West Brom 1-1 Manchester United LIVE REACTION

West Bromwich Albion 1-1 Manchester United in the Premier League at The Hawthorns! Ole Gunnar Solskjaer used a strong starting XI after rotating for the FA Cup vs West Ham midweek but we couldn't break West Brom down enough to get 3 points! We conceded right at the start to Diagne's first Premier League goal, Bruno Fernandes pulled us level at the end of the first half but it wasn't to be in the second half. David De Gea pulled off a great double save to keep us in it. Was the starting XI the right choice? Who was your MOTM? Let us know what you think about the match in the comments below...

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Webby & O'Neill
Webby & O'Neill:
Arghhhhhhh gutted reds, 1-1 at the Hawthorns let us know what you're thinking below...
We didn't deserve all 3 points and that's very disappointing!
*In better news we had a very interesting chat with Gary Neville: **https://youtu.be/EfeYvO49EXs*
Tiago10brito10 Brito7
Tiago10brito10 Brito7:
Ole needs a defensive coach , where was Diallo ? They spend money to bench players , Donny van de Bench? Martial needs to not even be on the bench.
Janice Barker
Janice Barker:
I would replace both centre backs, Maguire over rated and thinks it's never his fault
Wes and Son
Wes and Son:
We need more creativity in the final third. It’s time for VDB to have a run in the team, Greenwood back in or even blood Diallo ⚽️
Fart Garfunkel
Fart Garfunkel:
Shocking lads more dropped points to a bottom side
Daniel Browne
Daniel Browne:
Rashford was rubbish has been for awhile.. love the channel lads good work
Arthur Hayden
Arthur Hayden:
Very disappointing result, these are the teams we should be beating with our eyes closed. Thought we should have started with Greenwood and Van De Beek.
D Anton
D Anton:
They have stop playing three up top - play with two strikers.
Scott Shenton
Scott Shenton:
To many times we turn up asleep , Martial & Rashford are going backwards ! Ole needs to be more ruthless with his players and stop being mister nice guy !
ian lewis
ian lewis:
Manager shown to be weak again selecting Tony Martial. I put in more effort in running up and down my stairs for a piss during the game
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel:
Against both Sheffield United & west Brom we've taken just 1point..
That is embarrassing tbf especially against relegation fodder..
Utd needs to be very careful or they could miss out on top4 if performances & results don't improve..
Scott Lakey
Scott Lakey:
Martial needs to go .rashford isnt much better..no urgency in the first half utd didnt wake up until 15 minutes to go.harry maquire coming out with the same rubbish after the game.we need to improve ,we need to look at ourselves in the mirror blah blah blah.heard it all before.start playing some of the under 23s this season is over
aaron baldwin
aaron baldwin:
All Fred can do is pass sideways, I’d say the subs on the sideline covered more ground than martial
Jamie Paul
Jamie Paul:
Now, the pressure is off so blood some youth. I'd drop Martial for good!
Terry 18
Terry 18:
Centre backs were completely exposed for what they are... CRAP !! Fred is a nightmare and never will be United quality, but OGS insist on using him every game because we are short of options with PP injured. Martial is a wasted shirt number these days.The last few weeks have been a reality check and OGS needs to get more out of these players and drop the wasters where he can !!
Dave Lovett
Dave Lovett:
It was absolutely shocking time to have a serious think about brendan Rodgers for me
Dan Mufc1999
Dan Mufc1999:
Only positive bit from today is seeing Karly back with the team especially when your single like me on valentines day and had to sit through that dier 90 mins of depressing play and karly is here to lighten up your day again 😍
aaron baldwin
aaron baldwin:
Martial needs to go, Fred can’t pass forward to save his life, sick of awb makin inverted runs, cbs are chronic
The Drifterr
The Drifterr:
Bad day at the office, lets move on
Roland Lundall
Roland Lundall:
Ole is missing a big trick. Mata should start in some games like this. Mata football brain will open up such teams.
Akibacon Atkinson
Akibacon Atkinson:
Reality check for us we have a long way to go but we will get there
Berry Driver
Berry Driver:
Well done West brom
dc 618
dc 618:
a rose between 2 thorns if you`ve ever seen it
Neil Crowe
Neil Crowe:
Nice jacket tony, looks like you're about to get in a one man sub. Great points made again by you both. Why does ole keep making the same poor choices without learning
Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke:
1 imojie 💩🤣
greene clean
greene clean:
there's no fighting for the jerseys players guaranteed a start no matter what ole says
Ryan’s daddy Gamming
Ryan’s daddy Gamming:
Fancy a united centre back being out jumped by player we’ve never even heard of before.
