'We'll meet again': Vera Lynn's anthem of hope through the ages

Dame Vera Lynn, whose song We’ll Meet Again became an anthem of hope and resilience during the second world war, has died aged 103. Lynn’s wartime popularity was boosted by the signature song released in 1939 and written by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles. Its wistful melody and determinedly optimistic lyrics – 'I know we’ll meet again some sunny day' – proved powerfully uplifting for departing soldiers, and it has endured as the defining song of the British campaign. It re-entered the UK charts this year at No 55 amid the 75th anniversary celebrations of VE Day.
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Dame Vera Lynn, singer and 'forces' sweetheart', dies aged 103 ► https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jun/18/dame-vera-lynn-dies-aged-103

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Guardian News
Guardian News:
Dame Vera Lynn, singer and 'forces' sweetheart', dies aged 103 ► https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jun/18/dame-vera-lynn-dies-aged-103
Ben M
Ben M:
And in heaven she and the troops are joyfully singing "We've met again!"
We are passing into an era that is history.. we have very few left who were there now.. RIP Dame Vera
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
RIP she brought smiles to thousands of people such a beautiful soul
Grayson K
Grayson K:
RIP Vera Lynn. Such a national treasure.
RIP. First learned of "We'll Meet Again" when my GCSE History teacher played Dr Strangelove to the class. I fell in love with the film. I'm from Hong Kong.
Brian Garrow
Brian Garrow:
It's 330 a.m. here in the Pacific Northwest, and I have a silly smile on my face after hearing this beautiful song, performed by a lovely lady. Then it hits me. I have memories of my parents dancing and singing to this song when I was a small child.
Thanks for the memories.
sam wright
sam wright:
a person that deserve to have a statue made
John Wright
John Wright:
*I remember Vera Lynn..., and how she said that we would meet again..., some sunny day...*
Mujtaba Ahadi
Mujtaba Ahadi:
2020 could just not get any worse
Vera Lynn: hold my beer

Rest in pease Vera, may god bless you
CJ LovablePeridot
CJ LovablePeridot:
Omg, I was just talking about her a few days ago, and little did I know she recently passed away. RIP Vera Lynn, you will be missed. :(
Mohammad Rezaei
Mohammad Rezaei:
You can see in her eyes shes still the same great singer
Vanessa Obi
Vanessa Obi:
She had a lovely voice...I also loved the fact that she lived long..Each time I listened to this song, I have goose bumps. .
May her beautiful soul find eternal rest till we meet again..
Wan Dade
Wan Dade:
Be warned: Some comments in this comment section are nothing to do with the death of Vera Lynn and try to bring down the Hope and Good Spirits this song embodies by needlessly raging about political issues at this time while giving no solutions themselves.
vee smokez
vee smokez:
R.I.P Dame Vera Lynn A true Queen of the british peoples hearts...
richard petty
richard petty:
My dad served in Burma north Staffordshire regiment she visited Burma he adored this lovely lady as did all the soldiers RIP dame vera Lynn 🙏
Barry Sheridan
Barry Sheridan:
Bless you Vera, and thanks for all you did for the guys. RIP.
Tom Nash
Tom Nash:
We'll meet again is one of those songs that brings tears to your eyes even though you weren't living through the war. The context was absolutely perfect.
RIP Vera Lynn - who didn't know who she was? The beautiful voice of the WWII era that encouraged and gave hope to so many people.
lex tex
lex tex:
An amazing lady,, she will be greatly missed.. R.I.P dame Vera Lynn..
RIP..a life well lived.
MATUA Winston
MATUA Winston:
A truely wonderful woman who will be sorely missed
Gary Arlen
Gary Arlen:
Lovely video collage of her performances through the decades.
Ricky Bojangles
Ricky Bojangles:
Sleep well Dame Vera, we all love you 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️
Tony Gohagan
Tony Gohagan:
"And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." And, We WILL ALL meet again: On That Sunny Day.
Mark Evans
Mark Evans:
She helped our lads through their darkest times, RIP 🌹
Geoff Currie
Geoff Currie:
Well at least they had uncovered Churchill's statue before she died. Statues should never be covered or destroyed WE should learn from history, and fortunately most of us do!!!
