Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes for ‘Holocaust Was Not About Race’

Whoopi Goldberg apologized on the set of the “The View” Tuesday for saying that the Holocaust was not about race. “Yesterday on our show, I misspoke,” Goldberg said. “I regret my comments and I stand corrected and I stand with the Jewish people as they know and y'all know because I've always done that.” Goldberg’s comments came on Monday when the cast of the ABC show were talking about a Tennessee school board's decision to ban a graphic novel “Maus,” which is about the Holocaust.

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Rob Manning
Rob Manning:
How this show has remained on for this long is astounding.
Auntie Em
Auntie Em:
why anyone thought Whoopi had everything figured out and could do or say no wrong is beyond my comprehension. This woman is human and capable of ignorance, why do we put so much clout in celebrities. smh.
Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy:
People keep talking about race, but forget that the word ethnicity exists.
Proton Neutron
Proton Neutron:
"The African slave trade wasn't about race. It was about man's inhumanity to man." -- Whoopi Goldberg .
Alex Rahn
Alex Rahn:
You know she's reading a teleprompter with words prepared by somebody else right? It's not her apologizing. She's reading a script
Pamela Zimnizzle
Pamela Zimnizzle:
And anyone here on YouTube or social media can get kicked off like *that* for less than what she said. I’m over it. This world is crazy.
Karen Wydra
Karen Wydra:
The sorrow,heartbreak and trauma that families experienced is impossible to comprehend! She should zip her lip from now on about anything of importance! Smh!
Jonathan Blanny
Jonathan Blanny:
Technically she’s right it wasn’t about race it was about ethnicity
She needed a BIG piece of humble pie. She rants and raves and treats people so disrespectfully on her show. I stopped watching cause it was unbearable.
Shelly Bee
Shelly Bee:
It’s weird. As a Black Jewish person, I’m reminded every time that I am in my 98% White my Shul that there is a difference in the races.

I think the word that she was looking for was ethnicity. I acknowledge that I am not the same race as the average Jewish person. They never let me forget it.
Uss Enterprise
Uss Enterprise:
Bruh she doesn’t care at all. She has an apology every month
Bonnie Hage
Bonnie Hage:
Her opinion on things is irrelevant, but making such a erroneous statement is insulting on many levels!
Kim Delk
Kim Delk:
Could u imagine someone saying the same thing saying the kkk church burning wasn’t about race?? My god whoopi
April Moate
April Moate:
I find it real funny that when you stand up in your truth and you see it for what it is and you speak on it you still get punished so you see why it wasn't about race
B.T Hutch
B.T Hutch:
She’s only apologizing because she’s being made to apologize and suspended for two weeks… Not because she’s remorseful. Her apology isn’t even heartfelt. You can tell she still believes and stands by what she said.
Boy Floyd Channel
Boy Floyd Channel:
When someone asks you for an answer on a specific topic. Sometimes it’s best to say “hey I don’t know the answer to this question, I don’t have enough knowledge about this”
Ms Shaun
Ms Shaun:
..everybody is proving that Dave Chappelle is 100% correct on everything he said in "The Closer".. Dave you're spot-on! God Bless!!!
💯🎯 ✌🏿❤
I get what she was trying to say, but she surely didn’t say it right the first time.
Princess Lunar
Princess Lunar:
I think what she MEANT was that the genocides of WW2 were not solely based on race.

There were many other groups who were viewed as inferior to the Aryan figure, even those of German decent. Germans who were disabled (mentally and physically, regardless of age) or too elderly to work were viewed as a burden and were encouraged to be euthanized. Parents of disabled children were actual encouraged to hand them over to the government, they pitched it as a “mercy killing.” Even the concept gas chambers actually started with mass killings of the disabled and POWs.

