We Found the Fastest Car in Rocket League

We Found the Fastest Car in Rocket League
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We are back on the rizzo live channel with more hilarious moments from my stream. These are all clips from my stream when I was playing 6 mans and ranked with head down and firstkiller. We had a ton of fun and even found the new fastest car in rocket league, hope you guys enjoy!

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Into/Outro Music: Aquarius by Cxdy

Field of View: 108
Distance: 280
Height: 110
Angle: -4.00
Stiffness: 0.20
Swivel Speed: 4.00
Transition Speed: 1.20

music from epidemic sounds

100+ komentarze:

Thomas Hewitt
Thomas Hewitt:
I’m all for variety and the edits themselves were good we just don’t need one every 5 seconds
Adam Black
Adam Black:
The editing I don’t think is bad I just think it was to overwhelming
I appreciate the different style, just can be overwhelmed at times, maybe a little less intense? if that makes sense
Mr. Nonsense
Mr. Nonsense:
First video: “the edits are terrible!”

After Rizzo says he ordered those edits: “understandable, have a nice day”
11 Remv
11 Remv:
I do like the memes, but the constant interruption of. The gameplay is the problem. Just an opinion.
I think it’s a little overwhelming, because of the sudden change in editing, but I think he’s got the right idea in what to do to make entertaining vids. I think we’ll start to get used to it the more videos we see. I think this will turn out really well
Johann Schmidt
Johann Schmidt:
I liked the last video, and mad respect for taking all "blame" instead of letting it fall on your editor. Regardless of how the video is received you should always stick up for your ppl <3
The editor is trying too hard... just keep it simple. QUALITY over QUANTITY.
Im fine with the inserted meme clips, but this time there just too many
Will Whisenhunt
Will Whisenhunt:
Love the editing style, thought it was a bit too much. I understand not wanting it to be a copy/paste of the game play but try to find the happy medium. To me it doesn't look like anyone hates the editing all together, they just want it toned back a bit
Ethan Barnes
Ethan Barnes:
There is a bit too much going on with the edits maybe less edits but overall pretty good
Rizzos editor: types Adobe premiere tutorial 2016 into YouTube.

Rizzo: sick transitions dude, add more effects!
Brent G
Brent G:
Some of the edits in the last video were well done. However, there was way too many to the point that they distracted heavily from the gameplay. It was like every 5 seconds some random sound or picture would pop up on the screen. I think a lot of people like myself would just argue QUALITY edits over QUANTITY. Musty has good edits, he uses audio mostly. The inserting of random video clips like the ones listed below is just plain bad and very jarring. Like I'm here for Rocket League, not to watch random clips of vloggers like at 8:45. I'd highly encourage the editor to stop that.
This video was better, but still so many forced edits. What in the seven hells was 4:52-5:06? That edit added nothing to the video, wasted 14 seconds, and was completely took away from the gameplay. 8:45-8:52 why? 9:30-9:36 why?
love that you are putting some more effort into the videos! I have some experience editing and would love to give some advice too (This can be applied to both you and NotAirid).

1 - I LOVE the Arnold bit, but it felt that the animation was a bit stiff and was taking too much of the screen. If you are using a cutout of a person, try and prevent it from taking up more than half of the height of the screen and not more than a quarter than the width of the screen too for this type of animation

2 - I love how you are putting text when people are speaking but it's wise to not overdo it and to not put it in situations where its unnecessary (it's best to experiment when text should be displayed to find that golden comedic moment). Colored text is good to identify people in the video but can become irrelevant because the audience will have a small attention span to remember who is talking. If you can, try to keyframe the text over or next to the player's movement. THEN use color to identify, because if the player is off the screen, the viewer will remember who is talking

3 - If you dont know how to keyframe, keyframing is a type of art in editing where the text, image, or screen matches the movement of an object in film. You have to move the text, image, or screen frame by frame. I have a trick to help me be more accurate while keyframing. I use a period, If you have a live output, try and bring the period to where you want the text or image to be focused at. Lets say a nose. In each frame, you want the period to be at the point of the nose for each frame. After keyframing, you should be able to edit the text, font, and size. If you are going to try and keyframe the screen, try and keep the pinpoint center of the screen focused on the motion.

