What Few Have, But All Need Most - Mike Tyson

What does the world need most? What does it take to truly become great? In this segment, Mike Tyson will share his sentiments in regards to just that. It is a field of study very few truly understand, yet from Mike Tyson's perspective, perhaps the most important field of study all the same. Not only is it what cultivated his intimidating aura, but beyond that; it tells the story of how he rose to greatness and fell all the same... That said: Thank you for joining me on this breakdown where we gain just a glint of Cus D'Amato's genius; the profound understandings he refined to turn Iron Mike Tyson into a prodigy.

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xXArab AssasinXx
xXArab AssasinXx:
Mike Tyson will always be a hero to me no matter what
Weyal B
Weyal B:
Just an hour ago, this wave of defeatism overcame me telling me that I did not have what it takes, that I did not have the dedication, willpower, talent, ability or mindset to truly become great in the public eye, that I became too comfortable with life. I came to the realisation that the greatest of my time, the time before and the time after always thought 'differently' to the way I do, they process information at a faster rate, their physical ability is levels above mine and even my belief that I was the hardest worker in any room regardless of talent was dwindling. For a few minutes, I became the shell of the once ambitious young man I always perceived myself to be yet this was just another battle I had to fight in order to claim victory. A never-ending struggle between me and my mind that will be the longest and greatest war of my life yet, a war that will never stop, a war that I must emerge victorious from time after time. This feeling of hopelessness has not yet left, it lays within me dormant, waiting to attack at a time when all the odds are against me. My words could mean nothing to you or it could mean everything, but you owe it to yourselves to never stop fighting and to show the whole world the power you possess, the strides you're capable of making.

You're just one battle away from creating history.
elijah thiam
elijah thiam:
Damn I love Mike Tyson. His whole story is amazing, and post DMT the guy is sounding the a fucking guru
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Everybody loves MindSmash ❤️
The hardest part of riding a bicycle is that last hill on your way home.
A legend talking about a legend.
Happily Insane
Happily Insane:
You got Merch bro? Been watching for a few years.
Ian Sharp
Ian Sharp:
Never been this fast since prom night in high school with stiffler’s mom.
David Wilder
David Wilder:
And so i sit down with a big fat spliff on a Sunday afternoon and prepare to have my mind mashed with some words of wisdom from the gods. Gratitude.💪✌
change lasts forever
change lasts forever:
A good boxer does not punch with his fists but with his heart
Bactay YT
Bactay YT:
who all came from the podcast Joe Rogan ft. Mike Tyson
\Like/ bc mike like nike bike
Eric Lamoureux
Eric Lamoureux:
The hardest part of riding a bike is when there's no seat😂🤣😂🤣
zaciah o'banon
zaciah o'banon:
Without a doubt man, you are one of the most emotionally intelligent people we got out here. And don't get me started on your ability to break down the technical.

You truly are...gifted.
Russell James
Russell James:
I love this man nfs he inspired me a lot
The Merc
The Merc:
I remember when I started riding a bike I felt unstoppable till I hit a ditch and went down it keep in mind I was 7 years old first time but I stood back up and kept on trying
rad vlad
rad vlad:
"When I feel good I fight good" -Fury
I especially like the end quote about holding on to the heart! So true.. thank you sir
Dlx pdah
Dlx pdah:
So this is what Bruce lee meant when he said 'Emotional Content'
I disagree with one thing; I don't want to build a physique to find a mate, I want to get bigger because I personally hate being skinny. Too many disadvantages, limbs too small, knees touch in an uncomfortable way, I can see my heart beating under my skin... These are things I hate about myself that I want to change for me and only me
Joshua 333
Joshua 333:
I can see Mike turning into the only one he fears. Himself. At peak. mikes a national treasure, legend and larger than life personality.
Holistic Herri
Holistic Herri:
Again and again, wonderful work my man. Inspiring, keep it up brother!
Cory Taniwa
Cory Taniwa:
Damn, buddy needs to write a mental conditioning book. Love the channel
Christian X Molina
Christian X Molina:
Mike inspired me to begin my fight Journey I believe all fighters have been through Trauma
Nikhil Grave
Nikhil Grave:
Make video on how Floyd Mayweather reads and adjust himself according to his opponent
Listen “as a man thinkith so a man is “ pre season 🌊👑🧠🙌🏽🧿❤️🦋✨
New 777 New
New 777 New:
Oi go watch Charlie Murphy talking about M.T and his lions. I promise you will cry with lol 😆