But yes, the holocaust itself was based on race. She was def wrong by saying that it wasn’t.
Painkiller Jones
Painkiller Jones:
No one's apology is ever good enough for her.
I remember when this woman used to be a comedian in the 90’s. Virtually everyone loved her too. Now she’s old, kinda cranky, a little too woke.
Julissa Villar
Julissa Villar:
I’m so over these people apologizing. Apologies don’t mean anything when you’ve have to apologize every time you get caught
Maya D
Maya D:
To be fair... disabled, gay, and Romani people were in the camps alongside the Jewish people but the Jews were obviously the majority which is why we focus on them when discussing the Holocaust.
I genuinely hope she didn't mean anything offensive by her comments and I also adamantly oppose "Maus" being pulled from schools in favor of the historically inaccurate "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas".
We should always listen to those most affected by tragedies and learn from them to try and prevent more atrocities from happening in the future.
jj h
jj h:
My grandfather.. Was in born during the Holocaust and was Jewish. And was Profoundly affected by it. And now and forever has a tattoo on his arm remembering that at one point he wasn't human anymore but just a number. 🥺😭
Riley Madison
Riley Madison:
Why does her "apology" come across as sarcastic? She seems to regret that people were upset about her statement but not remorseful that she said it because I think she still stands by what she says but can't do so publicly because it will bring her more hate.
The View: Whoopi take time to "Reflect"
Such a underrated word "Reflect"
G G:
Even if she said the Nigerian Civil War wasn't about race that would've been offensive
I mean, she's not wrong
Mel Audible
Mel Audible:
I don't understand how what she said was incorrect. Racism is a subset of prejudice where the prejudism is based upon race alone. The Jewish communities of the world consist of multiple races, like all the major Hebrewic religions. Multiple races were targeted in the holocaust, as well as those who had differing political views and those who were suffering genetic issues. So technically, she is right. The holocaust was not just targeting the Jews but anyone considered imperfect or non-aryan - physically and psychologically. Why is she apologising?
lady wed
lady wed:
This is what happens when we encourage someone to think everything they say is right. She only apologized because she was told too. She still believes what she said the first time.
Kristie Johnson
Kristie Johnson:
This is a another level of insanity.
When I watched the episode I thought it was strange.. however I don't think she deserves to be fired over it. She was just being ignorant and she tried to make a point. Her delivery sucked tho
Daisy Dan
Daisy Dan:
Anyone who knows Golbderg's history, live performances, intellect, compassion for her fellow people, knows she mis-spoke trying to make a more nuanced point than has been taken from it. I think it is right that she acknowledge the public anger, but I think it's important we understand this was a blind spot of ignorance, not a hateful comment from an antisemite. And if you feel inclined to argue that, I'd honestly suggest you review her career, notably her one-woman show on Broadway, a classic performance that I think puts to bed any notion that she could ever be worse than a little ignorant in the moment. Goldberg remains a beautiful person, the likes of whom we need more of. She did well to apologise, but I think everyone familiar with her for any length of time knows ....
Dinorah T de León
Dinorah T de León:
An apology will never be enough !
Tbh it is not about race, but why is race being mentioned everytime.
Do you all just listen to be triggered or listen to understand? In no way did she discredit the suffering experienced in the Holocaust. She said it was "man's in humanity to man", and what was so wrong about that? Is suffering only valid if it's labelled racism or something????
Kristie Johnson
Kristie Johnson:
I'm Jewish and this makes my blood boil. This was Racism at its finest. My Nana was a Holocaust survivor and heard Whoopi, she was appalled.
WHAT PART ABOUT WHAT SHE SAID WAS WRONG? 🤔 🧐 trying real hard to figure that out. 🤣
The fact that people give a damn of what she says or thinks is beyond my understanding. Turn off your tv’s people get some sun.
Dj Skinz
Dj Skinz:
And when Kanye West said slavery was a choice there was no backlash like this🤐
Or am i wrong?
R G:
If it was anybody else's they would be fired on the spot and you know the deal she gets two weeks suspension 👍🏿
Black Panther
Black Panther:
Oh the Misery, everybody wants to be her enemy!! Smh
Reed Thompson
Reed Thompson:
It was just sheer ignorance on her part
I don’t feel she did it with I’ll will
Alvin Vivian
Alvin Vivian:
Maybe she meant ethnicity?