Christy Moreland
Christy Moreland:
Our defence is crap unfortunately
Chano Rinaldy
Chano Rinaldy:
The desire to win the game seems decrease to our attackers. Except Cavani & Bruno.
Ou Ke Ren
Ou Ke Ren:
I'm tired of seeing people going down looking for fouls. McGuire did it last week, and did it this week and both times we nearly conceded a goal. Stand your ground and pass back to De Gea
Anyone but Liverpool
Anyone but Liverpool:
Buy Harry Kane and a new CD in the summer to partner Bailly, slab and lindelof are brutal. We are still a long way off competing for the title. Our aim now is to stay in top 4.
Martial only scores when the opponents got 2 red cards, just bin him for good
barbaro Helm
barbaro Helm:
Parker was right both centre backs arnt good enough ..getting bullied by a championship level player . Cdm we need ,and wingers , and a couple of play makers in the middle . Today was a painful watch and shows were a long way from city and lpool. Investment needed and manager needs to be braver . Board and Woodward should be getting deals done now but it will be a couple of weeks into the window and panic buys again . D.o.f essential nowadays we have no one
s morris
s morris:
Old fashioned up and at em big sam cheers anyway
Patrick Melia
Patrick Melia:
Martial might as well of being in row z pathetic and Lindelof should be dropped over that first goal he wouldn’t get a game for Accrington Stanley and Ole playing again with two defensive midfielders Jesus it’s West Brom not Barcelona.
Shane Treacy
Shane Treacy:
Van Der Beek I meant to say!
Melting Einstein
Melting Einstein:
707 passes, 10 shots, 7 on target, 1 goal 🤦‍♂️
chris hardy
chris hardy:
I said the same. Hes never anywhere near his man. Happens all the time. Stop the cross
Jitender Singh Walia
Jitender Singh Walia:
poor !!!
Tiago10brito10 Brito7
Tiago10brito10 Brito7:
Not the first time we’ve faced a defensive low block or park the bus counter attack teams.
James Flaherty
James Flaherty:
FACT ! Bruno has carried this team for the past year
jonathan bingham
jonathan bingham:
Cross! Cross ! More crosses
West Brom deserved their point .Apart from Bruno`s stunning goal, De Gea saving Maguires embarrassment and Maguires top header top saved by Sam Johnson. Just a poor performance from us. Too many players played at statues,( Martial`s favourite game ) Lots of good crosses from right and left but no movement to get onto them by anyone. Mason Greenwood our most positive player by a mile when he came on so MOM for me with Scott McTomony 2nd.. Best just move on to Thurs and hope for better. ..Keeping The Faith MUMUFMUFC🔴⚪⚫✊
James Wright
James Wright:
I simply have no comment!
Heisenberg White
Heisenberg White:
Does Anyone know karlee's Insta?
Ryan’s daddy Gamming
Ryan’s daddy Gamming:
Mata? He ain’t the answer to that.
Ryan’s daddy Gamming
Ryan’s daddy Gamming:
Van de beek was hiding today lads his confidence was shot, wouldn’t have helped him coming on earlier
Premier League
Premier League:
Replace in the starting lineup Linderlof with Bailey Van de beek for Fred Martial on the bench Rashford on the Left Greenwood on the right I am confident we would have seen a different result .
Dave berry
Dave berry:
Same conversation lads week in week out, irrelevant if we win, lose or draw. Bisaka has no positioning, Lindelof and Maguire are both shocking week in week out. Shaw has probably been our best performing player last few game's. Still Greenwood has to suffer because of Solskaers petulance in playing Rashford. Anyone can see Rashford has done nothing for month's.
Islam Younis
Islam Younis:
Absolute disaster for manu
Ryan’s daddy Gamming
Ryan’s daddy Gamming:
What does it tell you too that our biggest threat down the left was maguire? Martial non existent. A united player should be giving you at least a graft if their form is off. He gives nothing. I hate slagging the lads off but ffs!!!
Upton Parker
Upton Parker:
Man Utd were a disgrace.......😉
Prem Aggarwal
Prem Aggarwal:
To be fair, Rashford played well on the RW and put some incredible crosses in the 2nd half
Ryan’s daddy Gamming
Ryan’s daddy Gamming:
He’s a lovely bloke but have any of you really taken to mata? He’s chelski for a start
Ian Harper
Ian Harper:
Nice jacket Tony
satka kartar
satka kartar:
We need some new blood...same old, same old.....except Fernandes, always seems to get us out of trouble....phew frustrating
Febian Lim
Febian Lim:
My 2 years old daughter even stronger than lindelof, this guy is really poor in aerial ability, every EPL striker will targeting him again and again.

I dont get why we put 2 centerback in the bench instead of diallo, come on we play against WBA we need creativity and diallo could be the answer but we prefer to put fridge player in the bench.
