When Fernando Torres Was The Best Striker In The World

Prime Torres at Liverpool was Unstopable👑

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2nd Song: Jon Bellion - Woke The Fuck Up (Afterfab X Airmow Remix

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Fernando Torres Retirement
► Fernando Torres Liverpool ● Best Goals Goals | HD
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Simon Chuks
Simon Chuks:
His problems started immediately after he cut his flying hair
favourite striker ever <3
Sergeant Kurabara
Sergeant Kurabara:
90% of Liverpool's in-their-twenties fans started supporting the team because of this man.
It broke me when he said “i forgot how to score. I watch video of myself scoring to remember how i scored.”
Jorgidan 92
Jorgidan 92:
That Gerrard - Torres partnership was magic.
Torres in a long sleeve with a thin head band.. Game was over before it even started
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen:
Not even one tap-in or one penalty. Damn he just loves solo scoring by himself. So good
Adhiyash Mestry
Adhiyash Mestry:
Watching Torres, with all his teams, was like watching a tiger hunt. The success rate isn't the best, but you know something's gonna happen. Whether it's an irresistable goal, a sublime through ball, or an open net miss. A joy to watch in his absolute prime, and the best striker in the world during that period for me, as the title correctly says.
Lal Rinliana
Lal Rinliana:
Torres in his prime was like he got some superpower, the speed, the strength, the vision, striking power and accuracy, and most of all the scoring mentality..
Mai Tan Thien B1811365
Mai Tan Thien B1811365:
A nightmare every club faces:
" Gerrard got the ball, Torres is moving!"
I am not a Liverpool fan, but to see Torres brings back fond memories of my childhood... moments I will cherish for ever.
Vidic still awakes every night in a cold sweat as he recalls the moment when Fernando Torres took his soul. 

His never ending nightmare.

That grey and red blur👊
He's the reason I wanted those T90 nike boots.
c4l v1n
c4l v1n:
any striker back in the late 2000s early 2010s were by far my favourite strikers around. torres, drogba, van persie, rooney, cisse, eto'o. it was how they tried to get in the box i was in awe with. speed, no flashy skills and just powered through the defence
3:02 the 2 defenders doing the exact same move. Glitch in the matrix
I am a United fan, but Torres should never have left Lpool.
Albert Owusu-Konadu
Albert Owusu-Konadu:
This guy tormented Vidic every single time. My favorite rival striker. ❤️
Marc Antony
Marc Antony:
I can still remember when he shot the winning goal against Germany in 2008. I wanted our team so bad to win a tournament but although he hurted me so much I miss him in football.
He was truly a great striker.
Not Michelangelo
Not Michelangelo:
He honestly used to be my favourite football player and my idol as well
GIANCA Travel:
Torres problem: cut the hair

Bale problem:long hair
player nine
player nine:
This man was the reason I started watching Futbol and playing fifa where's his statue
Broughton 90
Broughton 90:
He was the best number 9 on earth wen he was at liverpool and thats coming from a man utd fan
Den Chik
Den Chik:
You gave him a little space and in the next moment you got what you earned- a brilliant goal. I was so happy every time he scored. Thank you legend!
hey duggy
hey duggy:
Imagine if torres would've played along side suerez and sturridge instead of heading to Chelsea
Absolute monster. Even as a Man Utd fan, I was terrified by his pace and aggressions back in 2007-2009. Rio and Vidic defence partnership was considered the best in the league, if not the world at that point of time, but Torres was one of the few world class strikers that demolished Man Utd’s defence.

