Watch West Ham 2-1 Spurs in Premier League Reaction with Thogden & Thogdad! Leave your West Ham vs Tottenham score predictions in the comments now!

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38 komentarze:

George Hadden
George Hadden:
Let’s be honest bale changed the dynamic of Tottenham In that game and he’s showing that he’s still a class player
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor:
Tbh west ham is a good side so i did knew we would probably of lost. But time to focus on our next game, which is burnely. COYS
Lingard doin big things again
Chunky Charlie
Chunky Charlie:
Remember when you said West Ham are getting relegated this season
I love imagining the officials and Var panicking when they receive the order to disallow a goal and they can't find a single thing wrong with it. They want so much to see their beloved Spurs up there challenging for the title following their pre-season tv soap opera.
45:30 Soucek is one tough Czech
oliver lunn
oliver lunn:
Leave the setup it’s nice to have a YouTube who just shows how it normally is
Anas Ahmed
Anas Ahmed:
34:05 antonio
Lingard 1:34:50
1:52:10 spuds score
Were on a flipping European charge
Efe Arslan
Efe Arslan:
Goals and posts
1-0 34:09
2-0 1:34:50
2-1 1:52:10
1st bar 2:06:34
2nd bar 2:19:59
Lingardinho Strikes Again
Pete McMenemy
Pete McMenemy:
You guys do a fantastic job.....keep it up.....only -20 here in southern Ontario, Canada
HhHhahHAHhHAHA - well, I liked this video. Ya lose, to the Hammers. United themselves lol! Goodnite haha!!
Is that a Foul
Is that a Foul:
2-1 west ham
RossNeilson 3
RossNeilson 3:
Soucek what a warrior, COYI ⚒⚒⚒
wayne marston
wayne marston:
Irons Get In !!
Adrian Win Min
Adrian Win Min:
We hit the crossbar twice
Hate the spuds
Hate the spuds:
Happy hammer nice gift from players for my 50th birthday Thu btg the spuds 9 points clear of scum 😀😀⚒️⚒️⚒️
August 25th
August 25th:
theres only one linky lingard theres only one linky lingard!!!!!!!
Summer cohen
Summer cohen:
Jesse Domakin
Jesse Domakin:
As a west ham supporter if they had come out with bale then they would’ve of win I think
A PSG shiiiiiiiiirt !!!. Come on, get a grip!!!!!!!
Joseph Billingsley
Joseph Billingsley:
We want the man u game
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell:
What a game
Manchester United fan forever
Manchester United fan forever:
Jesse lingard needs to be like this when he comes back from on loan
Amar Dudwall
Amar Dudwall:
Antonio 34:05
Lingard 1:34:50
Moura 1:52:10
Kyle Ericsson
Kyle Ericsson:
Cain Agius
Cain Agius:
3 0 inter
Peter Kasonga
Peter Kasonga:
Volt Thunder
Volt Thunder:
Lingard scored lol
Gary Lucas
Gary Lucas:
If you want your career ruined go sign for Mourinho
Nathaniel D
Nathaniel D:
34:08 1-0 Antonio
1:34:50 2-0 Lingard
1:52:11 2-1 Moura
2:24:18 full time 2-1 West ham
Sir Alonne Vincent Han
Sir Alonne Vincent Han:
Cant imagine how Spurs fan fell if Porch won the Champion League with PSG
shazia anas
shazia anas:
Crossbar and post stupid
wayne marston
wayne marston:
Why didn't you expect West Ham to win , we were the form side..
Thorbjorn Magnusson
Thorbjorn Magnusson:
lol lingard is better than matic
Sarvesh Mukund Sudhakar
Sarvesh Mukund Sudhakar:
sack jose mourinho and bring in massimilano allegri
Bernadette Carr
Bernadette Carr:
Stop swearing
sàm íś á göd
sàm íś á göd:
Spurs are so bad