We NEED to Talk About Millie Bobby Brown’s Relationship

We NEED to Talk About Millie Bobby Brown’s Relationship

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My name isn't Tess Dani 💅🏻
My name isn't Tess Dani 💅🏻:
This is literally disgusting, a parent should NEVER let their 16 year old child date someone who's 20/21 not only are her parents absolutely horrible but it's so sickening how Hunter has the audacity to make such inappropriate comments and act like he did nothing wrong absolutely gross. I hope Millie's doing better and that creep gets locked in Jail where he should be

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Styled By Sands
Styled By Sands:
A 16 year old will ALWAYS be obessed with an older man who is interested in them bc they feel “special” ITS GROOMING f- that man
Susan Castaneda
Susan Castaneda:
I’m just wondering why he’s talking about her like that. It’s also disgusting how her parents turned a blind eye of what happened. This guy thinks just because she’s a celebrity it’s a free for all. Dude, she was 16! What were you thinking?! Letting your friends be so sick and disgusting like you. You should really apologize to Billie for your disgusting behavior. She though that she’s love you. Shame on hunter and her parents!
Briana Heyward
Briana Heyward:
he’s grooming her, oh my god, that is horrible. jail him.
nina wong
nina wong:
any man who speaks in that manner — with that much disrespect — about a woman he once claimed to love is no man.

i’m almost positive he only dated her because she’s millie bobby brown. honestly heartbreaking. i truly hope she one day finds somebody who truly loves her for who she is and protects her from all of the bad people in the world, like her own parents and hunter, who are trying to take advantage of her.

this situation is horrible and disgusting. i’m heartbroken for her.
Kimani D.
Kimani D.:
a 20 year old shouldn’t want anything to do with a minor
The fact that she was/still is a literal child getting groomed and being taken advantage of is sickening to me. And hunter has the audacity to say that what he did was "Legal." Absolutely beyond me.
Wendy Zavala
Wendy Zavala:
It doesn't matter if she gave consent . It's morally not right. She's at an impressionable age, she needed guidance . She needed a support system ( trusted friends and family ) losing your virginity is not a joke nor dating a 20 year old who seems to be so immature to DEGRADE HER PUBLICLY ONLINE . 20 and won't take responsibility or respect her privacy . Then his friends calling her weird and degrading her . But she is a teenager ..
Sadly, her parents didn't even do anything, instead, they exploited her. That boy, Hunter, should be shame of himself. Even if she ' initiated ' it, he should have been the adult and stop it considering he said it was 'Weird'
Why is he saying what he did was legal, and that it was Millie, (I’m a year younger than Millie) if my mom were to ever find out that I had dated someone who is 20 whilst me being almost 16, she would kill HIM and probably end up in jail
He is the problem in this situation, he made weird comments about this girl, and made jokes
The lady even made jokes about her
Those are BOTH grown adults
She is a teenager, leave her alone
I also like Millie a lot, so this makes me even more mad
We need to get this man in JAIL, no prison
donut man.
donut man.:
This is LITERALLY disgusting.....Why does this not get talked about..
Kamryn Trammell
Kamryn Trammell:
“I did nothing wrong! I didn’t do anything illegal haha!”

