What Players REALLY NEED For Rockstar's NEW Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter Update (RDR2)

What Players REALLY NEED For Rockstar's NEW Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter Update (RDR2) SUBSCRIBE and DROP A LIKE! Coming to Red Dead Online on Tuesday December 1 is the new Bounty Hunter Expansion Update in RDR2 Online and there are a lot of housekeeping items to take care of so you can make sure you grind for the Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter update. In this new RDR2 video I will be telling you what players SHOULD REALLY HAVE by now in the game and what to grind for if they do not have it so they can properly prepare for the new RDR2 Bounty Hunter update in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. Do you think you are well prepared for the Bounty Hunter Expansion in Red Dead? If so, what are you main ways of making gold, money and XP for the update? Share yours effective and efficient tips and tricks with others in the comments! Thanks for watching, and drop a like if you enjoyed this new Red Dead 2 Online video and subscribe if you are new!

0:00 - New Red Dead Online Role Expansion and Update Coming Tuesday
1:12 - How Much Gold and Money Is Needed?
3:26 - Recommended Role Equipment

3:45 - Recommended Weapons For Bounty Hunter
5:04 - Recommended Horses For Bounty Hunter Expansion
6:04 - Effective Ability Card Loadouts

Best Red Dead Online Horses Spreadsheet

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100+ komentarze:

Red Dead Online is an attractive woman with a shallow personality.
i’m still waiting for the “HUGE” update that rockstar was talking about during the summer. if the naturalist was supposed to be the big update then i’m going to be really mad.
A Public Forum for Discussion
A Public Forum for Discussion:
how about dont disconnect me whenever i stow a bounty on my horse
Marc Charlton
Marc Charlton:
Yay 10 more ranks to grind I bet the payouts get nerfed
Def Proof
Def Proof:
Lemme guess.. grind grind and grind some more
I’m starting to stop playing game... yes it’s probably for the best till they actually bring real contents!
Landon church
Landon church:
I want hip holsters like Dutch and hosea from story
We need Hazard to tell Rockstar to get their shit together! :)
They need some free canned beans
Lk .53
Lk .53:
No properties ):
i'm just pissed at the fact that they had to nerf one of the best ways to earn gold
Swerve Driver
Swerve Driver:
What about the Lawman role? A real expansion not just more bounties.
T e j o t a
T e j o t a:
I’m ready for some more new clothes!
do the etta bounty, take her to van horn, wait 1/2 hr before turning her in ...everybody in the posse gets $400, .62 gold and at least 4,500 xp...i've done it at least 5x
Antpoison X
Antpoison X:
TBH I’m not to excited for this new update because it just isn’t anything special it’s just legendary bounties and more regular bounties
ghost of tsushima fan71
ghost of tsushima fan71:
No way he said we have to buy the 10 levels for bounty hunting rockstar is so gay
Mary Moriarty
Mary Moriarty:
Without the daily streak challenge I literally have zero incentive to play red dead 😂 ...... il spend two days with the newupdate . Then it is back to watching videos while I wait for a New update 🥲
smiley ___
smiley ___:
Rockstar always killing the games I swear
If RDO wasnt set in 1889 and instead progressed time like the story, we could be doing bountys witj sadie in 1907 by now, but no. Its rockstar. So online is a prequel, which limits have much they can do and means we have to run around the more emtpy version of the map
I’m done playing this game lmao
No respect for the Evans repeater is a crime!
El Cochiloco
El Cochiloco:
I’ve been trying to play online for the last 3 days with no luck 🥴🥴
I'm still hoping the Christmas 2022 update will be big!! 😅
Legacyofoutlaws HD
Legacyofoutlaws HD:
Awesome video haz! I might try out your new ability card loadout! I’ve been running Paint it black, winning streak, strange medicine, and never with out one! Hopefully this update is actually good and they let us customize our holsters as a skill we can learn!
Bloodymeatsack Wolfgang
Bloodymeatsack Wolfgang:
This "update" is already such crap, that there isn't even a trailer for it.....
I wouldnt be surprised if we made it to Tuesday and then Rockstar delays the update again..
This game will NEVER be what it should be since take 2 has taking over..Shame on you R*!
Thankyou for the info HAZARD I have 15k and just under 200 gold I think that should be enough too get me through and doing more grinding tonight and tomorrow
Spicey Sprite
Spicey Sprite:
Me, who just started playing online like five days ago, level 5 bounty hunter with 8 gold
Ppl also need too remember too reset all thier awards hey hey can for more gold or may not be much but every little helps and alot of ppl keep forgetting about them
Moses G. Roman
Moses G. Roman:
"100 gold bars and 10k dollars"

