Watch Virgin Galactic's Biggest Moments (So Far)!

Virgin Galactic is gearing up for a big spaceflight with the company's founder, Richard Branson onboard the VSS Unity rocket.

Watch our compilation of Virgin Galactic's big reveals, and early test flights, right here.

The upcoming livestream of the Virgin Galactic spaceflight with Richard Branson onboard premieres at 9am ET /6am PT on Sunday, July 11, which can be watched here -

0:00 Introducing VSS Unity
0:33 Stephen Hawking comments
1:22 1st glided flight
2:20 1st supersonic flight
3:11 2nd supersonic flight
4:18 Richard Branson trains for space
4:52 3rd supersonic flight
5:32 VSS Unity goes to space
7:24 VSS Unity's 2nd space flight

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JJ Flash
JJ Flash:
How come Virgin, Branson or anyone else never mentions or gives any credit to Burt Rutan who was the designer/inventor of Spaceship One?? Without Burt none of this would be possible. One of the greats in all of Aviation History.
Amazing. Just wish I had a million dollars for the view. Unfortunately I have a job that pays enough for a wife and kids. Maybe one day.
Linda Setzer
Linda Setzer:
This is the most amazing thing In this world. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and congratulations ❤️ on everyone who worked so hard to make this possible. I remember the first rocket to the moon. And uve gone above and beyond imagination! Congratulations on a dream come true! I get chills all through my body seeing this! God bless all of u! U are amazing!
Vivek singh
Vivek singh:
New era has began practically ❤️👍🏻
Invader Kush
Invader Kush:
How did those pilots even make it to space with balls that big?
Петро Петрович
Петро Петрович:
Мы верим в тебя Деда удачи тебе.
Inga Mgoduka
Inga Mgoduka:
I'm so happy to live this generation ignoring all the bad things happening.
Tuvshinbayar Baasandorj
Tuvshinbayar Baasandorj:
Would have been cool if you showed the failed missions. It would have honoured the pilots but also a reminder that these are dangerous endeavours
Mahesh Joseph Jacob
Mahesh Joseph Jacob:
Space Tourism opening door to space , we can travel space in less time because there is no atmosphere, hours into minutes , future minds will develop space filght easier.
We can change 14 hour travel to 30 Minutes. Best of luck 👍
Cyba IT
Cyba IT:
Looks like that rocket only has one burn so they're screwed if they go a bit too far out and can't come back in again
Thanks to starlink the signal is GREAT!
Trương Xuân Bách Official
Trương Xuân Bách Official:
Greeting from Vietnam. Good job guys !!!! Respect !
This is just the beginning. This VSS platform will be the volution of travel
Neil Williams
Neil Williams:
So from what i can tell the hope to fly not quite as high as the X-15's 314,688 feet altitude record?
Jack Geiger
Jack Geiger:
Did they through up , I sure would
Michael B
Michael B:
Such humble guy! You can’t Not Like him!
R V:
11 july , euro cup final plays England , Virgin 🚀 , wimbledon final . Big day is comming ,Wojak buys crypto and hodls
Suzanne Moulton Molina
Suzanne Moulton Molina:
To date STS-1 was the first manned test flight. The networks are saying this is the first manned test flight and thatś just not true.
Albert Kao
Albert Kao:
DJ Gualtier Maldé
DJ Gualtier Maldé:
LOL what an ego....anyways good for him
Just a plane ride. Never left the atmosphere.
La Chatte Multicolore
La Chatte Multicolore:
musk plan to propose to stay some days in orbit, it is more sexy i think than just stay 10 minutes...
Nerpa 667
Nerpa 667:
You are heroes.
Mente Universal
Mente Universal:
Sunitha S
Sunitha S:
lam from india ( kerala. ) nice video, 🤩🤩
Jinto Sebastian
Jinto Sebastian:
JR studio kand vannavar undo☺️
paul Electric
paul Electric:
Finally, people will be able to see the earth is in flat for themselves!
And to think this man (Richard Branson) wanted the British government to bail out his airline during the pandemic
Viktor K
Viktor K:
They are great like Chinese
Tim lane
Tim lane:
Will the passengers experience orbital zero G or will it be from the effect of riding the parabola?
For some reason I don't believe anything that comes out of your mouth anymore Mr. Branson , ... your eyes tell the real story
Sunitha S
Sunitha S:
മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ 🤩🤩 ഇവിടെ വായോ 🤩🤩
USA. is a continent according to these guys-...
Shaikh Abu Horaira
Shaikh Abu Horaira:
Compare to spaceX and Starship this looks just funny, But great achievement indeed.
Chris T
Chris T:
Why does it look so flat
Svitlana Hadden
Svitlana Hadden:
john rizz
john rizz:
weather looks like rain for sunday. do you think flight will cancel?
On a Mission From Yahweh
On a Mission From Yahweh:
Lies, deception
This doesn’t seem to be such a big deal. SpaceX is a company that has already sent men into orbit and more. Galactica will just go up to the edge of space and come down.
Asian Franchise Academy
Asian Franchise Academy:
I hope it fails. Branson let Virgin staff down during pandemic
GC Richard
GC Richard:
Nice and clean but we did not see the earth reentry...
Where is the heat shield?
suji anand
suji anand:
It’s a total waste of money and energy!
and again where are the stars?
paul Electric
paul Electric:
Dang, wish Stephen Hawking had a chance
Nagendra Singh
Nagendra Singh:
Space feels a lot like invisible water. Maybe that is why there's ocean under another ocean in bikini bottom 🤔
Rich Lo
Rich Lo:
7:47 - Where's the part where it blows up and kills one of the pilots?
Where you at Flat earthers?
Anish Adamane
Anish Adamane:
Well I don't understand the need for Virgin Galactic when SpaceX is far superior
David Stirling
David Stirling:
It’s flat! And Branson’s known that full well since his failed ballon flights…… wakey wakey brothers and sisters.
According to these guys, things can fall normally in space... 6:38 VS 7:00 😮🤣🤣...
Mimmi Kylemark
Mimmi Kylemark:
Absurd to waste so much money. Just toys that pollute!