Paul K
Paul K:
we went there thinking this is a win without even getting on the pitch very laboured preformance..cavani looked knackerd needs to rest him sub at best v Newcastle defitnetly don't even let him travel fir europa leauge
Daz Tudor
Daz Tudor:
Can’t be dropping silly points two relegation teams and get 1 point never going to win league if keep dropping points like this and Maguire really saying West Brom hard place to come to really they conceded most goals in premier league shocking
Costa Brava
Costa Brava:
....did any of our 3 strikers have a shot on target...I honestlt can´t remember...thank goodness for Bruno ...again !!
Ian Harper
Ian Harper:
United should have been able to pick two teams to beat that shower.
Andrew Biny
Andrew Biny:
Think they are both decent players Maguire and lindaloff but ole can't play em together should be one or the other
Ingo Du
Ingo Du:
Bench martial
Robin Hood
Robin Hood:
Dont even know where to start with that performance. We crumble as soon as under slightest bit of pressure. If Vidic was there, there is no way we would concede that goal. Linelof looks like a young boy n got bullied. How martial keeps starting every game ive no idea.
Scott Lakey
Scott Lakey:
Not one of our midfield players has the vision for a killer pass sideways backwards to the right to the left.look up and pick a killer pass.what a joke
Louis Clarke
Louis Clarke:
West Brom should have had a winner. Ole is not the man for the job. It shows again that the players aren't being coached properly. What are they doing in training. It only takes a goal for our players to look like 11 strangers because we have no formation, systems or tactics. We need a manager who is a proper coach with quality coaching staff. Do not renew ole's contract he as to go.
BEAST 1989
BEAST 1989:
Just drop Maguire and play Bailey make an example to the players if you can drop the so called captain you can drop anyone
Lee fitz26
Lee fitz26:
Ole got to go for me, what is he thinking playing fred an mctom against west brom an still conceded in 90 seconds ffs,rashford clearly burnt out didnt run once at a defender an keeps playing linderloff an its not even working
Lá Salette
Lá Salette:
Can't even beat West brom pure shite
Mohammed Faizan
Mohammed Faizan:
Simply put playing two defensive midfielders against relegation fodder is embarrassing, our wingers are rubbish both Martial and Rashford are not good enough, Greenwood played well when he came on. The less said about Lindelof the better, the fact is our entire back 5 apart from Shaw have been piss poor this season, they have a few good games but you always know they have a mistake in them. Squad needs an overhaul in the summer. Rashford has been poor for ages, his decision making is so poor the guy has played 250 games and his decision making seems to be declining every game.
Peter Jones
Peter Jones:
Was Martial playing cause he was rubbish. Maguire offered more on the wing. Rashford Martial have been poor for ages now need to be dropped. Lindelof has to be dropped as well too weak looses to many battles. Don't always have to start with Fred and Mctominay in centre midfield why not play Donny next to one of them so Bruno doesn't have to everything. Why the hell did Maguire tell him to cross let him shoot.
Paul K
Paul K:
That guy wouldint have scored if it was Bailey challenging him
Ingo Du
Ingo Du:
I think Top 4 is in danger
Lorraine Gray
Lorraine Gray:
So disappointed with that performance. Like u say, WBA deserved at least a point. Lindloff is a wet streak of lettuce, and United played as though WBA were prime Barcelona. C’mon United, we all know we can do better than that. Martials face looks like he’s about to burst into tears all the time. Greenwood was a breath of fresh air when he came on. Diallo deserves a chance now, surely.
it's not about singling players out but I think for the good of the team and club it's time to take martial and Maguire and lindelof and maybe even wan bissaka out of the team for a short while and we definately need to stop playing two defensive midfielders against clubs lower down the league it's driving me crazy
Paul K
Paul K:
why why why dosent Bailey start
Richard Bhurosah
Richard Bhurosah:
Some advice lads, if lindelof starts, do yourself a favour and don't bother watching the match. Read a novel or something.
Wesley Sauls
Wesley Sauls:
Why does Ole always finish games with just making two changes??? Regardless of whether we leading or chasing the game...... He hardly uses all 3 changes. Unless Ole learns we'll need a better manager!!!! Also too many individual errors from the same culprits
Tony H
Tony H:
5 players need to be moved on , De Gea , Fred , Lindelof , Martial & Pogba plus the defensive coach . Tony is right highlighting Shaws position for West Brom’s goal & its not the first time it as happened , it as happened for a lot of goals we’ve conceded this season , so he must be being instructed to take up a position alongside the central defence .
Also why are the defence constantly try trying to play out from the penalty area ? That’s ok if you’re good at it but our defence are not . A very disappointing result .