*knock on door “FBI OPEN UP!!!”
hanji’s girlfriend
hanji’s girlfriend:
um, even if she was obsessed, he’s literally the adult. and the parents, omfg how can they even allow their daughter to date a 20 yr old??
Alysha Bennett
Alysha Bennett:
this is disgusting. I think im gonna cry.
Taylor Calafiore
Taylor Calafiore:
Where are her parents? Her parents really allowed this? She has about four legal adults in her family, and not one of them said this was not ok? Millie really needs a better support system.. ofc that’s not Millies fault, considering it’s her family. It’s just really concerning that they let this happen.
Littt Op
Littt Op:
“She was all over him, obsessed “
I TOO thought I was in love with a 20 something year old WOMAN as a 15 year old girl…
It’s disgusting to look back at as a 20 year old woman now
I'm so fucking scared for her, she is still a child. She doesn't have faults in this, it was the adults around her that failed to protect her and this dude has the audacity to joke about it....this dude clearly has still a child mentality but the dangerous thing is that he has the body of an adult and doesn't think he should apologise, the people around him think so as well. When they started saying that they did sexual things I got so disgusted omg i'm Gonna cry
KC Cooper
KC Cooper:
We need to held their parents accountable for not protecting their child, poor Millie
Child x
Child x:
“It was completely legal and it was approved by everyone” not the law 🤨
Eunice Kim
Eunice Kim:
Dude was laughing. LAUGHING. And saying that he’s not sorry. Worst of all, the parents aren’t doing anything either bro. These people are so disgusting bro, Millie deserves better. JAIL THEM, PLEASE.
it’s heartbreaking the way parents will fiercely protect their sons but their daughters get dragged to hell.
Joon is gone
Joon is gone:
That dude dated Millie and talked trash about her after having a relationship! Seriously I am shaking and disgusted . I wish Millie had greater choice in her decisions that she made and what the hell were her parents doing my god! Like I get it you want your daughter to grow up but you should keep her safe . Everything is f'*d up
Same thing happened when I was 13 and he was 22. My parents never knew. These men don’t care about you. You’re just some sick twisted fantasy for them. Not only did he manipulate me, he gave me emotional abuse and I was only young and was starting to figure the world out. I hope Millie has the right support cause clearly her own parents can’t give her proper love and affection. She’s not your money mule, she’s you’re child that you raised.
Perrine Bk
Perrine Bk:
I don't like millie but this type of thing should never happened, teenagers and a 20 years old absolutely do not have the same level of maturity and awareness
Millie likes to think she is extremely mature like a lot of teenager but she's not, and it is the adult's responsability to handle it, whatever millie could say to him, he should have said no, plus the way they're talking about her is disgusting
Fake Lebron
Fake Lebron:
She lives in Georgia, the age of consent there is 16. So unfortunately, he’s right, he didn’t do anything illegal. But he still shouldn’t talk about her like that.
This is actually so sad. He talked bad about her.. and used her. That makes me so sad, she deserves better. He deserves to be behind bars to be honest cause this shouldn’t be a joke.
the way he was speaking abt her in the live was so disrespectful..
Mexico Palafox
Mexico Palafox:
I swear that dude that did that to her is the most ignorant person I have ever seen
Beez Nuts
Beez Nuts:
The fact he KNOWS he groomed her and he's probably too cocky to think he could go to jail for this
I don’t need to know his “side” of the story, he admitted to grooming her—that’s it. Him apologizing isn’t enough, he needs to be jailed.
David Harbour needs to adopt my girl Millie cause.... her parents are FOOLS
Kerelle Jackson
Kerelle Jackson:
The way everyone was talking down on Millie In that live says a lot about how duisguting and evil these people are
she said "she was obsessed with him" you dont say a 16 year old child obsessed over a boy? who wouldve thunk it huh? 16 yo girl obessed with a 20 yo grown man and completely following him blindly in love because she doesnt know any better..... whats the definition of grooming again?
He says we only see the pictures and don't know the whole story, but the way he speaks about her says enough about the kind of person he is. Some things he said would be considered inappropriate even if he was talking about a girl legal of age, let alone about a MINOR. The relationship may have been "legal", but it doesn't make it morally acceptable, and the way he acts is proof enough of that.
i blame her parents
i love millie sm hearing this literally breaks my heart ughhhhhhhhh utterly disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!
Age gaps are fine in adult relationships. The fact that some of y'all defending a minor and an adult being together is sickening.. Teenage girls/boys get infatuated over grown men/women, but it's upto the adults to not pursue anything forward. An adult getting into a relationship with a minor is never okay!
Courtney Michelle
Courtney Michelle:
Even of she were obsessed with them like they said… its still Hunter’s job as the ADULT to make sure things don’t go too far.
Selena Celeste
Selena Celeste:
I always knew this girl would grow up troubled. Her parents failed her. Throwing her into Hollywood at such a young age. It seems she never had a childhood.
Aisha El Haddar
Aisha El Haddar:
Age is just a number

