What are the legal battles Donald Trump still faces? | DW News

Trump may have won a second acquittal -- but that doesn't mean his legal troubles are over. There are multiple investigations into his conduct -- at both the state and federal level -- which could scupper his hopes for a political comeback. We have this look now at some of the legal battles awaiting the former president.
The president's niece, Mary Trump, not only wrote a book about her uncle – she accuses him and two of his siblings of cheating her out of her inheritance. The doctor of psychology is seeking half a million dollars in damages.
Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, did business on behalf of Trump and for that he was sentenced to three years in jail.
Cohen was charged with negotiating payouts for Playboy model Karen McDougal and adult entertainer Stormy Daniels to keep quiet during the 2016 election about their sexual relationships with Trump. As sitting president, Trump was not charged for violating campaign funding rules -- but he could be now.
For more than a year New York district attorney Cyrus Vance requested access to tax and financial documents pertaining to Trump and his businesses, on suspicion of insurance and bank fraud, and tax evasion. It's unclear if Trump's tax returns will show evidence of crimes but, should suspicions harden, Trump could face severe consequences.
Trump is said to have artificially inflated the value of his real estate portfolio when applying for credit – and undervalued it significantly when paying property tax. Trump's son Eric is the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization – he has already given witness testimony.

The sexual misconduct lawsuits
Several women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, including rape – he has consistently called the claims fabrications.
In the face of such denials, some of Trump's accusers have launched libel actions. Among them, Summer Zervos, an ex-contestant on Trump's TV show 'The Apprentice', and Jean Carroll, a former columnist for Elle magazine.
And then there's the phone call on January 2nd, after votes were cast in Georgia, in which Trump apparently pressured an electoral official. That, too, could have legal consequences.

