We Went on a Poland Road Trip | Lublin, Zamość, Sandomierz

Our Poland road trip has begun as we pack our bags and hit the road.

First up we left Warsaw and headed to our first stop in our eastern road trip which was the cute little town of Kazimierz Dolny. Here we got to see what a town with 15th, 16th and 17th century buildings look like.

That night we spent exploring the night markets in Lublin before heading to bed and starting day 2 of our road trip exploring the Lublin castle and the painted church.

We then spent the rest of our day exploring the Majdanek concentration camp just outside of Lublin before making our way to Zamosc for the night.

Day 3 of our road trip began in the very colorful old town of Zamosc and we started our day nice and slow before heading to a Polish winery, met some Alpaca friends, had a tasty home cooked meal before heading onto Sandomierz.

Our final day on the road trip we headed to Krzyżtopór Castle before making our way back to Warsaw.

Where we stayed:
In Lublin - Hotel Wieniawski: https://fave.co/2MvDOvN
In Zamosc - Hotel Arte: https://fave.co/33nEdHP
In Sandomierz - Sarmata Hotel: https://fave.co/2IEj83L
In Warsaw - https://fave.co/2OzSfC0

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Ali Baba
Ali Baba:
Poland is one of my favourite country's

From Slovakia
This "little town" is 9th biggest city in Poland
Scott McMurray
Scott McMurray:
You are the first vloggers that I have seen that have treated your trip to the concentration camp with utmost respect and did not just wander about blogging. That part of this vlog was totally stunning and the music was perfect.
Ravindra Singh
Ravindra Singh:
Soooo beautiful..

From India🇮🇳
Matheus Santos
Matheus Santos:
Wow 😍 Poland is so beautiful ! On my list now!!
Warm Mocha
Warm Mocha:
Sending my love to Poland ❤️🥰😍

From the US
Fatin Zulkifli
Fatin Zulkifli:
Went to Warsaw and Krakow just last year! Poland is such a beautiful country, definitely planning to visit other parts of Poland
Anshan Today
Anshan Today:
Poland is among the most beautiful countries in the world.
Jacek Boczarski
Jacek Boczarski:
Great guys that You are NOT going on a standard beaten path in Poland (Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk) but (also) for smaller less know abroad cities.
Sam & Olivia Vlogs
Sam & Olivia Vlogs:
Poland is an amazing country and you captured some epic footage! ❤️. It really shows that some of the best experiences come from the paths less travelled 🌍👌
Grandpaa Rock
Grandpaa Rock:
lovely country with lovely people 😎
Tatara at Studio
Tatara at Studio:
German Death Camps are a horrible scar on our land.
Moumita Nandi DuttaRoy
Moumita Nandi DuttaRoy:
Beautiful Poland ... And beautiful video ...
Cooking With Chef SAMEER
Cooking With Chef SAMEER:
Lots of Love from India😊😊❤️❤️
Make One More Trip To India..👍
Ok, officially - Poland loves you! Amazing videos. You make me being even more proud of my country!
Zamość ;-;

I'm living in Zamosc °^°
Poland is so beautiful. This video felt a bit rushed in the beginning though. :( would've like more detail and a slower pace like you did towards the end 😉
María José López
María José López:
Guys I am literally crying, I get so emotional seeing your videos and the amazing adventures you have I hope I have someday! Enjoy
My hometown Zamość! Thank you!
My part of the world, of Poland ❤️. It's around where I grew up, I have studied in Lublin, I have some many memories from there. Thank you for showing the beauty of this less known places ❤️❤️❤️
Pierogi in Poland, Pelmeni in Latvia... Mmmm, loved me some dumplings too...
Pleased with the quiet respect for those of tragedy...
Steve A Murray
Steve A Murray:
Europe has some eye-catching towns and history, it was also cool of those lamas and chickens pay homage to stephen's hairstyle, lol. Great Footage again, thanks.
Funny to see you explore Poland because I did that this year aswell. I‘ve been to Warsaw, Lublin, Zamosc, Belzec and Krakow
Bonnie Brown
Bonnie Brown:
Thank you for being respectful of the lives lost in the concentration camps. Beautiful county and beautiful video!
Stasiu Gąska
Stasiu Gąska:
I swear I’d hear one more time renaissance architecture being called medieval, I’m going to shoot myself
Achim Schreiner
Achim Schreiner:
I hope, you also tried plum filled potato dumplings for desert – they're amazing! ☺️
Sandy & Panczo - życie po malezyjsku
Sandy & Panczo - życie po malezyjsku:
Wow, so beautiful! Now I feel like these cities are on my must see ❤️
I love the way you showed Poland <3
Oh! Zamość is my home town :D
And You didn't show everything ;)