Who wants to play with my cat. Lmao
Mohul Srivastava
Mohul Srivastava:
This man is gonna beat RJJ .mark my words !!
Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt:
Amazing content thank you as always MindSmash my brother !
Crow Cross
Crow Cross:
The hardest part is finding that opening to make that kick in the balls count -- Wise man.
Philip R Bailey
Philip R Bailey:
Thank you for all that you do. Many blessings to you, continually
THE Processor: J-Merc
THE Processor: J-Merc:
>All the wisdom you put together literally exactly explains what I'm going through. I stopped peddling that bike and the first step is always the hardest to change actually any habit or loosing weight again. But you HAVE to keep peddling. If you stop, it'll be hard to start all over again
At work right now watching this and still going to the dojo later channels like this are motivation
Papi Cinquay
Papi Cinquay:
this guy never fails to open my third eye🙏🏾
3:53 some times i think, how mane guys thinked the same about his oponnent and lost????????
Lorenza Phillips Jr.
Lorenza Phillips Jr.:
Your videos always have a unique perspective. I appreciate the format and the thought you put into them. Thank you.
Achilles Titan
Achilles Titan:
Amazing. Just amazing content as usual. Thank you brother.
Liljohnnie Cage
Liljohnnie Cage:
Hey mindsmash you think you could make a video on why Tyson was scared of cus I seen him say it in an interview but never understood quite why
joystick casaa
joystick casaa:
Looking at the Tyson vs Lewis fight, Tyson had the right plan and the right mentality, and Lewis was cautious as hell...once his tank started giving out everything else got sloppy. He took big shots and never gave up though. I think mentally Tyson was one of the toughest, Lewis was no chump either but watching Steward screaming at him not putting away a shot Tyson shows the level of respect Lewis had for Tyson.
Warren Davis
Warren Davis:
Why did Mike Tyson knockout Micheal Spinx?

