“We had a dominance in the game” | Marcelo Bielsa | Leeds United 2-2 Everton | Premier League

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50 komentarze:

Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan:
Came Back each time from been behind Team spirit in this team Top notch should of won but will take a point Peacocks 🦚 supporter's Amazing as ever World class the Peacocks 🦚 supporter's always sing loud and proud . Mr Leeds United Kalvin Phillips at his Best today , Patrick Bamford Top notch , Raphinhas Goal top notch All Leeds aren't we, Marching on together, Side Before Self Everytime 🇮🇨🤍🤍💙🏐😍😍😍😍😍✊✊✊✊✊🔥🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚
Navegando mi Van de Stadt 34
Navegando mi Van de Stadt 34:
Bielsa is a legend
Keep Eating
Keep Eating:
Great play from the translator there, maintained composure in the final third and kept an authentic dialect in both sides of the pitch. Final delivery was clinical.
PS Chan
PS Chan:
2 down and 36 Cup finals to go. Leeds United MOT 💪💪💪
Lana Felix
Lana Felix:
1 point not bad we keep moving forward lufc forever
Newen Peñi
Newen Peñi:
"Todos los jugadores quieren hacer goles... bienvenido el gol de Raphinha" respuesta de Bielsa para la vida.
De cualquier manera fue golaso
We love you at Leeds, Marcelo 💛💙
Atlético Desvelado
Atlético Desvelado:
Cada partido juegan mejor, una derrota y un empate, ahora vamos por la victoria contra el Burnley.
We’ve moved up 6 places so I’ll take it
Connor Horne
Connor Horne:
Tough league, tough opposition, 3 points would have been nice but we move VAMOS 💙💛
Sport Billy
Sport Billy:
Bielsa doesn’t look happy and not surprising we can play a lot better than that
Valentin Battauz
Valentin Battauz:
Vamos bielsa
Damo8. LUFC. England.
Damo8. LUFC. England.:
I love Bielsa.... 💛💙💛💙💛💙
Don't worry guys. Our first 2 games were against two hard teams (still deserved to win today) but I'm confident we'll play well against burnley and we'll take our first 3 points
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
I thought we played so good just dicisions didn't go are way.. Did not like the ref at all... But good result, hard fought game..
Patricio Harms
Patricio Harms:
Love to watch the game! We deserved more. We cannot concede those silly penalties anymore...
Maybe Lack of some players?? It's a very competitive league not easy thing
Osman Alud
Osman Alud:
In Bielsa we trust
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa
There is No Try
There is No Try:
Cooper is a liability, I dont think hes necessarily a dirty player just that he cant keep up with the play and gives fouls away, he costs us so many points, glad we got the draw today
It's ok. It's early and it's how we finish not how we start
Víctor Fresno Galán
Víctor Fresno Galán:
Un empate de mucho mérito, pero creo que al Leeds le hace falta fichar
inonk gaming
inonk gaming:
In the last interview he said no one coming in?? That too confidence with just 23 squad member n 3 already injured .
Peter Maurer
Peter Maurer:
Burnley will be very hard to beat if we play like today. Mid-table at best with this squad.
alvaro herber
alvaro herber:
Me gusta este equipo de BIELSA... queriendo jugar en primera ... PERO, en el tema defensivo ... le esta faltando mayor agresividad.
Respecto a la presión alta hombre a hombre ... me parece muy arriesgado ... tal como ocurrió contra el UNITED... si un jugador contrario burla a su marcador... deja en desventaja al resto !!????
Gabriel Romero
Gabriel Romero:
Que grande el leed
La defensa del Leeds estuvo floja .. sin concentración en la marca ..sobretodo el jugador número 2
Manuel Alvarez
Manuel Alvarez:
Aguante la escoria!!!. Vamos Leeds Carajo!!!🎩
Super Nintendo Mii
Super Nintendo Mii:
Either he's doing a very good poker face or the noa lang stuff about us having agreed personal terms with him is more media lies like that 30 million bid for traore
myg 22
myg 22:
BBC said Koch was on bench,any body know why he wasn't
Vivian Findlay
Vivian Findlay:
Liam Cooper does not have the quality to play in the premier league.we can not afford to give silly goals away like that.1 point should have been 3.
maher39 maher
maher39 maher:
Would of loved to see Rodrigo come on with 10 to go , could have won it . Bamford was not looking sharp today ,ran he's socks off but never looked like scoring.
we need Top signings as soon as possible. I know it's only the second game but the team are too weak .
Bone-No Hewson
Bone-No Hewson:
Agustin B.
Agustin B.:
Why klich, even if he scores. Why klich? I never seen a player faking a finger injury while the other team was in your box
Gilbert Walker
Gilbert Walker:
Anyone know why Koch wasn’t playing today?
kwong wing lai
kwong wing lai:
Everton played so drity
Joe Hill
Joe Hill:
These questions from the interviewer are so terrible
Marka lufc
Marka lufc:
Cooper too slow and not a captain
Taking guy some time to learn English
Gary Hillman
Gary Hillman:
We need a proper creative no 10
Casual Focus
Casual Focus:
sky sports highlights makes it look like everton dominated us
I am a big supporter of Leeds United while I am a Galatasaray fan. ⚪🔵🔴🟡
James Hughes
James Hughes:
“We had a dominance in the game” no that's bollocks. could have easily lost 4-1.
Linda Sam
Linda Sam:
Luys Andre Fernando Faria
Luys Andre Fernando Faria:
What about Llorente? Why didn't he play?
Get cooper out of my club
Yeri Mina didn't have a home education because she didn't have parents