btw. Zamość is called a pearl of the Renaissance
From Lublin
From Lublin:
Well Lublin is not a small town :D We maybe have charming small old town, but Lublin is 9th biggest city in Poland with circa 340 000 inhabitants ;) It's also big academic centre with circa 60 000-90 000 students. You probably visit during the european festival of taste, we have many cultural events for example: night of culture, art-masters carnival, Jagiellonian fair, different sounds festival, Lublin jazz festival and many others ;) This year was also 450th anniversary of Polish-Lithuanian Union which took place in Lublin. There is a lot to see so please come again :) I'm glad you enjoyed visit Poland :)
Bibek Das
Bibek Das:
Beautiful country and beautiful video bro
MM Productions PL
MM Productions PL:
Greetigs from Zamość - The Pearl of Renaissance :)
I love your videos :)
Mika Łoś
Mika Łoś:
I am from zamość and i Love my Town!!!
I wondered whether you'd go to a concentration camp during your trip, I'm glad you did as I had never heard of Majdanek. Can't wait to see what you made of Krakow - I love it!
I don't know if you know, but the chapel in Lublin Castle was a set for one of the scenes of the movie adaptation of one of the most patriotic Polish books, Ogniem i Mieczem (With fire and sword)
Travel Fun Lifestyle
Travel Fun Lifestyle:
Beautiful country 😍
Your way of making the movies is awesome. There are so nice to watch.
Poirot Serkis
Poirot Serkis:
You've been in my hometown Lublin. Great video.
Jolanda Feline
Jolanda Feline:
I feel like I need to write this comment now: there has been a time when I actually unsubscribed, because I felt like you didn’t adapt to your surroundings at all. Fortunately, some time later YouTube recommended your videos to me again and I need to say that you have changed so much to the positive by now! I love watching your beautifully filmed, respectful, informative and calming videos which make me want to visit all those (sometimes hidden) places. Since a lot of them are in Europe, I probably will ;-) Thank you for taking us off the beaten path on your adventures! Lots of love from Germany!
Love from karachi 😍😍
You guyz are amazing😍😍😍
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown:
Wow, you had a whole castle to yourselves how cool it that! And when you were walking thru the tunnel and said you needed a hard hat all I could think about was Jamie and Cersei 😂 they could've used one too.
Kat Stella
Kat Stella:
Thank you so much for helping for posting such a wonderful travel vlog. It was perfect timing to make me feel peaceful after a night where I was rather sick. It looks like a beautiful country and I look forward to seeing where you travel next :)
P.S. Thank you for being so respectful regarding capturing the rawness of the concentration camp.
Jarek Weckwerth
Jarek Weckwerth:
OMG. I haven't even watched this, but judging by the title: THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for not doing the boring tired unrepresentative overhyped overpriced trio of Cracow, Wrocław, Gdańsk. Enjoy yourselves!
Paweł Grzelak
Paweł Grzelak:
I am so happy that you're finally in Poland! I was waiting so long for it! You should visit the nothern part of the country. It's really beautiful here! Kisses from Poland!!!!
I’m so happy you’ve had a opportunity to come and see a beautiful place Zamość where I’m from! Sending love ❤️
kmx :]]
kmx :]]:
Greetings from Zamość! :D
Sharon Dalton
Sharon Dalton:
Your respect, so moving. Thank you for sharing.
Lawrn West
Lawrn West:
My respect for your channel has always been high because of your awesome presentation, editing, commentary, just overall the best for travel, but the TRUE COMPASSION you showed by the way you shared the concentration camp is unparalleled - THANK YOU for being so awesome and kind. Truly the BEST travel couple ever !!!
Anna Gromadkiewicz
Anna Gromadkiewicz:
Im polish but I’ve learned so much about some cities - thanks, lol
Anetka Bbb
Anetka Bbb:
When have you been to Poland? The weather looks amazing ☺️ ☀️
Xavier Leong
Xavier Leong:
Really incredible that you got to explore more of Poland and get out of the common areas for tourists! I think road tripping is such an amazing way to experience a new place
Zamość ❤️❤️
I really enjoyed watching your vlog! :-D greetings from Scotland :-)
Michał Laszuk
Michał Laszuk:
I'm genuinely impressed. You really did your research, well done!
Zuzanna Barbara Mint
Zuzanna Barbara Mint:
I live in Poland, I born in Poland. Thank you😁 This video is fantastic 😊
You're so beautiful that you keep on videos like this.
Kasha Kolano Bosch
Kasha Kolano Bosch:
Beautiful 🇵🇱
Timi Buda
Timi Buda:
I'm so happy about watching your videos showing the hidden gems of the world. I always wanted to visit Poland but now I feel I want to go right now.😂 I want to encourage you to do a roadtrip in Hungary too. Most people think Budapest is the only place that's worth the time to visit, but there is so much more. My favourite place in the country is Lillafüred. There is a gorgeous caste(where you can stay), a beautiful lake and it is in Bükk mountains where you can go hiking or just enjoy the amazing view. Summer and autumn are the best period of the year to visit this incredible place, but I'm quite sure you may enjoy your trip in every time of the year.
