What Angela Merkel's exit means for Germany — and Europe

The European Union is about to lose one of its last anti-populist voices.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been called the most powerful woman in the world, the liberal West's last defender, and the de facto leader of Europe. But 19 years after entering politics, she has announced she won't be running for a fifth term as chancellor and will be stepping away from politics. Her announcement comes at a pivotal time when nationalism is on the rise in Europe and the continent is still reeling from the 2015 migrant crisis. So what does Merkel stepping down mean for the future of Germany — and for the European Union?

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Happy Friday everyone! Thank you for watching our videos 🌻🌻
Svea Boe
Svea Boe:
Me: reading the eng sub when she’s speaking german
Also me: realizing I’m German and don’t need eng sub
Shes not the first german leader with a signature move.
no robot
no robot:
germany: tries to take over europe with war
germany: loses
also germany: takes over europe anyway
gpranithreddy Reddy
gpranithreddy Reddy:
Everybody is a gangsta until someone fails in art school
"...AKK could very well become germanys next chancellor."

me: *laughs in german*
How strange that the american TV channel does not mention the reasons why europe got so many refugees... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
How dare the US critize the EU when they’re the reason so many people have to flee
Corentin F
Corentin F:
Why always say "one of its most powerful economies" and "one of" and "one of" ... THE most powerful economy in the EU, THE most populated in the EU.
“New German chancellor of 2021 failed in art school before he became a politician”

Europe: *Why do I hear boss music?*
саша липко
саша липко:
Look at all those meetings throughout 10 years and you will be likely to notice one figure.
*Looks at Putin*
Nico Eckstein
Nico Eckstein:
Jemand Deutsches hier der sich das um 3 uhr morgens gibt...oder nur ich?
Felix Endriß
Felix Endriß:
When Poland is more nationalist than Germany: *cries in Art
Jemil Parikh
Jemil Parikh:
From Hitler to Merkel, Germany came a long way!
maddy lol
maddy lol:
Auch wenn ich eher links der CDU bin, muss ich zugeben, dass diese Frau mehr für dieses Land gemacht hat als andere aus ihrer Partei und wenn man
Luigi Spina
Luigi Spina:
Fun facts, Merkel approval now Sky rocketing
Pat William
Pat William:
I'm genuinely terrified for when Merkel goes, she seems like the only one holding Europe together. I disagree with her on many, many issues, including the whole idea of the euro, but as Yanis Varoufakis says, the breakup of the euro would be a disaster.
Nationalism Rising in Germany
Japan Remilitarizing Again
Grandson of Benito Mussolini runs for president in Italy

_Friends intro song_
Diese Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Riz Wan
Riz Wan:
Well someone is booking his flight from Argentina to Germany after watching this ...
it means that is time to wake up, and get out of EU, and avoid being lefitst.
Seb 713
Seb 713:
Angela is actually such a queen, so sad to see that she'll be leaving
Snotty Blunderbuss
Snotty Blunderbuss:
The Germans want to rule Europe
I totally was expecting only German comments on this video and I was happy to see most of them are english
Yash Patil
Yash Patil:
Meanwhile Switzerland is doing it's own thing, like they have been doing for centuries. Just like Braavos, from GoT.
Henry Hayter
Henry Hayter:
6:57 , nice to see Austria Hungary is back with us.
Phil Forster
Phil Forster:
As a guy from Germany I can say that I’ve never seen this emoji before, but it fits so well and it’s so dead funny
Stop It
Stop It:
Most famous merkel quote:
"Das internet ist neuland"

Translation: she's a boomer

Nah it actually means that "the internet is new territory"
Well, that comment about AKK becoming the next chancelor did not age well.
Germany in 1940: *War*
Germany in 2000: *Diplomacy*
Anton Opperman
Anton Opperman:
Mission accomplished- part of the third world order - analog to undermining and ultimately destroying the whiteman westen civilization!!
Gabriel vB
Gabriel vB:
Little detail adjustment at 2:30

The SPD and the CSU did not form the CDU.

The CDU (Christian Democratic Union) is the party of Angela Merkel itself. The so called Christian Social Union (CSU) on the other hand is basically the same party but represented onyl in Bavaria (it's a bavarian identity and pride thing that lead to this outcome).