A European Jewish person was virtually indistinguishable from a European Nordic person, in the same way a Japanese person was virtually indistinguishable from a Chinese person.
I always thought it was about religion not race
Alun Ash
Alun Ash:
This woman called Trump a racist for years,I guess now we get to see who the real racist is,the arrogance and ignorance of this woman is shocking and it's disgusting that she is trying to use her skin color as a shield,and come to think of it I haven't seen many Jewish people as hosts on the view considering how long it has been on the air (maybe 1 or 2 over the years) that speaks volumes
A. Med
A. Med:
I remember a few months ago I was on THAT side of YouTube, and randomly ended up on a video that was talking about dark Hollywood and at some point was pointing out all these Trans celebs no1 knew were trans (yrs b4 this social media era) Whoopi was one of them 😶
Wow. That's really all I can say, besides how dare they fire Roseanne but Whoopi keeps her job. Infuriating
This tells me that Whoopie never really learned about the haulocost. I got secondhand embarrassment listening to her talk about this.
My Enemy's Enemy
My Enemy's Enemy:
The fact she’s being pulled up for voicing a view on a piece of work, which stemmed from the topic of said piece of work being banned from discussion in schools because of its difficult subject matter is so… meta. It’s dumb 🤣
Dj Yatta Holmes
Dj Yatta Holmes:
Some sensitive subjects should not be addressed you should just listen and let other talk first .
Getting taking down by the very cancel culture she helped usher in!! I love it.
"How can you be fighting each other" The audacity of such a statement, how can you say that with that level of confidence, it baffles me. She should learn some history.
what's unsettling is how she said I stand corrected as if she has never had interest in actually learning about the holocaust, and said I stand with the Jewish people as they know and y'all know because I've always done that but yet were so certain she knew the history went on live tv during the week of holocaust remembrance day and said that.
Keith Smith
Keith Smith:
I stand with her...
Creamy Sauce
Creamy Sauce:
It’s more about culture and empowerment (to feed one’s economy) than race. She shouldn’t have said it like that on national TV

The holocaust was a moment of throwing blame on other peoples, Jews were the main target but there were others as well. Throw shade at those who weren’t even close to responsible for the collapse of Germany after WW1; fueling the German economy by forcing people from ethnic backgrounds to service bloodlust and warship efforts, spread hate. The purpose of the holocaust was to spread hate and fear while sustaining German economy and overlooking human rights
olowo kandi
olowo kandi:
she's correct Caucasian is Caucasian take it or leave it.
Tamara's beauty 101
Tamara's beauty 101:
Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie:
What did she say that was wrong?
Linnie the pooh
Linnie the pooh:
Honestly thought it was about religion and power more than it ever was race tbr
Jamie Schmitz
Jamie Schmitz:
She doesn’t accept apologies from anyone! But you want people to accept yours?
Michael M
Michael M:
Imagine if someone said that slavery wasn't about race.
No questions asked they would be cancelled, fired, death threats, racist etc.
Salvatore Rizzo
Salvatore Rizzo:
So sad what this has become. Thank God I grew up when I did. SMH
Shaun Stoffer
Shaun Stoffer:
Colors aren’t races lol, they’re just one characteristic of races. Just goes to show being a celebrity or older doesn’t mean you’re any smarter/wiser than anyone else.
Tyreek Scott
Tyreek Scott:
She’s not wrong 🤷🏽‍♂️
Just because you're black doesn't make you an expert on race
Jerry Castillo
Jerry Castillo:
Jacques Frankiln
Jacques Frankiln:
Thank you Whoopi for the TRUTH.
I love her.
Ur my frien now * happy song plays * WUEWUEWUEWUE
Ur my frien now * happy song plays * WUEWUEWUEWUE:
1:03 "This is why people doing it to white people”
Am i the only one that lost so many brain cells with her "it’s not about race" that i am physically unable to understand her "that’s why people doing it to white people" like- im nit even joking,i’ve been trying to understand that phrase for like 10 minutes right now ;-;
Rachael Malandrini
Rachael Malandrini:
I’ve wondered for years how she managed to be on a show like this, why would anyone care what she has to say?
Mike Ryan
Mike Ryan:
By closing time it was announced she was suspended for two weeks. My gut says she won't be back. The suspension is too humiliating for her, even after she was made to grovel and retract her statements on today's show. Who to replace? It won't be Joy, she does not want the position but it may fall to Haines or Hostin. They may also take the opportunity to put Re;publican Navarro in as a full-time member.
Debra P
Debra P:
Sooooo Whoopi Goldberg doesn't know everything? Weird! Also find it weird/funny that her birth name is Johnson but she chose Goldberg as her "professional" name.
Asaad Dennis
Asaad Dennis:
*"If the show is called the "VIEW," shouldn't Whoopi be allowed to express her "view" of opinion?"*

