What is on the line for Biden if Russia invades Ukraine

CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser and senior political analyst John Avlon discuss what is at stake for President Joe Biden if Russia decides to invade Ukraine. #CNN #News

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"Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f--k things up" Barack Obama.
Leon Huckstep
Leon Huckstep:
As a former British war veteran, reading these comments all I can say is if things keep escalating the way they are you'll end up feeling very silly about the days when you believed Republicans or Democrats were your true enemy. No matter whos in charge over there you're still very lucky to have what you've got right now.
semaj james
semaj james:
this is what I learn from Pres. Zelensky - you don't need to have ten degrees in Harvard or Yale to rule a country, all you need is a pair of balls the left and the right equally balanced or you tilt to the left or right.
JourneyMan Smitty
JourneyMan Smitty:
In this life no matter how many nightmares we have to face in this world there is always hope nightmares do have an ending but can we ever see peace with each other and can we ever see peace in the lives of others🤔
Jeremy Hale
Jeremy Hale:
China is watching very closely. If this aggression is let to take place with no consequences, China will be the next to do the same thing.
Darren Miller
Darren Miller:
Good coverage, thanks for the perspectives.
Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris:
Democrats who try to defend this clown show of a administration , just remember orange man bad.
Juanita Skelton
Juanita Skelton:
Thank you...I love this evaluation
of the importance of this.
Lenny Laserdisk
Lenny Laserdisk:
At least now he can blame Russia for the economy, and not hyper inflation.

Also Germany did not cancel the nordstream 2 pipeline, they just put their dealings on pause!
Basically they're saying "We're in favor of maintaining the status quo, so long as we remain aware of the effect of necessary change."
Tony Smith
Tony Smith:
This is what WEAKNESS on the World Stage looks like!
With everything that has happened with Russia currently, I wouldn’t have just waited for Putin to attack before doing anything. Personally I would’ve sent our own troops to the border as well to protect the Ukrainian people from a tyrant’s agenda. I wouldn’t want war but Russia has hurt one of our friends. If a friends of yours was being bullied by someone bigger would you just let them? If someone needs help they should get it. I get that Biden just wanted to avoid a war which I admire as wars have always led to death and destruction, but sometimes there just never can be a diplomatic solution. So hopefully it will all turn out well for the Ukrainian people as they deserve peace and prosperity.
“Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be president. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee,” Mr Biden said on Twitter on 21 February, 2020. “If you’re wondering why – it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.” - #LGB
Phil Johnston
Phil Johnston:
Rebels???? Don't you mean patriots defending against Russian tyranny,or did I miss something 🤔
The Military Industrial Complex is LOVING THIS and BEATING THE WAR DRUMS LOUDLY.
Juan Farias
Juan Farias:
Beans? Oh no! How could one cope?! In all seriousness, this is ridiculous.
Brigitte Banks
Brigitte Banks:
If usa was still energy independent...
Mariano Turgo
Mariano Turgo:
Sunction first is a waste move if you dont match it out in the field you dont need to send booths on the ground ukrainian army can take on russian if only you arm them early on.
Juanita Skelton
Juanita Skelton:
Avlon is a fearless advocate...and that is necessary inorder to hold onto democracy. If the partisan divide is holding us back from reacting to this aggression properly, we will see it...the people...and it will rest on our shoulders to act boldly for our nation and our allies.
Kevin Ander
Kevin Ander:
Just add this to the Afghanistan failure, the Mexico border failure, record inflation, the supply chain failure, the stock market hemorrhaging, the highest crime rate since the '70s, and Biden's inability to string together a coherent sentence. It just doesn't get much worse.
The American media installed a bumbling clod, and they have no remorse whatsoever for the suffering and misery they have caused.