Hank Astral
Hank Astral:
Ole's treatment of VDB has been the worst I've ever seen and I've been watching the reds since Atkinson's team in the 80's. Drop Fred and give VDB a run of games alongside McTominay. It's Feb and he STILL has not had a proper chance to show us what he can do. Fred is a decent squad player but he will not be missed. VDB is not gonna get in at 10 so play him deeper.
Mickey Allen
Mickey Allen:
Thought was foul but he wasn’t strong enough needs attack ball not wait for it,got bullied big time there lads..always struggling after that..Similar away games at Burnley & Fulham Pogba has nicked it for us so did miss him..
Grizzley Adams
Grizzley Adams:
Another bad one today. We'll finish behind Leicster this season....we need some obvious devensive changes to kick on. Teams mirror the manager. Team seemed clueless today
Chris Holden
Chris Holden:
Jones out, Lindelof out, Maguire out, Williams Loan, Marital out, matic out and mata out.
Undecided with DeGea.
Rashford, Cavani Greenwood up top our united best front 3.
Tartan Tam
Tartan Tam:
Our defence is absolutely shocking leaking goals, soft pansies with no balls no aggression. Rashford never feeds Cavani one of the greatest goal scorers of his generation feed the man ffs. Martial donkey sell him no words left for him
Premier League
Premier League:
Ole has done well moving players out from the squad he took over but it should not stop there I personally would sell Fred and sell Linderlof and a couple of others in the summer add the money to what we have to spend and invest that money in bringing in new players .
Sperry Oses
Sperry Oses:
Please throw away Martial, Maguire, Lindelof, Rashford, Fred, there are useless.....
Gav #1
Gav #1:
Ole....."we'll keep trying too improve " he's saying this every f**king week.
Any chance we can start that Improvement!!🤬
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas:
Football really needs to stop games like they do in rugby sick of seeing teams crawling around the floor waisting time 20 minutes atleast was wasted today its just really starting to annoy me even with Southampton when we won 9 nil there should of been loads of time added on we could of won 10 or 11 níl it's starting to really piss me off
Neil Crowe
Neil Crowe:
Mata better option to unlock a low block
Michael Smethurst
Michael Smethurst:
Agreed with all points apart from Mata. He should be playing in these games when we know we need to unlock a defense that will play deep and invite us on. Ole was a CF he must be embarrassed by how his front players have performed recently. I also don’t think the 4-2-3-1 system works for us. Personally I would like to see Greenwood partner Cavani in a front 2 and not be pushed out wide
Matthew Matthew
Matthew Matthew:
Yet again another game when he could have thrown MATA on but didn't!!!!!!! It's a joke what is DVB going to do. We all been saying it for weeks the defence not good enough. Rashford doesn't perform on right side. Martial doesn't deserve to start over Greenwood why can't Ole see it. Why is ole smiling at the end again like he happy with a point. This was a must win!!!
Trevor Ennis
Trevor Ennis:
Why play martial instead of greenwood cany understand olly
Shocking but still not a time to panic.. That defence obviously needs sorting. All our problems stem from there. Get some quality defenders in.. Lay off Ole.. he’s giving em the perfect man management to go and perform. Rashford needs to stay left side tho. Apart from that. Players step up!! From keeper to up top!!
Mr White
Mr White:
Why does no one mention the tactics allardyce got them to play against us? In your face leg breaking fighting football....
Our players looked petrified to make any proper challenges.... not Matic biggest fan but we could have done with him and Baily yesterday....... to many pussies in our squad
Paul Simister
Paul Simister:
We had the warning in our game against Sheffield United. We must play with speed and intensity against these "weaker" teams.

While the players were shocking, the team selection was wrong from the start. Against a physical team, de Gea and Lindelof are accidents waiting to happen. Martial has been shocking for much of the season and Rashford hates being on the right. I'm not sure we can play Greenwood every game or Cavani so we need to keep players match sharp
D Jm
D Jm:
Martial shows no interest nor urgency. Cannot have Martial before Greenwood. End of.
Niki Jefferson
Niki Jefferson:
Very flat. No movement in the box. Still tired off Tuesday? We need to up are game against Newcastle cause our next four games after that is against teams in and around us.
Premier League
Premier League:
Pogba is a big miss am hoping he stays on at Utd for at least another one or two seasons Utd will need to go spend big in the summer transfer market if we want to step up a level to challenge for the premier league next season and major competitions .
Michael Vrabel
Michael Vrabel:
take bruno , cavani and pogba when fit and mufc are bang average. the same as our manager and coaching staff . i have followed mufc since 1963 and i cant see this current team getting any where near winning the league.fred cant hit a barn door with a banjo his passing is wayward, how the standard as dropped.martial and rashford are non-existent.sheff untd,arsenal,everton,wba ,say no more this team is going nowhere .