"What Is A Woman? ME!" Dame Joan Collins On Trans Debate | PMU

Actress, author and Dame Joan Collins joins Piers Morgan in the studio in the lead-up to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee next week. Joan is going to be taking part as part of the Dames in Jags and will be part of the massive ceremony. She goes on to discuss how she is a massive royalist and 'loves the Queen', so it was a real honour for her to be invited. They also go on to discuss the tragic events in Uvalde, Texas and how America need to do more to prevent shootings from happening. Piers also puts the question to her 'What is a woman?' to which she responds she does not want to answer for fear of being cancelled by the trans mob. But when probed again, she simply says "me". We love you, Joan.

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100+ komentarze:

Robert McCannel
Robert McCannel:
Many ‘new’ celebrities could learn a thing or two about elegance, poise and how to conduct oneself from this icon. Much love to you, Joan!
Joseph Logsdon
Joseph Logsdon:
Joan Collins is the very embodiment of ageless radiance. I’m proud that she understands the concept of womanhood, for she is the soul of effulgent femininity.
Chris W
Chris W:
It's not only the fact she looks incredible for any age never mind 89!! It's her strong personality and huge zest for life I find especially wonderful and inspiring ,💓
Susan Ross
Susan Ross:
I blooming love this straight talking woman, she’s a National treasure xx
Brendan Pilkington
Brendan Pilkington:
Gosh she doesn’t look like a lady who will be 90 next year! She’s so full of energy and quick wit and she keeps up with everything going on I think the world. A true credit.
Grant James
Grant James:
What a life she has lived, and still living, amazing woman.
Eric Spaans
Eric Spaans:
She looks amazing for her age, and always has.
Absolute class! Fast, witty and honorable. And on top of that, she looks much, much better than people half her age. Astonishing.
Northern Reflections
Northern Reflections:
While many choose to focus on her appearance what impresses me is how bright, articulate, energetic and engaged she is at 89 years young.
"What is a women? Me!" Love it!
Giovanna Quilici
Giovanna Quilici:
She's fantastic, so self confident, and beautiful, it's a pleasure listening to her!!
I love Dame Joan Collins, Can't believe she's 89 years old. Wonderful. We should all be this blessed to be this good-looking and sharp at her age.
Joan Collins is a class act. I wish we had more ladies and "Dames" like her. She is delightful.
Jack Jack
Jack Jack:
Don't know much about Joan Collins but after seeing her for the first time on a talk show, i must say she is one classy, sensible & beautiful woman. 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻
She's 100% pure class. Love you Joan!!!
Meryam Picon
Meryam Picon:
Por supuesto que luce super producida, como la estrella de cine que fué . Es una hermosa mujer, que acaba de dar una entrevista absolutamente lavada de sus propias opiniones, protegiéndose de lo que ella misma califica de mensajes de odio. No sé si debo felicitarla, o preguntarle para qué diablos aceptó hacer esta entrevista con Piers.
Congratulations….you’re back on the air Piers! I adore this lady. She has played in so many venues in so many types over the years. I’m delighted that Joan has never gone in for those major face and body lifts. She is gorgeous because of it.
randi johansen
randi johansen:
Joan Collins is such a personality! I love her. Feminine and strong. Fun and intelligent. Joan Collins is another queen of hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Margaret Larking
Margaret Larking:
She's absolutely amazing and still beautiful.
Ernest Ayathuray
Ernest Ayathuray:
Keep making this type news/interviews Piers - makes a world of difference in the mess the world is in
J. armix
J. armix:
Really respect and love dame Joan. Keep going strong.. Such glamour 🎉. She looks fantastic! Also she should 100% be entitled to what she wants to say, shes put in the years and knows the world, seen it all in different forms, she knows what she's talking about. Imagine some kid cancelling her at her age. It would be devastating, completely senseless and dumb.
Lydia Mooney
Lydia Mooney:
How on earth does this beautiful lady just get better and better.my God she looks sensational and so healthy 😍 she's just amazing really love how honest she is .
Rômulo D.
Rômulo D.:
Incredibly elegant, witty and sharp as she's always been. Of course we all know her opinion on "what a woman is", it's such a ridiculous question.
karl Perriment
karl Perriment:
She's nearly 90 ... seriously wow!!! She's so on the ball still ... so beautiful so glamorous!, so classy!.. and I totally agree with joan... kids growing up on video games desensitized them.
John Sormani
John Sormani:
What a wonderful lady. Not only does she still looks fantastic, she also is mentally here all the way. She even mentions a Glock as a firearm brand and is a totally capable discussion partner. Bravo Dame Joan Collins!
Vaughn George
Vaughn George:
A proper woman !!
I worked on the ADR stage at Goldwyn studios where Dynasty was filmed and she came in to rerecord some of her lines.......she is always a diva
thembisa odendaal
thembisa odendaal:
I'm a black woman from South africa I love the queen.I get a knot in my stomach when I realize how old she is and that one of these days we have to bid her farewell.I feel so privileged to have lived in these times.shes a beautiful and inspiring woman
I love Joan, she is such an amazing lady and very beautiful. Also I like her views on life, she speaks a lot of sense.
merlisa campbell
merlisa campbell:
I love a strong minded confident woman 👩 💕
Melinda Aimee Roth
Melinda Aimee Roth:
Thank you Piers Morgan for speaking honestly. I am glad that you have a talk show.
Love joan- she’s part of 80s nostalgia for us GenXers who grew up here in america watching dynasty as 80s kids glad to hear she’s such a patriotic brit
Intelligent & informative conversation. Thank you for that interview.
Susanna Key
Susanna Key:
Joan Collins is my spirit animal! ❤️ Absolutely an incredible graceful smart woman!
ilsa D
ilsa D:
such class ...love it❤
Sue Prov
Sue Prov:
Good for Joan. I really appreciate her honesty and reality. My mother's name was Joan and we aaw Joan in Paris but we didn't approach her. My mom was as beautiful and about a year older than Miss Collins.
Mamadou Aziza
Mamadou Aziza:
At nearly 90 years old, Joan is super sharp and knows what's he going on in popular culture.
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B:
I cannot believe she's 89! She looks fantastic! I hope to look that good as I age
Michi H
Michi H:
One of the last truly classy women along with Queen Elizabeth. A dying breed of poised elegance & strength. You wouldn't understand unless you've met HRM, she's an absolute pillar of strength and dignity with the an unparalleled depth of character. That is a woman‼
peter gough
peter gough:
Just love Joan she is just so British and I love her attitude towards everything. 🇬🇧
Joan you are a legend. We love you 💙💙💙💙
Jo Brownrigg
Jo Brownrigg:
Absolutely adore her. Amazing! ❤️
A Yoga Mindset
A Yoga Mindset:
She looks gorgeouos!! I am a 52 year old woman and I remember seeing Dame Joan Collins on soap operas in the 80's (before she was given the Dame part). I was only 15-17 years at the time. I remember thinking she wore too much make-up!! But today, I think she is an absolutely stunning woman. She has looked after herself and maintains the same look she did back then. She is all class!!
How well does she look and still carry herself, may this carry on
Wish her well
Ricky ODriscoll
Ricky ODriscoll:
Love her I adore her as always ❤️
kim monroe
kim monroe:
Love Love Love the one and only Dame Joan Collins, she tells it like it is, she's gracious, graceful, elegant, doesn't suffer fools, controlled and looks amazing, XXX
Gale Patrick
Gale Patrick:
love listening to a fun frank conversation between Joan and Piers
Me: "She looks great for 83 or 84."