Jolien Rochus
Jolien Rochus:
So excited you guys are going to Krakow! Can't wait to go back ❤️
I’m so excited about another film from Poland!!😍
Subutay Noyan
Subutay Noyan:
That hotel you've stayed is just insanely good. I loved the lhamas. Thanks for another great video, guys!
Radim Cernej
Radim Cernej:
I enjoyed the video, thank you. Myself and my relatives in Czechia and in Slovakia know very little about this part of Poland, even though it is nearby.
Would have loved a first day review of the market.
I like the ruin castle! I went to Krakow a couple of years ago and we went for a drink at an underground jazz bar, it was pretty cool. The food was so good too, I had the best pasta dinner! Have fun guys!
Azotador de progres
Azotador de progres:
wow u captured an amazing bunch of views of this city.
Łucja K
Łucja K:
I'm so happy you went to Lublin! I was telling my friend that there are these travel youtubers and they constantly go back to Europe and never go to Poland, and that same morning I saw that you literally just left my city :D
Loving this series, keep up the great work showing my country :) But Lublin is by no means a small town, perhaps you are referring to the old town calling it small?
Historical european places own my entire heart
Ahh... Lublin, my hometown! ✨🇵🇱
Kasia251 Sz
Kasia251 Sz:
Your vlogs are perfection.Such a positive couple,love watching you
I had so much fun watching you guys walk through streets I walked as a child. Fantastic film, thanks.
Superb! I really enjoyed seeing this. <3
Wow 😍
I´ve only been to Poland once and wasn´t very enthusiastic about it and thought I´d probably not return - turns out, I must´ve had a wrong experience and your videos have completely switched my view of Poland around. I now would love to return to see everything I´ve missed!
Navdeep Singh
Navdeep Singh:
love from india ...you guys r so nice.(down to earth) ...i like your videos :)
Hussein Sarea
Hussein Sarea:
love you guys 💙
Urszula Michalczuk
Urszula Michalczuk:
Thank you for showing that part of Poland, where I came from. It is beautiful country, I don't mind saying so. And like western countries is cheaper, and as much to see as in the England, France or Italy!
Little update; Lublin is actually a city with more then 300 000 population.
bartindo bartindoss
bartindo bartindoss:
I Love LBN!!
I'm so glad all these places receive some recognition - to me, all of them feel like home. My great-grandfather was actually a prisoner in the Lublin tower during the war - he narrowly escaped execution! My grandmother (his daughter) was raised in Zamość, my parents studied and started dating in Lublin and when I was a child, they used to take me to Sandomierz and Kazimierz Dolny for weekend trips. One of the most beautiful, respectful, well-made, positive travel videos I have ever seen. So nice to see this country finally being able to live in a time of peace.
Rod Herzstrom
Rod Herzstrom:
Going in 2 weeks to Gdansk. Try to check that city, it looks beautiful!
Bibek Das
Bibek Das:
🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱 I love you Poland
So excited to watch this!! !
Darknstormy Images
Darknstormy Images:
Wine grapes that acually tasted ok? Not sour? Great video guys it looks beautiful over there
Chasing Jaunts
Chasing Jaunts:
What were your favorite type of Pierogi with what stuffing?
Levin Soh
Levin Soh:
Awesome video!!! more videos like this!!!
Liv B
Liv B:
Na zdrowie! Perfect pronunciation guys! 👏 I'm glad you're enjoying Poland, wish you went to Gdansk though. Just means you have to come back some day 😉
yes cant wait for krakow
Sandra & Matt
Sandra & Matt:
Stephen loves the word humongous :D
4:15 graffiti be like "thou mother lol"
Kinga Slawinska
Kinga Slawinska:
O jesteście w Zamościu xD
Ewelina Jaje
Ewelina Jaje:
Such an amazing video! I’m glad you guys are enjoying it :)
We love stepping off the beaten track, that's how you can see the real beauty of this country. And with so much more to be discovered, we really hope to see you again in Poland one day :)
placek UwU
placek UwU:
I live on Poland /Zamość 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Aleksandra Świątkowska
Aleksandra Świątkowska:
It made me so happy to see my home town in this video (Zamość) ❤️
Joanna N.
Joanna N.:
Two of my greatfather brothers died in that prison. Sad day for Lublin 20/21.07.1944. A lot of people walk between dead men searching for there loved ones for many days.
Sidonia Lungan
Sidonia Lungan:
I love you!
Yiğit Çelik
Yiğit Çelik:
Zamozs! - what a lovely city that was. I was in zamosc for 1 week :) just missed it so muuuch :(
We love your video. My wife is from Zamosc amazing city I highly recommend to visit. Thanks
Igor Malota
Igor Malota:
kraków is the best city in poland <3
Awesome idea guys for road trip in the East. Especially liked Kazimierz Dolny! And Zamosc! Loved the educational and respectful way to show the camp as well. Who am I kidding the whole video was great! Lublin and country side too :)