JourneyMan Smitty
JourneyMan Smitty:
For the human race life is a ceaseless competition for power Fame even for love but when the desire for victory is reduced to winning at any cost then the other side already guaranteed their defeat🤔
Mayor Andrés
Mayor Andrés:
Funny how the headline says biden, yet not a single word or clip of him adressing this... Just like big brother.... 1984
leonardo da vinci
leonardo da vinci:
I still do not listen to NATO and the continental western European colonies such as Germany, Poland, Spain, Baltic countries, Norway, among others, mere countries invaded and occupied materially as in normative legal terms,
political and ideological in their States of Law and therefore in their State policy and their economic policy, with zero autonomy, and that belong to the United States of America and England, which will sanction economically and politically in
in turn, with sending warships surrounding Great Britain for its invasion and occupation of the Malvinas Islands, which are declared according to International Law, the International Court of Justice and the UN through its
Security Council that are territories under the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Argentina. Nor do I see the same level of hysteria against the genocidal State of Israel, despite invading, occupying and carrying out genocide against the
people of Palestine, despite the multiple UN resolutions that pray that Israel must get out of there, and not continue annexing territories that are not theirs illegally and illegitimately, added to the fact that they must stop the systematic
violations of human rights and insults against humanity, which come from a State, structural and institutional policy on the part of Israel, however there is a deafening silence heard from NATO, the
IMF, United States of America, or the European Union, specifically the European colonies of the United States of America and the insular European colonies of Great Britain, moreover, there is not even a rhetoric with a certain morality on the part of
someone belonging to these transnational and supranational bureaucratic organizations, let alone pragmatic sanctions in the political and economic field. That isn't even a morality of double standards anymore, or an ethics worthy of a thief, a
suripanta, a dipsomaniac or drug addict, a psychiatric patient, but rather, a disgusting exercise by the ruling class of said Anglo-Saxon countries that act in a perverse and extremely aggressive and imperialist manner, trying to
subjecting the world to a single look, to a single way of feeling, thinking and doing life, and of course, even relating economically, because if you want to buy from another, like a mafia they force you. The popular sayings of "the
dona flora's cat If they put it in, he screams, if they take it out, he cries" as well as "the ortelano's dog, which does not eat or let anyone eat" or as they say in Chile, "Chilota broom" which sweeps only to one side, the one that suits them.
Where is that precisely democratic and liberal pillar of the "self-determination of peoples"? Apparently it only applies to Anglo-Saxon pirates. The people of Crimea, and in the aforementioned places of Lugansk and Donetsk in which they have
had as in the first case, democratic and popular referendums, where the people turned out to vote in free elections and with high attendance, much more than for the presidential elections of the United States of America for example or of
many countries in Latin America or Europe, where said people freely and autonomously chose their destiny as a people, as a nation and as nascent States, since in the aforementioned territories those who live are mostly Russians or
Russian descendants, of Russian language, of Russian culture, and holders of an ethos and a spirit of the people that is Russian, therefore there is no de facto or legal reason that flattens and placates the political praxis of said peoples, nations and
Nascent States, just as the "liberation" of the Latin American countries from the imperialist, genocidal and colonialist countries of Spain and Portugal, or others like France or Great Britain, was just and necessary. The unfortunate thing is that today
today, it is the United States of America that believes that we are their backyard, or as Biden himself said: "the front yard."
Greetings from Punta Arenas, Chile (William Keith Sutherland)...
Lake County Naturalist
Lake County Naturalist:
You've posed a ridiculous question. We all know what is on the line and it ain't higher gas prices.
Expand Health Inc.
Expand Health Inc.:
Completely agree with John!
US is the leader of NATO and actual Suzerain of whole Europe. US has obligations to guarantee Ukraine’s security. US should fund and arm Ukraine as like as US did in Iraq and Afghanistan, to fight Russia, through its wealth and blood of American people who are full of justice, kindness and compassion.
Ela B
Ela B:
If Russia does this then Russia was allowed to do this, in which case we have to wonder where we live.
J P:
put the shoe on the other foot for a second, with guns being pointed at your boarder, what would be America's solution be
Ashok Mohan
Ashok Mohan:
One keep speaking 🔊🗣🔊🗣🔊 ,...One silently act 🎬👏... Entire world came to know who do what .