Miss this dude man. Gutted that his career was halted with injuries ;(
billybob jenkins
billybob jenkins:
He loved scoring against Chelsea no wonder they brought him 😆 he was a fantastic finisher
Pandji Aryo Poerwono
Pandji Aryo Poerwono:
one thing to remember, he scored in two consecutive Euro final matches, the earlier one where he scored after won a duel against the peak Philip Lahm was stunning.
Blyat Blyat
Blyat Blyat:
i miss when the commentary scream TORRRESSSS
M4rcoboy 03
M4rcoboy 03:
A complete striker fast, strong and amazing finishing
Volvox Channel
Volvox Channel:
Weak foot ☑️
Composure ☑️
Header ☑️
Positioning ☑️
Explosiveness ☑️
Skill and dribble ☑️
Finishing ☑️
Posture ☑️
Trademark hair ☑️

Simply the best striker in his prime 💯
ayush patial
ayush patial:
Back when football was FOOTBALL.
Jubril Kazeem
Jubril Kazeem:
The edit is so sick🔥
Shakti Singh Bais
Shakti Singh Bais:
Question : how to score goals
Torres : create a little bit of space & hit the ball as hard as you can in the corner
As I remember, everytime Torres played the ball in red shirt in stanford bridge, he was likely to score lol
Fizie Adzurie
Fizie Adzurie:
One of the best solo stiker in this era 🔥
OSSS Music
OSSS Music:
He played in an era when there was alot of great players
He’s my favourite player of all time
When goldilocks had long sleeves, the game was immediately over
sir lasso
sir lasso:
He's the the first man that able to give me goosebumps watching football when i was a kid
Soothing sounds
Soothing sounds:
Absolutely loved watching him play
easy guys
easy guys:
There is always an amazing moment where we are the best even it just a temporary moment.Let's just cherish this moment for Fernando Torres.
David lr bawlte
David lr bawlte:
Lesson:don't cut your hair, that is where all his powers come from
Sultan Hufane
Sultan Hufane:
I was Chelsea fan but i always watch Liverpool's matchs to see FT9 playing. What a player !!!!
I see him winning every thing.
He is still my favorite player el Nino
Karl Sylvain
Karl Sylvain:
everything he touched flew into the net in those years! it was unreal!!
Johnnyboy uk
Johnnyboy uk:
Sad that he left liverpool, he was so good until he left.. by far my favourite duo with Gerrard
Joe Valler
Joe Valler:
One of the best footballers to grace the game in his prime he is why I started supporting Liverpool
If you actually paid attention to his career, it was actually the injuries that ruined him and his confidence.
V P:
Gutted when he left LFC, you could tell he loved playing there.....great when he mugged Vidic 😂
Dale Dan-Irabor
Dale Dan-Irabor:
When he was at his best, everything he did was so quick and instinctive!
Jóhann Víðir Erlendsson
Jóhann Víðir Erlendsson:
I get emotional when i watch this video. I miss El nino 😭
eza pratama
eza pratama:
Torres : exist and being on top score
Abramovich : im gonna pay A LOT and break this whole Man career
Bishal Kabashi
Bishal Kabashi:
This man always make me nostalgic 😩❤❤
Matthew Flom
Matthew Flom:
This was an amazing time to be a premier league fan
Cooper Dorta
Cooper Dorta:
My favourite player, what a beast. GO TORRES!!!!
shirwac shire
shirwac shire:
the best striker I have ever seeen after R9 in this beautifull game when he was at liverpool he was something else El_nino
chinmaya panigrahi
chinmaya panigrahi:
Its sad to see him get old . He is the one who made me into football.
El Niño, childhood hero! 😭❤️
Can you imagine him and Villa, being on the same team ?
Oh wait ... They won 3 major FIFA trophies together 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Green Rhapsody
Green Rhapsody:
this guy is the reason i started to love liverpool
The Truth
The Truth:
When torres was in form he was something else
Adam Protz
Adam Protz:
I love how the defender at 6:18 has his hands up - I know it's to show he's not fouling but it also looks like he's telling the world: 'wtf am I supposed to do about this guy??' Just as Torres effortlessly hits it home.
This lad was the best in the world while in the red of Liverpool FC 💪 when he left for the rent boys it broke my heart 💔😔
Black Flag
Black Flag:
Prime Torres was amazing. That’s the reason why I’m Liverpool fan about 12 years. Thank you, El Niño
Surya Susanto
Surya Susanto:
David villa and torres were key players that bring spain dominated the world. They were very deadly
