What Happened To Michael Schumacher After The Accident?

What Happened To Michael Schumacher After The Accident?

Michael Schumacher was one of the best Formula One drivers ever. After his racing career, he had a big accident while skiing. Today's video will tell you everything, from the time of the accident till now. How is he doing?

Are you here after watching Michael Schumacher's documentary on Netflix? The documentary covers almost everything, we'll go over the missing things of Michael Schumacher after the accident.

Make sure you watch the video to be up to date on Michael Schumacher's story and how he's doing now.

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As bad as it sounds I am afraid we will never hear anything new from him until he passes away. It's been 8 years. That's just too much.
What a colossal waste of time. I'll save you 5 minutes:
He's alive, but we don't know about what sort of condition he is in.
Massive credit to his wife, manager and children for supporting Michael through this difficult journey. I hope he recovers. Sadly, if he doesn't, I really hope the doctors can use what they've learned from his injuries to help other people in similar situations in the future.
I really hope he'll become well again. He has a lot to live for.
I work in the medical field. From what I heard on MS injuries, it sounds chronic and permanent. Looks like his condition will never improve. In a coma or vegetative state, the human body sense of hearing is very active. If his wife turns F1 racing on he can listen and hear the sound & his son's voice talking to his team. That will mean something to MS.
A.J. Haverkamp
A.J. Haverkamp:
It’s so sad his public life ended like this. I wish we could see him on the track supporting his son Mick. Just like Jos Verstappen was there for his son Max.
Maria Silva
Maria Silva:
i want to see mick winning his first race in front of his dad... i hope he recoveres soon to see the new F1
Can't win at everything in life I guess 😭😭😭 I hope he recoveres and one day we can see him again in public
I was skiing in the same section of the alps when he hit the rock, we were told to head away from the area and also had a helicopter land there. It was a very sad day.
Abhay Kumar
Abhay Kumar:
Michael was, is and always will be the best. Thank you Michael Schumacher, the greatest ever to give so many happy and thrilling moments.
Ross Ashland
Ross Ashland:
You cant call yourself "f1 world" and mispronounce Seb's last name.
Dang. Just getting into this whole F1 thing, here in America it’d be damn near impossible to keep your entire health a secret for nearly a decade.

Crazy stuff, I always thought he was alive and well. Seems he probably endured traumatic brain injury and is living his days out by simply just existing. Like someone said, we probably wont hear a thing until he dies.
Uwe Heinrich
Uwe Heinrich:
Michael is my all time F1 hero. What happened to him, his life and family is nothing more but most tragic. I pray that all will be God's way. Nobody deserves to experience what happened to him. If there are miracles, I hope God will give one to Michael.
Fay Rem Channel
Fay Rem Channel:
It's been 8 years and we haven't heard a single word from him and we did not even see him ever since , hopefully he will recover soon.
Josh Rayner
Josh Rayner:
Still find it hard to accept that the legend is no longer essentially with us, I’m assuming he’s totally disabled in every way including his voice. Growing up watching him race I know how much he loved to be in the spotlight and have people talking about him, gives me 0.001% hope that he’ll just turn up to a race 1 weekend and shock the world so the spotlight is all on him again, unfortunately I think that’s to much to ask this time round, a racing great that’ll never be replaced, I hope to god we hear or see from Michael 1 last time. Keep fighting Michael😔🧡🙏🏻
zooner 13
zooner 13:
We are all unbelievably great full your still with us Michael! All the best to you and your family! ❤️ An icon of speed!
Ayrton Schumi
Ayrton Schumi:
Schumi's 2002 F1 season is unbeatable. The greatest.
Vishal Solanki
Vishal Solanki:
Michael was the best he is the best and will always remain the best he is legend of all legends
And the boss of all bosses may god bless him and may he be back ❤️❤️❤️
Andries P
Andries P:
Still don't actually know how he's doing after all that..... hope he's ok though, what a legend!
Masoko Tanga
Masoko Tanga:
I am a German-born American. My father got stationed in Germany in the late 1980s. We lived near Hockenheim and my father was born a Formula One fanatic. We went to Hockenheim many times; though I was too young to remember it. My mother told me about a time we all went to the German Grand Prix and my father had access to the paddock; I'll have to ask him how he was able to get that. My mother had a crush on Schumacher and while she was getting a tour of the Paddock, she was able to get up close to Schumachers Benetton. She touched it and someone from Benetton had a major shit fit. Lol. My father once told me he was at a Grand Prix andbmet Sean Penn in a restaurant at whatever track it was. My father said he was a real unwiped asshole. Sean Penn made a waitress cry over the food he ordered and was belligerent to the max..

If I can find photos from our Grand Prixs;; I'll make a sideshow . I don't remember crap but I went to Hockenheim; Nurburgring and Monza.
Fanta Red
Fanta Red:
The attending doctors said his cranial matter extruded via his facial orifices - translation his brain swelled so much it came out of his ears hence the 6 month long induced coma. The doctors also operated on the primitive level of his brain (the physically lowest part of the brain responsible for breathing and circulation) - that is a lot of cutting. His wife said at the time” I will not betray Michael” - a clear dismissal of the doctors unreported recommendation to take him off life support. The man suffered catastrophic, irreversible brain injuries, is a vegetable, will never recover and is only “alive” due to his wife’s determination. Today he would weigh about 40 kilograms, bed ridden, a breathing corpse. Is he really alive?
very sad, very unfortunate. having a father as great as Michael Schumacher and growing up with his father in that state is painful.
i imagine Mick racing his best in honor of his father, his dad would be proud.
I am extremely sad about this.
Michael drove two hundred miles per hour almost every other weekend and never got injured like this.
Michael's injury actually caused me to be much safer in the things I do in my life.
If Michael Schumacher can get hurt like this ,anyone can.
I respect the familes drive for his fans to remember Michael as he was,so brilliant and so hard working with that big wry grin on his face.
I would also say,be kind in your comments because members of his family probably do read these Youtube comments and watch the videos.
Why not.
Michael is a Seven Time Formula One World Champion legend.
That will never change.
Despite the obvious sad situation,there is always hope ,Michael can get a break and come back to a normally functioning person.
But even then,he will need the family to protect him.
This world can be a really cruel place to people fighting very tough medical issues involving the brain.
Get well Michael and God Bless the entire Schumacher family.
Krishnan Jayaprakash
Krishnan Jayaprakash:
Seeing Michael Schumacher race was a dream for us...the man was brilliant...we shall pray for him and his family...Mick is showing some amazing racing skills and we are all happy to see that now...it makes a Schumacher enthustiat's day...
oh man bruder... greatest f1 driver ever and a great human being...
Wei-Ting Shen
Wei-Ting Shen:
It’s very sad that he was unhurt during his whole career but had an accident after his retirement
Elwood Kotil
Elwood Kotil:
He is the best there ever was on all levels!
Mick Psyphon
Mick Psyphon:
Michael is undoubtedly F1's G.O.A.T.! His achievements transcended mere driving skills.

While he'll never compete again, I sincerely hope that maybe one day he can at least attend races as a fan.
Matthew Levett
Matthew Levett:
Michael Schumacher will never be seen in public again, family are keeping his condition private. Sadly I think that the next time we hear any major news about him will be his passing. Sad but true.
Tim Holt
Tim Holt:
There has never been and likely will not be another like him. Like Andretti, He excelled in sub par cars.
So much drive, self esteem and natural talent.
He was a brilliant rebuilder of the Ferrari team. His technical understanding of the cars was on par with the designers. There are several books about Michael the are great reads.
Michael is a fantastic driver
Hrzn II
Hrzn II:
Ok the money, but what the wife did to protect him and the family is supernatural, after that making sure he goes through his therapy whatever the therapy is or whatever the progress are. She’s a strong woman and i admire her. Inspirational.
Hawken Man .54
Hawken Man .54:
So I watched this thinking there would be an update on his condition. Very dissatisfied, Nothing new. This is the same information given in the past. Shame on you. Michael will always be the greatest F1 driver of all time. A 7 time F1 champion. That says it all.
Islam Rahimi Husain
Islam Rahimi Husain:
Get well soon Michael...we always pray for you..
i am a big fan of him,soon he will recover all the health issue,we just pray for him for better recovery...👏🤝
Hartley Hare
Hartley Hare:
God Bless You Michael❤Great Man, Great Champion🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Saatvik Raghuvanshi
Saatvik Raghuvanshi:
I'd love to see Michael live on TV
Surjit Dhamu
Surjit Dhamu:
Praying always that he recover as soon as possible.. May the Lord shower his blessing on Michael and heal him. Amen
Иван Венков
Иван Венков:
Michael the BEST !!! Legends !!!
Johan Conradie
Johan Conradie:
how bitterly sad: the man died years ago: no human body can endure that static state without succumbing sadly
Leonard John Koh
Leonard John Koh:
My comment is... in life, you can never tell what could happen to you.
Bottom line, its family that will be with you.
Luca cardinali
Luca cardinali:
I hope he gets better soon he is an amazing driver
I saw the documentary and it was more of the same, nothing new. Mick talked in a way to say he isn't capable of speaking when he talked about wanting to speak with his dad about F1, but physically no one really knows outside of a handful of people.
Come back Michael, new fans and old are waiting for you. 🙏🏾
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson:
Sadly Schumacher's family and management completely shut down all information about his progress. I cared for the first three years, hoping to hear something positive but still nothing.