Leo, Januszewski
Leo, Januszewski:
Here's what's on the line: Additional tens of millions of dollars to Hunter Bidet for his energy expertise.
Nika Verde
Nika Verde:
Mr Brandon should tell fortunes on a daisy: invasion... not invasion, invasion... not invasion
Andrei Guidea
Andrei Guidea:
Russian troops are already in Ukraine , where are the swift actions ?
Randy Bryant
Randy Bryant:
Never thought that I would say this but I wish the Bush administration was back in office.
sugar venom
sugar venom:
West: - We prepare unprecedented, swift, united, astronomical super-duper package of sanctions.
Putin: - Got it. Leave the package in Kiev. My army is on the way to pick it up.
Farhan Badar
Farhan Badar:
I would say US arrogance will become intact and on line
Braxton Deets
Braxton Deets:
On what agenda is foreign policy on the top of?
CJ Mountian
CJ Mountian:
Ukraine should’ve planned better and spent more time reinforcing thier military. Instead they spent time arguing about sexual identity and racism. Fools… hopefully this is a lesson for other Countries.

Ukraine is lost
Mikael 6'2 Fullback 👑 Objective Football
Mikael 6'2 Fullback 👑 Objective Football:
Hell yeah.. Biden rules 💪😎

Stick to your Bible camp little kid, let the adult do their job 😆
jack feifer
jack feifer:
Why don’t we hear any of the members of the squad condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine? They were all so quick to condemn Israel when it was defending itself??!!
People of yesteryear put up with a great deal of pain to support their nation (s) during times of war and strife. But that was mainly in Europe during the great wars when national integrity was strong . But times have changed and America is so divided within that it may not take much external conflict with Russia to destroy the USA as we know it.
shanble garamo
shanble garamo:
Poor biden is about to deal with Putin lmao 🤣 it’s over before even start !
Senile Biden
Senile Biden:
I wonder if Joe Biden will challenge Putin to a push-up contest. Joe's record is currently at a half push-up. He hasn't mastered the "up" part of push-up.
Adam R Fu
Adam R Fu:
THE REAL reason russia invade georgia (2008) & invade crimea/ ukraine (2014 & 2022), MORE OR LESS IS BECAUSE OF THE SAME REASON :
BECAUSE russia don't want if those two countries move closer to NATO.
Russian involvement in georgia (2008) & ukraine (2014 & 2022), STARTED when the goverment of those two countries want to make closer relations with the west/NATO. That move also triggered COLOR REVOLUTIONS in those two countries.
>>> NATO EXPANDING east itself started since 90'..., LONG BEFORE RUSSIA invade georgia (2008) & ukraine (2014)
SINCE THE 90' there were FIRST wave (1999) of NATO expanding east. And still REPEATED until the FIFTH wave (2020) of NATO expanding east...
Then russia says "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" 🤣
>>> PEOPLE think the US will allow if russia's military alliances (CSTO/SCO) expanding to latin america (CLOSE TO U.S BORDER)???
The U.S. has been accused of exercising dominance over Latin America, which is called its sphere of influence. 🤣
Middle Guy
Middle Guy:
We need to stay out of a conflict at all costs.
Jocelyn Joseph
Jocelyn Joseph:
Perhaps, we might compare the event to Burmese military takeover, China in Tibet, the attack on Kuwait, and such others to find a difference?
Elizabeth Foster
Elizabeth Foster:
When it comes to the world of investing, most people don't know where to start. Fortunately, great us investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance
Nataša Ić
Nataša Ić:
He can only watch and bark.... 😂😆
Shanna lee
Shanna lee:
why are we sending weapons to ukranians wearing ss armbands?

can't we just not do that?