And jail is just a place.
This is so sad, the trauma she’s going to experience in her early 20’s. She’s a literal child and the way he talks about her like she’s just a toy he can easily use and manipulate her whenever he wants. Disgusting
Like, Billie,Olivia,Millie, Danielle Cohn, and Piper's parents are using their daughters as a monthly income.
Carmen Yang
Carmen Yang:
All the adults in the situation needs to go to jail.
GamingWith Rui
GamingWith Rui:
Hey guys isn’t the age of consent 16 in Spain and in Britain? This is still horrible but I believe this dude is referring to this that’s why he said it was legal. Although if she was living in the U.S at the time 😬 he’s still going down. Either way cancel the man 😄
Sabiha H
Sabiha H:
My parents let me date a 19-20 year old man who ended up being a neo-nazi when I was 16. I was assaulted over and over and over. I was so afraid to tell anyone and didn’t know how to get away. I feel so bad for her. So bad.
gambre gambre senpi
gambre gambre senpi:
he's sick and creepy and wtf is wrong with her parents ?? poor millie hope she's ok 🥺💔
HE IS ACTUALLY SAYING HE GROOMED HER. See, I see age gaps all the time.. i mean yes its scary but a 3 year age gap is nothing new (4 years is pushing it) but god this is so creepy yuck oh my god

