Who is hosting EURO 2020?

When and where is it, how will it work and how can you be there? UEFA EURO 2020 is being held across the continent for the first time in the competition's 60-year history, with 12 host cities in all.

Final and semi-finals, one round of 16 game, three group games
London, England: Wembley Stadium

Three group games, one quarter-final

Baku, Azerbaijan: Olympic Stadium
Munich, Germany: Fußball Arena München
Rome, Italy: Stadio Olimpico
Saint Petersburg, Russia: Saint Petersburg Stadium

Three group games, one round of 16 game
Amsterdam, Netherlands: Johan Cruijff ArenA
Bilbao, Spain: Estadio de San Mamés
Bucharest, Romania: National Arena
Budapest, Hungary: Ferenc Puskás Stadium
Copenhagen, Denmark: Parken Stadium
Dublin, Republic of Ireland: Dublin Arena
Glasgow, Scotland: Hampden Park


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The planes will host the euro 2020 they will carry everything
World Cup 2026
World Cup 2026:
Its one-off edition, commemorating 60th anniversary of the tourney. Germany is the host for 2024.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin:
Europe is beautiful
Tomas Juro Gutierrez
Tomas Juro Gutierrez:
🇳🇱 Nederland.
🇦🇿 Azerbaijan.
🇪🇸 Spain.
🇷🇴 Romania.
🇭🇺 Hungary.
🇩🇰 Denmark.
🇮🇪 Ireland.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England.
🇩🇪 Germany.
🇮🇹 Italy.
🇷🇺 Russia.
Sebastian Gieger
Sebastian Gieger:
For the most part such a great collection of stadiums (for example I adore the decision to go to the San Mames of all the potential spanish stadiums), only Baku really stings in my eye and I guess they could have used stadiums in Italy or Schottland without running tracks.
Raamcharan S.R
Raamcharan S.R:
Such beautiful stadiums 💚💚💚
Nicolás Martínez
Nicolás Martínez:
europe is such a beautiful continente, all of their cities look like open museums
Потрясающее видео ❤️
Ждем с нетерпением чемпионат
kabeer mirza
kabeer mirza:
I would love to visit all of these places at least once in a life time and experience the beauty of football from a close range I can only imagine right now 🤩
Damn everyone will be tired travelling across Europe now
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
Since the coming Euros are going to link fans and cities across Europe, I just wanted to say some quick messages to the host countries:
England - Hello 🇬🇧
Germany - Hallo 🇩🇪
Italy - Ciao 🇮🇹
Azerbaijan - Salam 🇦🇿
Russia - Привет 🇷🇺
Hungary - Szia 🇭🇺
Romania - Bună 🇷🇴
Holland - Hallo 🇳🇱
Spain - Hola 🇪🇸
Scotland - Halò 🇬🇧
Ireland - Dia dhuit 🇮🇪
Denmark - Hej 🇩🇰
(I couldn't find flags for England or Scotland)
Hope you enjoy it!
Europe, the best continent.
As Roma Calcio A
As Roma Calcio A:
Nessa EURO um pouco do Brasil esta torcendo por Portugal!!
In EURO i'am is Portugal! Cr7.
Living a Boys adventure tale
Living a Boys adventure tale:
Como gostaria que o Brasil participasse da eurocopa 😆😥
Mr. Fam
Mr. Fam:
Imagine leaving Lisbon out. By far the most beautiful, sunny and secure city.
I hate MSM
I hate MSM:
Interesting, multiple countries hosting Europe cup, it's a good idea since the tournament is once in 4 yrs. Good luck ❤
Can't wait for this amazing Carnival to begin this summer! Love from 🇮🇳
For the 100th Anniversary of Euro Cup, The countries that have qualified for the Euro should all host the Euro Cup
Wish I was born in this beautiful continent
leonardo prasetyo
leonardo prasetyo:
Very beautifull cities.. someday i wish i can go there 😊😊
Regeneration Indonesia
Regeneration Indonesia:
I love Spain 🇪🇸💜💜💜
Nick Ronaldo
Nick Ronaldo:
The Donbass Arena of Ukraine would have been a great host but it’s destroyed 😢
Emperor Veloce
Emperor Veloce:
Forza Italia!!!🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Engel B
Engel B:
I went to almost every single match of the Euro 2016 in the beautiful city of Marseille!! 🇫🇷 😍 I'm from México 🇲🇽 😎
Good luck every Nation in Europe🌍⚽
Shaikh Mehboob Hassain
Shaikh Mehboob Hassain:
Just one word : MAGNIFICENT
Francisco Azevedo
Francisco Azevedo:
Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS:
Should be in one country, I think you miss the feel of any tournament when it's scattered around Europe
D C Jagga
D C Jagga:
Wembley is the perfect place for both the semifinals and final
Ali Rafid
Ali Rafid:
I Think France Will Win Again But I'm from Belgium
Tone Grumbt
Tone Grumbt:
I will be travelling to some of these Cities during Euro 2020. I am looking forward it and supporting England. It's Coming Home!
I'm curious to see how/if all the travelling will affect the players during EURO 2020.
I was on euro 2004 & 2012 supporting Greece . Euro is the best football festival a fan can attend! Follow your countries live this festival
francisco salazar
francisco salazar:
Baku, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bucarest... Awesome cities... Greetings from Lima - Perú :)
Real Chestro
Real Chestro:
Is it one group per city? If that's the case then this will be fine. If they'll have to move for every single game, it'll strain the players.
G V Vignesh
G V Vignesh:
It is surely going to be the biggest tournament of all time
Marko Mrkonjić
Marko Mrkonjić:
No matter who is hosting Cro is taking it 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷
R Gojayev
R Gojayev:
Gha Ssen
Gha Ssen:
Arriba España 🇪🇸
San Mamés, Bilbao ❤
Canal do Bé
Canal do Bé:
United Europe! ❤️❤️❤️
Balázs Szathmári
Balázs Szathmári:
Go Hungary :)
Tomas Juro Gutierrez
Tomas Juro Gutierrez:
*2020 European Championship:*
1975; 1979 and 1983 South American Championships in a nutshell.
Eoin RL
Eoin RL:
The Aviva is incredible 😍
Romanian patriot
Romanian patriot:
Beautiful bucharest 🇹🇩❤️❤️
Sanjay Karki
Sanjay Karki:
Love ❤️ from Budapest 😊😊
Asiman Mirzeliyev
Asiman Mirzeliyev:
Road to Baku ➡ 🇦🇿
Bilbao 😍🇪🇸
Dani longo03
Dani longo03:
ITALIA ❤️❤️ ROMA nel cuore dove sono nato.
Al berto
Al berto:
San Mamés ❤️
John McMahon
John McMahon:
I will be there, all of them, on my Television. Can’t wait 😊
Pablo Barahona
Pablo Barahona:
Spain! 🇪🇸
Tipszmiksz Csabi
Tipszmiksz Csabi:
Budapest is the best🇭🇺
Giovanni Polese
Giovanni Polese:
Rome ❤ Italy😍
Patriot&Comunist Român
Patriot&Comunist Român:
I'm from Roumania.I love fotball.National Aren is the best stadium from Roumania.
𝒜𝓍𝓉𝓇𝑜 父
𝒜𝓍𝓉𝓇𝑜 父:
It’s Coming Home Come On ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 we are at home we could get this Advantage C’MON LETS DO THIS
Salmanov Mursel
Salmanov Mursel:
Adriano Contreras Morales
Adriano Contreras Morales:
Queen debe tocar en la euro 2020
i like this format...they should do this every tournament, but just rotate the cities...
albaninjaofficial 04
albaninjaofficial 04:
I like this and it's very cool but I also like it when one country hosts the world cup because then there is a very nice atmosfere
What beautiful sceneries in all over host cities. Tq 😍😊
Chiranjivi Khanal
Chiranjivi Khanal:
Corona will HOST euro Cup😂😂
Eric Walker
Eric Walker:
My predictions are either France, England, or Belgium for the trophy.
Dublin 😍
Mohammad Danish
Mohammad Danish:
Euro 2020 will be hosted all across Europe...
Covid 19 - Let me introduce myself
Leo Iorga
Leo Iorga:
Gaming ca la carte
Gaming ca la carte:
Bucharest and Romania are the best!!!Hai Romaniaaaa🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴
El goleador 2402
El goleador 2402:
*Definitivamente, esta es la EURO más rara de la historia.*
GMáté 77
GMáté 77:
From 1:12 to 1:26 the most beautiful city : Budapest 🇭🇺
why is Portugal not there? they deserve the most as they are the defending champs
FCSB is Steaua
FCSB is Steaua:
1:09 This Stadium has hosted the 2011/12 uel final, Arena Națională is the best stadium in europe!!
Hai România!! 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️
Federico Italia
Federico Italia:
Rome,Italy Stadio Olimpico🇮🇹🇮🇹
francesco gaudenzi
francesco gaudenzi:
Kenneth Haigh
Kenneth Haigh:
Come on Scotland!
Macedonia is really strong and very good they destory Germany at home yesterday 🇲🇰🇲🇰❤️❤️
Denmark has the smallest stadium I think.
0:26 My Love city Baku, Azeribaijan ❤😘🇦🇿
Osian Owen
Osian Owen:
Sad Cardiff won’t host at least 1 of the games 😔
Steven Almeida
Steven Almeida:
Germany is going to be home for all three of their group matches if they shouldnt have an excuse for not making it to the next round
Prabhiv Adhikary
Prabhiv Adhikary:
Who would have thought this would never happen😔
Dylan 4567
Dylan 4567:
1:52 best stadium there imo
αγγελος κεφαλας
αγγελος κεφαλας:
Amazing stadiums monaxo wedblay olimpic baku stadium
Features Gaming
Features Gaming:
Think it’s in England as the final is at Wembley!

