview ? Why does she kept firing female staff that she can't work with? Why does Harry had to go about saying he wants to meet the queen and she is too busy to have meetings with him. Seriously ? Harry and Meghan did nothing to even try to help to make their own female family members feel better and they go about helping other women ?????? What is wrong with them. !
A O:
Give this 40 minutes to your father.
40 friends? does she have 40 friends?? knowing 40 people are not having 40 friends!!
The acting is subpar. It doesn't even seem like you guys are really talking
40 minutes to help a normal poor woman give me a break
Jules Maddie
Jules Maddie:
I don’t think I’ll listen to an ex serving royal who could afford to quit her job and move from England to California, which she didn’t even serve that long to begin with, to mentor me about my unemployment. No thank you.
Sara Abdul
Sara Abdul:
If you want to do something good do it without publicity 😉
Angela Nycz
Angela Nycz:
I don't quite understand the concept. Mentoring 40 woman for 40 minutes? That's what unemployment offices do but longer than 40 minutes. All I could see was her sitting behind that elaborate desk, that screams how rich she is. I feel so sorry for Harry.
Diana DiTommaso
Diana DiTommaso:
Just out of curiosity. Is anyone in the comments section the recipient of the forty minutes these wonderful women have pledged to devote? I can’t WAIT to hear what you have to say 🙃
Keya Hammond
Keya Hammond:
Love that she is encouraging women to support one another around the world. God bless.
Jeff Stoffa
Jeff Stoffa:
If they are friends, why won’t they see each other again until she turns 50?
As genuine as a TV commercial 😴
I've never watched Suits but if her acting is as bad as it is in this, then I'm happy I haven't wasted any time watching it!
The more she tries to come across as I'm nice, I'm nice, I so put all others before myself, the more it looks so staged and fake.
Abigail Lopez
Abigail Lopez:
40 friends??? 🤣😂😂😂 that’s funny! Couldn’t even find that for her wedding
Cunty McCunt
Cunty McCunt:
Meghan’s acting😭😭😭pleaseeeee
Amy LS
Amy LS:
Love to hear Ricky Gervais thoughts on this ……… oh I can imagine the roasting now 😂🤣😂
Imagine if he had sung Imagine while he was juggling....that would have been peak cringe
Maureen Ingleston
Maureen Ingleston:
Not only insulting the RF but insulting Mankind !!......trying to portray herself as the new Messiah preaching if we follow her words of wisdom the world will be a better place..........Excuse me while I go and VOMIT :((
Selko A
Selko A:
I am lost . God save Harry and the kids 🤣
40 minutes? Don't ever extend yourself on a hungry child's account. My teenager is spending 3 months working on a food can drive and wants to raise money for those affected by the California fires. "ripple effect" in 40 minutes 😆
Sam j
Sam j:
Oh dear, Harry doesn't even know who he is anymore...
Addy C
Addy C:
I always think Harry should be a History School Teacher! He would be great with children!
Letícia Soares
Letícia Soares:
That woman is unbelievable. What crazy world did she live in for 40 years?
Mary Curtis
Mary Curtis:
So this is "the man you have become", Harry?? A juggler out by the window looking in...
Tutateha Ja
Tutateha Ja:
How patronizing that all women need a celebrity to mentor women back into the workforce. They don't need mentorship just jobs!
Julia W.
Julia W.:
Meghan has made herself rather redundant.
Man, some of these comments are so angry lol, if you don't think it's a good idea, don't watch or participate. There is no need to attack someone you don't know
vania lima
vania lima:
Legenda por favor.
Love Meghan.
Joanna O'Connor
Joanna O'Connor:
Here’s a thought Me-again!!! How about you don’t bully your staff and not accept jewellery as gifts from Sultans who abuse women’s rights…….happy birthday my dear!!!
Kayon Watson
Kayon Watson:
Megan and Harry no matter what people say nothing and I mean nothing beats prayer!
Jennifer Maggio
Jennifer Maggio:
40 minutes? Is she serious? 40 friends for 40 minutes to help millions of women return to the workforce. I have no idea what she's talking about, but it's Megan Markle being her woke self. No real work involved but she thinks this makes her look like somebody who genuinely cares about women's struggles. I can't believe anybody takes her seriously.
Bek Girl
Bek Girl:
I’ve just looked up the word arrogance in the dictionary there is a picture of Megan markle next to it
Greener 🎧 👑
Greener 🎧 👑:
As with all narcissists, no real effort or commitment just using others to maintain her facade of do-goodery.
papa pie
papa pie:
Happy belated birthday Meghan. 🎉 🎊
Teresa Silva
Teresa Silva:
Love this two :)
Big Chris 2
Big Chris 2:
Harry's got balls to sneak in Megan's conversation 🥎⚾
Irena KD
Irena KD:
If that idea would come up at any brainstorming session, it would die within 1min being crushed by others.
And somehow, this idea saw a life in Megan's eyes.. Why? Beacuse it is ABOUT number 40, not about women needs or help.
Polina P
Polina P:
Privileged celebrities “donating” a few minutes (less than an hour) of “their time” (as if it is somewhat invaluable) to teach us, peasant women, how to go back to work. What an honor!
Armando Ucles
Armando Ucles:
Anytime you work with Melissa McCarthy, you know you are always going to be in a safe place.
Anne Sophie
Anne Sophie:
So she asks others to help others lol I love Meghan but If she really wanted to help she could feed the 40 women for one month with the cost of all the garments, jewels she wears and decoration around her in the video. This girl lives on a cloud.
Telling people to go back to work when she herself quit her job and made her husband quit his duty 🤪
Leoni Maira
Leoni Maira:
Love them
sara beckham
sara beckham:
40 never looked sooo good 🥰
As an American i can tell you they are becoming as unpopular here as they are in the U.K.
Peter Green
Peter Green:
What a joy to have a pet doing tricks. (Harry outside)
Happy people 💓
Mimi Money Machine
Mimi Money Machine:
How can you smile that much knowing you are causing pain to the people that care about you. Self awareness is getting out of prison of selfishness.
Wolf Tail
Wolf Tail:
Well that was cringe inducing.
Tha Nie
Tha Nie:
Prince Harry has been reduced to a court jester…
A.D. Mitchell
A.D. Mitchell:
So 😥 Prince William would never ever do that that is so sad so sad
Did they even really video chat? Conveniently cuts away before the call is answered and the 100 copies of her book is odd! Comes off egotistical.
Sarah Ito
Sarah Ito:
98percent people don’t like her and only 2percent like her why??
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985:
Netflix signs up Harry and Meghan then within months millions leave Netflix