4 - For intense moments like 2:22 through 3:06, because it's meant for comedy, you would want to cut all edits including music and leave the original footage alone at 2:49 (I would probably do a slow zoom where the ball is heading with the ball in frame afterwards.). At 2:55, I would have done an instant cut instead of a fade.


6 - Audio levels are a bit inconsistent, I would try to make the music and sfx be 3 dB lower than the average gameplay audio. 4:25 is particularly too quiet.

7 - There are moments like 4:09 (and 4:51"watch this fake") where there is a sudden cut and will throw the viewer off guard. If you had shown the ball being grounded or cleared, then it would have been good to use that spongebob clip. It would have been nice to show text of you saying "watch, I'm gonna score this" and then show text of your teammates being sarcastic / going along with the joke. (2)

8 - If you are aiming to make these videos to be funny, try and find some comedy music to put in the background because there are a lot of moments where it's just gameplay audio. I would go to Epidemic Sound and buy the monthly personal license so you can use their music without your videos being copyrighted. Everything is watermark free there. 5:52 had a record scratch, this should be reserved for moments if you had music in the background.

9 - There are a lot of inconsistencies but its a big step going from 0 edits to having some amount of edits. There are still too many though, either have the video filled with edits or have no edits at all. Just DON'T over edit. (My videos suffer from having a decent amount of edits at the beginning but become lackluster later in the video. It's because I tried to edit the whole video in one day. Try and reserve portions of the video for different days so you can experience minimal burnout with ideas flourishing. Especially since there is usually a week between each video from you.)

10 - I wouldn't try to confine your video to one gaming session. Unfortunately if there may not be enough of a supply of footage, you will have to stick with that one session. And lastly, I wouldn't try to edit the footage in chronological order. You can subconsciously engage the viewer because the viewer will know that this is a new and different scene instead of seeing the constant roll of one segment (hope this last part made sense).

If you don't mind, I would LOVE to see if I can be a secondary editor for you. If you want to talk, my discord is TruDust#0420 😀
Just Jacoxb
Just Jacoxb:
hey rizzo, liked the video, but there was too many edits, maybe do less edits in the near future? thanks for the content, keep up the grind!
I doubt you'll see this but I liked the edits with the clips, however, I wish there was more gameplay like within the 6mans series showing more than the last 10 seconds so that it's more engaging. Personally I think if you showed all of the goals cut between each other plus funny moments/close calls it would flow a little bit better.
Milton Marques
Milton Marques:
Hello, constructive criticism here:

IMO If the meme clips were shorter I feel like it would be better, that way it doesn't disrupt the flow of the game you know? Also maybe try using the memes on top of the gameplay like you did in the very beginning, I think it would be better. Really cool video, thank you Rizzo and editor.
Josh Cook
Josh Cook:
Just a tad overdone with the edits, some people said overwhelming and I can definitely agree there
This is one of my favorite videos on this channel. Would love to see you playing with other pros like this more often! Editing was definitely less in your face this time which I appreciated. Big ups to the editor and to you Rizzo for considering the feedback on the last one.
Rizzo: so how many edits are you going to add?
Editor: Yes
Korayhan Hallo
Korayhan Hallo:
4:23 I appreciate the JoJo reference
Garrett Mullins
Garrett Mullins:
I love how everyone else has their fancy titles and Rizzo just has “ball chaser”
Jared Allen
Jared Allen:
Bruh i love the editing!! Literally had me in tears from laughing so hard!!!
Casper Thomasen
Casper Thomasen:
I loved the edits, makes it much more entertaining hahah
I don't like this style of editing. Id rather you show the chat reactions on the videos in a creative way. Also can we get a video explaining the DSL. Thanks
eddie pearson
eddie pearson:
I freaking love the editing. Idk who was complaining but they're stewpid.
These edits r just overwhelming and annoying since it’s the same “stock jokes” that every other YouTuber uses. Plus that background music is just so annoying and generic 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Editor: how many edits do you want?
Rizzo: YES
Editing was good but the pacing was inconsistent throughout the vid
Add some Backround music so it isn’t as drastic between silence and the edits.
dip thong
dip thong:
Its like I am just watching rocketleague memes right? I'm not invested in the game at all but this is better and the last video
Shower Head
Shower Head:
Honestly, I loved the edits, but I can agree with some, of it being to much, but I loved it still
I like it but keep the memes less than 3 seconds. Having long clips pasted in for something anticlimactic can get annoying. But I like this style more than before
Logan Busch
Logan Busch:
I'm all for the meme edits - i think for me, it is hard for my brain to keep up with both heavy edits AND full gameplay.
I was having trouble keeping up with the actual games when i was paying attention to the edit - i think this is a result of a lot of my experience with these types of edits being stream highlights jumping around clips and moments from recent streams, meaning what is happening in individual games doesn't matter as much as the funny moment and the meme to accompany it :)