Apolo Adonis
Apolo Adonis:
When I ear his songs I remember the Captain America .
Wayne Banks
Wayne Banks:
R. I. P Dame Vera Lyn true great a legend some many classic songs
flip inheck
flip inheck:
National treasure gone RIP.
Pichi Pichi
Pichi Pichi:
WHY WHY WHY some dislike this give good reason
basil fawlty
basil fawlty:
Many who heard her song never did meet again unfortunately.
Journey well Vera, and thanks
Zeus Hermann
Zeus Hermann:
R. I. P. Dame Vera, thank you for all youhave fighted for us. For supported charity causes, and for giving us your songs. I will keep you very close to my heart.
Im sure we'll meet again, some sunny day
My heart is broken. May she truly Rest In Peace. The world is a lesser place without her.
Paddy Robinson-Griffin
Paddy Robinson-Griffin:
Genuinely great song, so sensitive to the national mood, of split families with hope beyond fascism, remarkable.
"We'll meet again Miss Lynn" 😢🙇‍♂️
Phillipa Salisbury
Phillipa Salisbury:
What a lovely lady so sad to see her gone I'll play this song on rememberance day this year in my driveway
Im unexpectedly early. Even more unexpected that I actually searched this up for the first time
Oh my goodness, it still makes me cry after all these years. I grew up in England and Scotland and remember hearing this one the old radio before tv was invented!!!!!!Hopefully we'll meet again Vera, thank you!
Henry Ellis
Henry Ellis:
I was saddened to hear the passing of Vera Lynn, as a schoolboy during W2 we often sat around the kitchen table listening to the war news , Vera Lynn was a regular on ` Workers Playtime `. we were the only family in the area with a coloured radio :-)
Colin Richards
Colin Richards:
God bless Dame Vera Lynn, we will all meet again in our Lords house. We miss will miss you, be safe and happy in our Lords arms. God bless you, rest in peace.🙏🙏🙏🇬🇧🇬🇧🙏
I've been crying on and off since I heard the news earlier today. R.I.P. Dame Vera.
blue kitty
blue kitty:
That's a helluva Dame! RIP ma'am thank you for your service in war time and in peace.
Farewell Dame Vera, I still remember my Grandmother and Mother singing your songs when I was just a young lad in the 1950s. You always reminded me of my Mother. We will meet again some sunny day.
Steve Martinez
Steve Martinez:
Herr Kaschen
Herr Kaschen:
May we meet again some sunny day, Vera Lynn. RIP.
Ellen Chang
Ellen Chang:
The end of an era😰
Rest In Peace Angel 😇
Yaoi é o caralho
Yaoi é o caralho:
Morreu hj, acho que sou um caso raro mais eu amava as músicas dela
Crimson Clan
Crimson Clan:
R.I.P you will be missed 😢
gary kitson
gary kitson:
What a powerful song for its time . Evoked strong emotions then & ever since . Rest in peace dame Vera , a true national treasure . I'm sorry you lived to see recent events .
Glory To Jesus Christ
Glory To Jesus Christ:
Rest in peace Dame Vera God Bless you all who love Jesus Christ will meet again very soon the time is ever near ❤️❤️
Karlos Mac
Karlos Mac:
My father listened to her songs, whilst serving in WW11, so she gave Comfort to all those brave service men and women!
John Grieve
John Grieve:
No one like her ever again. Just amazing.
Jackie Turner
Jackie Turner:
One of my favorite songs and singers from the 40's. Today's "talent" could learn a thing or two from that generation.
Penelope Knight
Penelope Knight:
Kim Kochel
Kim Kochel:
I heard this morning that Dame Vera has gone onto her next journey. I'm only 61 but love her music and her. I found her book at a used book store in town. A wonderful read. RIP Dame Vera your work is done,but I'm sure that you are entertaining the troops up there. I played one of you CDs on my way to work this morning. 🌈🦋❤🌞🌹From a proud Canadian. 🇨🇦🙏
Brings a tear to my eye, the first clip 💪
Lindo! Vá em paz pras mãos do Senhor🙏
A R:
I listened to this song last week for the first time last week and she died 2 days ago... I'm so sad
Spill the Cola
Spill the Cola:
Rest in peace i am so Heartbroken all the joy she brought😭😭You're the best Queen💖💖💖
Bless her, RIP x
Andie Kempson
Andie Kempson:
😭 rest in peace beautiful lady with an amazing voice. Forever in our hearts 💕
Lucinete Fontal
Lucinete Fontal:
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect:
'Land of Hope and Glory' was my favourite.