[After verifying her age on Wikipedia]

Me: "89?!"
ray carr
ray carr:
She is a gerontological miracle.
Rich Alderson
Rich Alderson:
Leave Joan alone, she's too old (but not old-fashioned) to deal with the stress of having the nasty trans activists coming after her. But we know what she really thinks, she ain't stupid.
Andy Dixon
Andy Dixon:
Smart woman, and looking great.
Jo-Ann Oxenham
Jo-Ann Oxenham:
Just the most stunning woman I am a huge fan of Joan Collins.
Jacquie T
Jacquie T:
She's absolutely Stunning!
Beautiful Inside and Out.
Philip Draper
Philip Draper:
I read that Joan Collins was named after Joan Crawford who is my favorite movie star. There’s a wonderful anecdote about a chance meeting between them in the 50s where Joan Collins was in the remake of “the Women” a film Crawford starred in first in 1939 and Collins stated that she was named after her, quite gushingly. And Crawford gave her a long look over stare like she was a bug under her stiletto shoes lol. And Collins remarked later about Crawford’s “Groucho Marx eyebrows” lmao. I love divas
Joan Anne Wallace
Joan Anne Wallace:
Piers should let her talk more. He loves the sound of his own voice. She is fabulous.
She is a star & a true icon i love how Piers and joan get along fantastically
Felix The Cat
Felix The Cat:
What a Woman
Melissa Bowd
Melissa Bowd:
I love Joan! A wicked sense of humour. I met her in an elevator about 10 years ago and she was so lovely.
Denise Pickering
Denise Pickering:
Joan collins is stunning . clever entertaining.. looks half her age. Our national treasure. Xxx
The fact that she said she wouldn't talk about trans-issues but everything else speaks volumes about the fact that truthful conversations cannot take place about trans-issues out of fear of retribution and punishment.
Sharron B-R
Sharron B-R:
Brilliant Joan Collins! Intelligent, sharp, elegant. Love her!♥️
M. Rumi
M. Rumi:
Love Joan Collins she has such class is always fun to watch
April Rawls
April Rawls:
Absolutely beautiful ❤️
Heather Whittaker
Heather Whittaker:
I love Joan Collins..Thank you Pierce,and thank you for this new show of yours...it's wonderful ❤
mrs rimskie
mrs rimskie:
oh my goodness me!! how amazing does Joan look, shes so pretty and elegant, she really wears the title Dame well, she is the absolute epitome of what a real lady is, she oozes class.... just like my mum!!!
She is such a class act!
Joan nearly got it right " I don't. Know why the FBI or police etc don't get involved ?"
I don't know why the parents aren't involved
Ossie R
Ossie R:
Joan is still gorgeous and definitely a woman.
Alina Karasavva
Alina Karasavva:
I simply love her!!!! 💜💜💜💜
Piff Paff
Piff Paff:
Amazing Woman with such Young freshness on any Level. - just unique!
Patrick MacDonald
Patrick MacDonald:
From the moment she said "glock" onwards, I started living my best life
Andrew King
Andrew King:
I have loved this woman since Dynasty… She is just pure class and style! I think in the movie from the early 70s Tales from the crypt she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! Todays vapid stars and I use the term stars loosely could learn a lot from Dame Joan Collins!
Donna Lee
Donna Lee:
What a beautiful woman, Both the Queen and Dame Joan, are remarkable. Thanks Piers great interview.
Super Nova
Super Nova:
Dame Joan Collins is simply sublime
sally mowafy
sally mowafy:
Can't believe Dame Joan is 89! She is stunning and looks 30 years younger than she is.
So disappointed with Dame Joan, being so wary of being truthful and bowing to wokism and cancel culture...she was much more outspoken about the issue a few years ago on gmb. I thought she'd be braver. Also, seeming not to understand why people should be so upset with BJ, she isn't as deep as I thought she was.
alfred anderson
alfred anderson:
One classy lady!!!
Kim Battles
Kim Battles:
ABSOLUTELY Dame Joan, I TOTALLY AGREE with you. I'm 60 years old and Television was a lot different in my day. I was not ALLOWED to watch most even then, when T.V programs were a lot cleaner. I had to read books, and go outside in the Fresh Air, and Sunshine. Even television commercials are scary. I'm amercian and I do know what DAME means. And I LOVE IT. I plan on the U K being my home some day. LOOVE YOU Pierce.😙😊🤗
Lovely to see Dame Joan looking fabulous as always and bright as a button. I just wish you would let her talk more. ❤
Charles Davis
Charles Davis:
Always a class act.
Vegas Zen
Vegas Zen:
My God, she looks amazing! Talk about aging gracefully.
Such a beautiful woman
When you think about it.....Joan is one of the few people left who knew James Dean. She stated once that he gave her a ride in his car and that she was not that impressed with James! So much class.....Joan Collins.
vickie Andrew
vickie Andrew:
I love Joan...Im 32 yrs younger and don't understand the world now either. Her best response was " What about the men? Fabulous ❣
Wayne T
Wayne T:
She wrote a check and I had to ask her for her ID back in the early 80's while I was working as an asst. manager at a retail store in Beverly Hills. I didn't know who she was and the cashier was really embarrassed. Oh well
Kevin Berry
Kevin Berry:
Joan Collins will always be amazing!
C L:
I don't have a vocabulary or wits to express myself now.
Can't even remember what made me click on this
What a woman! So lucid, so smart and she flirts and looks good,
yep screwed this up like I thought I would
What a woman
p p
p p:
Intellectual conversations between Piers and Joan. Entertaining and smart, Joan is just graceful and smart. We all know by now Piers has a crush for Joan!
Chantal Laanstra
Chantal Laanstra:
Good to see Joan again, so elegant and so charming! Always a pleasure to look at and listen to.
Gabriella Fox
Gabriella Fox:
Love Joan, such class!
Gabriella D'Ilario
Gabriella D'Ilario:
Love Joan Collins. Beautiful face, beautiful figure. Not plastic like many of today's stars.
Dee Spence
Dee Spence:
Still a beautiful woman❤️
flipper23 flipper23
flipper23 flipper23:
I want to see more of Joan Collins ❤️❤️❤️
Kim Runyan
Kim Runyan:
Joan Collins is a total class act.
Erich Wyatt
Erich Wyatt:
Piers , love you and thank you for being you . Love Dame Joan Collins .
Love Joan... she's a hard working opinionated fearless English legend.She will be missed when she's gone 😘
I do remember one photo of Joan when she was a cast member of Dynasty in an issue of People magazine back in the day. She had #1B!tch written on a piece of paper and taped onto her makeup mirror. I know that would read as 'hashtag one b!tch' to somebody today. I've always remembered that for some odd reason. Thanks again. 🇺🇲🇬🇧
European Living
European Living :
Kelly 孤独死
Kelly 孤独死:
5:45 great point! I hate to seem typical, but as a woman who is aging now, how lovely (!) Dame Collins looks…still! Brings back warm feelings of nostalgia, and memories of being a young girl and remembering her fabulous Dynasty fashion (we had only a few channels back then, and I was too young to to experience fashion magazines, but my mother [mainly] enjoyed Dynasty and I loved her fashion!) and here I am, in my 40s and she looks almost EXACTLY as I remember her! Going to see if I can get her old 1950s B movies (they say, I’ll be the judge) I didn’t even know she made her name in Britain then…
Ruth Bashford
Ruth Bashford:
I know she has had cosmetic surgery and is wearing loads of make up but she looks incredible for 89