Just a thought that came to mind, hope it helps! Keep up the hard work - really enjoying all the recent content!
Paddy Hunn
Paddy Hunn:
Edits are fine, but no sense of comedic timing and they happen way too often
It’s overboard I feel, I suggest watching meme creators like mertzy just to kind of get the idea of what level of meme/editing to include. Has to be a healthy balance to make it watchable.
The edits feel like it's a swagger souls video or vannos gaming video . There good dont get me wrong but they need to be toned down a bit.
Brandon Atchley
Brandon Atchley:
Personally, the cuts or zoom and enhances repeatedly taking the action out of the game really kills the video. Zooms on the video for focus on the conversation/visual makes sense, or TTS, but not both. Also, watching the same thing 3 times with different edits or camera views isn't fun, this isn't Fear Factor from 2006

The edits that were enjoyable were post action or downtime of the video (Stephen A Smith, that's a great idea, confetti, BSOD)

The transition scenes aren't my taste, and the sound balancing between sound bites and game audio/comms weren't balanced. Clip stacks/mini montages are welcomed.
Hayley Spradau
Hayley Spradau:
I like the clips just would appreciate them being shorter so it doesn’t cut away from gameplay for so long
The edits are really loud and overwhelming for times that don’t necessarily need an edit. It seems like you’re trying to cram as much memes and loud bass boosted moments as possible. The rizzo live channel is something I like to watch when I just want to chill out and watch a few games of you playing with some light commentary.
Steven Thompsen
Steven Thompsen:
hey rizzle i feel like this one wasn't as over the top as the last one editing wise good job :)
2:46 the music reminds me of “i am the milk man my milk is delicious
Jvryder 25
Jvryder 25:
I love the edits but like everyone else said, they are pretty overwhelming
editing like this is alright but when its after literally every play it kinda ruins the flow of the video
Josh Rayos
Josh Rayos:
I like the edits makes it funnier with random sounds
Bot Bot
Bot Bot:
I love the new style, just that some of the edits are overwhelming. most of the time its funny but not like when i get blinded by the edits when flashing the screen
I dont think the editing is a bad idea. I actually appreciate it. Its like im watching a neatmike video. But maybe (and this is just a suggestion) it should be in your main channel instead of the Rizzo "Live" channel.
Carlos Leon
Carlos Leon:
gave a like to the video but I had mixed feelings about the editing. I think if the gameplay is not blocked I might not mind it. It felt too loud and bright for my taste. Love the content.
Yung Father
Yung Father:
Edits are good, you're a true memer beamer.
Although you're overdoing it.
Like personally im seeing potato league style edits but its not clips its full gameplay and it ain't workin that way cheif. Contents always gas, just keep working with it until you find that perfect mix. Love you papi Rozzi
Maddox Benedict
Maddox Benedict:
editing gives me a headache and makes it hard to view without having to get used to flashing shapes or random camera changes. use more subtle effects transitions or images that don't make it so aggressive to view
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez:
Definitely chill on the amount of memes you throw in lol. Loving the channel progression state of mind.
Fine with the edits, just like seeing quality RL content
Piero Cignetti
Piero Cignetti:
Nice editing, when are we gonna see some Rizzo playing League so we can see the real toxicity in action.
Or some Minecraft with the boys.
I like the different style of editing, i feel that bringing in a more comedic style to rocket league can take away the focus of the intense competitive perspective. In my opinion, this can potentially bring in new viewers that may or may not be used to what rocket league is and will bring in a new pool of players as well.
Pig Miami
Pig Miami:
Edits were good, just less of them personally