Me with 8 gold and 242 dollars: 😬
Raging Gamer
Raging Gamer:
What I need is outlaw activity and houses
Dunno about you guys but I feel like we are about to be taken for a ride! 🤡 😡
wrappingflea 954
wrappingflea 954:
I just wanna know when the snow comes
I'm restarting my game right now... Starting over new 😩 lol
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez:
thanks for not dragging on like some other Youtubers
Toastrack Man
Toastrack Man:
Well, I'm ready for the update and looking forward to it now 🤠👍
Yeah I have a full time job and share a console with my older brother I’m just gonna open my wallet for this one lol 😂
Hayes Games
Hayes Games:
If we have to keep buying a role we already own because they bring more ranks out every time is bullshit
Edie Beacon
Edie Beacon:
Is it me or is a it really swaying when you aim at npcs and players
Angie Muhm
Angie Muhm:
It sounds like we’re preparing for war!!
Michael West
Michael West:
I always use the varmint rifle for my long range weapon. It has just as much range and is more accurate than the other rifles. It’s maybe the best rifle in the game for headshots.
woodro blue83
woodro blue83:
Dam this game like real life how high items roles are I need a loan lol
Expectations..less than low. However, I do expect the update to break the game again
Wohoo! Thanks hazard as always for your amazing, speedy work!
ryan d
ryan d:
i was hopping for a lawman role for the bounty role i will take any thing for the bounty role i am glad we are getting more legendary bounties to add with the legendary we all ready have which is good
Jonathan Ramos
Jonathan Ramos:
What type of hair does his character have
swii gooner swii
swii gooner swii:
bring on teusday im reday and set for the update
Drew Roberts
Drew Roberts:
I’m not sure about you guys but I think it would be cool if they add a entrepreneur role where you can trade stocks and invest in companies. I feel that could be a really cool role.
Dariusz Sulj
Dariusz Sulj:
i just hope they add new horses with outstanding looks
Tawhiao Puriri
Tawhiao Puriri:
Sheeesshhhh how much money and gold do u have bro!! Hahahah u really ballin in red dead
i can only load 2 carcasses on my hunting wagon and it is empty and stil only 2 carcasses how can i fix that
Kai Robertson
Kai Robertson:
Other roles need to work in the background I don't ever do any legendary bounties better off doing moonshine and trader
Greatest Within
Greatest Within:
Eh, I already deleted this game because of what they done to challenges. I don’t see them reversing it so eh.
Will they be resetting treasure map as well on this new daily challenge update
Matt Finch
Matt Finch:
Do we know this all for a fact or is this just a generalization??
Flavas Zennn
Flavas Zennn:
Ive already got the bounty hunter role theres no way im paying 25gold for an extra few misions and ranks
Agus Andika
Agus Andika:
This game getting expensive and more expensive
I want to change my character gender , it is all I ask for , bet I’ll never get it 😎
Thomas The Dank Pension Scheme
Thomas The Dank Pension Scheme:
Such a lazy update, I used to play rdr2 online all the time. I put so much effort into it but after the moonshine was introduced they just got lazy and greedy. Stopped playing after the naturalist now I'm supposed to come back to do more of the same old crap.
The Don
The Don:
I finally deleted the game yesterday from my xbox, im done with this game. Specially what there doing with the daily challenges.
Robert Huffmann
Robert Huffmann:
I think the undersold the update. I’m certain that there will be stuff no one expected yet.
C C:
Totally bullshit I’m done playing this game Rock star really did it this time total bs
With the daily streak being cut I doubt I’ll play enough to warrant buying any outlaw pass, so much for scrapping your streak during that disastrous update when you couldn’t shoot
Aaron Highsmith
Aaron Highsmith:
I generally just like playing the game, I love the gameplay experience and I haven't had as many issues with it recently as much as I did when I first started, but I do like to grind and make money and you're definitely the go to guy for any info or recommendations I may need, but I have to say I just recently started kitting myself out after buying a lancaster, a pump action, two navy revolvers, a new ability card, and a new horse (although she isn't the highest stats) so if anyone has any recommendations on card setups or how to really tackle the experience of getting into higher level playing in online, I would appreciate it, I've watched a couple videos but I just like getting other people's opinions because I never really know what's going on or what any of it means, but I must say the lancaster and pump action is literally rarely ever not fit to handle any situation, I finally have fun bullying people who grief others because under almost any circumstance I can blow their brains out with no difficulty at all so I definitely highly recommend