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Francisli Lilles
Francisli Lilles:
sooo in other words the impeachment trial was the least of his worries
Slater K
Slater K:
Hey Mr Trumpademic just ask John Gotti how he's doing and his family after the wrath of Mark pomerantz
PNW Guy:
The battle I’m facing is the fact I have to hear about this clown every damn day still. He’s not the president anymore. His face is annoying. Time to move on.
Jorge Gustavo Ortiz
Jorge Gustavo Ortiz:
😂 😂 😂... And the show goes on... 👏 👏 👏
Peter hsu
Peter hsu:
Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!
Francis Couderq
Francis Couderq:
The Georgia bit is the most important as the Vance’s investigation.
Its a cult at this point.
Shaun the Sheep
Shaun the Sheep:
everything with him is someone elses fault. yikes
wehg HERF
wehg HERF:
Hopefully he goes to jail.
Lin Ting
Lin Ting:
In Myanmar, Soldiers are shooting to civilians in Myitkyina, Dawei and other cities. They arrest innocent people at night with arms. Please Help Myanmar People, (14 Feb 2021)
Gabriel Gatti
Gabriel Gatti:
The editing in this is HILARIOUS 🤣 🤣
A. C.
A. C.:
Donald sees a Storm coming 🌪️
Pato and Pato
Pato and Pato:
Every day is for the thief, but one day justice will eventually catch up with the thief.
Johnny Ramirez
Johnny Ramirez:
He might be able to run while in prison
Slater K
Slater K:
Trump's days of king 👑 are over and the SDNY and mark pomerantz smell fear in florida tonight
Thebe Radise
Thebe Radise:
There is so much talk ,I’d like to see a legal suit that will hold up against this guy , I say if he’s guilty then why don’t they prove it and put him in jail .
If Sofus from the bench down the street did the same as Trump, he would face life in prison without parole.
Ozeh Tdz
Ozeh Tdz:
One term President and his Never-ending story...
Mike K
Mike K:
As long as there is the GOP, this country will stay dumb. It makes me look smarter. LOL.
If the media completely stopped talking about Trump, I would be fine with that.
hopefully many more to come
Jasper Etale
Jasper Etale:
An end in sight for Trump? Apandaroma box has just been opened! Journalists should acquire effective and efficient journalistic skills and materials.
This is the REAL reason why Trump wanted to stay in office so desperately
Rajwantee Sunset
Rajwantee Sunset:
Downplay COVD-19 👹 Pandemic, Riots in WH, roll back, lock him up
Gerald Kaupp
Gerald Kaupp:
But then klaus and Geo sorass are your heros.
introverts Rock
introverts Rock:
And investigation in Scotland on a property that has no loans and other shady stuff
you missed the ivestigations going on i nscotland into his golf resorts and money laundering
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes:
The future of our country Mister Trump
He won't have to spend a second in jail is my guess. Vulgar capitalist pigs and celebs with billions of dollars are the de facto nobility of USA, only less likely to face consequences for their actions then real royalty of Europe.
J Dizzle
J Dizzle:
And he can't find any good lawyers.... ouch
Peter hsu
Peter hsu:
Trump knows only money and power !
Richies Quest
Richies Quest:
From the moment Trump was elected the democrats have been obsessed with the impeachment of the people's president.
Snow Beers
Snow Beers:
wait wait wait... another 1 today 2/15, N.A.A.C.P. Sues Trump and Giuliani Over Election Fight and Jan. 6 Riot
The civil rights group brought the suit on behalf of Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, with other Democrats in Congress expected to join as plaintiffs.
Sean Brown
Sean Brown:
Thanks 😊. Happy Valentines 💝to you too.
black Samoan
black Samoan:
it ain’t over yet for donald he and his family are coming down enjoy the show they just let this man walk away they are all corrupt democrat and republican they all need to go down
The media some days ago:
Trump is frustrated that his selected lawyers are useless and he wants to pull his hair out. The lawyers will get their client impeached!
Media now:
But but ......
Silvia Logan
Silvia Logan:
I doubt that they would put Trump in jail even if he created so many misdemeanours.
Caroline Christina
Caroline Christina:
Always after Trump as if you people are righteous.
Natalia Mansour
Natalia Mansour:
Robert Skolimowski
Robert Skolimowski:
Dodgy businesses with Russia...
allahrakha ghuri
allahrakha ghuri:
Americans got mad for power.
Dan A
Dan A:
Hopefully the district of Columbia will hold trump accountable of his roll in the riots as well. It would be fitting to see them call out the partisan shame of the Republican senators
Dimitrios Margaroff
Dimitrios Margaroff:
It is just a theatre 🎭 for the Zombies 🧟‍♀️ and the sheep 🐑😉
Any time now the charges will start to surface. Can’t wait!
Shlomo Snodgrass
Shlomo Snodgrass:
Proud Patriots -- Support Donald Trump Send cigarettes , Soap-on-a-Rope , & Preparation H
Linda Bradford
Linda Bradford:
Blue Jay
Blue Jay:
Better get him before he runs into the Florida citrus groves. He’ll blend in like Bigfoot in the forests of Washington state
Dragon Associates
Dragon Associates:
Oh how you try to be relevant while joining the smear campaign. Your “news” is quite hilariously non relevant to what actual news is
Kevin Peng
Kevin Peng:
True conservative: Hillary, lock her up! Donald, let’s move on!
He left to get to know my dad?
James Sparkman
James Sparkman:
See cheating is his way of life it’s wrong
Tora Black
Tora Black:
that sure is a LOT of legal trouble
Nakia Howe
Nakia Howe:
When will Tara Reid get justice? Oh yea I forgot only republicans have a shady past. Democrats are god like.
One who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty. That is Trump all the way. Lock him up!
barry fulton
barry fulton:
Brenda Maloney-Gutierrez
Brenda Maloney-Gutierrez:
Our true president still
"Voting technology company Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over 'disinformation campaign'..."
James Sparkman
James Sparkman:
See Mary trump is truthful
Yash200 Wzee
Yash200 Wzee:
A guilty verdict in criminal courts eliminates his ability to run for office, that might also include fines and prison time. More importantly, how will the Republican party ever regain a Presidential seat if they don’t get their act together? *Now he is private citizen* who will most likely face investigations with the FBI, DC Attorney General, DOJ, and Federal GA Prosecutors in Fulton County. And other crimes with NY Attorney General for tax issues, as well as sexual misconduct allegations by numerous women.

*But who would represent him with all that stacked up evidence following him, should he need the best lawyers? The most prestigious eminent Attorneys won’t be an option* Not to mention all the folks distancing themselves from him: corporations, tech companies, social media giants, business allies and organizations, Rep. donors, Rep voters and former Rep officials considering to split from GOP to form a new party.