Maybe also like roughly edits of similar length, like keep pacing.. but all bangers
Ethan Talks
Ethan Talks:
Had to stop mid way through the video. The edits were amazing and I laughed so hard, but... they were very, very, very frequent. Everyone else agrees.
Evgeni Uschakov
Evgeni Uschakov:
I came here for gameplay, not for curing my depression. Sometimes the memes make it better than before though
Jqzee - Brawl Stars
Jqzee - Brawl Stars:
I love the videos on this channel and the way you interact with chat throughout the gameplay. Even though it is in a similar format to your main channel, I still prefer watching this one, because of the casual and positive energy that you have. Editing is fine, but maybe one edit a minute rather than every 3 seconds. I don’t think I can watch another video in this style, I only made it through 2 minutes of this one.
Nico Francino
Nico Francino:
Honestly, this is awesome. Everyone saying that there are too many memes but they fit perfectly with the video. Not much to hate on. Keep it up mr. rizzo’s editor.
DG Blubzz24
DG Blubzz24:
Jesus I'm 3 minutes in and i cant watch anymore. There is so much going on every second. Way too much edits. I can't even enjoy the video.
Angel56 Aldas56
Angel56 Aldas56:
I like the memes in the vid, its kinda lore fun that just watch and hear people play rocker league
Matt Ball
Matt Ball:
It's like a meme montage with Rocket League in the background. Rather than a Rocket League video with some funny edits mixed in.
Tom Dean
Tom Dean:
I like the editing I’d just say the transition that spins can be disorientating
wesley flatt
wesley flatt:
Feel like I’m watching a funny moments montage but it’s just one game of rocket league. Just feels forced.
Bo Ryan-Palmer
Bo Ryan-Palmer:
I really like the edits and thought that it brought a movie like feel. Keep up the good work:)
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist:
Rizzo not having any disrespect thrown towards his editor! Shit we like to see 😉
Alex Hoskins
Alex Hoskins:
“Sometime less is more” -message to editor
I mean some of them, like the lagging edit, were genuinely funny, but the overall amount of edits is too much imo
TBNR Thor:
I love channels that use this editing style. It’s really funny and interesting to watch Bc you have so idea what the next edit will be
Jospeh Gray
Jospeh Gray:
I love the videos either way man, your personality and gameplay keeps me coming every time you release a video 🤗
Cardu Gaming
Cardu Gaming:
The memes aren’t put in the right times lol
Love the edits it gives way more contrast and flavor!! The great thing is that this format can always change and improve whenever. It just matters what you enjoy for your audience!!
Bernardo Garza
Bernardo Garza:
All I’m saying about the edits is that they are really quick paced and your vibe has always been more slow paced so it’s kinda weird seeing the funny man scream for the 18th time in the same video so basically I think we will get used to it
Trey Earles
Trey Earles:
The subtitles and transitions are awesome. But the meme clips themselves feel a little too long. And very very frequent. That’s my constructive criticism.
i like the editing style however its way to often and filled with dead memes. its supposed to be funny but its trying to hard which is making it not funny
Matthijs van Emous
Matthijs van Emous:
Talks about editing in intro.....2 secs into real content; edits Arnold
Cobstructive criticizm that i thibk will 100% make the editing better:

-The edits are non stop here..every single moment is some edit..something crazy, something epic. Thats not how it should be..
-Balance things out..if you gonna throw in a wacky edit after each moment, the video gets a bit stale and annoying..balancing things out is the best.
-Sometimes a joke should just be the joke..nothing else.