Edit: Age gaps like that are allowed but nothing intimate or sexual should ever happen in the relationship. Still nasty tho
Subhashis Samal
Subhashis Samal:
DAMN bruh she's a minor give her some peace in life she has been through a lot already
Doing it for her fame and what he’ll get out of being with her since she’s a child and doesn’t know better, her parents couldn’t even guide her either and that alone is disgusting.
Lil Rose
Lil Rose:
As a 15 year old , i know a lot of kids do things like this cause once they fall in love they risk it all cause we are clueless. But as a adult you’d think he would stop her and tell her no this isn’t right he knows right from wrong . And the fact that he’s making comments like this is disgusting , while she is still a minor is gross
Duh its memah
Duh its memah:
Her parents need to be held accountable too.
The way she's been ALWAYS taken advantage of makes me so incredibly upset. And I really wish she had atleast one person in her life who could protect her and guide her throughout everything. Shame on her parents :( right now I'm seriously worried about her mental health man. No one could ever deal with things like that. Hope she knows how much we love and support her ❤️
Reminds me of Dani Cohn and the older guys preying upon her
Friends don’t lie
Friends don’t lie:
I will always be on millies side. She is truly a queen!
Liza Romeo
Liza Romeo:
If he loved her he’d be friends and show no interest till she’s at least 19, remember age gap is only a problem when an underage is involved!
The amount of slurs he said on his live and the disturbing ways he was talking about Millie is so unbelievable.
I feel so bad for millie :( I hope her parents and the groomer realize what they have done. Millie sweetie take ur time, take a break off social media, go to therapy if possible. We love and support you <33
Manha Imran
Manha Imran:
I always say age doesnot matter in a relationship but Hunter's behaviour is disgusting and the fact he is laughing about this and saying yeah i groomed her and is being disrespectful to her
ps: The reson age doesnot matter in a relationship for me is cause i have met some people with a age gap or 8 years and it works out great for them the thing that matter is ther personality and love for you I am just happy Noah is always by her side and helps her feel good
Tyler Baudelaire
Tyler Baudelaire:
*he literally said he groomed her….you can’t defend him*
Pickle Juice
Pickle Juice:
The amount of people talking about "age of consent" in this comment section is saddening. Grooming does not only happen to minors. Grooming is when someone gets into a relationship with someone with the intention of manipulating them. Some examples are someone who is older, higher postion of power or more money. It doesnt matter if the age of consent was 16 where they lived or not, that literally means nothing. It doesnt take away from the fact that she was groomed.
S. W.
S. W.:
I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned that the age of consent is 16 in Georgia (where the parents live).
The exposé should include the legal system.
Yo, even if it wasn't technically illegal, it was still super immoral.
char char real smooth
char char real smooth:
ah yes, another reason to add as to why i’m losing all my will on humanity 😁
that shit is disgusting. the fact that he's laughing about it too.
Im 16 currently and my older brother is 20. I could NEVER imagine dating anyone in my brothers age AT ALL. I’m just a kid still enjoying life and I don’t want a “man” nor a boy being in my life right now. I wouldn’t even be able to be together with at 20 year old, my parents would never allow it. I love them really much🥰♥️
Millie giving out the sloppy toppy
Bella Howard
Bella Howard:
If the dude feels the need to defend a relationship like this then he’s a creep and is obviously doing something wrong
Yeet Memeboy
Yeet Memeboy:
The sad part is that if it was switched around people would not be standing up for hunter
Richard Velazquez
Richard Velazquez:
She has Finn, Sadie, Caleb, Gaten, Noah her co-stars I'm sure they are supporting her and David Harbour said something about this
L i L i
L i L i:
this lady really tried to prove he didnt do anything, tht millie was the one jumping onto him. like? sis hes an adult he can literally CHOOSE not to date her, to block her out.
Paris 123
Paris 123:
When I was 15 or 16 I had a boyfriend who was 19 almost 20 and my parenets made me break up with him after they found out.
Donya Mohamed
Donya Mohamed:
i feel so sorry for millie she must be so horrified by all this...
Amálie Kašíková
Amálie Kašíková:
It is truly disgusting how they talk about her.
Lydia Hansen
Lydia Hansen:
“The !tch was weird???” No shes 16. What are you even talking about?
i feel bad for millie, these tea channels are just exploiting the situation.
Monky Dollqueen
Monky Dollqueen:
Awsom love it!
Millie has been taken advantage of ever since she first stepped foot in the industry.I am not a fan of her work but i feel so bad for her
Omg! I never knew this and I feel so bad for her I’m so thankful she is suing him!
Uh that girl talking about how Millie was obsessive and how Hunter would say how weird she was?? Yeah because she was 16, it was probably like her first real boyfriend or serious relationship or whatever. & the fact that her parents didn't care, means he will probably get away with it, because they are the ones who would need to press charges.
Kimberly Skits
Kimberly Skits:
I don’t know if he’ll get arrested because of the age of consent in England
Dest 12
Dest 12:
Y’all I’m not saying this is ok, but the reason her parents prob didn’t care is because the age of consent and the legal in the uk is 16 and can even be much younger in other european countries. Still, the should have heavily monitored the relationship because of her fame and should know that lot of people would want to use her cause of it
Aliss Kumaye
Aliss Kumaye:
I mean, Bobbys dad would drive her to Drakes hotel, that speaks volumes & I believe she was 13years old at the time.
First Billie now Millie 😂😂😂
Probably she wanted to be with him too. I mean no one forced her to be in a relationship and she is not the only teenage girl who falls in love with older boys.
ana nixon
ana nixon:
what if no one who's actually involved in the situation sees an issue
Hunter echo got that 🍀🍀
Well he definitely has the complexion for protection so, makes sense he isn’t in jail where he belongs after confessing all of this.
I already know a lot of parents use their children for fame and money.
Not surprising to me.
Hunter is not the worst part of this,her parents are the worst part of this.
Meditate For Awareness
Meditate For Awareness:
May Billi be free of suffering
This isn’t right at all like wtf and the girl that blonde lady saying how Millie was in love with him etc she was 16 anyone from the age of 13-17 will feel like that especially when they think the person they’re with is different like it seemed like Millie really liked him and he took advantage of her like wtf is wrong with him saying he didn’t do anything wrong also while talking about their sexual interactions in a derogative way🤦🏽‍♀️ he is disgusting I’m really worried for her because her parents just say there and let it happen 😕
Laguna Blue
Laguna Blue:
so grooming is resurfacing atm…not cool
he literally admitted to grooming and using her. while continuing to talk about their sexual relationship together. she’s a minor.
just say the word, damn. “Groomed” its not hard to say, it’s uncomfortable but dont sugar coat it for people. If you’re gonna talk about this, say it, and go on and say what it means for those who don’t know what grooming is. Grooming: Sexual grooming is a preparatory process in which a perpetrator gradually gains a person's or organization's trust with the intent to be sexually abusive. The victim is usually a child, teen, or vulnerable adult.
Dam Jangles
Dam Jangles:
Honestly my thoughts on this are, yeah we don't see it all from all perspectives but I think the age difference just says it all anyway. My love and support goes to Millie cause she's so awesome at what she's been accomplishing in her life and its a shame that something so disgusting has brought this drama over social media. I know we all feel for Miliie and what she's going through but I don't think we should take this out on her parents again it's a perspective thing...But i'm not agreeing with (hunter), Millie is the victim and I believe hunter was in the wrong, like everyone else is saying she deserves better support. From us fans <3
mi niña no se merece esto, yo la apoyo, tiene que ser duro
S B:
Loved in her house for 8 months let’s his friend say he talked about how weird she was but totally did NOT take advantage… ok
I am crying i feel so sorry for her she is my most fav actor i cant believe he did that