Because he didn't like his socks.
Magico Magico
Magico Magico:
@Mindsmash, and guys, what is the name of the video where you speak about the reality being paradoxical, and that your pain has given you the strength to forge your own light? mcgregor is in the background, and there is also Nietzsche with - there are no beautiful surfaces without terrible depths? Anyone know? Thanks
Heh, very Tao.
Detach from your emotions
Steve Remington
Steve Remington:
Thank you for taking the time to inform us all
Thank you for this video!
Trent Mora
Trent Mora:
I'm liking the philosophizing!
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall:
EARvander Holyfield would say otherwise, 😆 !!!
I wonder, when you get pulled over do you narrate your way out of trouble and make the cop understand how and why was his/her decision to stop you wrong and not what they truly wanted?
Purge Workouts
Purge Workouts:
When's the fight
Amani Maonga
Amani Maonga:
Much love from Tanzania brother!
Who’s the guy talking to Joe Rogan at the 00:57 mark?
Love your content MindSmash!!
Able Dully
Able Dully:
The message I received is that one must understand the power of our emotions and the affects they have to those who cannot control them. If we look around at what is happening in our country it becomes clear that, by and large our emotional integrity has become dependent upon the whims and wishes of those controlling us. For example, those currently attacking us are using our emotions to allow them to destroy our country while we clap and cheer them on. This applies at a micro level the same as a macro level, which makes it so effective.
Master Lee House of Kungfu
Master Lee House of Kungfu:
@MindSmash. My friend. My name is Master Tiger Travis Lee. From Akron, Ohio. I run a Northen Shaolin Kungfu School there called The House of Kungfu. I ask you for a favor
Edgar Medrano Rodriguez
Edgar Medrano Rodriguez:
Ahhhh I'm going insane
Rhys Wallace
Rhys Wallace:
Mike tyson is still a beast.
Jay Charles
Jay Charles:
Mike Tyson brought me here.
Mike Nope
Mike Nope:
Much love man. Peace.
Reyes Kickboxing
Reyes Kickboxing:
Great video , a fighter can have skill . But if there is no fight IQ, or no character behind the skill , then the skill has no purpose , I’ve learned to be a controlled destructive force in the ring, I don’t ignore my emotions , but I use them . I use that adrenaline to pay more attention and be fast , and swift 💯🥊
Mick Bee
Mick Bee:
Emotional intelligence seen it. Chicago.
2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️
Can you make a mind smash on the legend Bas Rutten?
Jarell Mclean high lights
Jarell Mclean high lights:
thank you for theys lessins
Andrew Režek Wilson
Andrew Režek Wilson:
Thank you 🙏 All the best and peace to you 🤲👍✌️😊
Andre Cury
Andre Cury:
Thank you my friend
BeE MacK
BeE MacK:
Mindsmash needs a show on Discovery Channel
Great choice of music!
nicolas wilson
nicolas wilson:
had to hit that replay button this video was powerful
Yessir Big Bird
Yessir Big Bird:
My style is the wu tang. It's for the children......
Tyson, Ali, and Trump all in the same video...love it.
Dude Ster
Dude Ster:
Absolutely excellent. And nothing short of.
Hiten Jadeja
Hiten Jadeja:
Should i read 'emotional intelligence' book
That Satie piano tho
Mellow Tea's Melodies
Mellow Tea's Melodies:
What is this piano piece?
Ric Russ
Ric Russ:
First Last
First Last:
I liked before I watched
Six Four
Six Four:
Amazing 🖖
Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here:
The title made me think I needed Mike Tython the most.
Hoss Delgado
Hoss Delgado:
David Tua
omar mo2nes
omar mo2nes:
thank you
Nenad ИС XC Shuput
Nenad ИС XC Shuput:
3:15 lol got lost there buddy a little ey?, Talked little too much with out getting to the point, beating around the bush much :)? Ok here it is, it's called Stoicism., Being stoic.
Peter Jeck
Peter Jeck:
He will get a hard beatdown from Roy after this a rematch will come and Tyson will lose again but with a much better fight end of the story
In the thumbnail it looks like this chest turned red.
Robert B. Seddon
Robert B. Seddon:
Very good one came at a good time for me
Kenneth Dobos
Kenneth Dobos:
Bryan Molina
Bryan Molina:
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Fixed fights
DZ Power
DZ Power:
jacob bragg
jacob bragg:
not today
not today:
Liberals base their decisions off their emotions while the right base their decisions off facts and reality. Never make decisions off your emotions.
GeoCalifornian Obregon
GeoCalifornian Obregon:
Iron Mike Tyson is among the greatest warriors. He could have gone far higher in his profession, before retiring, had his mentor not died.
/Lonewolf Liberties
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
Hamidou Elbihawi
Hamidou Elbihawi:
the narrator sounds like moist critics
bat man
bat man:
Make me like Iron Mike
Augusto Poliche
Augusto Poliche:
Teddy atlas pointed out that Tyson lacked the heart to be among the greatest. And I agree he had everything else but with elite opposition he never succeeded.
Master Lee House of Kungfu
Master Lee House of Kungfu:
@MindSmash. With every once of sincerity in my being, as God as my witness I have tears in my eyes typing this. For the last YEAR I have been trying to get my. ONE video out showing the world the time has come, for the FIRST AUTHENTIC KUNGFU MMA CHAMPION. I have sent it to every kungfu youtube on email after email. Finally Fight Commentary Breakdown replied and they would check it out. One year later, no reply but all this hatred from viewers on their page. I can honestly say you wont see this type of kungfu vs western fight ANYWHERE on youtube.
Jack The Lad
Jack The Lad:
"A happy man is a dangerous man" - Tyson fury