Now I don't care, it is obvious he is not coming back in any human way, like walking and talking. To me he is gone, dead. I think his family failed to take account of how much good will and wishes people had for him. There lock out of news was cruel to all that cared for him around the world.
poor guy man, kinda miss seeing him on tv
Denis Svenson
Denis Svenson:
I hope he gets better
I'm very sad to Michael , he is the one who make me love f1 i will never forgets my childhood when I was waiting for the red Ferrari become first car ,and waiting for Michael stand's at the middle of the podium
He won 7 times and ends up like this What a cruel joke.
Steve Tanner
Steve Tanner:
I think we need to remember him on the race track not as he is now because we will never see the great driver ever again I'm afraid
Christoffer Axelsson
Christoffer Axelsson:
I am working with a man how has have a similar head injury. He cant talk, cant eat by him self, and have diapers. Sadly i think Michael has it similar. And that kind of brain injury never heals...
One Fact! He was retired he just made a comeback at Mercedes
It always drives me nuts, how THE F1 driver and champion, could have such a severe ski accident on a regular ski surface, but surviving many big racing accidents without bigger problems. Karma is a bitch! :(
One day Mick will race for Ferrari that would be amazing
I can barley imagine how bad his condition is, much likely with a massiv brain damage ;_; I mean, the family could afford the best doctors, but the all couldn't help him. I think we will never see him again. :(
Anongsri Kenyon
Anongsri Kenyon:
I have praise for you since the first time I heard about your accident by skiing I hope you have a great time with the family in Jesus Christ name I pray amen 🙏😌❤️
Mayank Malpani
Mayank Malpani:
Legend get well soon sir
Martin Schaffmeir
Martin Schaffmeir:
I do believe I am a distant cousin to Michael and surely wish him well
If you want to get a rough idea of what condition Micheal could be in. Look into Eddie Kidd
fred flintstone
fred flintstone:
The story I heard was that he had a go-pro camera mounted on his helmet and when he fell the rock he hit drove the go-pro backwards into his helmet. Don't know whether that's true or not.
adrian vanis
adrian vanis:
the best can be he was ok and after time he came back or the worst can be he never be like before
andre le grange
andre le grange:
Keep on fighting 💪💪🏿💪🏽🙏🏿
John Bridges
John Bridges:
Hi Ace Michael.
You are thought of a lot and you are missed matey! Wishing and in prayers
for you to completely Heal. I have NO doubt at all that you be perfectly fine again! You will be because you. Just
Don’t back off because you are a fighter and a massively Strong fighter!!!.

I was thinking of you through this present porpoising problem and thinking if Michael was at Mercedes
now he would find and solve that in a couple of days at the most!

Keep telling yourself, I AM HEALD it does help a lot as I did the same and
Thankfully I have just healed from a nasty case of dermatitis since last September!

You and Corrina and your family are in my thoughts and prayers Matey.
My very Best wishes to you both and
All of your loved ones.