I can’t wait for Tuesday!
My RDO DLC prep list:
Step 1- uninstall game
Step 2- laugh when DLC turns out to be paper thin
Step 3- play just about any other game and support non shitty devs
Raul Trujillo
Raul Trujillo:
i always get kicked out of the game :(
William Desmond
William Desmond:
This update would have been great as like an update to hold us over between the naturalist and a real big update that was supposed to come now.
But this is not a real big update so it’s incredibly disappointing.
NatEbacon 64
NatEbacon 64:
Hope there gonna be new bounty Hunter role outfits
can you do a video on the best way to access treasure maps?
I use the Evans repeater forget the lichfield and Lancaster
markus adanitsch
markus adanitsch:
I have had the feeling this day that there are less animals around.i had problems in delivering prey to cribbs and could not fire on an roadblock on the tax revenues.gun did not fire when dead on in scope....i think this shit will again bring only bugs with it...i dare to say its starting already
So in respects to the game play footage in the game I had to laugh a few of the NPC you shot kept sitting up like Undertaker when you shot them. Another was a clear shot to the fact dude still got up LOl. Now in regards to the content. Great advice on the ability cards. I think when it comes to horses. I have the Arabian I like it for its speed. Its a little shy when it comes to things like Gators but other then that it is imo a great horse. Thank you for the information on the weapons that helps me a lot. Love your vids I've been here since day one when you put your first pre RDR2 vide out. You my friend are a legend.
Suitably Impressed
Suitably Impressed:
R.I.P. my 314 daily run streak.... thanks R*
I'm very annoyed with the nerf to daily challenge streak I have a 439 streak and loose it Dam R*
Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez:
Can you post the link for the free roam missions gold timers?
A D:
Ffs I’m on 49 gold bars and 8k
we just want a single player story dlc
e y b
e y b:
we need a gender switch option
V's Nature
V's Nature:
Ive got 30k, but only 10k is spending money, and 250gold
I got 102 cash and 3 gold bars, I can't wait.
Twins Play
Twins Play:
This would be so much easier to grind money if I had a Xbox at my moms house and not just my dads house
You must be the only Youtuber that uses free aim. I'm done with controller monkies thinking they're good
i have to heavy horses and a thoroughbred
Alex Whitman
Alex Whitman:
What are they plan to do about griefers , I’m barely level 18 and always I’m picked on unfortunately can’t play as much as I want I work 14 hrs a day , pick you’re own size or level fuck nuts sorry guys little off the topic here
John Marston
John Marston:
They should add Sadies bounty hunter outfit for bounty hunter expansion
Gun Crazy
Gun Crazy:
Im over prepared I got 650 gold and almost $40k
bruh rockstar ruining the online of its games since fucking forever idk even why we're still fighting with it. i cant name one reason rn I would like to come and play RDO as a "veteran" with a character already leveled up in everything this game offers you. yet i can tell you 1000 reasons to always have some time for the single player of RD2. lets stop this
Hayes Games
Hayes Games:
Why dose anyone that already own the role need to have more man if they pole a scam like that they can screw off man lol
Donald Brown
Donald Brown:
good news done my daily today 487/28 they have kept your total days and 1/28 @News the update just came out, roughly 5GB on all platforms, outlaw pass is 35 gold.
Simon Bonenfant
Simon Bonenfant:
They can do what they want with their gold...i will never need the 2300 i have lol
I'm looking out for the new update 10 K cash and 100 bars i aint even close to that but ill just keep on griding till the new update drops and i hope ive got enough currently have 43 bars and 6 k cash anyways im looking forward to it! Great vid btw.
Marco Tammaro
Marco Tammaro:
It s too late for asking about it... We will see soon
Austin Jennings
Austin Jennings:
Is it coming this Tuesday
Davis White
Davis White:
Every single time I have shot for a 28 day streak I hit 21 and I can't log into a R* server for 30 hours.
This "new" update is lame.
After :D
After :D:
100 gold and 10000 rdo, just like if you looked at my account lol
Timothy Thompson
Timothy Thompson:
Havent been playing much since cod dropped but ill def be on Tuesday!
Moon Runners
Moon Runners:
On long range guns do you put scopes on them ?
Will there still be x2 exp?