Torres made me fall in love with liverpool. Hell he made me fall in love with football in general. I was ready to support him when he went off to Chelsea but it really broke my heart to see him not performing as well as he used to. But i'll always remember the magic he was capable of in liverpool.
Leroy Sama
Leroy Sama:
Always loved it when he wore the grey Carlsberg long sleeve jersey, super amazing player.
Eshan Patil
Eshan Patil:
What a monster he was. I will always remember his early days in Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. -Arsenal fan
Rick Baines
Rick Baines:
I know how this feels. I was a really good striker at around age 12. I scored goals out of instinct. Then I moved to a pro club but didn’t feel any chemistry there and quit football for a year. After that it was like I forgot how to score. Confidence is so important in football.
My Childhood is Officially over, Gerrard and Torres both retired! Torres in his Prime at Liverpool was no doubt the Best Striker in the world!
Enjoy <3
Rafli Ary
Rafli Ary:
This man is the reason why i loved football, gracias el nino
Torres was a joy to watch at Liverpool. He brings me many happy memories.
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar:
He will always be an Anfield Legend 💪🏻
Probably my favourite player of all time. He made me love football.
Scott Farrell
Scott Farrell:
The man who made me watch football ❤️
Ryan Cusack
Ryan Cusack:
5:01 he made Vidic rethink his entire career as a defender. Totally did him.
luke smith
luke smith:
Weve been so blessed with some amazing players in the premier
James Lion
James Lion:
One of the best players ever that ever came Man he was so amazing after brazilian for me the best Forwad ever.
Modh Rxzff
Modh Rxzff:
imagine this prime torres in current liverpool squad
Ed Alves
Ed Alves:
virei torcedor d liverpool p causa desse jogador tempos inesquecíveis
Gerald Nzegwu
Gerald Nzegwu:
2:22 is still one of my best finishes in history. And I support the club that the current world best #9 plays for. FC Bayern
Big D
Big D:
Customary to come and watch this video once in a while...Torres really made me love football and really love Liverpool.. Absolute legend🔥
Kristian Aburto
Kristian Aburto:
Agit Saputra
Agit Saputra:
his partnership with gerrard was on another level 😍 🔥
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero:
At his prime He was an improved version of aguero. More pace, more strength and insane finishing
Umang Sharma
Umang Sharma:
I still miss the commentators scream TORRREESSSS !!!!!❤️
Mohamed ENNAYEM:
really,he was one of the best attacker in the world he had a magnificent style
Ryan Cusack
Ryan Cusack:
El Niño was easily the most in form striker on the planet when he was at Liverpool. So strong, so fast, so lethal.
Víctor Ceballos
Víctor Ceballos:
The compilation, the music, the transitions... are so well made, congrats to the creator
Jurgen kleykamp
Jurgen kleykamp:
legend with a beautiful touch
Vučko Mrakić
Vučko Mrakić:
Damn all those years... This brings me those memories
My favourite Liverpool striker ever since. Wait, no, there’s some space still left there for Bobby as well. Them both.
When he got injured he lost his pace. He was never the same player after that
The one guy I loved more than Steven Gerrard. El Nino! I love and miss him so much. I wished his career didn't swerve the way it did :(
Mahamoud E. Miguil
Mahamoud E. Miguil:
Best striker of his generation imo,.his goals with the colcheneros were amazing as well. So sad he faded to early in his career.
Anders Molund
Anders Molund:
Imagine having torres as striker, mane and salah on the sides and firmino as cam😍
anton subagio
anton subagio:
Long sleeve long hair with headband. Beautifull memories Torres.
I'm an Arsenal fan but I loved watching Torres in his prime. He's probably my second fave striker of all time after Thierry Henry
6:16 I remember this one... as a Porto fan this was pain
Данель Халель
Данель Халель:
Yes. Torres is the best of all strikers in the world!
Abdul Wahab Khankhail
Abdul Wahab Khankhail:
Absolutely. He was the best and he's still best striker among the world's best class strikers. But his problem is to be getting old.. along with the conspiracy of being ignored... 😢😢😢