JB. Oxted. East Surrey. UK.
Kenneth Killeen
Kenneth Killeen:
He was savage in a f1 car
Sad to say,but almost same situation happened to my classmate few years ago. There was no polite way to ask his family what his condition is. I remember that he was too put in a coma and after some time he was let out from hospital. After a few years I started dreaming him,so I decided to visit my friend. But what I saw will forever stay in my mind and my heart.. basically,my friend was dead..he can't breath normaly,he lost half of his scull during the operation. I saw only a shell of my friend. And even though I wanted to cry,I couldn't show my pain to his family. But the moment I left,I just burst into tears,because I knew..my friend was gone,and his family couldn't acknowledge it. Nobody should go through stuff like this. Especially the family. Stay safe my friends and don't forget to say your family that you love them <3
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis:
basically no new info here. and none in the past 10 years really.... weird. why cant they just tell us how he's doing? the public that supported him for years. we're not the enemy!
Alfa century
Alfa century:
Hr is a fighter and he will see his son when he became f1 world champion
Brian C
Brian C:
I really hope he gets better and i am sad that he is in this state
Al Kaholic
Al Kaholic:
They're spending millions keeping him alive as a tomato while he probably doesn't want to live like this at all
Aditiya FrostDaimen
Aditiya FrostDaimen:
Michael & VR46 is My childhood Heroes.
Papa Foundry
Papa Foundry:
He will and always be the GOAT. IDC WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS.
Now Mick, continue his father Legacy
nik nafizal adeeb
nik nafizal adeeb:
I fear the worst for Michael
Shawn Kay
Shawn Kay:
Its crazy that he didnt get seriously injured from F1 but from Skiiing
Spongey Boyo
Spongey Boyo:
Is there seriously NOTHING on him and his current health in 2022?? Gosh this is so messed up.
Felicia Kartoredjo
Felicia Kartoredjo:
Michael schumacher 🙏💪💪💪
Julien Brouillard
Julien Brouillard:
Some of the comments here are just appalling. No respect... Why should he or his family even talk to any one of us in the first place? Should his current condition be of any public knowledge?? I don't think so ... Please show respect and let him be and decide what's best for him, not for us!!!
Deondre Ware
Deondre Ware:
Will have lost Paul and M.S. in the same year😭
Tom McGlone
Tom McGlone:
I think from the little info known Michael is on the mend. If hes facing the recovery head on with no restraint then that shows hes still the same Michael we all know. Fingers crossed in the coming years we get a welcome surprise and see Michael around the F1 paddock again. Hes been fighting nearly 9 years now and not given in so why would he now. Hes Der Kaiser. He will never stop fighting. #KeepFightingMichael
Marcus Aurélio Ehret Lôbo
Marcus Aurélio Ehret Lôbo:
Só Deus, ou nos no outro lado, saberemos que dívida, Schumacher tinha, ou tem que resgatar. Porque nada acontece por acaso. Permaneça em Cristo, nosso senhor Absoluto.
Mohd Abdullah
Mohd Abdullah:
Thankyou to his wife for not giving up & still fighting to bring him back. May god him with speedy recovery soon.
Schumacher is a legend.
Hamilton is a clown.
Just wanna see him tbh
Vivaan Agarwal
Vivaan Agarwal:
He will win his coma anyday I love him as his son
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith:
Thanks for covering this
Irfan Mirza
Irfan Mirza:
l miss ayrton senna❤️ and Michael Schumacher❤️
This video didn't really say anything that wasn't already on the documentary. What was the point in it?
Click bait. Don’t subscribe. The collective waste of time watching this is the length of time the great man has been in a coma
Richard Smith
Richard Smith:
Commentator: you mispronounce the names of most former drivers and colleagues: AS LEAST do your homework....
Karen West
Karen West:
They are a gorgeous family
I wish I ws s close to min
Max-Jet 1891
Max-Jet 1891:
Rain master ...always will
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee:
A man is blessed to have a woman like that,
Burak Can
Burak Can:
ı hope he will see mick at podium for his son's first WDC and race winning
Kannan Chakravarthy
Kannan Chakravarthy:
not one of the best the best ever God of F1
LonLon Pow
LonLon Pow:
Damn, why are they being hit on the head each time, wherever and with helmet ?
Zak Wilson
Zak Wilson:
This accident is tragic
Ned Nobody
Ned Nobody:
Listened to the whole thing and nobody explained how he really is, Wasted time... Can he talk? Can he move? What can he do?.
Constantly Slowlert
Constantly Slowlert:
Yep, so he is not able to move or speak proberly. I guess if he was able to, he would have send messages to all his fans. He wouldn't just let his fans down like this if he was not severely disabled…
K G:
im afraid MS is in a same condition as Christopher Reeve (Superman) was.
In 2 days at December 29th people celebrate 8 years Michael Schumacher head injury.
Ronaldo Fenomeno
Ronaldo Fenomeno:
Like Senna he will eventually be put
on life support until it disconnects unfortunately