What is Star Citizen in 2021? The Ultimate Guide

Star Citizen in 2021 is actually a lot like Star Citizen in 2020, but also quite a bit different. The game changes a lot every year. This is a breakdown of everything the game has to offer you in the beginning of 2021. Subscribe here for updates throughout the year.

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00:00 Intro
01:08 General Statements
04:05 Locations
12:20 Missions & Activities
21:01 Issues & Glitches
23:39 Closing Statements

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Space Tomato
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Every 3 years I like to see where SC development is up to.
I can’t wait for my grandchildren to play this.
I'm 76, time is not on my side to see the finished game, I'm more likely to see a man walk on mars, or fusion powered electricity generation.
remember when there was PO, Tessa, Covalex, Kareah and the repair station only?
Tater Tot
Tater Tot:
Star citizen with their “car ship commercials” really entice me into buying it😂🤣
CR 3D:
Elite Dangerous is slated to have boots on the ground missions this year, SC needs to focus and polish this game. It has so much potential.
As someone who has only heard the name with 1-2 short videos about here and there, this vid is perfectly for people who really wanna get infos about the game :D
Zombobo Smith
Zombobo Smith:
I'll wager the answer is, "Still unfinished"
I am 5 minutes into the video and I have to say that the production quality is amazing so far. Great job.
Rix xy
Rix xy:
I'm really enjoying the game now, its becoming my favorite space game. I'm not sure why... its just so different than others
Jake W
Jake W:
I appreciate these videos for my yearly check-ins on the game, it's truly a marvel how little progress gets made between my visits, I remember when the 50 player cap was getting increased 5 years ago, among lots of other features where "an update in the next 3 months will lay the groundwork for x update", just new ships that don't actually do anything and new planets that you can view in 10 minutes and see it all, I was so excited when salvaging was just around the corner 3 years ago

The bugs themselves don't even bother me, it's "early access", but the rest of the game, depressing
This reminds me of how lonely I am, I’ve been looking for a group to play with for like three months now, and still haven’t found anyone. Lonely gang?
Ioannis Konstantinidis
Ioannis Konstantinidis:
Next video: The ultimate guide... of how to make your friends play the game!
Super smooth content, man. Keep it up. See you in ten years 😆
High quality tomatoes 🍅 🍅 🍅
As always.
Thanks 🍅
Always got to watch these for the excellent footage.
Cristel Ball
Cristel Ball:
You had me at "No in game purchase needed!"
Winston Broach
Winston Broach:
I noticed I basically use all 16GB of my RAM during gameplay so I ordered a 32GB kit, maybe not Maxing my RAM will help with some stuff we'll see 😁
Paige Bucek
Paige Bucek:
My boyfriend loves this game so I've been trying to learn all about it. Thanks so much for this video it's great!
Alex Parris
Alex Parris:
THIS! This is the video I will use from now on to show my peeps what I "waste" all my time on hahaha
Not Normal Spanner
Not Normal Spanner:
must admit I ended up getting a C2 just because I liked hauling in ATS or ETS2
Cant wait for my great great grand kids to play the BETA game, im 34
Had a blast playing with you and friends on stream. That Idris mission was fun.
I love the silence of Space except the hum and beeps of the ship. Didn't see anything wrong with that landing that went sideways.
Good vid, makes me want to go and explore some more.
chips dips
chips dips:
This is like cyberpunk but mixed with elite dangerous
Callum Kauntze-Cockburn
Callum Kauntze-Cockburn:
Great video with a well rounded review, just missed out on those deals :(
Bill Leonard
Bill Leonard:
Really great summary of the state of the game my dude. Dd you add it to the community hub?
Aaron Peterson
Aaron Peterson:
damn like always your content is on point and beautiful to watch! <3
Star Citizen in 2021? Yet another year of waiting and people in denial over the fact that this is a game in severe development hell and most likely will never see release.
Kawaii Mama
Kawaii Mama:
I'd love to play this game I've been watching it for few years now (n started watching few of your vids) but right now I'm waiting to get my pc together lol when I do I'm very much going to get this so I'm super excited when I can play on my free time.
Cody Mott
Cody Mott:
Good viddy, this is the one I'll show my friends to help them see SC neutrally.
Coin a-DIG-tion
Coin a-DIG-tion:
as a tester for SC, I LOVE being in the development phase of this game. One of the few who may miss it being "finished".
Roman Wenner
Roman Wenner:
Mr. Space Tomato, where I can read detailed information about physics patterns this game. If it does even exist. Thank you.
Pure Logic
Pure Logic:
Most beautiful, honest and informative game Review i had ever watched in my life
Thank you...
Its Oasis
Its Oasis:
Amazing quality in this video, you should get more attention.. Seriously well done.
Kyle L
Kyle L:
This is extremely well made; I don't even play SC but now I might...
This game has been in alpha almost as long as warframe as been in beta.
Justin Shirey
Justin Shirey:
This is how all youtubers should make videos. Thank you for the informative yet relaxing video. P.S. Im about to buy this game.
Hope this game is ready to play in 2059 when I turn 60
Very well done. Thank you.
I wasn't really hype by this video at first. But after seeing it, I must say.. It's perfect.
I will definitly keep this video in a corner of my favorite, to show it to a friend if he need an introduction to SC.
Thanks, Happy new years and continue what your doing.
Demetri Parker
Demetri Parker:
Starcitizen in 2021 is another round of funding, asking YOU for more money. Nothing new, usual stuff
Shilo Northam
Shilo Northam:
I haven’t played in months. It’s really repetitive and buggy last I played. Maybe it’s better now I hope
Love the content man. Great stuff.
Professor Frog
Professor Frog:
By the time this gets fully released, it will be considered a true-to-life contemporary simulator.
Mac Roberts
Mac Roberts:
Awesome video! You got a new viewer tomato! Can’t wait to get in to the game I’ve been trying to get into for years
Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde
Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde:
Great video and good overview! Thank you :)
5 Minute Reviews
5 Minute Reviews:
Great video! Very informative and well made. Thank you! :)
Solid guide mate, nice one.
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson:
Great video. Your thoughts on the game seem genuine. I appreciate that. 👍
Ryan Hamil
Ryan Hamil:
I just can't get over the obvious fps drops (can't believe I'm that guy now) I would like at least a stable 30 to 60 fps before jumping in
Content Starved
Content Starved:
Think Coruscant? How about Trantor from Foundation?
Chiko Kishi
Chiko Kishi:
This is the first one of your vids ive seen. Very well made, actually quite interesting
Nice one tomato!
Jukka Nyyssölä
Jukka Nyyssölä:
This video is really nicely made! Thanks!
Scarlet Requiem
Scarlet Requiem:
The game is amazing, I just wish that they would start fixing its bugs.
Perfect Code
Perfect Code:
Great narration voice.
Chris Keegan
Chris Keegan:
This game looks like a fulltime job to play.
R B F.
R B F.:
AAA Entertainment Tomato!!! Thank you for all your contributions to SC as content creator and a prosperous 2021 to you! Am looking fwd to fixes on your fleet 😉
One feature I want is clothes physics that would be awesome. If rdr2 can do it then this game can too
This is a great, honest take on the state of the game and the kind of person who would love it. I like that you didn't hype it or disparage anything. We're all hopeful in its development and success.
As always another great video 👍 Happy New Year to you and I look forward to more of your videos
have you done video of missing features like salvage, player ran economy and crafting for excamples?
Ray Sibbett
Ray Sibbett:
Great stuff, love your content. Enjoy your voice and hope for more content. Keep it bud, doing great!
Gary O'Connor
Gary O'Connor:
great video as always.. nice overview of the game.. can't wait until it's persistent (no wipes). then i'll be able to put some proper time into it.
This is more of a Tech demo than a game
The Gentleman
The Gentleman:
"visit delamar before it's gone" *oof*
In a copy of the Encyclopedia Galactica that fell through a crack in time from the middle of the 24th century was an advertisement for Star Citizen... launching soon !
Conor Peall
Conor Peall:
Any chance getting a mission giver episode to see where they all lead? new to the channel enjoying the content :)
Brandin Grindstaff
Brandin Grindstaff:
Naa, maybe 2025. Too buggy still. It's great eye candy, but it's truly painful to play. Every now and again I get that amazing play session that really shows what it can be, but 4/5 play secessions are a buggy hell.
Shilo Northam
Shilo Northam:
All I wanna know is can you hire NPC gunners yet?
Steve B
Steve B:
Very cool overview of SC.
Justin B
Justin B:
Yo!!! Great video. I found you on twitch and love your content. This is JustNtime
Henrik Christiansen
Henrik Christiansen:
Good work, Citizen
unless they're planning a full release this year, the definitive space sim of 2021 is anything but Star Citizen.
Still looks like a tech demo with 5 fps in some occasions. I had it refunded. I will buy it when is finished.
I hope their faces get a lot better. Epic already made the tech with metahumans so it can be done.
Doug Graves
Doug Graves:
Poured $400 into this game and have not had it loaded for years. Drew a line in the sand and told myself I would not until Squadron 42 came online.
Enjoyed your talk on Fix My Fleet.
Klanger Klanger
Klanger Klanger:
Nice delivery!
Nosredna Gaming
Nosredna Gaming:
This was a great overview of the game. Thank you!
David Galea
David Galea:
is this more of a multiplayer game or a single player game?
Thank you for that video. Thats the perfect advertisement to show my friends if they ask me how Star Citizen is like. Great work.
imo they should make the practice modes a free tech demo to test the game on your rig. im pretty interested in the game but i dont really want to throw money at something that might not be for me right now
Fulguro Geek
Fulguro Geek:
Space tomato, i would Say SC is a Space Potato!
Macula Pravus
Macula Pravus:
Happy New Year! Thanks for the great video.
Radu Gherman
Radu Gherman:
woop woop frig my game!
Maximilian Y.
Maximilian Y.:
i am yet to find a tuotrial on what a base package with aurora can do right now.
What a beautiful video ...
Ryan Wimberley
Ryan Wimberley:
Wait...is ArcCorp just Eve from Kerbal Space Program?
(I won't even MENTION Microtech being Earth!)
Jaume Sabater
Jaume Sabater:
Good video, SpaceTomato. One thing I think is missing is FPS combat, both on ground and in space. Having a couple of Cutlass Red ships around, you can set up your own scenarios with friends divided into to parties. Keep up the good work and happy new year!
Too bad this game will never finish :P It still looks great, but i guess its too big. They should get it to release and add stuff later on.
Thanks for the video! I play Elite and wondering, are ships and weapons in SC customizable or just hard set, you get what you get? I am used to picking between different modules like weapons of PA's, Rails, MCs, Mines, Torps, etc., adding Heatsinks and or SCBs, hull and module reinforcements, shields, and on and on, in ED. This game anything like that? Thanks!
Alien Terrestre
Alien Terrestre:
Excellent summary !
esham blazer
esham blazer:
What a great video! Way to sum it up!
Swedish Latino
Swedish Latino:
Dude the quality of this video is mindblowing for such a smaller channel. 100% liked and subbed man keep em coming cheers

ps i can definitely see some chapters are inspired by Mass Effect :D
Bio-Hazard Games
Bio-Hazard Games:
I am skeptical at best that Star Citizen'll work out, but they HAVE done some impressive things (I love the ships and their interiors in particular), so i will hold my breath and just wait and see.
just admit it, this game is still a big scam periot! xD

btw, the facial expression is just creepy
Nik Levno
Nik Levno:
I bought the game and tried to play it but I'm only getting like 25 fps and I was wondering what your set up was like and what I need to upgrade to make it run as smooth as your gameplay.