Christine Rixon
Christine Rixon:
Farewell Dame Vera. You were loved by a wartime generation and continued to inspire future ones like mine. We will miss you but never forget you and your beautiful voice singing such inspiring songs. Xx
Tech Teacher
Tech Teacher:
It never gets old. So inspiring. I think, it'll never be forgotten. RIP Vera Lynn
The Proms
The Proms:
I collect cds and I have a lot of cds at home. When I first discovered Very Lynn I couldn't stop playing her CD. R.I.P Vera Lynn.
Jared Bowden
Jared Bowden:
I just heard a few minutes ago and now I am going to have a bad day.
Mclaren fan
Mclaren fan:
RIP 🙏🏻❤️
Karlos Khaos
Karlos Khaos:
Lol eventually
I got a few I waiting to see again too
Until then
Rick Lee
Rick Lee:
RIP Vera Lynn such a beautiful song ~~
Michael Ashcraft
Michael Ashcraft:
We will meet again blessed Vera, take your rest Darlin' ! Doc Mike USN
laura prokop
laura prokop:
What great memories i cannot get enough of that wonderful music Bless Vera Lynn for her beautiful songs
A legend... My tribute to Dame Vera from Uruguay!
Alynnah Johnson
Alynnah Johnson:
Rest in love granny😢😭❤
Davide Malavasi
Davide Malavasi:
<3 <3
Michael Brand
Michael Brand:
RIP, Dame Vera Lynn! Thanks for this song, which I'm sure that my dad enjoyed during (and after) his service in the U.S. Army during WWII.
Nastase Carmen Nastase
Nastase Carmen Nastase:
RIP! Sweet Heart!!🌷❤
the biggest party in heaven is in full swing,
Salty Dog
Salty Dog:
Lovely lady, who inspired millions of troops and civilians alike. May she rest in peace.
Thanks for the music and rest in peace Vera Lynn one of the Legends, she will live on in her songs.
Cindy Shafer
Cindy Shafer:
She's beautiful ❤️
Qasim Ullah
Qasim Ullah:
R.I.P Dame Vera Lynn 🙏🏽❤️
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia:
this song makes me sad now bc she’s dead :(
I loved at the end the much younger crowd singing along. I wonder how many songs/performances from 2020 will still be relevant in 50+ years.
Nino Naumovski
Nino Naumovski:
Rip angel you will always be remembered.
Well meet again some sunny day...
Deep Dream
Deep Dream:
I am completely saddened by the death of Vera Lynn ... I love her songs and I love her too, I am 12 years old and I am Brazilian, right so ... I am crying and I will never forget Vera Lynn
Thanks for the Memories MHDSRIP
Raul Richards
Raul Richards:
R.I.P. Dame Vera Lynn (1917 <> 2020)
I heard of her songs from a story I read that included all her hits :(
Erin Livan
Erin Livan:
EARNT her DAMEHOOD with taste,talent,& intellect.Unrivalled by no one...🌏
hans and hars channel
hans and hars channel:
She made my day when I was looking up gravity falls
Mimoza Kosova
Mimoza Kosova:
Grande 👍
Deb Blackmore
Deb Blackmore:
Beautiful RIP beautiful lady we will meet again love ya xx
Bill b
Bill b:
Rip legend.
Ali Cortez
Ali Cortez:
Hermoso homenaje a Vera Lynn. Gracias!
Ella se ha ido, pero nos dejó su gran voz y su canción de esperanza.
We will meet again! 😍
Ardee Patterson
Ardee Patterson:
Part of my life. Thank you old girl
Seyran NY
Seyran NY:
She has a reference in gravity falls