*We saw the greatest bipartisan presidential impeachment in US history* 57 Senators (Dems & Reps) to convict, and 232 House (Dems & Reps) to impeach. Despite the 43 Senator votes on a timing technicality as McConnell suggests, the majority was convinced with the overwhelming evidence, that he incited insurrection as his actions were a disgraceful dereliction of duty, practically and morally responsible for provoking even those who now face 20+ year sentencing

Further, not a good legacy for him ...this is a dream assignment for Historical Novelists, Documentarists and Journalists to showcase what led up to the incitement of insurrection on January 6.
Tintin milou
Tintin milou:
Thats It ? there not exactly smoking guns are they ?? The only one that could go sour is the sexual allegation ones that strangely got under covered compared to the other ones.... What gives ?
Larue Kasey
Larue Kasey:
Good luck.lol.
Trump is finished!
Let's turn the page, let's be generous by forgetting the dark past, let's look to the future with a smile and serenity, respectful of the Constitution and of democracy,
Life is and will be better from now on.
Good times and health for all.
freedom of speech of the western world at its finest.
block donald trump on all online presences
Lilit Damiryan
Lilit Damiryan:
Վերադարձրեք խնդրեմ բժշկական ստուգման գումարը։
fred bloggs
fred bloggs:
Good news
R S:
No end of criminal trials and civil suits for years to come.
mom of jada
mom of jada:
Happy Presidents day to the best President this country has ever had. We love you sir
Janette Esther
Janette Esther:
Oh please
JC Demp75
JC Demp75:
Too many to count
MEND New Zealand
MEND New Zealand:
To Trumps legal charges
...and what about death of police officers at the Capitol due to his incitement to insurrection that McConnell outlined clearly.?
Terry Dixon
Terry Dixon:
Answer none,he will not face any consequences of any kind Republicans have guaranteed that he will return to power and we will all pay if we dont worship him.
Video Game Sanctuary
Video Game Sanctuary:
The battle to run again in 2024 and scare dems again 🤣🤣🤣
Rita Wright
Rita Wright:
Trump all win them as well
Michelle Hunter
Michelle Hunter:
Lock him up !
K. Day
K. Day:
So Mary knew about fraud and never told anyone?
Kennito De Van Gavani
Kennito De Van Gavani:
Thumbnail 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
knight sword
knight sword:
as many imaginary allegations there are ;)
Roberto Guzman M.
Roberto Guzman M.:
After what ? :) :) :)
Vanessa Amous
Vanessa Amous:
Oh yes Trump must be put on trial
Is there an end in sight??

Yeah it's called hearth failure due to KFC.
I love trump than bedin he is more good than others previous president he has a good visions in making peace for the whole world he has a good kind hearted president his doing doing his job well even his term full of obstacles in faces lot of problems because of pandemic he is very good president in no matter what happen trump will leave into EVRY heart of the people of united states..
Engineered Mind
Engineered Mind:
Trump is in big trouble
Pounce Venue
Pounce Venue:
lol and that's just in America. hes wanted in UK over his scotish golf curse to and prolly many other country's
Farah Jalali
Farah Jalali:
Love TRUMP from Iran ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️
Tachiro Akisu
Tachiro Akisu:
And here, we see the media laying groundwork for continuing to cover Trump even though he's silent and irrelevant. They have much more serious issues to report on. They're doing what I do when I procrastinate work by doing less important chores.
Keep going after him,and it might sting you back later on
Vegas Astras
Vegas Astras:
Send navalny in 😂😂
Once trump is gone, it will be boring again. Hopefully, something comes up after all this.
Kyle Beutnagel
Kyle Beutnagel:
no it only the beganing
Humberto Cruz
Humberto Cruz:
The trump supporter do you want more o just keeping give trump donation ok you have to work overtime to give to trump very Smart trump supporter
FTLOG nail this guy on something!
Pak De
Pak De:
My feeling is that by failing to take action against the former reality show personality, the republican leaders have caused the opening of a floodgate of litigation, both criminal and civil, not only against individual number one but his family and associates. No stone will be left unturned until he and his family are brought down because the American people and the foundations of the Republic demand justice and they shall have it, not from vengeance but to re-establish the rule of law. No one is above the law.
Belinda Pacete
Belinda Pacete:
Lock him up !
It’s been the worst kept secret that in Hong Kong news that trump did some questionable transactions with Chinese real estate moguls the Kwok brothers in the sale of the Taj Mahal..

I have to word my comment carefully to avoid censorship..

There’s a lot more to it but I can’t say them. Refer to any Hong Kong news and you will get the scoop on the interesting details on the sale of the Taj Mahal and the billionaires Kwok.

Freedom of expression......hahahaha.. joke
James C
James C:
Drain the Trump
Mahky V
Mahky V:
I hope they don't only through the book at him but the whole book shelf
Reggie TV
Reggie TV:
And he Owes alot of Money he's Broke
Sue him to oblivion.
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown:
Lock him up!