Who Was The Real Jane Austen? | Behind Closed Doors | Timeline

Lucy Worsley explores the different houses in which Jane Austen lived and stayed, to discover just how much they shaped Jane's life and novels.

On a journey that takes her across England, Lucy visits properties that still exist, from grand stately homes to seaside holiday apartments, and brings to life those that have disappeared. The result is a revealing insight into one of the world's best-loved authors.

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The Squared Art
The Squared Art:
I think Jane Austen found the real and permanent home she wished for, in the heart of all of the readers and history lovers who have fallen in love with her stories and legacy.
Priyadarshini Basu
Priyadarshini Basu:
How ironic isn't it? At one time Tom Lefroy's family rejected Jane Austen for her weak financial status and today we are coming to know about Lefroy just due to Jane Austen. Influence of talent is more powerful than the strength of money.
Abigail Maley
Abigail Maley:
Lucy Worsley could do a documentary on the historical importance of earthworms, and I would watch it avidly from beginning to end. She is a treasure. As was Jane Austen.
Joan Hamilton
Joan Hamilton:
I love Lucy Worsley and the documentaries she does. She’s a very expressive storyteller and holds your attention. Thank you Lucy. I hope there are more to come.
Tess d'Urberville
Tess d'Urberville:
It is very sad to know how little wealth and adulation Miss Austen's novels brought her in her lifetime and yet how many others that never knew her have gained so much wealth, fame and awards adapting her works.
ale.h.s _13
ale.h.s _13:
Ironic, isn’t it, that in a documentary about a genius writer, the words which actually made me tear up weren’t hers, but her sister Cassandra's. That line about losing Jane forever broke my heart.
Lisa Willis
Lisa Willis:
Sad that Austen never lived to see how popular her books became. I bet she never expected that people would still be reading her 200 years later. How many authors today will be read 200 years from now?
It is my personal feeling that no one would be more astonished at her fame than Jane herself.
mary m
mary m:
Her book on Jane Austen is by VERY FAR the best ever! It's a must for all Jane Austen lovers, a totally different view of Jane and it explains so much about why she is who she became.
Peter Paul
Peter Paul:
I can shamelessly say that in my mind, I’m friends with this lady. What a great storyteller, presenter and entertainer. Love her work!
yolanda neely
yolanda neely:
Somehow I think Jane deserves that her childhood house should be rebuild in her honor.
A C:
I've always felt Jane's brother treated his family rather badly. He definitely could have helped them a lot more than he did, especially after his father died and his mother was left a widow. The half brother from Sense and Sensibility reminds me a lot of him... Probably for good reason!
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku:
That’s good that her parents encouraged her talents as a writer
mercy Jackie
mercy Jackie:
I'm amazed with how well the Brits have kept their historical buildings!
Donna Rose
Donna Rose:
I love Lucy Worsley and her wonderful way of explaining history! She's an international treasure!
Faith Wilsted
Faith Wilsted:
I actually visited many of these places when I was nine as my mom gained inspiration for her own writing. I didn't really have any respect for them though because I couldn't care less about Jane Austen at that point. over the years, I have come to understand the importance of her and her work. I distinctly remember visiting Chatsworth House and running around the hedge maze and the gardens with my best friend. when we were exploring my mom stopped for some reason, I don't remember why, to tell a man to enjoy the gardens. later when we looked at the website, my mom saw a picture of the man and we realized that he was the lord of the house or he lived there or something along the lines of that. mom is embarrassed about that to this day, telling a lord to enjoy his own gardens.
Catherine Plantagenet
Catherine Plantagenet:
It's quite astonishing to think that jane Austen's life resembles that of a novel. Crafted with extraordinary plot making it colorful and enticing all at the same time. I couldn't help but think of her as a fictional character.

Great documentary! An absolute brilliant way to celebrate new year!
Zazu Zazz
Zazu Zazz:
Lucy Worsley educates as she entertains. A highly intelligent, compassionate presentation. Much love and respect ✊ to Jane Austen.
The struggles of a artist. moving from home to home, not a name on one of her novels until after her death. Buried in Winchester Cathedral. If she only knew how profound an effect her stories would have on people.
Rolle Reviews
Rolle Reviews:
I hope Lucy has some new documentaries coming our way in 2020.
Melanie Toth
Melanie Toth:
That was beautifully done! I've always loved Jane's novels but I knew little of her life. This adds so much.
Christy Turley
Christy Turley:
I watched this TWICE! I love Lucy’s way of telling the true life events of famous people of the past! Excellent work Lucy!!!