Yuri B
Yuri B:
Let’s go Brandon
Let’s go Brandon
Abdullah Faisal Sultani
Abdullah Faisal Sultani:
What is the diff between Russian Ukraine invasion vs US-Iraq?? Its all the same showing power eliminating enemies
JourneyMan Smitty
JourneyMan Smitty:
When faced with grave danger or true death you will know the meaning of life🤔
Tom Krzysiak
Tom Krzysiak:
Putin can invade as long as he gives 10 percent to the big guy
It is the Hubris Syndrome-The key concept is that hubris syndrome is a disorder of the possession of power, particularly power which has been associated with overwhelming success, held for a period of years and with minimal constraint on the leader.
Smike Jasper
Smike Jasper:
I'm really not looking forward to spending next winter, which by Sod's Law will be a bitter one, wearing hat, coat, scarf and boots while hunkered around a few candles and munching cold baked beans. Just not. We did it during the UK's Winter of Discontent in the 70s - and too old to do it again. C'mon Vlad, just go home.
VP Harris did such a good job at the southern boarder, maybe she will complete this task before lunch 🥙 🤡🌏
Shane Best
Shane Best:
You're talking like you REALLY wanna trust a guy who has been on the WRONG side of EVERY foreign policy issue ..... His ENTIRE career????
Anna Bystrik
Anna Bystrik:
THAADs for Ukraine now: the billions they cost is a cheaper price than European war, then challenge by putin' to the USA guarantees of the peaceful world trade on which the role of dollar as defacto international currency is based
Talk about inflation in the United States! That's affecting MORE middle class people in the U.S. then the population of Ukraine! I'm not implying that what's happening there is not of concern, but the huge crisis affecting over here is not being talked about indepth.
Haha Russian Peacekeepers is an Oxymoron!!
Raja Sekaran
Raja Sekaran:
John Avlon must think of poor people before askinh to "Sacrifice"... pretty sure he is a well off guy...
Michael Chmiel
Michael Chmiel:
What's on the line? Brandon's and Hunters illegal Millions.
Robin Mattheussen
Robin Mattheussen:
Always makes me giggle a little when Americans talk about fears of rising gas prices. Guys, I know rising prices are always a concern, but do you have any idea how cheap it is over there?
Gunit Kjkp
Gunit Kjkp:
Biden will run back to his basement! Let's go Brandon! Watching from Zimbabwe!
Surya Naray
Surya Naray:
Honble UPA Chairperson Smt Soniagandhi madum please fight for to implement Ballot Paper voting system in next MP elections in 2024and to save democracy in india and public opinion in favour of Ballot Paper voting system and right to vote is fundamental right.public opinion is foundation of democracy
MarkR. Katzman
MarkR. Katzman:
Let's see ...what's up for Brandon...ice cream cones, basement time, and flatulence..go Brandon.
jeff1 pain1
jeff1 pain1:
prices been going up be for all this...BIDEN needs something to blame it on......BOTTOM LINE
Biko Mafuta
Biko Mafuta:
How many countries USA invaded??
Education must be reformed for all ages. But it can't be done.
Donald Lamont
Donald Lamont:
Will the dueling banjo Biden kid be Ukraine’s deliverance? 🪕
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee:
Who the hell still watches CNN
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama:
Nothing is on the line for Biden.
Man Up
Man Up:
Hey CNN, they have already invaded. Where are your journalists?
Nice to know America is still owned by the Queen
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage:
Pipeline for thee but not for me 🤫
You all do know that China Nkorea Iran Syria will buy all his oil gas now 😣
K A:
Avlon loves the camera.
Who cares about Ukraine? Let them fight there own battles, I hope zero tax dollars go that way
President poop pants and VP giggles. Have no fear, incompetence is here!
TheU2001 MIA
TheU2001 MIA:
The Great Distraction.
Well they wouldn’t try that with Trump
Beau Biden
Beau Biden:
Prepare for the new Omicron II variant to appear right before the midterms.