Balance! Give a few breaths in between the edit for the thinga to smoothly come to place..this is like a tornado but not in the good way (what good way?)

Anyways yeah..i eat fat pieces of doo doo
Alex Plunkett
Alex Plunkett:
Loved the editing, not overwhelming just great
Matthew Isabella
Matthew Isabella:
I like this edit a lot more than the last one. A lot less spammy and shitposty, just the right amount of memes and gameplay. Keep up the good work editor 👍
Mac Johno
Mac Johno:
Damn son chill out I’m just tryna watch some rocket league not random clips of memes that last 10 seconds
I think there should be more memes contrary to what the comments say. Bring them on. My body is ready.
Gabriel Carvalho
Gabriel Carvalho:
Well, I feel like it can be a little less over the top. The editing takes over the course of some plays, and it gets a bit desorienting.
Jacob Mauro
Jacob Mauro:
The editing is a lot but it definitley makes it funnier and I feel like that’s what this channel is more about the more relaxed just playing rocket league vibes. Doesn’t take away from the gameplay so it shouldn’t mater
I'd say less edits. The sheer amount of Edits is kinda overwhelming. Also, less music based edits and make the build up faster/not as long. I did the like to the text that shows what everyone is saying though so keep that up for sure. Other than that, I loved everything else!
ib tv
ib tv:
The edits feel like a laughband out of a bad not funny at all series from uk or usa,the Reason why the editor is using edits on a certain moment is really bad and not funny at all , yes u can edit and make cool moments make even look better , but not in every damn corner where something happends, thats the same thing with laughbands in those series , don't use it every time something small happends, minimize it and only edit the moments where ppl are WTF'ing already even without edits. PS the title is really getting clickbait very hard, if this continues i might have reasons to unsub and i think many will follow, this isnt about the fastest car n stuff, this is about a game with overwhelming edits and ask the ppl if those are good or not.
Vince Moscar
Vince Moscar:
Imo it feels like anytime the gameplay is paused for a meme the flow of the game is being thrown off.
Cam C
Cam C:
The black rim theatre edit is hard to watch. Love the pop ups and everything else.
Noah Parker
Noah Parker:
I love the meme edits. Funniest shit I’ve seen since risky back pass
The editing is fine but it's just too much, I'd tone it down
blipblop blip
blipblop blip:
Please add background music please to make meme cuts more fluent and I know everyone is giving so much constructive criticism but I think the editor should tone down on the long meme clips
Luis Aragon
Luis Aragon:
First gyro and Rizzo was a combo I didn’t expect to be bangin
ian pierce_97
ian pierce_97:
Dude, I loved the new edits! They were so funny! Personally I thought it was great...
It feels like your going into the editing process thinking “What can I add to this video to make it funny” instead of “ It would be more funny if I add this”
Paulamee 2016
Paulamee 2016:
Idk about everyone else, but I loved the editing, and the time u spent to put in it so keep it as it is :D
Sam Hughes
Sam Hughes:
atleast make the edits funny and memes and sounds everyone has heard do shit that u and sizz would think is funny
I like the text when used to emphasise something amusing that might otherwise have been missed, and i don't too much mind the memes, but when a meme takes me away from the action it's kind of annoying.
Jesse Kepser
Jesse Kepser:
This is how all videos have to be im crying from laughing man 🤣🤣🤣🤩
Oracle Hatii
Oracle Hatii:
It's an aggressive style of editing. I like it and it can make for some hilarious moments. It'll come into its own over time.
pathik desai
pathik desai:
this video was awesome! i love the edits compared to the plain vids on the main channel even though i love those too! it is like having the best of both worlds
Mahdi Hassanali
Mahdi Hassanali:
the editiing is really nice and amazing, keep going