So the union of the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Christian Democrats is called "Great Coalition"
Sir Prised
Sir Prised:
So interesting to see how others think about the German politicians
Tobija Doll
Tobija Doll:
As a German, I feel way more informed, now that I have watched this video.
Burak Demir
Burak Demir:
Fun fact. Small european part of Turkey has more refugees living there more than any other country in the europe lol.
Matthew Sauer
Matthew Sauer:
If you look at pictures of Angela Merkel you will realize she is in all of the photos.
germany were once the enemies but became the hope, now humans are making enemies of themselves.
Hippety Hoppety the KOMMENTARSEKTION is now our property
ioannis I Mansola
ioannis I Mansola:
One less of those 'said popular actually useless' leaders , we expect something better than "Mutti"
Al Imran Ahmed
Al Imran Ahmed:
Well I can't blame Germany for not helping refugees anymore 😔. Sad but they have all the right to protect their country.
Fun Fact: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer recently retreated
This pandemic has shown how competent Angela Merkel is compared to nationalist,far right politicians like Trump,Boris,Bolsonaro etc.
Justin Psyke Sane’s Lance’s Lucky Evil om We Dance
Justin Psyke Sane’s Lance’s Lucky Evil om We Dance:
Bets Bets Show Up Bets I’m Taking My Assyria Smithis To Homecoming Azura
Thembani the One
Thembani the One:
She's someone I admire very much.
Matty T
Matty T:
Why does everyone say the EU would have failed without Merkel or Germany? I cant understand your logic and do you have proofs?
Vectoria h
Vectoria h:
God bless Europe i love Europen ppl they're so nice 🥺❤️
Mohd Adeeb
Mohd Adeeb:
6:34 'KAREN' bauer .
1-800- MUSIC
1-800- MUSIC:
Made me cry, humanity really needs to eliminate hatred
guynamed owl
guynamed owl:
0:55 Poland, Slovakia, Tschech Rep, Hungary, Slowenia, Romania. I can‘t take this vid seriously.
Boom Cube
Boom Cube:
An immigrant is different from a refugee.
She mustn’t have failed art school, good, good.
Best thing that ever happened to Germany.
Pawel Kurwovič
Pawel Kurwovič:
what is the song or is it even a song at the end when she is giving that speech, it´s really cool
en te
en te:
Lol I'm german and there is literally NO content about this in german😂
Death Life
Death Life:
US and Russia: Let Europe Suffer for our mistakes
Palette Colours
Palette Colours:
*Me a greek*
Why was this recommend to me ? 😂
Everybody gangsta until an Austrian fails art school and a Georgian becomes Dictator
Internet User
Internet User:
Karen Remix2019
Karen Remix2019:
Adel A
Adel A:
Financial crisis, Refugee crisis, Corona crisis. Some people maybe like Merkel, some maybe hate her. But there is no doubt that she handled every crisis like a pro.
German Storms
German Storms:
Sadly, most people here dont like her politics.
Pritam Chatterjee
Pritam Chatterjee:
Lots of LUV ANGEL from MY COUR of MY HEART .
Nisarg Ayer
Nisarg Ayer:
“Germany stood alone” mmmmmmm aren’t you forgetting about Ikealand?
Shes cool and all but shes anti nationalism
2:25 does anyone know where I can find this picture of Merkel?
Rene Willemsen
Rene Willemsen:
Ben Phillip
Ben Phillip:
Can't wait to play as her in Civ VII
4:56 Music?
Major Fallacy
Major Fallacy:
huh, so the spd is a left party? Interesting, i never noticed
Schaf 77
Schaf 77:
The intro is like the target declaration in Hitman 2.
Gary Zhu
Gary Zhu:
wow she did a good job leading Germany through the virus though!
Thembani the One
Thembani the One:
One of my personal role models.
Lou Stein
Lou Stein:
Why am I reading the subtitles in German ? I am German x)
NEVERMIND • 27 years ago
NEVERMIND • 27 years ago:
-< >-
History War/ victory
History War/ victory:
Big J
Big J:
Otto Von Bismarck-‘Creates Realpolitik’
Azril Animation
Azril Animation:
You remember kazoo kid?
This is him now.
You feel old yet?
Lauge Steffensen
Lauge Steffensen:
The best thing in long time.. now it seems like the Hard Left socialists are finally gonna meet some resistance after so many years of ignorring the problems merkel have given Germany!
no name
no name:
People beware this is another news outlets. It can never be fair.
Talking in general
Mr Panda
Mr Panda:
Kaden Carr
Kaden Carr:
Heinz Heinz
Heinz Heinz:
As a german, it's really nice to see how other countries portray us.
Bruno WBT
Bruno WBT:
6:40 as a German I must say this man be big cappin’
Good News I would imagine.
Jenö Kolbe
Jenö Kolbe:
It is very interesting watching this video as a german citizen as it opens up a new "international" perspective from outside.
Fabian Hartmann
Fabian Hartmann:
Pursuit Mane
Pursuit Mane:
Hayden Zahn
Hayden Zahn:
lef 2001
lef 2001:
The only thing that most people outside Greece don't know is that most of the money that the EU gave to Greece went to the bank accounts of government officials......Turns out Greece hasn't had a loyal leader for more than 40 years, every single one of them was and is a traitor....
Nascarfast48Cherry Nascar schnell achtundvierzig
Nascarfast48Cherry Nascar schnell achtundvierzig: