What Makes Mads Mikkelsen Attractive? | Analyzing Celebrity Faces Ep. 4

This week we’re taking a look at the to faces voted in the comments section of episode 3, Mads Mikkelsen. In many ways, he reminds me of a more masculinized version of Cillian Murphy. He has deep-set, eyes protected by a prominent brow bone with great under-eye contour for his age. These are all features linked with higher developmental testosterone, maturing the face to introduce more sexual dimorphism

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QOVES Studio
QOVES Studio:
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God: "this is my design"
he really gets finer with age
Tati Violette
Tati Violette:
Me explaining to someone why I like that guy in my class
Ever since I saw him on Hannibal I was in love
Tashiba Lampkin
Tashiba Lampkin:
That man is so fine. It's not even funny.
Brooklyn's Baby
Brooklyn's Baby:
He is so handsome and in my opinion, his face is very harmonious, nothing is sticking out too much and yet it has character, looks a little mischievous.
Lebronothy Jameson
Lebronothy Jameson:
In other words: Mads Mikkelsen is literally perfect in every way.. he so godamn attractive...
MlaG V
MlaG V:
I constantly had to remind myself that this man is; A) way too old for me and most importantly B) happily married
But *damn*
Klara Schulz
Klara Schulz:
it's incredible how the perception of Mads' appearance matches the roles he's casted in, bc. he fits into the intelligent, in control bad guy (Hannibal, Dr.Strange, James Bond...) so well
I'd really like to see an episode on Ezra Miller. His jawline is extremely sharp, and his face is quite defined and wide, yet he's still able to have a feminine look in my opinion.
Sailor Arwen
Sailor Arwen:
There’s something about the way Mads carries himself, and the way he talks. Not in character I probably wouldn’t give him a second thought. He’s very silly outside of his films. Nothing wrong with that. There’s just something about the commanding presence he has in his more memorable films and tv appearances.
Mads: [Being a daddy through and through]
Us: We stan.
Boris Schmidt
Boris Schmidt:
incoming "time to learn why i am ugly comments"
Matthew Leonard
Matthew Leonard:
He is so handsome. Especially in James Bond
Mayita Muvavarirwa
Mayita Muvavarirwa:
Adam Driver next! - -e why some think he's ugly and others think he's hot
Dung Vu Duong Tuan
Dung Vu Duong Tuan:
Keanu Reeves would be interesting
Hans Samuel
Hans Samuel:
Finally, a video about Mads. He is so underated, I'm going mad rn
Krusha Devadiga
Krusha Devadiga:
Hannibal is one of the best series ever made. Every frame is a piece of art.
hisokas toe
hisokas toe:
why he’s attractive: everything
Would be interesting to analyze how beauty standards change over time. Renaissance paintings are meant to depict the ideal image of man/woman but a lot of us today would maybe see these people as just okay looking. An even more recent example is JFK, who's often considered one of the best looking Presidents in US history, but even though we have pictures of him people today might not find him nearly as attractive.
Mohammad Rasel
Mohammad Rasel:
I would love if you do Henry Cavil's face, I saw many comments under his interviews where people compare him with Greek Gods.
ms. X
ms. X:
This channel has made me look at people's faces in a more analytical way
I M:
Can you do a video on beauty marks, moles or birth marks on faces, that how some people look awesome with them??
Amelia Q.
Amelia Q.:
I'm actually surprised to hear some of this. I always found Mads Mikkelsen handsome, but in a quirky way. I didn't realize he was considered conventionally attractive.  
The first time I ever saw him was in The Green Butchers where his appearance was altered, so that may have affected my opinion, but even seeing him in other roles I always saw him as hot in a slightly off-putting way.
Nahla _
Nahla _:
My God, Mads Mikkelsen is so super masculine and attractive; he has a very interesting beauty. Also is body and height. HE'S HOT when young and older. And alpha male. Plus a very talented actor.
Metryann M
Metryann M:
When it comes to polarising faces, I would love to see your analysis of Timothee Chalamet's face. How are his sharp features still associated with a pretty boy look? What is it about his face that is so polarising?
Adriana Lima, please. She is considered extremely attractive by almost everyone
Арели Сильва
Арели Сильва:
Adam driver next pleaaaasee. He’s looks are polarising you either hate his face or love it and nothing in between. I think that would be super interesting.
i am in constant pain
i am in constant pain:
Mads Mikkelsen can like, get it
Joanne Mannello
Joanne Mannello:
He is so interesting; his looks, his talent, the way he carries himself makes him so attractive....and such a badass.....
Amanda Teoh
Amanda Teoh:
Cillian Murphy and Mads Mikkelsen is my weakness 😩😭
Nena M
Nena M:
No joke i had a crush on him since for ever
13 dogyears
13 dogyears:
I don't want to be annoying but it would make me happy if people knew that the 'd' in Mads is silent.
Jerome Sankara
Jerome Sankara:
Benedict Cumberbatch might be a fun one! Hes polarizing but he also seems to have a big shift from sherlock to doctor strange
Alissa Mitchell
Alissa Mitchell:
Vanessa paradis, Megan fox, Adriana Lima, milla jovovich, nick cave
To me, he is - besides David Bowie - the most attractive man on earth. I loved him since I saw him in Pusher.
Morales Karol
Morales Karol:
He is so hadsome, I love this actor <3 I recommend you to watch "The Hunt", an excellent movie
Cogumela Crocante
Cogumela Crocante:
God: How much perfection put on this one?
Also God: yes
Mads- *born*
Oh my God, yeesss! Mads is one of the most beautiful men!
Stacey Molina-Byrd
Stacey Molina-Byrd:
To me, he has similar facial proportions to The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).
That Woozen Ariana
That Woozen Ariana:
Hey love the series, I’d really like to see an episode on Timothée Chalamet, a lot of people think he’s cute but there are still many who think he looks “weird” or unattractive. I wanna see a breakdown on that x
Julia Kuć
Julia Kuć:
Could you do a video on Joaquin Phoenix? I've hear a lot of mixed opinions about he's appearance
Fleur . ig
Fleur . ig:
One of my favourite actors, Thank you for listening to the comments!

I think both Cillian and Mads are very handsome 😌
Anya K
Anya K:
Please analize Adam Driver’s face; I think he has an interesting face because he can look intense and soft at the same time. Also I think he is handsome but not in a conventional way.
Lu rb
Lu rb:
Please do young Brooke Shields! Her face is so beautiful
Bianca Cano
Bianca Cano:
Dua Lipa might be worth analyzing cause her face looks polaryzing as Cillian’s, or at least i think so
Me: “Looks at title”
Also me: What doesn’t?
Sunny Terah
Sunny Terah:
2:30 Oh! Oh wow, he was pretty! I’ve never seen any of his young photos. He’s definitely still a handsome man. It’s so fascinating to me how the face changes with age. I was watching this video in the background, but I look away and I missed something. I’m gonna have to watch this again. 😆
Quoves: so this man’s face... is literally perfect.
amie orr
amie orr:
i am a lesbian but mads mikkelsen transcends labels bro
Jacqueling Traveling
Jacqueling Traveling:
Mads has such a masculine face and exudes such masculine energy. And with that deep, calm voice! (Sploosh)
Jacinth Lilly
Jacinth Lilly:
When I saw the younger photos of him I literally stopped breathing
Omg why was I not born earlier 😫
Saria Wood
Saria Wood:
His face is so beautifully symmetrical, even the “imperfections” seem so meticulously placed. His lips are also very full and profound <3
Analyze christopher walken’s too. His and Mad’s impose such delicious wickedness
Faris Khan
Faris Khan:
3:30 that middle picture made me bang my head in a wall. Like how is he so fine. HOW!?
HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft:
The perfect face, the subtle accent, the mysterious aura.
He’s the ultimate bad boy/man look I don’t know how else to describe him
In other words... Mads is beautiful.
I see mads I click
Ali ꨄ
Ali ꨄ:
Omg his name sounds like a mix between Dark’s characters names
Darian Singh
Darian Singh:
Can you analyze a non European face next please❤️❤️❤️❤️👌
Cynical Frenchface
Cynical Frenchface:
I usually don't go for guys old enough to be my dad but, Mads man.
Mads is so beautiful, my god! I'd love to see an analysis of Kate moss!
Nala L
Nala L:
Just a quick side note: The “D” in Mads is silent 😉
Jackson Wang's Facial Expressions
Jackson Wang's Facial Expressions:
The I've had a crush on this man since I was 7 🙈🙈🙈
Eme Lee
Eme Lee:
He's insanely attractive. He makes me feel things lol
Em E.
Em E.:

That is all.
He is and was extremely handsome
Cota Pall
Cota Pall:
He looks like a fish
A hot fish
Theresa Kors
Theresa Kors:
I clicked for Mads then got a whole lot of Cillian, and I’m not Mads about it...
Hey man, love your content! Can you do a segment on african faces? My first pic would be Tupac Shakur, that man had a good face structure! Keep on doing your thing,peace ✌🏾
He is really charismatic and has a great personality which makes him even more attractive
gothic lemons
gothic lemons:
Dora Balog
Dora Balog:
I always thought no one looks like him (still do), he’s so unique, he’s like a painting, so I wouldn’t really call him handsome and would say that he breaks and gives new perception to what beauty is, but this video might beat my opinion 🤷‍♀️
so glad this was recommended to me so i can figure out why i want hannibal to stab me so bad
Hannah Hutagalung
Hannah Hutagalung:
marlon brando anyone?
fine when young, very “standard” when old..
Shit I Do
Shit I Do:
His younger pictures remind me so much of jensen ackles , can you do him next ?
vnh trn
vnh trn:
Diana Silvers, Timothee Chalamet
Jerrica Benton
Jerrica Benton:
i first saw him as hannibal and he was stunning to look at. i saw everything you describe here thought he must have been a knock out as a younger man.
Lili Sz
Lili Sz:
I'd be so curious to see an episode solely dedicated to brows. It's possibly the most budget option for altering your facial features to a great extent.
wong isa
wong isa:
eng is my 4th language, have to look up like 20 words with my dictionary just to know exactly what the video is saying, it worthy because of mads mikkelsen ;)
al dv
al dv:
Could you do Timothee Chalamet next?
hannerik hannerik
hannerik hannerik:
or another title for this video : "how perfection looks in real"
Sam Windham
Sam Windham:
You mention how facial structure can impact modelling, photoshopping, and plastic surgery, but can you talk on how it affects photography? How do photographers use these concepts to better capture their subject?
Ms. Medusa
Ms. Medusa:
I had a dream last night I met him and we hit it off. Those dreams are the best❤️❤️
Hayley Sheridan
Hayley Sheridan:
I actually think the most attractive thing about Mads is more how he carries himself. He just exudes calm but also he is interesting. He makes you want to know more about him and weirdly you know instinctively that there is so much more to him. He has perfected the art of a man of few words but what he says is worth listening to. Obviously he is a nice looking man but it’s definitely more about his quiet confidence rather then how he looks.
this is such a good vid, i like that you mentioned the ageing process and how it still worked in his favour due to his nearly perfect ratio. might you do naomi campbell one day? she’s been a supermodel from her teens to her 50s and i wanna see what the science is behind her factual structure x
Not even the police need a warrant to arrest him. He’s got a “killer” look 😉
Voodoo Child
Voodoo Child:
Why do I see Jensen Ackles in him 🤯
Lisa P.
Lisa P.:
In other words, he is a perfect masculine, manly man who drips sex appeal.
Mikaela Pole
Mikaela Pole:
I am in love with this man, he is just too gorgeous for this world
Pa Bu
Pa Bu:
I would like too see a video about Nicolas Cage.
I think he has an intetesting face
Lauren Hardwick
Lauren Hardwick:
The only man I would leave my husband for in a heartbeat😂
Jon Sei Lim
Jon Sei Lim:
But.. when I first saw him, I thought he had a "polarising" face as well
Anvar Yusupov
Anvar Yusupov:
Robert Pattinson has very polarizing facial features. Would love see him being analyzed
Kel Bell
Kel Bell:
Everything makes him attractive, he's finer than wine 🍷😎.
Lee Draconis
Lee Draconis:
He’s both conventionally attractive and unconventionally attractive at the same time omfg
ayah baker
ayah baker:
So I have never commented underneath your videos. But I have seen them all. Can you please do one about Devon aoki she has such a unique face.
I actually never found his face (aside from his jaw and cheekbones) to be attractive or beautiful, but rather intriguing and unique (though there is a German actor called Oliver Masucci who somewhat resembles him).