EDIT: (I hate autocorrect!)
Rohan Fuad 007
Rohan Fuad 007:
Rocken HD
Rocken HD:
I wish Crocker was involved in it for a semi or even a final just because Of Gaelic (which is better that soccer)
Deason Xu
Deason Xu:
If there's only one venue in Spain why not Camp Nou and Bernabeu? I can't seem to understand choosing Bilbao
Yaska De Maska
Yaska De Maska :
teams i will be supporting

Ta kim
Ta kim:
Biautifull munic nature 😍
Bijak Diaz
Bijak Diaz:
so basically it's far from home movie but with football
Dakbbnnnm Vhjkk
Dakbbnnnm Vhjkk:
Viva Bilbao y Españaaa💃🏽💃🏽🥘🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
Krenim Sopi
Krenim Sopi:
Me trying to explain to my uncle that euro 2020 will be hosted by multiple countrys: 👁👄👁
My uncle : Immposible
Jose C
Jose C:
St Petersburg is a nice city
Mr Vic
Mr Vic:
My God that's gonna be awesome
Chords Network
Chords Network:
The Amazing Race: Europe Addition. Coming 2020👀
virgilio Sá
virgilio Sá:
Portugal ❤️
Dr Smart 007
Dr Smart 007:
wow ! looking forward to euros next year . hoping if Germany can win it . Right now things are not promising but let us hope if Mannschaft can pull it off . Or our neighbors Oranje can win one time even if i hate them at times .
Johan Henriques 69
Johan Henriques 69:
Beautiful ❤️
Soumyadeep Bhattacharjee
Soumyadeep Bhattacharjee:
Whoa.. can't wait to watch 🤘