José Augusto Figueiredo
José Augusto Figueiredo:
The Yankees fled before the Russians arrived! Biden's Second Afghanistan! Hahahaha
Rachel Hyatt
Rachel Hyatt:
John Avlon you are correct we are not idiots we need to make sacrifices.
kung'u Josephat
kung'u Josephat:
I wonder what Kim jong-un is planning now that he has a breathing space
Josh Lock
Josh Lock:
Watch able Archer . This is what is happening. This is the most dangerous time since November 1983
ASAP Sinclair
ASAP Sinclair:
„IF“ lmao
J K:
Guy goes into a bar, there's a robot bartender. Since the minimum wage was increased to $15 the owner replaced his human bartender with a robot to stay in business.
Robot:"What will you have?"
Robot brings the best martini the guy has ever tasted and says, 
"What's your IQ?"
Guy: "168."
The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration, and medical technology.
The guy leaves, but is curious, so returns to the bar.
Robot: "What will you have?"
Guy: "Martini."
Again robot brings a great martini and asks:
"What's your IQ?"
Guy: "100."
The robot then proceeds to discuss NASCAR, Budweiser, football, and John Deere tractors.
The guy leaves but, still curious returns to the bar.
Robot: "What will you have?"
Guy: "Martini."
Again robot brings a great martini and asks:
"What's your IQ?"
Guy: "Uh, about 50?"
The robot leans in real close and asks, " So, you people still happy you voted for Buy-dem?"
Trey Ivey
Trey Ivey:
Get Biden out of there
alan bailey
alan bailey:
NATO gave assurances to Gorbachev in1989 ,90 and 91 that we wouldn't expand NATO.
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar:
Can they just play Yu Gi Oh Master Duel? and then loser will just hand their country over without bloodshed?
Amir Mohammad Noor Mohammad
Amir Mohammad Noor Mohammad:
Please remember Afghanistan 🇦🇫.
The C.O. Visit
The C.O. Visit:
Who cares about what it means for his presidency? What does it mean for the world? For the people directly affected by this?
Rich Espy
Rich Espy:
I don't see ANY reason for hostility. Zelensky should relent and either give up Donetsk or Luhansk OR half of both - Russia's choice because there are MANY Russians living in the Donbas area. Any residents who want to be with Russia are moved to that side, any residents who want to be with Ukraine are moved to that side. BOTH sides sign non-aggression pact in perpetuity. No sanctions that were in place before this started will continue and maybe even ease a few more IF conditions are meant on or before established move dates. Problem solved. BOTH former Soviet Block countries get things and everyone is happy or at least satisfied that it DID NOT cost the lives of ANY MORE Ukrainians or Russians. NOW, can we call this a DONE DEAL so we ALL don't have to keep hearing the MEDIA posture and create and stir up war in an already tense situation. If Putin doesn't agree to this, then obviously he has Bigger Plans AND Bigger Problems! Europe, NATO, and U.S. will NOT allow you going ANY further than Ukraine and if you take over the whole or a bigger piece of Ukraine other than a part or all of the Donbas region, then YOU are responsible for all the people who live there and mass executions will not portray you as a world power that you are, but as a power that will be stopped at all costs!
sebastian johan
sebastian johan:
@Skkssk dkkdEn  the US sanction russia, because russia suport independency of d&l republic from ukrain.
so, if the US suport the independency of taiwan from china, the US will sanction ...the US.
Now I’m lying on the couch, I have an apartment that I got from the state, I don’t have a mortgage, I don’t have loans, I get my salary in rubles, I don’t need dollars, and I don’t need international loans either! Dear Biden, what can you do to an ordinary Russian? Nothing! I don't care about your corporate games! We save people in Donbass! You have killed hundreds of thousands in Vietnam, Korea, Latin America, the Middle East and Belgrade. We didn't shoot in Crimea, we didn't shoot in Donetsk, we didn't kill anyone. You supported the terrorists in Syria, we destroyed them. You always support evil, we support kindness!
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen:
Jo went toe to toe with putting and lost ????? and it was painless excerpt for the American people ?????
Antonio Serrano
Antonio Serrano:
Time to find «freedom fighters», like those taliban back in Syria? I guess american kids actually won't go to war in Ukraine. This propaganda «not american things/people/ways are bad» it's actually pretty dumb. Hope the world won't let US do harm noone this time.