Netra Kulkarni
Netra Kulkarni:
I have tears in my eyes while watching this upload. So sad we never really knew her. I always thought that Jane lived a life of her heroines in her books. Sad to see one of my all time fav Author go through so much pain! We love you and Always will Jane Austen and your books in my house in hand are the most cherished collection I have! Love from India to such a wonderful Author!
It's definitely going to be more meaningful from now on when I re-read her novels.
Thank you for this lovely and insightful feature on the beloved author.
Happy 2020!
Sheila Kozmin
Sheila Kozmin:
I was struck by the lack of generosity of Jane’s brothers! Henry, by today’s standards was a multi-millionaire, yet seemed so unwilling to share his wealth with his needy mother and sisters. And where were the other five brothers? Were they not expected to chip in at all? I wish Lucy had commented on this aspect of their family life. I feel angry at the injustice of it all.
cassie earle
cassie earle:
its compeletly sad that sense and sensibility and emma didn't make much as much as pride and prejudice. they are all excellent works.
I really enjoyed this presentation - and I recognize now the extent of Jane's dependence on the kindness and labor of others. This little film has provided a much better support for understanding her world. Thanks!
Gia A
Gia A:
What a wonderful account of Jane Austen's life! Such an inspiring yet heartbreaking story of a talented woman in the 1800's..The limitations that society forced upon women at the time where you had to be dependent on a father, brother or husband. So tragic that she achieved the pinnacle of success only after her death..love her books!
Anshu Awasthi
Anshu Awasthi:
Truly amazing author, bringing out the exactitude of emotions and feelings in her writings, that still remain so relatable and relevant.
Nevie cz
Nevie cz:
this lady is very pleasant , i like exploring history with her
also the camera shots are awesomely done in this documentary
+ you are trying to make us closer to the ways Jane lived
Thank you!
The Ashe Rectory is more or less my picture of the perfect English house. Beautiful, comfortable, full of light but certainly not as vast as the mansions of the aristocracy.

One can only wonder how many more extraordinary novels she would have written if she had lived to old age, in the safety of her newly-acquired self-sufficiency. Such a great writer. All substance, no show.
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow:
The series "If Walls Could Talk - The History of the Home" is a delightful series with 4 episodes detailing the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. Dr. Lucy Worsley is at once delightful, wry and thoroughly informative - highly recommended!
Raquel F.
Raquel F.:
Great documentary. I wish Jane had known the impact her novels would have later on in the world. Her novels are just wonderful.
Great documentary. It is pretty sad that she didn't get to experience as much success as she obviously deserved, but her memory and legacy will live on forever. ❤️
Ms. Worsley's documentaries are educational AND entertaining in a way most presenters never quite capture. There are a few British presenters who really capture my attention in a documentary, and Ms. Worsley is the only female on my list. She provides information in an authoritative way, yet she seems to retain the fascination of her viewers when she presents the information. Very, very enjoyable!
Miniki Abzurdah
Miniki Abzurdah:
I love Jane Austen so so so much and Lucy is amazing. I love to watch and hear her telling me stories. This is great!!! Thank you for sharing it worldwide! ❤️
Violeta B
Violeta B:
I wonder why Jane Austen’s house is not preserved? She is one of the most beloved and worldwide famous British writers.
Meme Black
Meme Black:
I love the way Lucy Worsley brings such life to one of my favorite eras and authors. Thank you for sharing! :)
Singing Diaries
Singing Diaries:
Jane Austen was truly a remarkable woman. I love the fact that even though she was born hundreds of years ago, she was fiercely independent and wasn't afraid of letting it be known in her novels. She's been an inspiration to me ever since I read my first novel by her, Pride and Prejudice.
Melanie Vogt
Melanie Vogt:
I love how this documentary was told. Thanks for the history.
"...when it turned from my sight, I had lost her forever."

That line crushed my heart. 😭
marie elena
marie elena:
I like the actress they hired to play Jane,she looks like the portrait of her. Homeless and poor.... Been there myself, I can sympathize with Jane Austen.
Joan W
Joan W:
As in the honored history of many artists, poets and writers, Jane’s expression of her art was her overwhelming need. She was driven to write instead of being the usual interpretation of womanhood, wife and mother. I applaud her for that. She walked her own road regardless of poverty and real need to be married. What a great documentary. I truly enjoyed it.
L. Spencer
L. Spencer:
I've seen almost everything related to Jane Austen, but this really gives some insight into her different books.