It's good to see Whoopi get a taste of her on medicine.
ADK Man:
That whole group "misspeaks" every time they open their mouths!!
Pedro Ortiz
Pedro Ortiz:
I agree with Her wasn’t about race was about religion and if you were gay or an artist they brought them to Concentration camp as well so it wasn’t just Jewish people
Jeremiah Anthony
Jeremiah Anthony:
It’s funny that the holocaust gets apology but slavery gets no tears and it’s always disrespected.
She was so passionate about her pov she made the other ladies agree with her first statement
Lonnie Smith
Lonnie Smith:
Amazing to me that this program still exists except for re-runs on some obscure streaming platform.
It was about both, so she's half right
I can see and understand how Whoopi’s view is a little off. Pretty much all my life I have heard the word “racist” associated with skin color and that seems to be how Whoopi’s brain is programmed. But if you read the true definition of racism, it doesn’t mention anything about skin color. Whoopi just needs to be educated on the true definition of racism
OMG I can't believe she said it. There is no excuse at all. She needs to go away.
Hannah . M
Hannah . M:
This lady is crazy!
Bilal Hamurabi
Bilal Hamurabi:
She said "the holocaust was not about race but mans inhumanity to each other" ok its factually wrong since it was about race. but suspending sb. from the show for that is not right either.
Might be that this actually promotes antisemitism instead of reducing it.
Bay Lee
Bay Lee:
They just need to cancel this show fr.
Someone give Whoopi The Diary Of Anne Frank to read! I still cry to this day after remembering when I read it in highschool!
60sec News
60sec News:
The way she said the apology makes it it sound like she's being sarcastic...
Oh my goodness! I had never heard such absurdly grotesque stupidity like that...
What In Tarnation
What In Tarnation:
She wasnt wrong with her "its about how humans treat humans" comment... The problem is, is that she says things as absolutes, like what she says is gospel and no room for any other opinion. But thats exactly how that show operates...its no wonder society is as confrontational as it is.
Len Lin
Len Lin:
So she apologized ,then said it again, and then apologized one more time. So that really what she thinks but ain’t nobody’s canceling her 🙄
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq:
We need counsel culture and not cancel culture. She was misinformed but now she has been informed. That is what we all have done and will need. Jewish people need to be protected like never before in this time.
Freedom 1
Freedom 1:
I think this is the 1st time the view ever said something wasn’t about race……
Tori Girl
Tori Girl:
It seems like the point she was trying to make was “it’s man’s inhumanity to man” - the total disregard for another man’s being, literally and figuratively, physically and emotionally. This runs much deeper and is the bottom line because it’s not about race, color, religion, etc.

There seems to be an absolute intolerance happening. Interesting that they follow up with the clip about the guy purposely dumping snow on the people walking and then laughing about it. Clearly demonstrates the statement - “it’s man’s inhumanity to man.”
The View should have a Misinformation warning during every show! These clowns lie and spew hate every single episode.
Race is a social construct. The Jewish people were considered a separate race during the holocaust. So yes it was about race.
She’s continuing to apologise😂 Christ you only need to do it once 😅
Negus Prime
Negus Prime:
Whoopy was right.
Yeah, well, slavery was also not about race, it was just a matter of class differences.
the truth shall make you free
the truth shall make you free:
To learn who rules over you, simply ask yourself who you (and in this case even a libtard) aren’t allowed to criticize.