Pretty much says how popular Brand Meghan is around the world if people would rather drop Netflix altogether than watch Brand Meghan as part of they subscription doesn't it
Deborah Minter
Deborah Minter:
🤣Melissa and Meghan are always great to see! 💓
Karla Parker
Karla Parker:
I can't believe this woman was an actress this was the worse acting I have ever seen. Does she not realise that women work every day and many also doing silently charity work and silently donating to causes clise to their hearts.
is she being herself or trying to act...can't tell
India Alpha
India Alpha:
This is what happens when people that are out of touch, get put on lockdown. They lose the ability to normally communicate with people.
The comment section is hilarious. Is there an award for best comment section ever?
Naomi Reads Royals & Celebs!
Naomi Reads Royals & Celebs!:
Wow just wow
Christine Wanjira
Christine Wanjira:
Jan Rightley
Jan Rightley:
40 minutes of your time is REALLY unimpressive. You really think your magical don't you 😂😂😂
Rebekah Kirkendoll
Rebekah Kirkendoll:
I like Meghan and Harry but I don't think they thought this one through. Most celebrities have celebrities friends so who would they be mentoring? A random stranger? It just doesn't make sense. If you really want to help struggling out of work single mother's, "Why not ask 4 or more if they choose, to donate 40,000 dollars to help these women pay off some miscellaneous bills, or pay their children's daycare expenses for a year until they're able to find stable work. Also, food in their refrigerators sounds good too. Maybe offer them some money to go back to school, or offering to pay for their tuition would be something to consider too. Idk, It's very hard for me to feel like this is actually sincere when Meghan is practically sitting there in the lap of luxury. This one was done in very poor taste sorry Meghan and Harry this one is a no-go for me. All ideas are not good ideas. If you're going to do something to help the less fortunate at least make it count.
Jackie Reeks
Jackie Reeks:
Munecat & Henry the viii
Podcasts are excellent!

Most people prefer to be controlled like a remote controls, than finding the truth for themselves.

Sad but true. Playing right into toxic tabloid media that drains every living penny out of them.
Tua Fesse Fese
Tua Fesse Fese:
Meg happy 40th birthday. Looking stunning my beautiful sis
This was shown during the Olympics in Tokyo. It would have been a better idea to give these minutes to female athletes instead of this.
Rhythm Is A Dancer
Rhythm Is A Dancer:
40hrs would've been more appropriate lol What can anyone learn in only 40mins? Pathetic!
Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.:
She looks older than 40.
Kripa Harris
Kripa Harris:
Making fun of queen is nasty ...
Charlie Gibbs
Charlie Gibbs:
All planned but fair play to them , especially if it makes it more fun :) Last year has been crap with lockdown bit of fun doesn't hurt. I still prefer William and kates calmness and class. So, two different couples both bring something to the table
Maew Maew
Maew Maew:
I can't stop smiling at her royal highness cuteness. Cough!...cough.. Pretentious!
Sylvia Dixon
Sylvia Dixon:
Happy Birthday Duchess Meghan. 40x40.
Engineering π
Engineering π:
The first part is simply crazy.
Crystal B
Crystal B:
The video gave me second hand embarrassment for Melissa, Meghan and especially Harry, the acting is bad which is weird considering that Melissa is a very talented actress. On the positive side, Meghan and the location she is in looks beautiful. I love her desk.
Cusco Petunio
Cusco Petunio:
Principalmente, por favor:
Meg, ¡no pienses en filmar la secuela del siguiente video!
¡De verdad, nadie puede ver este teatro dos veces!
Jessica Digiglio
Jessica Digiglio:
Aww come on you don’t expect us to buy that Melissa could’ve seen Harry through the screen at this angle??
They aren’t even looking at the webcam. They are looking at a camera that isn’t on the laptop...and there’s the Royal court jester. Such grace to grass...smh
Jovita Alejandrino
Jovita Alejandrino:
She dared say her 40th birthday when she knows she’s 44 what a liar 🤥
Paper Boy
Paper Boy:
This is exactly what I’d expect from a couple who abandon their country and family.
Suzan Taibu
Suzan Taibu:
Happy birthday.