Who was Dahlia Sky and how did she die?

ON July 15, 2021, it was reported that porn star Dahlia Sky had died in a "potential suicide."
Sky had been battling terminal cancer before she passed away.
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Dahlia SkyCredit: Instagram
Who was Dahlia Sky?

Dahlia Sky was an ad

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Michael Shaughnessy
Michael Shaughnessy:
She had cancer too there may be a connection that's got to really wear you down maybe she got bad news about it again it's very sad. She had pretty eyes. R.I.P xx
Tony Madrid
Tony Madrid:
Rest in Peace.
Arturo Almazan
Arturo Almazan:
sad news RIP. dakota Skye and now her and another male talent passed away. it's been a sad year
Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez:
Maybe she got HIV or something complicated!!! She killed herself...dont know. RIP.
Orgullo Chileno
Orgullo Chileno:
Jeff Barnes
Jeff Barnes:
Good bye freak