Andy Dawn
Andy Dawn:
It’s sad that many of the greatest artists only earned their fame postmortem
Vivir Andando
Vivir Andando:
Gotta love Lucy´s storytelling! What a beautiful documentary! It really does Jane Austen justice! ❤️
Deniz Reynolds
Deniz Reynolds:
Thanking Lucy Worsley for her captivating story telling. What a treat for any Jane Austen enthusiast ..
MSK 1024
MSK 1024:
I found the end of this incredibly moving. I teared up as Lucy traced the path of the funeral procession
Brent Hudson
Brent Hudson:
What is it that makes seeing her real life so much more poignant, having read all the novels? Thanks for this, Lucy; it's great.
Two hundred and forty-six years after her birth, her novels are still the bestsellers! <3
Riya Rani
Riya Rani:
Don't know why , but this documentary brought tears in my eyes.
Donna Duvall
Donna Duvall:
Absolutely exquisite production, especially the end. Thank you so much to everyone who makes so beautiful and meaningful contributions to our understanding of humanity at its finest.
Mirta Maravilla Rosas
Mirta Maravilla Rosas:
I cried so much more than I expected! This episode itself was way better than Bridgerton as a whole.
Mutlu Yollar = Happy Paths@@@
Mutlu Yollar = Happy [email protected]@@:
Persuasion is my favourite!. Jane Austen added bits and pieces from her own life experiences, travels and surroundings into her novels. Which made them more colourful by mixing both reality and fiction together.
Holly H
Holly H:
One of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time!!! So well done and so beautiful!! And the host or presenter you could tell was so involved in the storytelling!
fatnsassy 99
fatnsassy 99:
I love Lucy because whom ever she's speaking about it's done so with the most authenticity.
Luna 333
Luna 333:
Lucy is the BEST! I've seen all of her docs many times over. More docs please, Lucy! :)
Wayne Sullivan
Wayne Sullivan:
I'm amazed with how well the Brits have kept their historical buildings!
Vera Silva
Vera Silva:
Por favor, LEGENDAS para que os admiradores brasileiros de Jane Austen possam usufruir desse Timeline.
Jane Austen I love her and her books also there is so much in her book more than marriage that only few can understand if you only see her life and struggles as a woman. She was and is forever will be a gem. ✨ 1 hour superb entertainment watching her homes💜
This is SO fresh and eye-opening! Lucy Worsley’s sensitivity to Jane’s life and circumstances deepen the story with respect, humility, and grace. May we all support a budding artist in our realm if we’re able. Much appreciation for Worsley’s talents and this fabulous production! ❤️
Love these posts featuring Ms. Lucy Wolsey.
The insights she offers, with her terrific presentations, are real treasures.
Emese Imre
Emese Imre:
I enjoyed very much this documentary. I was baffled by the fact how modern problems she had to face throughout her life.
Yogitha Shetty
Yogitha Shetty:
Beautiful documentary. What a legend! God bless Jane Austen
I'm glad for lady Jane, since she decided to stick to her novels and thus obtained TRUE IMMORTALITY in our hearts <3
That's a win, in the end.
I love Lucy! Her docs are the best. Informative and entertaining!
Robert Wolff
Robert Wolff:
Anything Lucy does is wonderful.
Nanny State
Nanny State:
Wouldn't it be nice if someone built Jane Austen's childhood home according to the old plan? Then we can all visit and buy the souvenirs inside.
River Cruise King DNA Tours GmbH
River Cruise King DNA Tours GmbH:
I have recently learned that Jane Austen is my first cousin, 7 times removed. We are both descended from the Leigh family and this documentary is absolutely heaven to see. It isn't just Jane's family history, but mine as well. Thank you DNA testing and ancestry.com for helping me discover this amazing link (we are both descended from Sir Thomas Leigh, who was my 14th great grandfather, and Jane's 7th). I am flabbergasted to watch a documentary by one of my favourite historians and to know I share this with Jane Austen: my favourite writer. Covid has devastated my tour guide business, but it has absolutely given me a gift of knowledge and connection. Unreal.
Vee G
Vee G:
I so enjoy this segment of Jane Austen's life. Very well done. The host is my favorite in all of Timeline series. Thank you for giving us the best education of history and culture
Paola Tambo
Paola Tambo:
Beautifully done ♥ My appreciation towards Jane has grown much more now that I've watched this. Thank you Lucy!
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio:
Lucy not only tells the story she makes you see it all with Costumes and Historical Places.
We L❤ve Lucy.
A. Lavin
A. Lavin:
The brother who had been adopted into wealth had an enormous home and likely many servants yet his father and sisters had to live in substandard housing that apparently caused the father's death. They could have been easily put up in a portion of his mansion. It apparently was not expected of him. He did not think of them until his wife died and then gave the women the lesser of his properties. It was all about status and property back then, even within a family. Women not attached directly to a man fared poorly. The fate of the other four brothers was not mentioned. All providing for the mother and sisters would be the thing to do as women had few options in those days.
Anne Beamish
Anne Beamish:
This brought me to tears. Jane Austen's work now speaks for her.
Midnight Stitcher
Midnight Stitcher:
Absolutely loved this...it really gave me a feeling of stepping back in time and understanding Jane and her writings
Nicki Daisy Reddwoodd
Nicki Daisy Reddwoodd:
Jane was too generous, not looking out for herself enough. An angel soul. The men around her were feeling humiliated that a woman was wittier than they were so they didn't help her very much.
Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell:
A GREAT video, and Lucy's deep voice is perfect for this kind of content. Thanks for making it available here.
Please, someone, give me some feedback on an idea. Would it be useful if someone attempted to recreate Jane's ancestral home, using period materials and available artwork and letters? Think what an attraction it would be? If this sounds too much like desecration, I'll understand, but there is so much interest now in all things Jane, what would resurrection of the Steventon house and village mean to fans? I'd come visit, and I'm an old guy living in the states.
I love her books. I enjoyed listening to her story, and had a tear at the end .thank you 🥀🧚‍♂️
Ms C
Ms C:
I love Lucy Worsley. I wish she had her own channel!
Monica Call
Monica Call:
Read Lucy’s book about Jane. It’s funny, sad, scandalous infinitely fascinating. It’s THE BEST Austen biography I’ve ever read.
Jane Austen is one of the few great writers referred to by her first name instead of her surname. We say, "Shakespeare" not Bill or even William. We say, "Dickens" not "Charles." We say, "Milton" not "John." I am not so sure she would have pleased with the liberty we take with her Christian name.
I will watch anything that Lucy Worsley hosts. Never disappointed! I am officially a fan.👍
Andrew Brendan
Andrew Brendan:
Outstanding! One of the best documentaries I've ever seen and having Gwedolen Chatfield, who look slsike Jane Austen, portraying the author with the author's own words make this production even better. To everyone in and who made this documentary: well done!
K Maggie
K Maggie:
Lucy Worsley is an absolute treasure 🌼
I cannot get over how many people helped her and her sister.... and I think so much of it is because of the socializing she was made to do. When all things are summed up, I think isolation is really dangerous.
I love anything Lucy does! 💕
Denisa Dellinger
Denisa Dellinger:
Thank you so much for this documentary of the places of Jane Austen. I will be going to Bath this summer and want to see these places while I am in England. I have been to Winchester Cathedral. It was dark when I went. But it is quite distinguished by people from times before Jane. I am sad she didn't get Sanditon and the Watsons finished. She was so young but I love her passion for writing. If she had not pursued her dream, we would have been the poorer.
Excellent program. I love Lucy Worsley and look forward to every new show. We will love Jane Austen forever.
Alex T
Alex T:
To think that only 3 persons accompanied her hearse to the cathedral to be laid to rest .... That made me well up. RIP Jane Austen,
Lucy’s amazing!! What a great educator. So glad she’s prolific too!
Mark Adams
Mark Adams:
Thanks Lucy, this is a great video!  Once again you nailed-it!!  You're absolutely correct, "Emma" is Jane's best!!  Jane's was a life snuffed-out way to early.  Thanks for all the original locations.  (Interesting to learn you like purple...)
Marius M
Marius M:
What a wretchedly sad life she held together. Her artistry was betrayed in her life. thankfully she left these Magnificent works of heart .!!
Lyn C
Lyn C:
Jane's life was not easy. It made her the person and the writer she was. The ability to see the nonsensical, point out hypocracy, and reveal the finest of feeling is due to that upbringing. What an amazing person she was.
Chrissy Mac
Chrissy Mac:
I absolutely love Lucy... I could watch her all day.
diwakar X
diwakar X:
Simply superb, hope Lucy does other great novelists and poets of England
Elven Egg
Elven Egg:
Jane's life story is really like reading one of her novels
siska syofian
siska syofian:
she is one of my most fav!! pride and prejudice such a beautiful and touching story.. Jane is the legend 🖤
Kay Louise Cook
Kay Louise Cook:
Lucy does things so authentically!
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio:
Mansfield Park wasn't one of my favorite Jane Austen novels, but Emma was certainly my very least. I wondered if Jane didn't deliberately try to write a character you loved to hate.
Allan Scheirer
Allan Scheirer:
I will never get tired of Lucy Worsley. Well done.